Answered Do I have to be on the same planet for certain things to happen?

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  1. Curious

    Curious Aquatic Astronaut

    For example, I'm just wondering if I can leave tenants alone on one planet whilst I'm on a different planet and when I come back to check on them, will there sometimes be quests waiting for me? Or like should I/do I need to just chill near them and just wait.

    I'd much prefer exploring other planets whilst waiting rather than spending my time on the same planet...

    Also, does this apply to farming as well? Can I just have a planet dedicated to farming and whilst I'm exploring one planet, I can come back occasionally to harvest and replant on the farming planet?

    Tl;dr, do things happen in the background without me having to be on the same planet (Or if it's on my ship)?
  2. Quinch

    Quinch Cosmic Narwhal

    You can leave the planet and the tenants will go on with their lives, so yes, they will sometimes greet you with quests.

    For farming, I'm not completely sure - the crops will grow while you are away, however as far as I can tell, they will only grow one "stage" while you are away, even if you have an automated watering system that would theoretically kept the ground watered in the meantime.
  3. Curious

    Curious Aquatic Astronaut

    Sweet. Thanks for the response on the tenant issue. I'll test out the stuff about the farming issue. Or if anyone else knows if I can grow crops all thew way when I'm not on the same planet, feel free to respond. :p
  4. Shadow20218

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    Well growing a multi stage farm is out of the question but say you had a permanent crop that can be harvested then water and harvested again. My personal favorite is automate due to me liking mechanized plants, but the best part is the plant will not break after being harvested so it is a one stage growth after growing the first three stages the first time. This will make a one water stop after exploring infinitely more productive.

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