Do all bachelor(ettes) get marry?

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  1. DahelJohnson

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    Isn't supposed that the girl/guy you don't choose for marriage will marry any other girl/guy in time?
    It happened so in Harvest Moon.
    I ask because did not read any info about in the wiki.
    In Harvest Moon, if you reached certain level of friendship with a candidate, then this one got his/her friendship status frozen with his/her respective NPC partner.
    Also if you did it with every bachelor/bachelorette, then they did not progress a relationship with their future NPC partners.
    I discovered this trying to turn my Harvest Moon game into a harem game :rofl: lol
    So how this it works in SV? Does each bachelor(ette) have a pre programmed partner?
    Some of them seem they do, for example the pretty sad letter you find in the blacksmith bedroom for Emily, that he never delivers ... 4ever alone :(
    • Honor Shipping

      Honor Shipping Big Damn Hero

      No, this isn't currently implemented in the game. It would be interesting, though.
      • Lilliput

        Lilliput Supernova

        Not the first time it's been suggested! It seems fair that if you marry someone, the remaining dating pool should pair off for their own happiness. Some of the proposed matches are quite obvious ones: Leah and Elliot, Abigail and Sebastian, Sam and Penny, Alex and Haley. Others are little more tenuous, but it is a little sad that so many characters are doomed to remain single if you don't select them as a mate.
        • MomoHoney

          MomoHoney Aquatic Astronaut

          It's farmer or bust in this town.
          • Hakuna Matata

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            If the remaining candidates ended up marrying ... poor "pre-programmed" partner of the person you marry... That will be one lonely NPC...
            • Honor Shipping

              Honor Shipping Big Damn Hero

              Oh that's true, I didn't even think about that, but now that I think about it every game were the remaining candidates got married that I ever played had an odd number.
              • Larindel

                Larindel Poptop Tamer

                There are also a lot of bachelor(ette)s in and around the town that aren't marriage candidates ... how about Clint, Gus, Sandy? I think, there are only two married couples (three, if you count in the farmer and his/her spouse).
                So somehow nearly everybody could find a match.
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