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Discussion in 'Portraits' started by notsnufffie, Mar 13, 2016.

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    I can do that for you, are you wanting it as a Content Patcher mod?
    • tiffy961

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      I've already uploaded a red and white version for him in the other Diverse SDV topic :)
      • cyplop

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        just wanted to say me and my friends love these sprites and how they stay close to the og art style!!!
        • Joubert the farmer

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          To everyone who has created things for this thread/topic: THANK YOU! I really love all of these new sprites, and it has given Stardew Valley a new lease of life for me - I wish all games could be modded to be this diverse <3
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          • Kee

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            none of them work anymore....after the new update...can someone fix them?
            • Kee

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              ok it works I got it wrong lol sorry :)
              • pastamama

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                I really wanted to download Caroline, but I loved her green hair too much! So I edited her hair to be green instead. I thought I should share because I saw someone say they also wanted a green haired Caroline. (If the creator wants this taken down I absolutely will!!!!)

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                • juelsy

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                  i love this mod so much!!! i thought id make evelyn & george match alex since that hasnt been done yet? heres where you can download the .rar version! if the creator wants me to take this down i will!

                  evelyn.png george.png

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                  • redrooibos

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                    Not sure if this forum is still active anymore, but does anyone know if there's a way to download these as SMAPI mods? I love these so much, but I can't get them to work with my game! :(
                    • passiondies

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                      i'm confused, do i put my Maru Portrait file in there or the Maru character? is this even compatible with 1.3?
                      • DreamerDrop

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                        This mod is basically abandoned at this point, but the unnoficial continuation has content patched versions and edits that should be easier to install and are 1.3 compatible!
                        • vikkoz

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                          because emily apparently wasn't romancable with this mod, are any of the other characters? can i romance penny?
                          • Moragaine

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                            @vikkoz The Diverse Stardew Valley is being continued here; it's up to date, with good install instructions.
                            • cawakitty

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                              I edited Lavender's Maru because I like pixelart and her hair was tool shaded, i redrew the hair line and some of her features. I added detail to her face and redrew her expressions. idk man, I just figured i'd toss these in here, do with it what you will.

                              EDIT: This is the proper credit for this version of Maru that i edited I believe. Not Lavender (which explains why I couldn't find the original) But Elyneara.

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                                Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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                              • w0ahf

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                                hi! please stop making cis characters "look trans" in the name of diversity. it's not helpful at all to just slap some masculine features onto a cis character and say she's mtf now, n by doing what u are its honestly just sending a message that u think that trans people look weird, or that u think trans women don't really look like women. a lot of us look like everyone else :^( maybe try something more subtle. change the look w/out making the sprite overly obvious, and slip some hints into the dialogue if u really feel the need to make a character trans for ur mod. thanks!
                                • Minakie

                                  Minakie Cosmic Narwhal

                                  "a lot of us look like everyone else" reminded me of Bell Nuntita, which I absolutely adore.

                                  Regarding making trans people in SV simply by adding male features on females or vice-versa, I personally don't think MtF Penny looked at all "weird" and I am certain that the author had no ill intent towards the trans community, much like I don't think they meant any harm by making race swaps by turning caucasian chars into people of color or vice-versa, or by making a Native American version of Leah, or by giving Harvey a turban, or by giving Abigail and Sebastian a much more stereotypical gothic look.

                                  On the same note, I don't think that the team behind the updated version of the mod that is maintained at Nexus has any ill intent by making "butch" versions of some characters, or by adding a hijab to Jodi and Sandy, or by giving a peg leg to Willy and a prosthetic leg to Kent.

                                  Do I have very visceral reactions to these "diverse" changes the first time I see some of these characters? Absolutely. I think it would've been easier to make something like this with custom NPCs, rather than defile the cannon mental image I had already built of the vanilla villagers, but not everyone knows how to make custom NPC. Plus, I had similar mixed feelings about the Refugee NPCs mod because, again, I thought it was a bit too overboard on the stereotypes. (Still, after the initial shock, I absolutely love de Diverse SV mod now and cannot imagine playing without it at this point.)

                                  Plus, I know where these modders are coming from. They are simply trying to do their best to provide as much variety as they can with the tools they have, be it the technical tools (pixel art ain't easy) or the personal knowledge they each have of the world around them. And they're trying to raise awareness to very serious topics
                                  (gender, race, ethnicity, physical and mental disabilities, religion, etc)
                                  that so often get silenced, not only in video games but also in real life in general. They never meant to offend anyone.

                                  I don't think artists in general (modders, artists, authors, screenwriters) should stop making trans characters and presenting them to the world. Or any of the other characters above mentioned for that matter. Being "different" is hard and can be lonely, I know that from experience. But I'd like for people to stop being "different" into being "normalized", the more exposure people "in the norm" get to difference and diversity, the less it stops being this weird thing everyone gets either repulsed by or scared of, and the more these people can stop being treated as aliens and start to just be treated as people.

                                  All that being said, I am really sorry that the trans reference in this mod hurt you in some way. That was not at all the purpose of this project.
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                                  • CreepingCorbies

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                                    Sorry to resurrect a year-long thread, but I completely disagree with this sentiment. While it's absolutely true that some trans people pass without issue, a lot of trans people don't. A lot of trans people are unable to get HRT for many reasons, and just because those people don't pass as well as others doesn't mean that they don't deserve representation. In my (experienced and personal) opinion, Penny was done in a very sensitive and non-stereotypical manner. She looks like some of my friends, and like someone very important to me. If it was as simple as imagining characters to be trans despite their appearance then there wouldn't be the need for these sorts of mods in the first place.

                                    Trans people, including and especially trans women, shouldn't have to pass to be accepted or represented. If seeing Penny represented like this makes you uncomfortable then that sounds like something's wrong with the way you look at trans women, not something wrong with the mod. If you want Penny just to look like a cis woman, you're more than welcome to leave that part of the mod out, there was no need to project your personal opinion as the opinion of the trans community as a whole.

                                    Anyway, please continue making cis characters trans in the name of diversity. It's incredibly important and helpful, and when done properly it makes us feel accepted and represented whether we look cis or not. Thank you for making this mod, and thank you to everyone who's continued it. I can't imagine my game without it.

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