WIP Diverse StardewValley - Hiatus / I'm dead.

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by notsnufffie, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. SarahSyna

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    No problem!

    Also, for anyone clicking to the end of this thread here, the link to my unofficial continuation of it is here!
    • Fore

      Fore Void-Bound Voyager

      This is super impressive work! Happy to see it around here.
      • katgirl28888

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        Oh my gosh Alex is beautiful *o* shame he's such a dick in-game. I LOVE his new sprite tho
        • Acerbicon

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          I use this version of Haley (as well as a lot of the others) and also use @Sabishi1985 's Slime Animals. I got tired of having the photos be of regular cows and fixed them to be slime cows. Not sure if anyone else uses both, but maybe they do.

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          • VarginhAlien

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            Thank you so much!!!!
            • Mwuuh

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              Sorry to hear life is being rough with you! I'm glad to hear from you, though, and I hope you'll recover sooner rather than later. You can do this.
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              • hinax2

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                I just wanted to say that this mod means so much to me, and I hope you have a speedy recovery whatever you're going through. Thank you so much for your hard work!
                • Ofmanynames

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                  Just wanted to say, I hope everything gets better for you!
                  • Riamz

                    Riamz Big Damn Hero

                    this mod is to make things diverse excluding white people just because they are a majority is pretty bad.
                    • Atalie

                      Atalie Void-Bound Voyager

                      I just wanted to stop by and say that I hope you get well soon. Thank you for making these mods. They're absolutely beautiful and they mean a lot to me. :)
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                      • Merryberry

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                        You have completely missed the point. Like, it plainly soared RIGHT over your head.

                        The majority of the town in vanilla form is white. This mod makes the town more diverse. This makes the town BETTER.

                        White people don't need representation. We have BUCKETS of it. Everywhere. This mod is awesome.
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                        • Riamz

                          Riamz Big Damn Hero

                          sorry I don't think I punctuated properly or relayed my message, I agree Diversifying something can make it better the original message says that it's "white washing" and white people don't need more representation but does that automatically make it not diverse? this mod is made to mix up the races for example if I made everyone black I wouldn't consider a colony totally consisted of black people diverse my point is it shouldn't matter if he white washed, following that logic you could say the op black faced (it really isn't but the person I responded to is using terms like white wash and following that logic it would ensue blackface) my point is the mod allows to choose what you want for every character so who cares if it changes the only represented people because it changes everyone else as well and makes them well represented also following this logic of people being African and native american that would mean that star-dew valley would be on earth and judging by everything shown one would assume it would be placed in america or Britain and if you looked in a country town i'm sorry but there would be tons of white people so following that logic it would realistic however there's monsters and stuff making this fictional although this may seem ridiculous there just might not be much diversity.
                          • HimochiIsAwesome

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                            Penny is still pretty white, last I checked. Voila, representation? :D ??????
                            • Acerbicon

                              Acerbicon Pangalactic Porcupine

                              This also matches the original art style so well you can pick and choose people to replace, as I do.
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                              • lifenoodles

                                lifenoodles Void-Bound Voyager

                                these are so gorgeous. I'm a stickler for having the portraits match, but given what the prev poster said I'm going to give it a shot. hope your mental health improves op!

                                edit// also it's awesome to see mixed race representation (other than maru who was already mixed race) in this!
                                • derpensteins

                                  derpensteins Void-Bound Voyager

                                  /whispers/ oh no...... they're all gorgeous

                                  r.i.p. me :rip::casper:
                                  • Minakie

                                    Minakie Cosmic Narwhal

                                    I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling out of energy. I know very well what it is to struggle with mental illness. Just take your time to get better and, when you decide to come back and continue to add content to this awesome mod, we'll be waiting. :)
                                    • DreamerDrop

                                      DreamerDrop Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      The quality of art in this mod is amazing. I LOVE how much thought you've put into all their designs and the details, especially on hair.

                                      These look absolutely amazing, and I love the choices you've made for how to diversify the cast as well.
                                      • AfroFarmer

                                        AfroFarmer Tentacle Wrangler

                                        I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling, but I wanted to make sure to tell you that I absolutely ADORE this mod!

                                        I deal with mental issues as well, and I've enjoyed how soothing Stardew Valley could be as a stress-reliever before......but now this game *literally* feels like a home away from home to me. :laugh: It feels so much more comfortable not being one of only two dark-skinned faces in Pelican Town these days, and your artwork is just SO GORGEOUS....I can tell that this is a labor of love for you. I am so happy, and I feel so lucky, that you've shared your efforts with us!!!

                                        Please take all the time that you need for self-care and be good to yourself. You deserve it!
                                        And know that, if you come back, you will DEFINITELY have an audience! <3
                                        • Kachii

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