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Discussion in 'Portraits' started by notsnufffie, Mar 13, 2016.

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    thanks c:
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      Now I want to change my wording. I used the word normal and realised it can be disrespectful because those people are also normal. Wasn't meant to. I just wanted to ask again will there be also just a B ) version where the characters are still the same gender as they are in game just changed in the looks for those who kinda want to keep it that way? And again sorry if I offended anyone I didn't meant to. Lots of love everyone <3

      Ps: Would be happy if I get a reply if it's makeable <3
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        I had on idea anyone was going to make Marnie a drag queen, I guess I didn't read those messages..... Historically, drag queens were often transgender women, but nowadays, drag queens are cisgender men making transphobic and misogynistic jokes..... I'd really appreciate no drag queens....... they are sometimes gay but otherwise, there's nothing marginalized or LGBT about them. They're just cis men who like to make transphobic and mysogynistic jokes. As a transgender person, like... I'm really sad about that. Please don't make Marnie a drag queen anyone, if you want you can make her a transgender woman, I'm always down for more trans people, but please.... no drag queens......
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          My game keeps crashing every time I try and talk to someone, anyone have any idea of what I did wrong?
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            I'm pretty sure the reason someone called Marnie a drag queen was because since a male Marnie was mentioned when talking about adding LGBT couples (Marnie and mayors thing.) people thought it'd be incredibly hard to edit her wearing a dress out of some cutscenes, so someone said he could just have the tendency for it. I can't say for sure since I'm not them and it feels like it's been months since I started reading this thread as it pops up and misunderstandings happen easily anyway :rofl:
            Also @thewordurder that shouldn't happen due to XNB modding unless you maybe deleted a file you needed I think... Restore your back up and try again maybe?
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              Yep, Kara, you're 100% right. That was exactly our reasoning for suggesting drag Marnie. Her dancing sprite which is used at festivals and the wedding would require editing the cursors.png. Which we figured most folks wouldn't want to have to replace.
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                if you check the updates of this thread you will be seeing the mod wrote this:

                Requests / things to come:
                • Disabled character, female Clint, FtM character, drag-queen, Hispanic, Hawaiian, Muslim (hijab), Indian.
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                  If drab queen Marnie is such an issue, couldn't it work to just have Marnie occasionally wear a dress? I mean, there's a difference between being drag royalty and just wanting to wear a dress or skirt and pretty yourself up on occasion. Or Marnie could be portrayed as gender fluid, as another option to replace drag royalty.
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                    thats why I asked if there can be a option B for those who want to keep the gender but just want to change the appearance... still no answer :/
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                      notsnuffie gets super busy is why the mod updates slowly, which I think is what causes the slow answers as well. Male Marnie just sometimes wearing a dress for special occasions was what I was thinking too :rofl:
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                        that harvey sprite looks so good while still keeping his lil mustache. i've been unsure of whether you can have that same shaped mustache and have it not look silly but with the big beard it works real well. and i like that you made maru's hair less ridiculously straight so it looks more like natural hair (...while being bright pink lol) i just like the carpenter family in general. its N I C E

                        oh and i'm so glad they come with sprite edits too. i know it would bother me an unnecessary amount if harvey, for example, had his nice turban in his portrait but still looked like your average dorky white dude in his sprite. i mean, i would probably get over it eventually, but now i can still be a big baby
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                          This mod is the absolute BEST! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely work!
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                            Some people really do have that straight hair naturally xD I had a friend a long while back, i went to school with she had hair to her ass and it was silky smooth and completely straight. she didnt straighten it.
                            Though considering Maru's heritage i highly doubt her hair texture would be that straight
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                              This is all so beautiful. Your work is beautiful!
                              It's one of the few things that bugged me in this game: it lacked diversity! And it's always great when you are represented in a game, so this Mod just makes me so happy, so so happy, thank you for this, it is so well done!
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                                By the way, I don't know if anyone has given their thoughts regarding Linus, but I always thought of him as blind, or at least having a visual disability.
                                It would make sense - to me, at least - for him to have this disability, making him a lot more in tuned with Nature. How he perceives the world and how he "sees" it would make a lot more sense (not that having a disability makes someone more interesting, please don't think that!). And I don't think the dialogues would have to be modified, since he indeed can see the world and his surroundings, but not like others do.
                                Idk, please share your thoughts with me, but bare in mind that I mean no offence and if even in my ignorance I happen to be at fault, please correct me.
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                                  First, I want to say, Amazing mod. I am going to snag all the files as soon as I finish this post. Love the artwork, love the sprite work and love the idea behind it all. Personally, being a white girl, even I was a little surprised by the lack of diversity, both in skin color and in hair. Come on, really? Almost all the females are red headed? what are those odds? Anyway. Great work, and looking forward to re-meeting some of the peeps in stardew valley. I understand that life happens and that we can't all have who we want, how we want them and have them now, so I will patiently wait to see the rest of your work as you can do it.

                                  As for clint/cleo, I absolutely love the idea of a female blacksmith. Not crazy about the name cleo, persosnally, but whatevs, I will live with it if that's what she is eventually called. I like Rhonda... think it would fit her.

                                  -goes back to patiently waiting for the 2nd remake of Harvey-

                                  PS - Maru with the dreads... ♥ ♥ ♥ Love it!
                                  (edited) wait, was that s/b Emily? Even better! (edited again...) Ohhhh! It's Haley, Nice!

                                  Some of his dialog is regarding the whole reason he settled in the valley was because of the library and how much he loves to read. granted, he could read in braille. Just a point. Maybe he could have a cane? Idk, i haven't really given that idea much thought yet, as I literally just finished reading the entire thread.
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                                    These are amazing! I was going to try my hand at a few diverse mods myself. Love your art style!
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                                      OMG! Are you kidding me right now? I LOVE THIS THREAD! #hype
                                      So far the only sprite/portrait mod I was using was Pencilstab's Portraits 'cause they have a very unique style of shading, but your pixeling style is amazing and I love that you're giving a bit more ethnic variety ti the game, it will make it a bit more realistic. I can't wait to try these out in my game :D
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                                        is she gone? :/

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