WIP Diverse Stardew - Unofficial Continuation (UPDATED 1.5, 07/01/21)

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by SarahSyna, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. SarahSyna

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    Added the compatibility patch for you, @CedarGlade ! I'm so, sorry sorry it took me so long, I hit a major slump but I'm feeling better now!

    @meqek That snow problem should be fixed for you now!

    @foghorn Thanks so much for the link!
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    • sirlumberbeard

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    • meqek

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      Thank you! :D
      • oenimo

        oenimo Aquatic Astronaut

        Hey! I also loved Diverse Stardew Valley, and tried my hand at a FTM Sam.
        He is very similar to normal, but has some more feminine changes to reflect... yknow.

        (credit for the shorter top hair goes to @SarahKik )

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        • HONEYSENPAl

          HONEYSENPAl Void-Bound Voyager

          hiiiiiiii i don't know if you're still doing this, but i have a request! i was wondering if you could maybe do an arab&muslim shane if it isn't too much trouble. shane really reminds me of my boyfriend who's struggling with depression and playing this game when he isn't home or when he's busy, and it would literally make my heart so happy if i could make him look a bit more like him in game. if not, i still really appreciate the work you put into this mod, and i hope you're doing alright! thank you for being an amazing content creator!
          • Cache

            Cache Subatomic Cosmonaut

            Thank you so much for continuing this!
            To be honest, I thought for sure there was no way the original would be finished. That is an overwhelming amount of work for a single person. Don't burn yourself out! Thanks for sharing and all of your hard work.

            Personally, I'd just like all characters done in this style for cohesiveness. To hold me over, I currently use most of Dae's mods to fill in the blanks of some of the characters, but there are many left that could use some changes, even if only aesthetic to match this style.

            As a side note, you could make the wizard a shaman (or chinese as originally intended, I suppose).
            Pierre I'd love to see transformed into...anything, really.
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            • Fyn

              Fyn Pangalactic Porcupine

              Just thought I'd let you know, that Shane seems to be missing the marriage sprite. He appears as 2 lines rather than actually being there.
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              • Jadejackalope

                Jadejackalope Aquatic Astronaut

                Thanks for continuing this. Diverse Stardew Valley is my favourite mod and what made me want to buy the game in the first place. Shane looks fantastic.

                Thank you as well for this! MTF Penny made me so happy, and I really wanted a FTM character added too.

                Hope you don't mind... I was using tiffy961's version of Sam (who in turn was based on thalabee's) and like both their edits and yours so I spliced them together to make a version kind of compatible with both changes... and made Sam's map sprite a bit shorter.


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                • SundayLion

                  SundayLion Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  Thank you! This is almost perfect for me! The only thing is that I prefer a blue jacket, but I can change it for my own personal use if you don't mind =)
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                  • Jadejackalope

                    Jadejackalope Aquatic Astronaut

                    I'd love to see it and have a copy myself if you do that! It'd be neat to have a couple to change his clothes around periodically!
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                    • queertactics

                      queertactics Subatomic Cosmonaut

                      Wow I totally didn't know about the original Diverse Stardew mod!! I'm so excited that it's a thing! Your Shane looks great, too!!

                      I think it'd be really cool to see a character with hearing aids! You wouldn't have to alter the overworld sprite at all, just the portrait. It could be added to any of the characters you have now, but I think it might work really well with Kent.
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                      • CaronaTail

                        CaronaTail Void-Bound Voyager

                        Would you mind doing Emily's V1 portraits for 1.1? I would use V2 but she looks eerily close to looking like my friend in real life, haha.
                        • sirlumberbeard

                          sirlumberbeard Void-Bound Voyager

                          Thank you for not saying that you gave FTM Sam more fem qualities @Jadejackalope ._. That uhhh... Really kinda grossed me out to see that.. I don't think anyone said that about MTF Penny but whatever. I appreciate the FTM Sam as a trans man myself. I was thinking maybe add a lil mustache or side burns or something? I guess I would but I have no idea how to edit these.. lol
                          • Stardews

                            Stardews Void-Bound Voyager

                            @sirlumberbeard some people are still learning and will say silly things like that, don't take it to heart man :c. Anyway I think some facial hair would be neat and I'm glad this mod is being continued! I love this community :nuruflirt:
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                            • sirlumberbeard

                              sirlumberbeard Void-Bound Voyager

                              Thank you. I know that I guess it just hits hard when I see it. I love this mod and this community as well very much. This game has made me so happy.
                              • Goatsly

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                                I'd also like to mention that a patch for Emily's eight star event would be nice. Abigail and Robin get a couple of character sprites ( both found in ClothesTherapyCharacters.xnb in the characters folder) that were added in 1.1 and have been overlooked in other updates for this mod. Abigail's easy enough but Robin's hair palette is above my skill level. btw this continuation looks great!

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                                • Bold Heart

                                  Bold Heart Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Trans guy here. OMG. Thank you SO much for this. ♥ He looks great! I've been thinking of marrying Sam on my most recent play-through and the lack of Sam portraits always makes me sad! But this fits the bill. Using him. :)
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                                  • hopefulfox

                                    hopefulfox Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Here ya go! <3

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                                    • hopefulfox

                                      hopefulfox Void-Bound Voyager

                                      SO I'm actually almost done with a Hijabi Jodi edit, I kinda just spiraled into a work craze when I realized "wait.... you mean I can make it myself?!" and then I did haha.. I've got all her portraits done and I've just got her workout sprites left to do today, would y'all be interested to have an upload once I game test it? @SarahSyna

                                      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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                                      • Bold Heart

                                        Bold Heart Void-Bound Voyager

                                        @hopefulfox Absolutely! Please post when it's ready <3 I'd love to have her in my game.

                                        Edited to ask: Does anyone know of any decent Clint and Willy portraits that match the game's style like these portraits do?
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