Distress signals

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Poodleinacan, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Poodleinacan

    Poodleinacan Starship Captain

    If you get in some troubles, and you need to get back to base or a safe zone, you could be able to make a distress signal.
    The distress signal would bring some friendly NPC to rescue you.

    ...Now, I hear you say "but that make survival too easy."...And I understand that... And I know what can make it less OP.

    I didn't had time to check if there will be firendly NPCs... But if there will be, the rescue team would be a seperate crew that would not be too expensive to train, because you would need to make their weapons and get them the equipment you want them to use, if you are in need for help. And naturally, you need to make them follow you, if need them, to go with on a different planet

    Now, to make the distress signal, you will need to either buy distress signaller, or make one... either way, they are one use only.... And if you badly equiped them, and they never were able to reach you, then you wasted a distress signal.
    The distress signal item would be a simple transportable radio box (like the army radios.... but more electronicy and futuristic metallic-like.)... let's say something like that (it's pretty close to what I have in mind)[​IMG]

    If they reach your location, they will escort you to the safe zone or base.

    When they die, they drop the equipment you gave them. (weapons, armors, things like that... but not vehicules, naturally).
  2. ragingrhino

    ragingrhino Industrial Terraformer

    Outside of the description you gave, this might be funny. You can either use it to call for help, or actually use it to lure people and then kill em off.

    Locating a distress beacon shouldnt be that easy imo. Maybe some bleeping sound that increases in pitch and/or frequency once you come closer?

    But i dont see an NPC crew rescuing you though. That might make it a bit too easy.
  3. Weiland

    Weiland Big Damn Hero

    Could have distress beacons that draw you to other planets, space wrecks, etc. A good way to have NPC civilizations or crews call for help. Side-quest type thing.
  4. daviddye

    daviddye Aquatic Astronaut

    It should be a chance... You can divert some power to it and players OR NPCs (Or Player-hired NPCs) and people may help, people may misunderstand and leave, Pirates might arrive instead, Nothing at all might happen, etc.... It would add some more dynamics to gameplay.
  5. Poodleinacan

    Poodleinacan Starship Captain

    If there is a mini-map, the beacon would pinpoint where it is beaconning.
    But yes, additionnal beacon types could also be added.

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