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Server Help Disconnected For inactivity while I host a server.

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by draco1122, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. draco1122

    draco1122 Big Damn Hero

    Have kinda a long story here. First, I was experiencing bad fps drops in multiplayer with steam. So I went searching on forums. Many people are suggesting not using steam to play starbound. So I moved all my mod over to mods folder and launched using the starbound 64 exe. Game ran 90 percent better with only some minor lag. However, when my niece tried to join me she gets in fine with no mod mismatch. But, within a few mins or less disconnects due to inactivity. Joins again and happens again. She can't play now with all the disconnecting but she says the lag is fixed when she is in their. I play fine. She is connecting to my via my ip. She had no trouble on steam playing but the lag /fps drops was unbearable. Also, what is starbound unstable should we try it. Is it like nightly or beta? I am honestly at my writs end trying to fix these issues.

    Here is my latest log.

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