Tutorial Disappearing foreground exemple: metroid-like hidden pipe

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    I modified an automatic door to be a 5x5 patch of hull rendering in front of everything. It has a built-in proximity sensor which makes the texture transparent. Each sensor is connected to every other, to reveal the whole thing at once. This let me have a "modular" foreground. I don't know how practical this can be but I thought it was cool.
    I made one for the blue hull (hullcover), and a big one for the engine room of the human ship as an exemple (hshipcover).
    The .lua is modified from door.lua, there are some useless bits of code I couldn't delete without breaking everything.

    You can modify the files as will, but for each new 'cover', you will need to modify the icon, do a .png file, change the detectionArea parameter, set the frame size and finally write the correct imagePosition and animationPosition. The unzipped file go in 'mods/modname/objects'.

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    Creative idea, I like it. I changed title to tutorial instead of discussion to help people find it easier

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