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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Klunky, Feb 2, 2019.

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    Hello, I have a small suggestion of mine because I realised it can be an issue on several cases.

    I do think it's for the best to let the creator of the campaign decide on its own if he want's to allow the use of difficulty sliders. I really don't want to hardgate any players, but there are quite some scenarios where it can proves to be an issue.

    Imagine a contest made by the community where somonee made a gauntlet of difficult maps, where the first one that it clears get a small reward in form of an coupon or something else (hard "coded" inside text at the end of the campaign) there's no way to tell if someone really cleared it honestly unless you observe every player all the time. So disabling difficulty sliders would be the easiest solution to circumvent that issue.

    Another thing is that difficulty sliders allow on some really gimmicky missions to skip entire premises of the map, since there are no stars in custom campaigns you can miss, there is no longer an incentive to play on the standard difficulty. I would rather have the certainty that the players really followed the intended experience I provided to them.
    Maybe sometimes I just want to create an extreme challenge with a special exclusive cutscene at the end which should reward exactly the most toughest players, I really wish to have more freedom over that.

    I hope you understand my sentiment, sometimes I just want to confront the player with an barrier that needs to be overcome. Simply a one and only experience where everyone can discuss matters at the same basis.
    That's really the only complain I do have about creating stuff right now, everything else is super intuitive and almost perfect.
    So yeah that is really my only gripe. D: *^^"

    All in all I'm pretty loving this game right now and want to thank Chucklefish for their great efforts and support, I try to "addict" as many of my realtives as possible to play this awesome experience.
    I wish you the greatest of success with that game.


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