Did you marry the right one? Tell your anecdotes.

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  1. LittleRose

    LittleRose Void-Bound Voyager

    Being married with Sam isn't too bad really. He's a very loving father, but he's so stupid sometimes. Last Feast of the Winter Star, he was my secret gift giver. So, what does a loving husband like Sam give to his wife? SpeedGro. You're so romantic, darling. Not. *Sigh*

    Next time, I'll try Elliott. I'd leave Sam, but the children would mind. And I like the children.
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    • MagicallyClueless

      MagicallyClueless Black Hole Surfer

      i think i married the right one!

      sebastian is an adorable nerd who keeps his independence but can still be very sweet, thankful, and all around loving.

      really i could go on forever about him but i've done so several times. he's great tho. i love dialogue about the kids
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      • LuthienNightwolf

        LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

        100% agree with the above, I married Seb in two files so far and I'm definitely happy with him.

        Working on Shane in my current save, so we'll see how that goes. It already feels weird hitting on someone other than Seb though. lol

        EDIT: This happened in my game a few days ago. Dropped by the saloon to do some socializing and decided I'd be nice and give mr. grump a pizza. Well, who do I see standing by himself by the pool table?

        It was awkward.

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        • Borodin

          Borodin Master Astronaut

          First game, my character married Alex, who did little except water the plants (when I had sprinklers) and feed the animals (when I had no animals). This time around, I'm considering either Emily or Leah. Hopefully, unlike Alex, they'll stay out of the mushroom cave.
          • Pawserve

            Pawserve Subatomic Cosmonaut

            Before reading on, SPOILERS about Shane's marriage life.

            I married Shane and probably wooing him again on my new file.

            https://www.reddit.com/r/StardewValley/comments/59q7qx/shane_as_a_husband_opinions_warning_realness/ I listed my reasons here but if you don't want to look at the link then I'll copy and paste my thoughts.

            He has his days where he'll thank me for all of my hard work, how he is happy with his life, and some days where he is on the "meh" side and tell me if he is in some mood it isnt because of me, he'll say when he passes on he wants to be used as chicken food or whatever (How is this depressing? Thats him wanting to make a difference as seen in his heart event with the blue chickens.. if you think about it, its really cute and Shane-like) and some days he'll wake up blushing! Some days he says "Papa shane is on duty!' then laughs at being corny, and he even goes out in town and goes by the river and when you talk to him he says "It is a jojo cola, dont worry", he still visits Jas and chills with her while she is in the forest as well ... so basically being a human who is really comfortable with you. All feelings are important and matter. He is so open to tell me how he is feeling, positive or not. I also don't mind he drinks sometimes on Friday. Its okay to drink, just in a controlled manner. It no longer runs his life. I love the different levels he is given after marriage.

            Imperfection is really perfection.

            Two things bother me about post-marriage with Shane. One is it seems Jas and Marnie doesnt even mention how Shane is with me now (Jas will say Shane is hardly ever home but thats way before you marry him) and two is the random footprints that is caused by beer/soda/whatever, I use a modded version where its wiped up. Its hard to believe my farmer or he never cleaned up that mess for like a month or two so I just modded it, otherwise same exact messy room of his <3
            • Highwind

              Highwind Void-Bound Voyager

              I started playing SV with two male (straight) friends. We'd play and chat on skype about anything, wheter it was related to the game or not.

              On my first playthrough I had my eyes set on Elliott because he was this literature dude that lives on the beach, which are two things that I love. Everything was fine and I told my friends about this. They laughed at me and said I'd hate him because I'd think he was pretentious and boring. I marry El. About 10 in-game days later, we are chatting again and I complain to them about Elliott. They say nothing. 5 days after that, I'm quitting SV until the divorce patch happens.

              Moral of the story: if your friends say a guy is not your type, maybe you should trust them. Apparently, they have a better taste in men than you do.

              I am now married to Seb and think he's a much better catch.
              • LuthienNightwolf

                LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                Not necessarily true. A friend of mine told me NOT to marry Seb. I had pretty much already made up my mind to do it, and I've had zero regrets, on either playthrough. >u>

                I'd maybe ask for specifics though, because it all depends on the person really. My mom is married to Elliot on her game and she absolutely loves him. All that poetic stuff he says makes her roll her eyes but I think she secretly likes him fawning over her. lol
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                • Nostalgia Reflex

                  Nostalgia Reflex Poptop Tamer

                  I married Sebastian in my first playthrough. Didn't regret it. He's one of my faves.

                  Although it probably would have been better for him if I hadn't romanced Abigail at the same time. Sorry Seb.

                  I married Abigail in my second playthrough. I was planning to keep it simple with just her, but incidentally, this was after the patch where Emily and Shane became romance options, and, well, oops! I did it again.
                  Abby's great tho. 10/10

                  Maybe polyamory suits me best.
                  I still plan to marry them all though, eventually.
                  Well, maybe not Harvey. He looks a little too much like my dad. Sorry Harvey.
                  • Borodin

                    Borodin Master Astronaut

                    Elliott, for all his cultivation, is self-fixated. He will be happiest if allowed to travel in a gondola down Lover's Lane, holding hands with himself.
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                    • TimeLord97

                      TimeLord97 Space Spelunker

                      I married Leah in my first save, my real-life SO said I was kind of being main stream because everyone was marrying Leah at the time (he married Abigail because to him she's "best girl" because of the video games :rofl: ) but I didn't care because she was artsy and loved nature and I liked that. Marriage life with her is going well, she occasionally gets an attitude where I'm just like "Talk to me woman! I don't know what I did wrong!" and she loves to just stand in the kitchen and stare at our table or stand in places where I have to move furniture just so I can kiss her, the silly woman lol. First year of marriage she helped out on the farm a lot with watering crops or feeding animals but now it's just the occasional "I made coffee" or "I grew this out back" and I'm like "I appreciate the coffee, but I grow this at a much higher quality outside... but thanks for the gift that is going to sit in the fridge." I feel like I'm a terrible husband sometimes :rofl:. I also found a mod to put my kid in animal onesies and it's the cutest thing ever ^.^ She doesn't seem to do much in regards to the kids though, she just asks if I spent any time with them today.

                      kid XD.PNG

                      I started a second save to try out the new farm maps and I'm going to woo Elliott in this one because in the first save I didn't realize he was really into writing (he lives on the beach, it's a bit of a walk for me to say hi everyday lol) and I relate so much to that. We'll see how that turns out.
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                      • ChaosAzeroth

                        ChaosAzeroth Existential Complex

                        No matter who I marry and how much I take care of them they don't do much.
                        At least Shane is ((sadly)) relatable and it makes sense him not doing a lot ((though the thing about him cleaning his room while there's soda or beer or whatever everywhere makes me cringe a little and then the kid has gone in that room and I had the mom impulse for a few seconds to go snatch her out of there...)) but even gifting every day and talking and kissing they... Just don't do much around the house which is fine really. Or give me many items, which is still fine.X3
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                        • LuthienNightwolf

                          LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                          Yeah their assistance with farm chores is definitely a lot more sporadic than I thought it would be. I mean, it's fine, cuz by the time I get married I've already got most things automated anyway, so its not something I personally need, but I would definitely caution people not to get a spouse just for help with chores, cuz you'll be disappointed. lol

                          Seb's helpfulness outside of farm chores mostly comes in the form of coffee and occasional gifts from the mines. And providing eye candy when I go inside to fetch something from one of the chests. hehe
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                          • ChaosAzeroth

                            ChaosAzeroth Existential Complex

                            Yeah it's pretty much not a huge deal cause I mean...Honestly I'm 99% covered and...Yeah...I'm pretty useless IRL so...x3
                            But pretty much picking ones I want around, pretty much 'marriage goals'.X3
                            • Magistrella

                              Magistrella Big Damn Hero

                              My first playthrough i instantly went after Leah - Haley was a pretentious *bleep*, Penny the shy bookworm, Maru the geeky science girl and Abby the gaming nerd. Leah, i had no clue - her hut was shut until i had her at two hearts, which took a while as i was getting accustomed to the game. In the end i married her sometimes in Fall year 2. Then i wanted to start all over, mainly because having all the money you need was making it kinda boring.

                              In the second playthrough i planned to go after Abby, because i have seen her first two scenes in my 1st save. Then i started befriending Penny aaaand that save was that... >.>

                              Repeat the story 3 more times and in my 6th playthrough - which is the 1.1 one - i went after Emily. Mainly because i loved her spontaneous, crazy mentality in 1.0 festivals and cutscenes. The "i dont care what others say, im myself" thing was awesome.

                              Turns out in 1.1, she's an esoteric vegan chick with a flick for religion and clothes. I really like the parrot tho... >.> - the rest was disappointing, sadly q.q

                              I'll probably divorce her and go for Haley again. She might be the worst when you first meet her, but in the end she's the one that realizes who she really is and wants to be after meeting your character...

                              If i could marry anyone who i want, tho:

                              Robin, all the way Robin - If you've ever seen her in her green dress and how she acts for and with her husband/children.
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                              • BarbarianRas

                                BarbarianRas Void-Bound Voyager

                                I dont know anyone who doesnt love Robin. I was so bummed when I found out she wasnt single, in fact being married with 2 kids who are marrige prospects. Demetrius is the luckiest bastard ever.

                                I went for Penny because she's a teacher (sorta) which spoke to me as a teacher irl. Also felt bad for her trapped in a trailer with Pam *refrains from saying bad things about my mother-in-law*

                                When winter is coming and your spouse says something to the effect of "How will we do financially in winter?" her worry felt a bit more genuine than it would have from someone else given her history. This year I felt a tad awkward buying the giant solid gold clock on fall 28. I felt like she should have freaked out going from being wealthy beyond her dreams to nothing because her husband made a stupid purchase.
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                                • StardewPally

                                  StardewPally Big Damn Hero

                                  I married Leah, and I am over the moon for her. She helps repair the fences so damned often I don't think I've had to repair a single section. She goes on these nature walks which I adore about her because she loves nature and the Valley, just like me! She is so easy going and low maintenance all I ever have to do is give her some flowers or wild berries each day and she is the happiest wife. She always says the most warm and lovely things, telling me how happy she is and how everything turned out amazing for her, and how lucky she is and how much she loves our family. She used to get jealous when I gave other women birthday gifts, but she's over that now (and she's even gotten back into her woodcarving, like she used to do before we were married).

                                  I love Leah so much I made her a wine cabinet full of every kind of wine in the valley, because I know it's her favourite. Sometimes she makes me her specialty salad, but we always end up sharing. She kept her independent, rugged, outdoorsy, artistic personality and has shown me nothing but happiness, appreciation and love every day. #TeamLeah #RedheadGreenthumb #YoureallyloveyourwineIthinkyoumayhaveaproblem #MarriageIsCareage #LoveYoKidsLoveYoWife #ExcessiveHashtags
                                  • Reddestiny921

                                    Reddestiny921 Pangalactic Porcupine

                                    As I've said many times I always feel I marry the right one I rp in my head so I don't care what they are actually doing usually no matter how good they are, I only have sprinklers in the green house and one or two barns or coops with feeders. So there is always work and while watching Elliot, Harvey, Alex(doesn't really count I lost his save too soon), Seb, and Shane out of them Shane has helped me the most, doing all the usual spouse chores several times a week usually. Though they're really all very sweet I really get a use out of Elliot's constant coffee and Harvey's complete breakfasts. Though some almost seem to have their favorite chore Harvey helped out usually steering to animals, Seb repaired fences the most and I had a lot with him, Elliot watered crops the most, and Shane though he does everything often will still feed my animals more often throughout a couple weeks. I do love rolling their sweeter dialogue hehe.
                                    • Lil' Mini

                                      Lil' Mini Phantasmal Quasar

                                      Well, my first and main save got married to Leah, and now when my 4 other characters have married to Abigail, Haley, Penny and Emily, I gotta say it's not quite the same as Leah. I chose her for a reason when there simply wasn't any other farmland to choose from. :proper:
                                      • Ambaaargh

                                        Ambaaargh Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                                        I've told this anecdote a few times but I'mma tell it again cause why not. :p

                                        Way back when the game was still coming out, I had made a beeline towards Sebastian because well, all I really knew about the npcs was their face card and of the various bachelors Seb's portrait was the cutest. :rofl:
                                        However this was back before the first spouse patch upgrade which meant that after marrying them your spouse ended up sort of lobotomized into pleasant waifu/husbando where they all had the same script (Sebastian saying "Goodmorning sweetie I hope your day goes well I made you breakfast" was very eghn when it was the exact same thing Penny would say to you if you married her) and Seb's primary non-default dialogue was him talking about feeling a little bad he had to give up the motercycle but hey he's a married man now and that stuff just had to go. Combined with the fact spouses never left the house for their walk or anything personalized, Sebastian just stayed at home all the time everyday and it just felt like I had cauterized him off and away from his few friends and entire town and removed the entire personality which I had initially liked.

                                        The breaking point for me was the fall festival where the default spouse script was "dont worry hunny, I wont talk to any other guys" (I was playing a male char at the time) and it was like...it just left me with the impression that I was some overpossessive ogre with a bad jealousy streak who wouldn't even let my husband talk to his best friend anymore and took control of his life to make him give up his motercycle only to force him to make me hashbrowns once every 3 days.

                                        So I deleted the save and decided to start over. This time about I chose Harvey because I had figured "ok. Ok. Harvey has a job. At least he'll like...go outside the farm every Tuesday and Thursday to his job so I can pretend he has a life outside of being my husband" It was also around that time that the first patch that updated/upgraded the spouse content came out. Which was like night and day since now I had a spouse who went for walks and went to work on days and had personalized dialogue which ended up being a lot more endearing and sweeter than I had expected to the point I actually ended up really adoring the awkward dweeble who I think has one of the sweetest 10 heart scenes out of all the possible candidates.
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                                        • Lanx12

                                          Lanx12 Ketchup Robot

                                          Hmm honestly I've married all the bachorlettes and frankly i can't choose I love them all..First it was penny that I married she was sweet and loving then I moved to Leah who filled with me joy, Next came Maru who inspired me to keep on building, Then came Abby who made me advertous. Next Haley came into my life and reminded me that there is always two sides to a coin and to never judge just by a cover. Finally Emily oh sweet emily with her caring ways made me take better care of my animals yes indeed... Yes ! I married the right ones ! :rofl:

                                          *waits to be called out on being married to all six*

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