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Discussion in 'Mods' started by catpurrade, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. catpurrade

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    I've been searching around and I haven't found a completed one yet. I want something that expands the dialogues for bachelors/bachelorettes especially. Maybe editing Shane to continue to shape up after marriage instead of dropping off the ball again. More dialogue for the NPCs at events would be good too. I just love the NPCs of this game and need more ;_;
    • LiteraryMouse

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      I don't know of any that are out but I do know that there is one by user low-spirited ( ) which as far as I am aware is gradually being worked on.

      I also remember seeing another post mentioning a full dialogue overhaul being worked on though I don't remember who it was or where it currently stands. I'll see if I can find that info and add it to this post when I do.

      There's also going to be a dialogue aspect to RTGOAT's longevity mod though I'm not sure to what extent that is going to be.

      There was also a few dialogue overhauls by haywrites but those are only for a handful of specific characters (

      edit: The mention was by a user called TheElectricKazoo. Though again I have no clue what the current status on that one is. (
      • RTGOAT

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        I'm working with dialogue writers to create a more immersive dialogue system that is currently in beta.
        It is currently showcasing the system using Abigail; the finished system will involve all bachelors and bachelorettes.

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