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Discussion in 'Mods' started by cn21, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. cn21

    cn21 Void-Bound Voyager

    I am working to combine multiple dialogue mods for Sebastian. I know that if I load two mods that change the same dialogue, the game will only load the newest one. I have read all those people written online about the matter but there are still some questions when I start working on it.

    So here is the questions:

    1. For example there are these two dialogues:
    a) Mon2: Hi
    b) Mon2: Yo

    If I want the game to choice between these two randomly, do I change the key to "Mon2_1" and "Mon2_2"? As they seem to be the key for Sebastian married dialogue when I talk to him indoor

    2. If there are these two dialogue, both speak in Monday, with no heart level or what, just "Mon: Hi" and "Mon: Yo". Will they conflict each other as they have the same key?

    Thanks for your help and time!
    Have a nice day ;)
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    • Eros DkAl

      Eros DkAl Pangalactic Porcupine

      If dialogues of different mods have the same key they will conflict each other and two things can happen: one (as you said) only will load the dialogue of the newest mod, or two none of the dialogues will be aplied (you can see the warning of this in the smapi console).

      If you want more dialogues you can add those dialogue lines of one mod in the dialogues.json of the other mod.
      Instead of using the key Mon for the dialgue you can use spring_3 (for example), the thing is that the extra dialogue added only will apear the specified season and day of the used key, and it will have no changue depending on the hearts that you have with the npc.
      • hatmouse

        hatmouse Phantasmal Quasar

        (Just to clarify, the "neither will work" option is if the whole file is loaded, because only one mod can Load any given asset. Multiple mods can edit though, and so you can end up with the same mods that share dialogue keys, in which case the last one to apply is used.)

        "Mon2_1" and "Mon2_2" would be saying #1 for Year 1 Monday when you have at least 2 hearts, and #2 would be Year 2 Monday with at least 2 hearts. See Generic Dialogue for more info on that. You can move them to different keys if there is room as Eros suggested (a different year, a different heart level, a different season), but don't forget that if you're using Content Patcher, you have tons of conditions available to you! Even a Random token, in the latest version.

        So you could edit the same key with multiple patches, and just apply them under different conditions not normally available to dialogue. To have have random 2heart Mondays, you might have something like "Mon2": "{{Random: Hi, Yo, Hey}}.", but you could also load different files or sets of changes from json, randomly! CP gives tons of options :)
        • cn21

          cn21 Void-Bound Voyager

          Thank you for clarifying what "Mon2_1" and "Mon2_2" means. I read the wiki for the dialogue modding but I don't really understand this part. Also, thanks for the random dialogue suggestion, I never knew that.

          But how come "Mon2_1" means for year 1 Monday when at least two hearts, yet in marriage dialogue there can be things like "Rainy_1/2/3" and "Indoor_1/2/3"? Are they using a different logic for these parts?

          Things like "spring_3" is of course an option, but I want more choices for Monday. if I use "spring_3", that means this dialogue can only show once a month.

          what I really want is to have the characters choose from a large dialogue pool. for example, for Sebastian at 2 hearts, there are, say 10 dialogues for Monday, Tuesday etc., then Sebastian can choose from the 10 dialogue pool randomly each day. it seems the only way to achieve this is using what hatmouse suggested though...
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          • hatmouse

            hatmouse Phantasmal Quasar

            Marriage dialogue has some different options - I think the rainy options are part of <weather>_<dayOrNight>_<random> -
            Daily dialogue. <weather> is Rainy if it's raining, else Indoor (even if they're not indoors). <dayOrNight> is
            There are a few different keys that can be random like that, but most of them can only have a few options. <affection>_<random> looks like it has more.
            • cn21

              cn21 Void-Bound Voyager

              You mean that this <random> is only for marriage dialogue but not the general one? If I want random for general dialogue, I will need to use the previous method you mentioned?
              • Bestycute

                Bestycute Big Damn Hero

                Hi, I wondered if you figured out how to combine multiple dialogue mods. If you do, could you share the method with me pls, I want to use both mods, but I don't know how to make both of them work at the same time

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