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Discussion in 'Mods' started by hazel twilight, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    Right now I am working on a dialogue expansion. The first version of the mod will have season and heart based dialogue expansion. I will try to do this for all the characters. I will also try to get rid of dialogue that makes it sound like you've just moved into town when you've lived there ages because your heart level is too low. (I want to make that dialogue first year only).

    If I can figure out how, I would also love to create a second version that will add more event dialogue so that it's different from year to year.

    Right now I am working on Harvey's dialogue (I'm about half way through that). I am debating whether I should release each character as I finish them or upload them all at once.

    I am going to try to stick to dialogue content that is pulled from the canon information, and base it off of interests, events, and items around their house. I want this to impede on other peoples interpretations of the characters as little as possible. Any new content I will try to base around and fit around this canon information as much as possible. I will keep this thread updated with progress news.

    I am posting here to create some pressure to make progress. It's a big project and I want to make sure I don't procrastinate or it will take ages to finish.

    Progress bar:
    Harvey - about 50% finished.
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    • merizlb

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      I'd say it would be better to upload one at a time. That way you can get immediate feedback which means being able to make adjustments on the way and also make people excited about what you're doing. Not everyone will want to use ALL character dialogue expansions anyway (e.g. they've already modded some characters themselves, or are only bothered by this one villager or use another person's mods already). You could also use people's feedback to decide who to work on next; there's more demand for modded dialogue for some characters than for others. I'd also suggest you take a peek around the forums or nexusmods to check out other dialogue mods and see what characters have never had their dialogue improved (or have been improved in a way you don't like).

      Anyway, I hope this helps? I'm addicted to dialogue mods and I'm excited to see what you come up with! Best of luck!!
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        I'd say upload all of them at one time. That way you can get feedback
        I would say upload them all at once, just so you can get immediate feedback. Then you could go back and perfect the characters dialogue or tweak it. When you're done with that part of it, then you could upload each individually. (So people who already have certain character mods don't mess up the one's they already have). But do keep working on it, I'm sure it'll be amazing! But that's just my feedback, I'm sure other's feedback is better! :D

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