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Closed Details of account, i do this right?

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Vectruz, May 24, 2013.

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  1. Vectruz

    Vectruz Star Wrangler

    Hi, i pay the pixel tier, but my humblebundle e-mail not is equals of the e-mail i used to creat this account, i need creat other account using the e-mail of humblebundle or not?

    PS: in humblebundle have a link, this link redirect me for one page in thats page i put the e-mail i used to creat this account

    I just want play this soon as posibly
  2. IntensoSkillz

    IntensoSkillz Void-Bound Voyager

    No, your humble bundle and forum accounts do not need to share the same email address, you'll be sent an email when the beta is released to whichever email you entered when you purchased Pixel Tier.
  3. Slovakiani

    Slovakiani Big Damn Hero

    On the subject of this very question, what method is used to bind your ckey to your account? I can't imagine those gorgeous badges pop up under your name by just reading your mind, after all.
  4. On the Humble page with the link to download the OST, you have a input box (if the tier you bought is eligible for a forum badge) that ask you for your forum acount name. Just have to put it there to tie the two :3
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  5. Vectruz

    Vectruz Star Wrangler

    thanks alot for each posted here. I really have this trouble about my humble account.
    Then i like so much get a key to add in my game account without bound humbleboundle account xD
    i don't remember now, but i get one game that's bound my e-mail and i forced to register game account with that e-mail, it's not nice xD
    bad ingles? sorry :/
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