Destruction Ideas for Starbound?

Discussion in 'Other' started by Nomad Dex, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Nomad Dex

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    Some ideas me and some buddies of mine have of starbound mainly include more destruction, two of these ideas are planet wars and glassing. Planet Wars would consist of two species living on the same planet, but doing this has the chance of them feeling negative and hostile to one another, if you go on the planet then you are given the choice to either,A. side with one of them and have the other be hostile to you or B. be neutral but have the chance of them both attacking you.. during a war time (after you choose a side) there will be lots battles between the two races. you can engage also. after a certain building or the race is wiped out from the planet is when your side wins and you are rewarded.. the other is Glassing, Glassing would be a ship upgrade that allows you to make a planet a dead planet that slowly grows into a new one, for instance, if you went to a desert planet and completely explored it, you could go to your ship and glass the planet, creating a entirely new one over time. this upgrade would only be available if you had the last possible upgrade to your ship. also it would cost some kind of mineral to fire (to avoid spamming) anyways thats just my thoughts on what could be in the game :)

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