Desert Star, Inc.

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  1. LazerEagle1

    LazerEagle1 Master Astronaut

    I wasn't aware that this operation stretched the whole planet. In the event that you choose to do so, and scatter our forces across the whole planet, I can lower it to 50 Pixels a day, as a price reduction for buying in bulk.
  2. SimYouLater

    SimYouLater Title Not Found

    You weren't aware?!

    Oh well, nothing bad came of it. We will take 4000 then, for a total of 200,000 pxl per day. We may ask for increased presence at a later date. Funds for the first day have already been wired to you; please send the forces to Seria orbit to meet with mining personnel from SivCorp as soon as you receive the payment.
  3. LazerEagle1

    LazerEagle1 Master Astronaut

    Pfft, you expect me to remember exactly what diction you used? I don't even remember what I did yesterday...
  4. xM4NT!5x

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    I would like to apply for a job.
    starbound skills:
    Terror tactics
    Generally a one man army guerrilla tactics terrorist guy
  5. SimYouLater

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    Incoming message from GECorp...

    It seems we have a problem; there is a hostile force on Seria we need to take care of, in the form of some rogue Glitch bearing the brand name "Sunfyre Industries". We would appreciate it if you would communicate with SivCorp on the matter to see what they think is appropriate, as they have better connections and knowledge than GECorp.

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