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    Since the beginning of time, differences have set people apart. "You're too smart", "you're too short", "you're too big". You hear it everywhere, people hating people over differences. But there is one city that ignores all differences. Almost everyone in it was once hurt because of their differences. You see, the people in this city are not exactly normal. For instance, some can fly, some can move really fast, and some can create fires. These people are called the gifted. They have been around for ages, but few have noticed them. They are human beings with special powers, and once, a government was not happy with them having the powers. Fear of the unknown drove them to action.

    In 2006, A government facility by the name of the ETG came into the world. From the beginning it was under wraps and was established deep in the American wilderness. In the same year, people began disappearing. Special people; people that would appear on the news. Headlines in newspapers would go from "Man rescues three from burning building" to "Hero goes missing". It was no coincidence, but their precautions against their captives were not infallible. Soon word spread of a government facility capturing and experimenting on tax-paying citizens. and the ETG was shut down. Even so, the gifted were still hated by many. People would avoid them and they would even be forced out of public places. The Gifted knew that there would be no way for them to stay, so they left the cities, and formed their own. It is a place where differences are celebrated, not hated.

    While most believe the ETG is really shut down, there are rumors it has been running in secret.

    These rumors were proven true. The city had been attacked. Countless gifted had been killed, and now there is not much of a city left.

    (Events of City of the Gifted pass)

    The City was destroyed by ETG. Many Gifted were captured, but the survivors rallied and mounted a counterattack on the ETG facility. The survivors, along with the freed prisoners, escaped on a ship and sailed to Brinkhaven, where they found sanctuary.

    Of course, the ETG, still operating in secret, followed. While attacking the city outright was never on the table, they got more than they bargained for when events completely unrelated to them caused large, brilliant lights to alert the rest of the world to their otherwise cloaked island. The complex series of events have come to be known as the "Bishamonten incident", during which several gifted died. Derika has since been recognized by the global media and the ETG were thrown into global public spotlight. Derika has since taken up a policy of permanent neutrality. The ETG, while they received more funding, support, manpower, and outlets for resources, must now operate more carefully, as they are under the public eye at all times.

    With Derika now recognized publicly, the world has immediately been entranced/disgusted with the fantastical continent. Those from all over have decided to flock to Derika and witness the land filled with wonder. This is where your story begins. (Or continues, if you were in the previous RP)


    The meaning of Derika is “power of the tribe, ruler of the people.”

    Derika is a newly discovered island "continent" in the Pacific. All children born on Derika have a 99% chance of being Gifted, and newcomers often discover they are Gifted. No one knows why this is, but it is said that Derika is the source of all the Gifted’s powers. Nearly everyone on the island is Gifted, but the continent is sparsely inhabited.This is due to the flora and fauna of Derika, which are also affected by the island’s unique influence. The animals and plants of the continent often defy logic and are incredibly dangerous. There seems to be no end to new species found living on Derika. This affects the sealife as well, and many can only be found of the coast of Derika, due to the unique resources it provides. This makes travelling to Derika very difficult, as Derika has no airports, and several species are fully capable of sinking ships by themselves. Steel ship hulls are necessary to make the trip without relying on luck and it is not unheard of for ships faring to Derika to bring heavy artillery.

    Derika draws people looking for action, adventure, and new beginnings. It also draws criminals and Gifted looking to escape society’s judgmental trappings. ETG, initially interested in the island’s high Gifted birth rate, had aggressively expanded upon Derika. Their actions are hindered by the Gifted resistance, who live in a massive walled city called Brinkhaven. The city is incredibly modern and futuristic, with skyscrapers rising high above the formidable city walls.

    The city of Brinkhaven is atop a dormant volcano within a bay, with a massive suspension bridge connecting Brinkhaven to the mainland. Checkpoints are set up at the entrance to the bridge, all along the bridge, and at the entrance the city itself, which is surrounded by virtually impenetrable walls.

    Brinkhaven receives a practically limitless amount of power from geothermal and tidal energy. This power goes into powering the city’s massive metropolis and extensive defense systems.

    Security is a priority at Brinkhaven, and order is upheld by "Queen" Rachael and her Council. Ever since the "Bishamonten incident", the technical rightful owner of Derika, Orion Sirius, has taken up position as "Vice-King". The Council consists of 5 powerful Gifted. Each Council member leads their own faction. Each faction is divided by classification of power.


    Currency: Brinkhaven uses a unique currency referred to as “Credits”. Credits are a currency not (as of yet) used anywhere else in the world. Credits are not usually physical, and are stored in Brinkhaven’s techmaturgical systems. These credits are bound to your identity, using your gift signature as identification. If you prefer a degree of anonymity, it is possible to place credits from your account onto a Z-card (akin to a credit card, but unaffiliated with any banking establishment and not registered to any owner, like a wallet) or get an empty Z-card and receive credits through a card-to-card transfer machine. Said transfer machines are usually roughly the size of a calculator with a similar interface, and can be bought from many stores on Derika for between $15 and $100 depending on make, quality and design. Most stores and financial institutions on Derika offer free use of their transfer machine.

    Credits are scaled to work much like USD, and 100 Credits is roughly equivalent to 1 USD. As such, it is common (albeit incorrect) to refer to Credits using the dollar and cent symbols, ($, ¢) as the majority of Brinkhaven residents are from the United States.

    Housing: Rent an apartment, buy an apartment, or try Faction housing.

    Rent - Apartments rent for $1500-3000 a month. This includes utilities. Prices are subject to change on a case-by-case basis.

    Buy - Apartments are expensive. Go kill a few dragons if you want to buy an apartment. (more than a few actually. Go catch a golden pig)

    Faction Housing - If the Faction leader has determined your ability and skill set is of worth to them, they will provide housing and food for free. (They will almost never deny someone. Unless they have a horribly useless power or a horribly horrible personality) In exchange for the free stuff you get for joining, you have to partake in faction activities, which are usually along the lines of fighting ETG, monsters, Gifted, keeping the peace, and making the faction stronger. Repeated failure to participate will result in expulsion.

    Faction Classifications:

    Elemental (Having to do with elements, relating to all on the periodic table and ones that would be put on the periodic table were they to be explained scientifically; General alchemy, chemistry, stoichiometry and the like.)

    Dimensional (Having to do with the 3 dimensions of space, the dimension of time, all other unidentified dimensions of existence, and the laws of the universe which define them such as physics and gravity)

    Physical (Having to do with physical/bodily modification, augmentation or synthesis; material abilities functioning extraneously to elemental alignments)

    Mental (Having to do with the mind, mental processes, and the mind's physical effect on the world)

    Unaligned (A difficult category to define, these abilities simply do not fit in any other category. They often pertain to abilities themselves or behave on forces unidentifiable as any of the other categories.)

    To determine what faction your character's ability belongs to, ask yourself what forces is works off of. Often an ability could be many different categories depending on how it works. For example, say your ability is to set things on fire. If it is because your character possesses the ability to manipulate fire, then it is elemental. If it is because a substance can come out of your character's pores that reacts to oxygen and quickly combusts when exposed to air, then the ability is physical. If it is because your character can inexplicably raise the temperature of a specific area enough for a material to combust, then the ability is dimensional. If it is caused by increased temperatures from mental focus that induce combustion, (the wikipedia description of pyrokinesis is more like that of elemental, but yes, creating fire with your mind.) then your ability is mental. And finally, if it is because your ability influences the events that take place around you in such a way that induces fire, then your ability is unaligned.


    Owner: Mattie_

    Admin(s): Ryik

    Moderators: JulietFrenchGirl, Bobert778, Cenesramance, mas0n99

    1. Standard RP rules of conduct.

    2. Powers must be related. (All abilities on a character must be able to be explained as one ability. For example, the ability to manipulate the ocean and by extension its contents would abide by this rule, while the ability to control the minds of animals and manipulate water doesn't.)

    3. No overpowered powers. (such as world ending powers)

    4. Really bad RPers must improve or will have to leave.

    5. Cannot have the powers of someone if multiple of that power already exists and is active.

    6. Cannot have the same name as someone else unless permission is given by the current owner(s) of that name. Does not apply if the name is inactive.

    7. 6 character limit per user. (message me for permission for more)

    Changing or Adding on to Your Character's Ability

    You are allowed to change how your character functions, but that does not mean you are allowed to change your character's ability on a whim.

    As a general rule of thumb, if it's possible the new ability was their ability all along, with no conflicts in canon, then it is allowed to change their ability. (This mostly concerns people who've just created new characters and realize that one little detail would make them much better in their eyes)

    If the above does not apply (hiding your power is not an acceptable excuse to use) and you intend to change or add on to your character's ability, they need a canon reason for doing so. Whether the canon reason fits the gravity of the change is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind that this change must still fit rule #2, barring a canon explanation. Do not make a character with the notion that they can just be upgraded later. Even if your character goes through a lot, do not expect it to be an automatic ticket to better powers. You should design your character's full potential from the onset; if you want your character to undergo progression, describe the full ability in the app and detail that their abilities won't initially be fully accessible. Very few people actually change or add on to their abilities, and the reason they have for it is usually because it wouldn't make sense if it didn't change. It is done so infrequently in fact, that the only reason I bother mentioning it is because it is something that can be done, and how it is done had to be better outlined.

    In all cases of changing your ability, the new ability must be approved by an admin. (and, accordingly, follow rule #3)


    Please post your apps inside the OOC Thread.




    Gift (Power): (Supernatural ability or mutation. You can only have one Gift)

    Weaknesses and Limits: (Something that causes your powers to go haywire, and/or limitations on your powers.)

    Appearance: (Describe your character. An image is optional)

    Personality: (101.9% optional)

    History: (Required, but just basics, like where your character was born, their life before coming to Derika, how they got to Derika, their relation to the ETG if they have any, etc.)

    Equipment: Clothing, weapons, whatever you might have on you. (could be nothing but the clothes on your back)


    ETG: Ambitious government organization shrouded in secrecy. The ETG is mysterious and powerful, it hunts and researches Gifted. This organization "is" the law. It's influence is almost all-permeating and its resources near-infinite. It works to protect the world from the Gifted, but the methods used are often harsh and questionable. They will relentlessly hunt Gifted, capturing them with Antinite cuffs until a specialized cell is prepared. If such is not possible, more drastic containment procedures (coma, suspended animation, death, etc.) may be taken. It is highly improbable that a captured innocent Gifted will be released on the grounds of innocence.

    Gifted: A person that unlocks their Gifted abilities naturally.

    Synth: An ETG soldier who has had their power unlocked using a serum. The serum has been known to have flaws, and it is thus possible for a Synth to lose their ability entirely in time.

    L-Watch: Communication device used by the residents of the old City. It was created by the deceased technological Gifted genius Leo. The L-Watch can make calls, video chat, and send pictures, e-mails, or messages.

    Z-Watch: New communication device used by the Factions. The Z-Watch can make calls, video chat, send pictures, e-mails, or messages, has access the internet, and can run games. Based on the L-Watch.

    Antinite: A rare power-nullifying stone usually found deep beneath Derika. Only exhibits its effect when touching flesh. Can be made into an alloy. Can also prevent certain ability types from passing through. When active, Antinite slowly crumbles and falls apart, gradually eroding into a fine dust. For this reason, more permanent containment procedures than Antinite cuffs are used by ETG for long term imprisonment.

    Gift: Power, ability, mutation, or special skill that makes you a Gifted. One’s Gift is tied to your soul. Both a Gift and a soul is unique.

    Artifact: Anything imbued with a person's soul. An Artifact is used to manifest the Gift of whoever's Gift has been placed inside. Only the ETG or a supergenius with near-infinite resources can create Artifacts. ETG had created and used Artifacts as weapons against the Gifted. Artifacts tend to be much more fragile than the item they are made with and thus easily shattered.

    Organized Crime:

    Organized crime is generally divided into three groups, Bandits, Smugglers, and the Mob. (To keep things simple and easy to refer to.)

    These three groups of criminals deal in all the conventional illegal goods such as weapons and drugs, but they also deal a drug unique to Derika. Rapture.


    A plant that grows only on Derika. It does not grow very well in any other country, and the effects are lessened to the point of being useless if it isn't grown on Derika. Popular in drug trafficking and organized crime.

    The Rapture plant is large leafy plant with light purple leaves. It smells sweet and takes a considerable amount of water to grow, so it isn't found in the wild very often.

    Rapture can be made into light purple granules that gives off a distinctly sweet smell, almost sickly sweet. When added to liquid, it will dissolve, adding a light purple tinge and make the liquid give off a sweet smell and taste sweet. Harder to detect in darker, more pungent drinks.

    When processed, it becomes a fine purple powder than can be snorted, injected, drank, or eaten, depending on how it is used. Rapture causes the user to feel an extreme high, more than most other drugs, and feel very relaxed and chill. This high causes the user's eyes to take on a light purple tinge, and become bloodshot.The user will feel very warm and comforted, their heart rate will slow, and they will hallucinate pleasant images. However, in this state, the user is liable to be set off by the slightest of things and instantly become enraged and even violent. When this happens, the user's body will produce massive levels of adrenaline and become extremely aggressive. They will not feel pain nor be reasoned with until the high wears off. Furthermore, Rapture enhances whatever Gift the user may have. When coupled with an enraged Rapture user, this often results in devastation. Rapture is also extremely addictive, especially because of the Gift enhancing effects.


    A first time user only feels a strong urge to take it again. This urge grows with each successive use, until it becomes an addiction. The addiction accompanies sweating, shaking, and an even stronger urge to take Rapture. The longer and stronger the withdrawal grows, the weaker the user's Gift will get, until the user's GIft is completely useless. Their Gift will return to even greater strength if more Rapture is taken, or if the user "gets clean" of Rapture.


    Can be found on most shady street corners and in dim alleyways. Rapture is illegal in Brinkhaven, but that doesn't stop it from being used. This drug has rapidly become a problem, and the Factions are tasked with the arrest of Rapture possessors and the seizure of any amount of Rapture.


    Bandits operate all around Derika, raiding towns and living in encampments in remote areas of Derika. They farm Rapture, but usually force more remote villages to farm Rapture for them. Rapture is native to Derika, and is more resistant to Gifts than most plants, so manual labor is still necessary. Bandits sell their Rapture to Smugglers, or distribute it to outlying towns and villages.


    Control the ports and seas, trafficking illegals to and from Derika, as well as smuggling goods to and from Brinkhaven, which is closed off from the mainland by water. Smugglers ship Rapture off of Derika, and sneak it into Brinkhaven for the Mob to sell on the streets.

    The Mob

    Controls the crime in Brinkhaven and some of the larger towns on Derika. They deal Rapture all around Brinkhaven, and also refine the drug for resale and profit.

    For the characters that are less moral and wouldn't normally join a Faction, this is the alternative. A criminal organization provides all the things a Faction would provide, as well as illegal goods, such as experimental, high yield weapons, prostitutes, drugs, and more lucrative employment options. This comes at the expense of possibly being posted on Brinkhaven's bounty board if one becomes infamous. Also, entry to Brinkhaven will be barred if a criminal Gifted's identify is known.

    ETG is highly interested in Rapture's Gift-doping abilities, and are trying to get their hands on large amounts of Rapture for themselves. Bandit farms and Smuggler shipments are coming under attack by ETG raids as well as Faction raids.

    Characters in Brinkhaven will sometimes notice people high on Rapture, especially in the poorer parts of the city. Occasionally, a rampaging Gifted will start trouble.

    Church of Lesua

    Lesua is a player character who started a church to herself. While it has garnered a rather large following, a fair portion of the people within it are present (sometimes solely) for the fact that it functions as an assassination hub. When given no specified target, it is a hub for bounty hunting. When Lesua declares a target, she will reward an assassin who accomplishes her task generously. Due to the nature of the church itself, it is quite possible for anyone to walk in and take up a job, get help, or purchase supplies. Despite being an assassination hub, it is a rather cordial, church-like environment, as brutish behavior in her church tends to invoke the wrath of Lesua. young children, the elderly and murderous assassin alike all attend, and the resulting intermingling creates a family-friendly homicide headquarters.

    Of course, scaring the children is frowned upon and calling the church blasphemy is… ill advised.

    How Artifacts work:

    A Gift is an integral, important part of a person. It is synonymous with a person's soul, and to lose your Gift entirely is to lose your soul. Without your Gift, you become an empty husk of your former self.

    A piece of a Gifted's "soul" can be taken out, which will damage their "soul" and take away their powers for a period of time, until the harvested piece regenerates. The piece of the victim's "soul" is what is used to create artifacts. When a Gifted dies, their "soul" stays within their body for up to several months, depending on the state of the Gifted's body. After that, the Gift can no longer be taken from the body of the dead Gifted.

    Helpful Links:

    Warning that the wiki has been in a decrepit state of disrepair and is fairly outdated.

    Wiki Link:

    The City of the Gifted:

    Derika, Land of the Gifted (Original):

    Steam Group:

    IC Thread:

    Submit apps here.


    1. Have fun.
    2. Don't be mean or intentionally offensive.
    3. Kanye, Kanaya, Kanay, Kaney, Kanana, and Kan-of-tuna are all banned from this thread. Trespassers will be shot. Violently. And mercilessly. With extreme prejudice. Maximum prejudice actually. This also goes for those using a fake name. You can't fool us, we know who you are.
    4. No cursing.
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    Lame app before I post my other lame characters. Hello Ryik. You too Mattie.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention I'm AEROGIS hehe.

    Name: Cabar Akcay

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Gift (Physical):


    Creates various types of threads from his hands/fingers

    Types: razor sharp, adhesive, super dense, elastic, normal, various combinations

    The types can be woven to compound their effects.

    Threads require energy/stamina to be generated.

    Freely levitate and manipulate the threads within a 3 foot radius around him at total limit of muscle output.

    Weaknesses and Limits:

    Threads are flammable, sometimes extremely so. Threads lose effectiveness if wet or not taut.


    (Coming soon, once I have two posts c: )


    Born on Derika, lived in a small hunting village in the mountains. Used his thread ability to trap animals and lay snares. Ventured into the city in search of more challenging prey. Collects victims in cocoons of thread. Was arrested by Brinkhaven Police after his extensive collection in Brinkhaven warehouses were found. Was broken out by Fabian. On the loose. :D


    Clothes, ETG knives, Ballpoint pens, notebook, sunglasses, handheld flashlight wrapped in bandages. Carried in grey backpack.
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    Accepted! Glad to have you Cenesramance.
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    *Looks around this thinking to herself* Should I try to join again hmm...:p
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    Name: Izuna

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Gift (Power): Blood Destruction - This ability grants the user to seem to vibrate strangely while their strength is multiplied hugely, Their speed is doubled and they can technically bounce around the place(Like a double jump..>.>), The User gains strange markings on their body and their teeth become strangely sharp like a cats along with their eyes.

    Weaknesses and Limits: Blood Destruction once used will steadily destroy the persons blood as said, Once the user is forced out of their blood destruction mode(Like, Maybe hit by something hard or they completely loose interest or connection with what their doing) they are really weak and cannot stand on their own due to the decrease in blood.

    Ok so this website is being retarded and wont let me post links...So...Ill give you my best...example..or something:
    Normal Mode:
    She has seemingly purple eyes with hints of yellow/gold, Her hair is also purple and short, sitting atop her head are two big cat ears matching the color of her hair, She wears..I think its called a Kimono(?) but its Japenese clothing with a sort of big bow on the stomach area.
    Using her Ability:
    Everything's normal except the seemingly dark aura around her and the change in eyes and hair, Her hair and eyes grow red and the Aura around her is dark red, Dark red markings appear around her body.
    (Ill try posting pics when I can...*Grumbles*)

    Personality: Find out :D

    History: Izuna would have grown up outside of Brink Haven and lived off the wild life there never really having a real reason to go to the city before her father got angry at her and ordered her to leave their living area and never come back. So she listened depressed as she headed to Brink Haven to try to live in the strange city only having a little bit of contact with the residents, She hasnt really needed to use her ability as she is still young (im not good at History's...).

    Equipment: Look at the clothes in the pic, Father bought those, She also has a L-watch that her father spent lots of money to get...basically it besides some money.
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    I think you're looking for a kimono or a yukata. Kitsune is the Japanese word for 'fox', and is also used to refer to the fox youkai/demons found in Japanese folk mythology, who may have from one to nine tails which represent their rough power level. Examples include the historic myth Tamamo-no-Mae and the mythological beast Kyuubi.

    Ahem. Anyway, This might be one of the RPs that would pique my interest (then again, the Role-Playing forum of Starbound doesn't really see *that* much use so far, and things have been especially slow as of late - with the exception of things like The Demon Syndicate, but still), but for convenience's sake, may I ask for the OP to include the information blurbs contained in the IC thread here as well? I'm just used to seeing stuff like the background, history, character sheets and technical yada-yada in the OOC thread instead of the IC thread.

    (also, the OOC thread is, to my knowledge, traditionally used for more than just posting and discussing character apps - basically anything that isn't IC should ideally be written in PM/conversation or in the OOC thread. Just saying)
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    I'm going to need some clarification.
    There is no race of nekomimi on Brinkhaven. If you want your character to be a cat person, then it must be a part of their ability. The described ability has nothing to do with cats, but could function as a cost controlling how feral she is, with physical changes accompanying it. This would entail however, that her father (and family) wouldn't be cat people.

    Inexplicable skin markings and even eye and hair color changes are all acceptable flair, but a visible aura, both with and without her ability, doesn't make sense and is wholly unnecessary. Please, this isn't dragon ball Z.

    Izuna can still be accepted, but you must edit your app to reflect the changes. In it's current state, it is denied.

    It was debated whether to put the entire OP spoiler'd here, and I guess it wasn't out of convenience. From your request it probably will be.

    Yes, yes it is. It has been through mere happenstance that all posts have only been app-related up until now. In any case, you'd be welcome to apply. I find Derika to be very fertile in terms of harboring arrays of unique characters.
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    In hind sight, It probably wasnt a good idea to make the app while I am tired...Ill do that later...
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    my App Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes its late and im tried i'll fix most up tomorrow

    Name: Jonathan Franklin

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Gift (Power): (Supernatural ability or mutation. You can only have one Gift) Dimensional constructs. Can use Dimensional energy to create constructs and replicas of objects a good understanding of the object in question is needed the more complex the object the more you need to know. Using the knowledge of the object its picture/created/drafted in the mind than constructed into reality using dimensional energy and held in reality with the same energy but they will decay after some time depending on the object

    Weaknesses and Limits: (Something that causes your powers to go haywire, and/or limitations on your powers.) Have the enough knowledge of how it works. To create a gun they need to know how each part of the gun works and how they all work together But for a simple rock they do not need as much knowledge.Objects that are created Cant stay in normal reality for to long and will decay if they are held in too long how many Objects they can create and hold in the world depends on their complexity and size. They cant mimic Powerful items or objects such as antinite, artifacts and any thing that is 'living' such as plants, food/drink and people/golems.

    He is social awkward rarely seeing any one his age let alone interacting with them. Spending most of his working he has grown used to it never really experiencing any thing other than that disliking when he is not working and hating when he is doing nothing (Unless it is waiting he can handle that). Also he doesn't truly understand technology, large cities and people in general being cut off from most tech, cities and people just due to where he grew up.

    Appearance: (Describe your character. An image is optional)
    He stands around 1.7m tall he has semi black hair no longer than the top of neck with sea blue eyes and scares over his back if you where ever to see it. He normally wears long denim pants with a shirt. Having a knife hidden at his side (( ill try get an image tomorrow ))


    Personality: Discover it :p

    History: (Required, but just basics, like where your character was born, their life before coming to Derika, how they got to Derika, their relation to the ETG if they have any, etc.)
    He grew up in Australia coming from a rural background he life has mostly been working on his family station (cattle ranch basically) and the many tasks and duties that came with it. Being so remote his powers where unnoticed by him until all but a few weeks ago but when he did discover his power he packed up and was gone the next day scared of the rumors about the ETG still being alive he did not want to bring it down onto his family. He took what money he had leaving his home and heading to Derika to try at a new life hopefully safe from his fears.

    Equipment: Clothing, weapons, whatever you might have on you. (could be nothing but the clothes on your back)
    The clothes that he normal wears, A knife that is normally at his side hidden under his shirt as well as a backpack and camping gear and the small amount of money he has left over after arriving on the island
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    I wonder if the return of Alexander Hawkins would be good now.

    What do you think about me throwing that maniac in, @m0k0n4 ?

    Since you're the only one who's seen his havoc.

    I'll probably join up here. I'm already around five hundred words into the backstory.
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    Question now that im awake,
    Question in response to 'The described ability has nothing to do with cats, but could function as a cost controlling how feral she is, with physical changes accompanying it.' could you please explain what you mean? I dont think I get what your trying to say :c
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    whaaaaat's THIS NOW?!
  13. Ryik

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    What I was describing was a possible alternative; For Izuna's ability to be more of a cat the more blood she sacrifices. In other words, at any given moment her natural amount of "Cat-ness" would be a certain amount such so that she has cat ears and whatever else you wanted to do with her. However, by "destroying" her own blood, she can increase how much of a cat she is, gaining physical boosts and behaving in a more feral manner, which lasts until she stops "destroying" her own blood, which has to be done by snapping her out of it.

    A modified version of what you wanted it to be to keep it as much like it was before while conforming to the ability requirements. It's entirely up to you whether to roll with this alternative, change some parts, or do something different altogether.

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    Name: Izuna

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Gift (Power): Blood Destruction - (Thank you Ryik for helping me on this!) This grants Izuna the ability to destroy her own blood and thus becomes more feral while also granting her to get faster and more stronger until something snaps her out of it or she runs to a dangerous point of blood loss, Izuna would also gain sharper stronger teeth and her features(Like eyes) would gain more of a cat like appearance.

    Weaknesses and Limits: Blood Destruction will steadily destroy Izuna's blood and depending on the amount of blood she has will allow her to do her gift for a longer time, Of course Izuna cannot...break concrete but she could possibly crack it if it were to be punched enough(Depending on how thick it is) but of course this all depends on her health, Due to her also becoming Feral she will loss the ability to think rationally or normally also.

    Normal Appearance : http://imgur.com/ykl5qTN
    Blood Destruction Usage : http://imgur.com/NB6VQxY (Close enough just without that Aura, Sorry Ryik :rofl:)

    Personality: Find out :D

    History: Izuna would have grown up outside of Brink Haven and lived off the wild life there never really having a real reason to go to the city before her father got angry at her and ordered her to leave their living area and never come back. So she listened depressed as she headed to Brink Haven to try to live in the strange city only having a little bit of contact with the residents, She hasnt really needed to use her ability as she is still young (im not good at History's...).

    Equipment: Look at the clothes in the pic, Father bought those, She also has a L-watch that her father spent lots of money to get...basically it besides some money.
  15. Stu and Improved

    Stu and Improved Spaceman Spiff

    Can somebody tell me what's up with all this and how much reading I'm going to have to do before I can try and join?
  16. mas0n99

    mas0n99 Starship Captain

    You might wanna look at the Rp post, It has all the info you need :D
  17. Stu and Improved

    Stu and Improved Spaceman Spiff

    Okay, I read the thread, and let me tell you guys, I am so pumped UP! Let me do some review, and I'll have a character app down by tomorrow night.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2014
  18. m0k0n4

    m0k0n4 Ketchup Robot

    Quick question here.

    How much does the general public currently know about the - er, *multitabs* ETG, yeah, ETG now? How much do they know about the 'Gifted', then? I can guess that the 'Gift' isn't hereditary, and instead is a random mutation-like occurence in the populace, so...

    I'm planning to create a 'newcomer', so to say, a young someone who was sent to Derika as their Gift begins to manifest, if it's possible, so...
  19. King Toad

    King Toad Cosmic Narwhal

    I can't think of any reason why having a "newcomer" would be prohibited since it doesn't break any of the rules and they were mentioned in the lore of Derika.
  20. Ryik

    Ryik Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The world knows about the ETG about as much as America knows about Al Qaeda; Commonplace.

    What you describe is rather normal for characters.

    As for those already accepted, feel free to initiate shenanigans at will. You are encouraged to create your own arcs, so don't feel constrained to wait until your character can hop onto somebody else's. I will start IC stuff myself as soon as I can organize the myriads of character sheets I have. I compiled them, but it seems I left out the history section for all of them.

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