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    ((Okay, I've decided that these doors open outward into the hallway, since that's how it seems it is for now. We're the physical faction, not the mental one.))


    "Haha.... are you thirteen or are you Izunaahahaha sorry."

    Vance drops the fullface mask and hood of his suit and crouches down to eye level with Izuna.

    "Hello Izuna, So you say the lady at the front let you in here? Doesn't she know that this is my room?"

    He keeps the door where it is. Seeing her struggle to push it open was cute. He attempts to pet Izuna's ears with both hands, still jamming the door at the position it was with his foot.

    "Such a beautiful specimen... I'd love to take you down to my lab sometime...." Vance whispers slowly as his arms reach out.
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    Jonathan stands up at all the talking... and panicking at the door as he walks over still sleepy he yawns as he walks over blinking at he looks at the two than back to Izuna
    "What's going on?" looking back at the two as he shifts around uneasily seeing they where the two that where at the front before "eh.. hello?"

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    Lenard nearly fell off the buggy speeding down the dirt road as the buggy bumped up and down, hitting something. He quickly stopped the buggy and looked behind and what caused this. His eyes widened as he saw a person. Bloody and with several open gaping wounds pouring blood everywhere, more than he thought could possibly be in a man, It was hard to recognize it even was one. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck WHAT HAVE I DONE, I KILLED HIM" Lenard begins to yell out loud, panicking at the site of all this blood, pouring from several punctured arteries. "Maybe he's alive, maybe I can save him" He lied to himself. Even if he was alive there was no way he would stay that way by the time they reached the nearest hospital in Brinkhaven. But it was starting to get darker and he couldn't leave the man here, dead or alive, to be consumed by the vicious wildlife. Lifting him onto the second seat of the Jeep, he drove off to Brinkhaven, racing down the road as fast as the engine could go. Now that the ravaged body was up close he could see his hair used to be white. Now it was red of course, like everything else. "I'm gonna go to jail for this, nowhere to run this time" Lenard's voice cracked up as he said it. "WELL THIS IS MY LUCKY DAY ISN'T IT? HUH? YEP, THIS COULDN'T GET BETTER!" He continues, his eyes slightly tearing up, but he shakes it off. A border guard stop him on the bridge.

    "Halt! Exit the vehicle sir!" He says, putting up his hand in a stopping motion.

    "THIS MAN NEEDS IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION LET ME THROUGH!" Lenard yells back, coming closer so the guard could see the body. Now that he thought it over there was no way he was gonna let him through with a bloody corpse in the chair next to him.

    The border checkpoint guard stopped for a second thinking, than opened the gate blocking the bridge off "Fine, continue, the hospital is just around the corner to the left from the city gate."

    Without bothering to thank him Lenard speeds down the bridge, turning a sharp left on the now paved roads of Brinkhaven. He soon approached a large building, with a door on the side saying "EMERGENCY ROOM" He grabs the body, taking it into the hospital.
    "I found him by the road outside the walls, can he be saved?" The rushed lie was obvious, since it was easy to see he was hit by a moving vehicle.

    "I'll see what I can do" The clerk replies as she quickly types something into a computer and a couple of doctors come and take the white haired man away on a strecher, blood still pouring everywhere. "You can wait out here, we'll do what we can."
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    In a moment, Snow is walking toward the city. It was drawing near, and he could see a bridge off in the distance. In the next, he's overwhelmed with some sort of pain. He momentarily hear a sickening cracking sound accompanied by enormous gushes of blood, as whatever impact that was apparently messed up his frozen wound. Only when he's on the ground, rapidly losing consciousness from blood loss does he realize he's been hit by a Jeep.

    When he wakes up, he's surrounded by people dressed in white with random splatters of red and gray everywhere. He's in a strange bed that for some reason bodes ill and he's missing both his shirt and hoodie. In frenetic alarm, he pushes himself up, standing on his strange bed thing and begins freezing the entire room. The doctors only have a moment to exclaim in surprise before they're hit with a bone chilling cold. Immediately, Snow leaps first to the wall, freezing his foot to it momentarily, just long enough to use it as a foothold, then to the corner of the ceiling, freezing himself into place, with the frost quickly covering him and icicles extending to create a small stronghold for himself. He soon growls at the doctors before raising his hand. The doctors immediately run out of the room.

    this place... He feels warm, but it gives him shivers... This... This is a very bad place...
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    Izuna twitches as her ears are pet by Vance and she purrs a bit before she walks back
    "The lady at the desk just gave me the key card!" She says quietly fixing the blanket around her before glancing back at Jonathan "Should I yell Stranger Danger?" she looks back to Vance "And what Lab!? I dont wanna go to a lab!" She says her ears twitching at him her eyes fidgeting a bit as she bites her lip.
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    Jonathan looks back down to her
    "I don't think so... just a miss understanding?" Looking back to the two at the door putting on a small smile "well.. I guess this might explain why I had no food in my room" giving a light laugh as his stomach growls again as he sighs
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    Liam taps his foot testily, drumming his fingers on his arm in impatience. This was quickly becoming a hassle. He didn't want to become involved in a fight between Vance and these... Squatters that had taken over his apartment. Maybe he could just kinda walk in, grab the nanites, and present them to Vance and be on his way.

    Moving briskly and avoiding eye contact, Liam slips past Izuna and enters the apartment, completely ignoring the guy inside. Liam opens closets until he finds what he's looking for, a small nondescript metal cube. It proved to be surprisingly heavy as Liam found out, but it wasn't so large that it was immovable. He brings the cube back to Vance and starts poking him with it insistently. "Pls. Pls maek. Aey haz monees."
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    Surprised by Liam sudden retrieval of the nanites, Vance grabbed the cube and stared at it for a moment before staring back at the two people in the room past Liam.

    "Woah now, she just handed you the keycard to my room? Oh no, she must've thought I sent you up here or something to stay in my room once you got out of the labs? Gosh this is a disaster. Not you, you're perfectly fine the way you are ;). Still... who are you?"

    Vance sets the cube down next to Liam and dramatically points at Jonathan.

    "Explain this misunderstanding! You're no experiment of mine!"

    ((Super late and short post))
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    A nurse bursts forth from the hallway into the operating rooms, visible frantic. She quickly scans the room before stopping at Lenard and immediately rushing over to him. Taking a deep breath, she merely says "Your friend's all better, you can go see him now."
    Kind of caught off guard, Lenard simply replies "Oh... Okay, I'll go see him."
    The nurse points down to the double doors she came from. "2nd room on the left."

    This is weird.
    How would someone survive something like getting hit by a car and a punctured jugular? He's not really sure how the too are related, but still, he should be dead!

    Coming to the 2nd door on the left, he takes a step inside and is instantly hit with a bone-chilling cold. Looking around, he notices that the guy is nowhere to be found. At first confused as to why the guy isn't here and the temperature, his attention is drawn to the incredibly cold, burning chill starts to creep up his feet. Right as he looks down and sees his shoes covered in frost, he hears a quiet inhuman hissing sound from behind him, to his left. Immediately turning around, he sees this ice version of the grudge, sitting atop icicles in the corner of the ceiling staring daggers at him like a passive aggressive gargoyle. Immediately Lenard screams like a little girl, failing to remove his shoe from the floor and falling on his ass.

    At the metaphorically glass-shattering scream, Snow falls off of his position, smashing his face into a tray below, sending medical instruments all over the room. A scalpel lands between two of Lenard's fingers, narrowly avoiding chopping them off.

    Lenard's feminine scream continues in renewed fervor as Lenard ducks down, covering his head.

    Snow just... just kind of lies there, face-down on the ground. Lenard's terror eventually dies down, until he removes his hands from around his head, slowly rising up off the ground, now acutely directing his attention to Snow.


    Sitting up, pushing his back to the wall and pulling his knees to his chest, Snow starts rubbing his forehead. The cold starts to fade from the room and Lenard still seems to be incoherent.

    "You scream really loudly."

    Lenard starts looking around, confused and trying to understand what's happening. He then notices Snow talking.

    "Uh... You did scare me quite a bit there." Lenard instantly fails any and all attempts to get his cool back.


    "Well, for one you stuck my shoe to the floor" He gestures to his shoe-less foot.
    "and you looked like a monster. That too.
    Also how the hell are you alive."

    "...Are you the one who hit me with a Jeep?"

    "Eh... Yes, but I assure you it was an accident."

    "...Get me out of here."

    "Eh? No, you need to let the doctors help you, you just got hit by a damn Jeep!"

    "I'm not bleeding anymore, and nothing feels broken. Just get me out of here. I don't like it here."

    Lenard, thoroughly confused, simply says "Okay."

    Snow, with the straightest, most emotionless face known to mankind, lifts his arms up and says "Carry Me."

    Lenard is now confused as shit and not doing a very good job of hiding it. "No, if you can't walk, you sure as hell shouldn't be leaving this hospital. THERE IS A REASON WHY YOU ARE IN A HOSPITAL." Failing (once again) to keep his cool, he starts yelling.

    "I can walk."

    "So why do you want me to carry you!?"

    "Why not?"

    "Wha- I... What do you mean why not!? I doubt I could lift you if I tried!"

    "...I didn't think you were weak."


    "You said yourself you couldn't lift me.

    Confused, angry, and completely clueless of why he's in here with this guy, he gives up.

    "Fine, I'm weak, just get up, you wanted to get outta here, right?"

    Snow stands up, revealing a muscled physique shown off by his lack of upper body clothing. Lenard's ego loses 20 hit points. Lenard is completely and totally blinded by the face of his inferiority, thus not even noticing a crucial unnamed detail. Snow points to the other end of the room, behind Lenard. "My clothes."

    Lenard, turning around, notices a blood bathed shirt and hoodie, both so hilariously red, that you can barely tell their original colors. (One was blue, the other... white?) "Are you insane those are soaked in blood."


    "If you walk out of here in those you'll look like a maniac and we'll both get arrested.

    Snow, sighing at Lenard's stubbornness, pushes past Lenard to get his clothes himself. Holding up both garments, he freezes them both stiff. Putting the once blue jacket down he holds the other up as far away from himself as he can. Lenard looks on with curiosity as he punches the garment. Like glass, the blood layer shatters, flaking off and leaving behind a regular shirt with a dark, dull red tint. Repeating the same for the jacket and shaking off the tiny bits, he readorns his clothing. Snow turns back to Lenard with his normal emotionless face, with the slightest hint of a smirk. "Good enough for you?"

    Lenard doesn't comment, just stares. "Sure..." Mental note to Lenard: This guy is weird.

    "Can we go now then?"


    He takes the lead, walking out the door. Snow follows very closely, definitely violating Lenard's personal space, a fact that Lenard is blissfully unaware of. All staff members without exception stare. When they draw near the entrance, Snow pushes Lenard out of the way and bolts.



    Lenard gives chase. "WHY DO YOU NEED MY DAMN JEEP?"


    The building Lenard lives in is within view. "IT'S CLOSE."


    Finally catching up to Snow, who is already sitting in the passenger seat, he stops to catch his breath. "No." Snow simply stares back blankly with his piercing blue eyes. Muttering grievances under his breath, Lenard moves around to the driver's side, starting up the Jeep and buckling himself in. "Where do you want me to drop you off at?"

    "How about your house?"

    Lenard thinks for a second of silence, then answers "Sure..." Lenard then starts driving in the other direction.

    "So, tell me, this city... has it been having a zombie dinosaur problem?"

    Lenard looks directly at Snow, who merely stares back with his emotionless face.

    "Are you kidding me.
    What the fuck are you talking about?" Lenard looks back at the road as he nearly hits a truck, swerving and breaking no less than two million seven hundred-sixty eight thousand four hundred thirteen traffic laws.

    "Why do you think I was in the hospital?" (This Jeep couldn't put a squirrel in a hospital...)

    "Because you got hit by a jeep."

    "This Jeep you mean."

    "Yes, there is a reason your seat is covered in blood."

    "Is that supposed to be abnormal"

    Lenard turns to look at Snow, who's face shows he's dead serious about his question.

    "Okay, I am convinced you can't be human."

    "Well, I can do this freezy thing. I think normal people can't do that."

    "We can all do different things out here." Lenard slows down, pointing at a girl hovering a few inches over the sidewalk.

    "What's so special about this place?"

    "It's a place where people like you and the girl can stay without being shunned upon for your differences." Lenard takes particular care not to say 'you and me'.

    "Who the fuck cares?"

    "People who can't do those things."

    "Oh, you mean assholes."

    "Yes, you could call them that."

    "It wasn't a generalization..." Snow thought that was a kind of racist disposition, but didn't really care. Social justice wasn't exactly on his list of problems.

    "Where are you from? Why were you walking around outside the walls?"

    "Good question.
    A pile of Snow a while away from where you hit me.
    Is walking around outside the city walls not normal?"

    "No, lots of dangerous animals are out there."


    "Well, no dinosaurs, but there are probably creatures that look a lot like them. We don't know nearly all of them."

    "Oh... I should ask if I can stay at your house, right?"


    "Can I stay at your house?"

    "Do you have any money on you?"

    "Any what?"

    "Nevermind. Where do you live?

    "Should I be living somewhere?"

    "My god it's bad. Where did you even learn English?"

    "I don't know. I just remember it I guess."

    "Maybe it's amnesia" Lenard says quietly to no one but himself.
    "You can stay at my house until you remember where you live"


    Lenard just hopes he'd remember it soon "By the way, I didn't catch your name."

    "Me neither." Lenard is once again confused. "What's your name?"

    "I asked first."

    "And I answered."

    "...Lenard Minc"

    Getting his name, Snow answered "...I think it had something to do with Winter."

    "How cliche."

    "I think it was something obvious..."

    "Like what? Ice? Cold? Winter? Snow? Irregular precipitation?"

    "Yeah, one of those. It wasn't Ice or Cold... Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it. My name is Snow."

    "Nice to meet you Snow" Lenard lied through his teeth. Still, he was indebted to him. What if his amnesia was his fault?" It will haunt him, he's sure of it. "By the way, we're here." Arriving at the mental faction living area, Lenard parks and Snow is quick to get out of the Jeep.

    "What floor and room?"

    "2nd floor, room 48."

    At the information, Snow begins his mad dash to the building, leaving Lenard in the dust.


    Snow races up the stairs. Fuck elevators, stairs are where it's at.

    "He doesn't have a key card..." Lenard face-palms.

    Arriving at the room, Snow waits patiently outside of room 48. Patiently.

    Lenard purposely waits a minute or so outside of the elevator just to be a dick. When he finally goes up to his room, he finds the door to be open and the handle limp. "Eh?" He looks closely at the door, then at the key card in his hand. The key card scanner has no lights on. It's so completely dead that it's sad. "How..."

    "You were taking too long, so I let myself in."


    Snow calmly walks up to the door and shuts it in Lenard's face. Lenard immediately grabs the handle and pushes only to find it locked. Looking back at it, the handle is back to a 90° angle and the key card scanner's dull red light is lit.

    Lenard, confused, slides the key card through the scanner and opens the door.


    "How... How did you..."


    Lenard just stops himself from walking over to him and punching him in the face.

    "It's the cold."


    "Most electronics stop functioning when it's cold enough." Lenard just looks confused for a second. "However, this does not always cause it to be damaged."


    "...That's a really good question."

    Lenard just stares with the most indignant, perturbed look on his face possible. Snow gets up and starts sifting through Lenard's cabinets in the kitchen.

    "Oi! Stop, stop, stop, stop."

    Snow turns to Lenard and looks at him with his neutral, emotionless face. "...Why?"

    "Because you are in my house, have some damn manners"

    "Am I supposed to ask first?"

    "You are supposed to ask for food when in someone else's house, not sift through my food like an animal"

    "...I don't want any of that stuff."

    "I don't have any other food"

    "You have a fridge right there."

    "It's empty"

    "And another cabinet."

    "I got mugged on the way to running you over"

    "Then I guess I'll have to eat the pillows."


    Snow begins walking toward the living room


    Snow simply responds "I'm. Hungry."


    Snow turns around before setting the pillow down and returning to the kitchen. "The pillow lives. For now."

    Lenard sighs in relief, getting something to eat himself. They mostly eat in silence. Once Snow finishes, he puts the dishes in the sink and silently goes to the couch in the living room, out of sight of Lenard. When Lenard gets up to check what he's doing, he sees that Snow is already asleep. With not really anything else to do, he finishes his food and goes to bed himself.
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    (Jeebus that post tho...)

    Izuna blinks rapidly
    "Wha...Hwa..Whaaaaatt? Im not a experiment!" She cries out before she goes to slam the door on Vance if she can again fixing her blanket as she breathes heavily her eyes twitching a bit "IM IZUNA NOT A EXPERIMENT" She would walk away from the door if she slammed it on Vance.
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    Jonathan Blinks a few times as Izuna yells and slams the door shut glancing back to her
    "Come on.. Lets talk to them there must just be some kind of mix up.." Opening the door again looking to Vance putting on a awkward smile "Eh.. sorry Im not to sure what is going on I only got here yesterday and Izuna A few days before I did, she did get given the key-card for this room when we came in yesterday for rooms.. I guess its just a little mix up? and.. what makes you think she is an experiment.. arnt we all here because we are different?

    (( sorry for semi short posting getting ready for a small trip ))
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    "Where exactly did you find her? I believe she's an escaped experiment that thinks she's one of us."

    Vance briefly considers pushing past Jonathan and drop-kicking Izuna out the window, but dismisses it.


    Why couldn't Vance just make him the clothes and be done with it? Liam briefly considers picking up the cube and chucking it at Vance's head, but dismisses it.

    "Vance, just make me the dang clothes, you can probably download a shirt blueprint and make it in seconds."


    "Liam... We have a... Situation here... But okay, fine... I assume you want pants too... A onesie perhaps?"


    Liam gives him a :zzz: face. "No, I would NOT like a onesie, as comfortable as that might be. Just like a Tshirt and shorts would be fine. Blue and black colors maybe? With a design on the shirt... Maybe a sort of spiral looking thing on the back and the front. Sorta like this." Liam gesticulates vaguely, waving his hands in the air to delineate a generally circular pattern.


    He disregards Jonathan for the moment, and drafts up the outfit Liam described. He compiled the clothing design in the processor and physically edited the cube of nanites into the way he wanted them. For the symbol Liam had thought up of, Vance pasted the Homestuck Void aspect symbol on the back and over the heart area of the shirt.

    "Yeah soo... These nanites are kinda dead, but pretty much the same... I can't replicate the special ETG ones my suit is made of, but it's not like you would need those anyways."

    The whole construct took up most of the nanites, and Vance turned the remainder into a thin, 4.5 foot long coil of rope.

    "Just... Take that and use it somehow."

    Liam grins and tries on the clothing immediately. Of course, exuding sunlight from his body in the process so the little girl in the room would remain innocent. The clothing fit perfectly, which wasn't surprising considering Vance knew all of his measurements perfectly. The coil of rope is stored inside Liam's pocket, for later uses...

    "This stuff is awesome! I don't suppose you'd like some DVDs as payment? Or some food? I have pretzels. Cinnamon. Pretzels. Hmmm?" Liam wafts the smell of fresh baked pretzels at Vance enticingly.


    "Diplomatically discuss the terms these people in my room want. You look nicer than me. And the small child doesn't seem to like me anymore. I'll take... Funnel cake."

    "I don't have funnel cake, but I'm sure I could find some somewhere... And really? Fiiiiine." Liam walks up to the two people in the apartment.

    "It must be some sort of misunderstanding. Here, let's go back down to the lobby to sort this out. Anyone want a pretzel?" Liam shrugs and holds out a pretzel.
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    [ ]


    Everything is blank.

    A vast white expanse fills her vision. She glances left and right. Still more of the same emptiness. She just stands there for an undetermined amount of time--as if in a trance. She blinks as a speck of light appears ahead of her, pulsating. Her instincts tell her to go for it, and so she reaches out toward the light to--

    Only regain consciousness and find herself in a simple, sparse room furnished with a chair, table, and warmly patterned walls. The room itself is divided by heavy duty airtight ballistic glass with her isolated on one side and the rest of the people on the other. Guards however, stand near the exit on her side.

    “I see you have awakened. In our investigations into your mind, we have found you to be a member of the ETG. We will now--”

    “E...TG..? What is... that?”

    The interrogator abruptly pauses and urgently whispers to the person next to him, “Check to see if her mind has been tampered with.” But she could still hear them due to her enhanced senses. Was there something wrong with her? The other person shakes his head and the interrogator shoots her a puzzled look.

    “Do you remember what you were doing before you came here?”

    “I was...on a ship.”

    “Do you know where you were headed?”

    “I...don’t remember.”

    “What is your Gift?”

    “To be able to control and manipulate nanites that my body produces. Like this.” The fingers on her right hand changes into razor sharp knives. After several seconds, she reverts them back to normal.

    “What is your name?”

    “Special Designation ‘K-079’ or SDK-079 for short.”

    “Do you know what that symbol on your uniform means?”

    She turns her head to look at the symbol. She knows it should mean something but all she got was..nothing. Nothing at all. Except for a feeling of vague familiarity.


    “...You will be escorted back to your cell. Is there anything you require beforehand?”

    “Food would be nice.”
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    ((Collab post))

    [ [] and Jake]

    "They never gave you a name?"

    Food arrived. As promised. She ignores his question and continues to eat. It had been quite a while since she last ate after all. Before being interrupted by this visitor, she had been contemplating her loss of memory and desperately searching if she could remember anything at all. A few memories had trickled back, but to her frustration, those were regarding what happened to her most recently. Once all the food is gone, she acknowledges his presence, “No.”

    "Do you remember me?"

    She looks up at the visitor for the first time, noticing that he is laden with weapons and wears the same clothing as her, minus the symbol. And that he also has brown hair and blue eyes.

    “I don’t remember most things. And I don’t recognize you… How do you know me?” she replies, eyeing the weapons warily.

    "I'm Jake. We trained together in ETG."

    “What is this ‘ETG’ that I keep hearing about?”

    "A powerful organization that hunts and uses Gifted."

    “What did I do in the ETG?”

    "You were a weapon, and a soldier."

    “Should I be going back there?”

    "If you want to, you can."

    “What is ‘wanting’? I’ve never really ‘wanted’ to do something. At least, not that I remember.”

    "A want is a desire. You 'wanted' to eat, so you ate."

    “But food is a necessity.”

    "Not always."

    “What is the point of eating when you don’t need it?” she asks blankly while nibbling on the stainless steel spoon.

    "It tastes good." Jake says simply.

    She pauses, taking in all the new information--an organization, by the name of ETG which she had apparently been a part of, and the concept of doing things simply for the joy of it. She could tell that wherever she is, they did not approve of the ETG.

    “Why are you concerned that I don’t have a name?”

    "It means you'd only be a weapon. I got to keep my name."

    “Okay,” she responds, emotionless.

    "How does your Gift work?"

    “If we trained together as you have said, then shouldn’t you know?”

    "We never spoke. It wasn't permitted. You form blades and other constructs out of your body, but how?

    “Should I be telling this information to someone I don’t remember?”

    "Is there anyone you do remember?"

    “Unfortunately...no,” she says somewhat sadly.

    "So you know me the best."

    “Technically speaking, yes. But I know nothing else besides your name or the fact that we met in ETG.”

    "Hopefully you'll remember. Do you remember the wreckage? How you got here?"

    “I…” she frowned, thinking hard, “I do remember vaguely being pulled out of it by someone. But I don’t know how I got here.”

    "I recognized you and pulled you out of the ocean. Do you remember where the ship was headed, what was on it?

    “In that case, I must thank you. But...why are you so determined to know about the ship?” she asks curiously while biting off the top part of the spoon.

    "I want to find ETG."

    “I can tell that you don’t like the ETG, so why go out of your way to save me? Or was that done for potential information?”

    "I knew you would be a subduable prisoner, and you appeared relatively unharmed. Unfortunately you knew nothing."

    “Well,” she viciously finishes eating the spoon, “I didn’t choose to forget almost everything. I’m guessing that I got a concussion from the falling debris.”

    "Or one of the many explosions."

    “That too,” she says while starting on the fork, “I do remember I was being transported for...some sort of mission. Quelling….a resistance?”

    "Please don't eat the silverware. They need that.


    You might as well finish that fork."

    “I also need the silverware.”

    "Part of your Gift?"

    “Maybe. I’m less inclined to tell you information though. Considering you only saved me to take me in as a prisoner.”

    "I never said that was the only reason. I'll see if I can arrange for metal to be brought. Does it have to be a utensil?"

    “Nope. But sometimes knives have some high quality metal.”

    "A waste of a good knife." Jake glances down at his own sheathed knives.

    “Is it now?” as she turns two fingers into a very shiny and sharp knife.

    "Can you throw those, too?"

    “Yes,” she flicks her wrist and the blade seemingly detaches from her hand (leaving fully formed fingers behind) to fly through the air and bury itself into the opposite wall.

    "Not bad. Would you have to eat that knife again?"

    “No. Watch.” The knife dislodges itself from the wall, returns to her hand, and appears to ‘melt’ back into her body.

    "I wish my knives did that. You can only control digested metal?"

    “Nope. I only control nanites.”

    "I see."

    “What is your Gift then?”

    "I can teleport." Jake demonstrates by appearing a few feet in front of the girl, on the other side of the cell.

    “Is it just limited to yourself? Or can you teleport other things as well?” she asks, out of habit for analyzing the ‘opponent’.

    "I obviously brought my equipment with me."

    “That’s not a definitive answer,” she replies, narrowing her eyes.

    "Yes, I can teleport anything. Except Antinite of course." Jake replies slightly exasperated.

    “Is there a condition for you to teleport something else? And what is Antinite?” she queries, deep in thought.

    "I have to touch it. It's the Gift-suppressing crystal."

    “Okay. In reply to an earlier question, my Gift is manipulating nanites. My body produces nanites naturally and I can change the shape and composition of them. And is there any way to counter Antinite?”

    "Don't touch it." Jake responds flatly.

    “Okay,” as she simultaneously reaches out for the knife that came with the food.


    She makes quick work of it, tearing chunks of metal off with her teeth,

    “Was there anything else you wanted?”

    "... You need a name. Choose a name."

    “I don’t know. Ever since I’ve lost my memories… everything is blank.”

    Jake holds his Z-Watch to his mouth, "Siri, what do I name a blank girl?"

    A robotic voice intones: "Translating 'Blank' to Japanese~"

    "Blank in Japanese is 'Kuhaku'~"

    Jake stares at his Z-Watch for a moment before looking up. "Your name is Kuhaku."

    “Maybe you should get your watch fixed. Sounds like it needs work on its voice recognition capabilities. But… Kuhaku is fine with me. Maybe Haku for short.”

    "It needs an update, yes. Tell me if you remember anything, Haku." He nods at her before turning to leave.


    "Hmm?" Jake half turns and looks at the newly christened Haku.

    “Thank you for the name.”

    "...You're welcome."
  15. mas0n99

    mas0n99 Starship Captain


    Izuna would be grumbling to herself occasionally glancing back at the door as she remains close by and she glances back again once Liam suggests going down to the lobby and she grumbles again her ears twitching as she looks back at him crossing her arms frowning before glaring at Vance for a bit then looks back at the Pretzel he offers
    "Do....Do...You have um....a cupcake?" She slowly walks up to Liam after nudging past Jonathan to look up at Liam occasionally throwing a glance at Vance as she fixes her blanket 'cape', her fluffy tail occasionally swaying out from under the blanket then back under her ears twitching frequently as she waits for an answer.
  16. Mattie_

    Mattie_ Subatomic Cosmonaut


    He panics for a moment, rifling through his Pocket frantically. This isn't good, I don't have any cupcakes! Oh god, negotiations have failed already?! There must be something I can do. Aha! Liam smiles in relief and produces a brownie for the hungry Izuna. The brownie was fresh baked, still warm from the oven, the top crispy and the chocolate chips gooey and melty still. The sweet aroma of chocolate fills the air, spurred onward by a strategic push of ar on Liam's part.

    "I don't have any cupcakes sorry. Would you like a brownie instead?" Liam presents the brownie with enthusiasm, holding it out enticingly. "Let's go down to the lobby now." Liam beckons Jonathan and Izuna before setting off, walking straight through the door for fun. He heads to the elevators and takes it down to the lobby. (assuming Izuna doesn't interrupt him)
  17. mas0n99

    mas0n99 Starship Captain


    Izuna licks her lips quietly and follows Liam after she snatches the Brownie from him and starts to quickly nomnom on it purring faintly, her ears twitching more, She leaves the Blanket cape behind in the room as she eats the Brownie happily with a ^.^ face
    "Mmm...Yum Yum..." she giggles a bit as she gets in the Elevator and goes with Liam down to the Lobby (Wif Jonathan Im guessing) and looks up at Liam "What now...?" She blinks as she walks out into the Lobby.
  18. samsan99

    samsan99 Space Spelunker


    Jonathan Follows the two of them
    "We meet in the town at a cafe or bakery? one of them... do you have any of them Pretzels left?" Looking at the still warm brownie hungrily his belly complaining again as he smells its chocolaty goodness they walk to the elevator and down to the lobby

    (( sorry for the late and short post busy day ))
  19. Mattie_

    Mattie_ Subatomic Cosmonaut


    "Yeah sure, have a pretzel." He hands Jonathan a pretzel. Liam waves at the receptionist. "Excuse me, but it seems there's been some sort of mix-up with the rooms. Can you check who was the last occupant in room [room number] before these two please?" Liam gestures at Izuna and Jonathan before looking back at the receptionist expectantly.

    The receptionist processes the strange request but decides there no harm in answering the question. "The last occupant seems to have been a... Vance Novick." The receptionist replies.

    "Ah there we go. Vance is still using his room, yet you moved these two into it. Do you think you can find them a different, actually unoccupied room? If it's not too much trouble of course." Liam adds.

    "No problem!" The receptionist answers. "I'll straighten this out at once." A few moments later, the receptionist hands a new key card to Izuna. "Come back if this room is occupied too, mkay?" The receptionist jokes.

    "Thank you so much for clearing that up. You have a nice day." Liam smiles warmly. Negotiations succeeded. Now for--oh god. Oh no, don't tell that brownie was--it was. It was Alex's brownie. The Rapture laced one. I just gave drugs to a little girl.

    Liam forces a smile onto his face as he kneels down and speaks to Izuna with a tense, honeyed voice. "Heeeeeyyy Izuna, you'll probably be feeling very relaxed and light headed and happy right now and that's good. You miiiiight also feel very irritable and want to kill someone at the slightest provocation and that's bad so pleeeease don't do that. Also don't use your Gift because it'll be much stronger. Okay great, bye!" Liam waves at Jonathan and Izuna as he sprints to the elevators, texting Vance frantically.

    ((Pageclaim in the unfortunate name of drugging little girls by accident.))
  20. samsan99

    samsan99 Space Spelunker


    Jonathan rubs the back of neck somewhat awkwardly looking to Liam
    "I don't live with her.. I have my own Room over in the Dimensional building" Giving a small nod and smile to the receptionist as Izuna gets her new card Than..." Looking back to Liam as he admits to his drugging of little kitty girls "Wait... why is she going to feel nice.... or bad... and why is her gifting going to be stronger..?" Rising an eyebrow as Liam runs off "Hey! wait! what did you do!?"

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