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    Since the beginning of time, differences have set people apart. "You're too smart", "you're too short", "you're too big". You hear it everywhere, people hating people over differences. But there is one city that ignores all differences. Almost everyone in it was once hurt because of their differences. You see, the people in this city are not exactly normal. For instance, some can fly, some can move really fast, and some can create fires. These people are called the gifted. They have been around for ages, but few have noticed them. They are human beings with special powers, and once, a government was not happy with them having the powers. Fear of the unknown drove them to action.

    In 2006, A government facility by the name of the ETG came into the world. From the beginning it was under wraps and was established deep in the American wilderness. In the same year, people began disappearing. Special people; people that would appear on the news. Headlines in newspapers would go from "Man rescues three from burning building" to "Hero goes missing". It was no coincidence, but their precautions against their captives were not infallible. Soon word spread of a government facility capturing and experimenting on tax-paying citizens. and the ETG was shut down. Even so, the gifted were still hated by many. People would avoid them and they would even be forced out of public places. The Gifted knew that there would be no way for them to stay, so they left the cities, and formed their own. It is a place where differences are celebrated, not hated.

    While most believe the ETG is really shut down, there are rumors it has been running in secret.

    These rumors were proven true. The city had been attacked. Countless gifted had been killed, and now there is not much of a city left.

    (Events of City of the Gifted pass)

    The City was destroyed by ETG. Many Gifted were captured, but the survivors rallied and mounted a counterattack on the ETG facility. The survivors, along with the freed prisoners, escaped on a ship and sailed to Brinkhaven, where they found sanctuary.

    Of course, the ETG, still operating in secret, followed. While attacking the city outright was never on the table, they got more than they bargained for when events completely unrelated to them caused large, brilliant lights to alert the rest of the world to their otherwise cloaked island. The complex series of events have come to be known as the "Bishamonten incident", during which several gifted died. Derika has since been recognized by the global media and the ETG were thrown into global public spotlight. Derika has since taken up a policy of permanent neutrality. The ETG, while they received more funding, support, manpower, and outlets for resources, must now operate more carefully, as they are under the public eye at all times.

    With Derika now recognized publicly, the world has immediately been entranced/disgusted with the fantastical continent. Those from all over have decided to flock to Derika and witness the land filled with wonder. This is where your story begins. (Or continues, if you were in the previous RP)


    The meaning of Derika is “power of the tribe, ruler of the people.”

    Derika is a newly discovered island "continent" in the Pacific. All children born on Derika have a 99% chance of being Gifted, and newcomers often discover they are Gifted. No one knows why this is, but it is said that Derika is the source of all the Gifted’s powers. Nearly everyone on the island is Gifted, but the continent is sparsely inhabited.This is due to the flora and fauna of Derika, which are also affected by the island’s unique influence. The animals and plants of the continent often defy logic and are incredibly dangerous. There seems to be no end to new species found living on Derika. This affects the sealife as well, and many can only be found of the coast of Derika, due to the unique resources it provides. This makes travelling to Derika very difficult, as Derika has no airports, and several species are fully capable of sinking ships by themselves. Steel ship hulls are necessary to make the trip without relying on luck and it is not unheard of for ships faring to Derika to bring heavy artillery.

    Derika draws people looking for action, adventure, and new beginnings. It also draws criminals and Gifted looking to escape society’s judgmental trappings. ETG, initially interested in the island’s high Gifted birth rate, had aggressively expanded upon Derika. Their actions are hindered by the Gifted resistance, who live in a massive walled city called Brinkhaven. The city is incredibly modern and futuristic, with skyscrapers rising high above the formidable city walls.

    The city of Brinkhaven is atop a dormant volcano within a bay, with a massive suspension bridge connecting Brinkhaven to the mainland. Checkpoints are set up at the entrance to the bridge, all along the bridge, and at the entrance the city itself, which is surrounded by virtually impenetrable walls.

    Brinkhaven receives a practically limitless amount of power from geothermal and tidal energy. This power goes into powering the city’s massive metropolis and extensive defense systems.

    Security is a priority at Brinkhaven, and order is upheld by "Queen" Rachael and her Council. Ever since the "Bishamonten incident", the technical rightful owner of Derika, Orion Sirius, has taken up position as "Vice-King". The Council consists of 5 powerful Gifted. Each Council member leads their own faction. Each faction is divided by classification of power.


    Currency: Brinkhaven uses a unique currency referred to as “Credits”. Credits are a currency not (as of yet) used anywhere else in the world. Credits are not usually physical, and are stored in Brinkhaven’s techmaturgical systems. These credits are bound to your identity, using your gift signature as identification. If you prefer a degree of anonymity, it is possible to place credits from your account onto a Z-card (akin to a credit card, but unaffiliated with any banking establishment and not registered to any owner, like a wallet) or get an empty Z-card and receive credits through a card-to-card transfer machine. Said transfer machines are usually roughly the size of a calculator with a similar interface, and can be bought from many stores on Derika for between $15 and $100 depending on make, quality and design. Most stores and financial institutions on Derika offer free use of their transfer machine.

    Credits are scaled to work much like USD, and 100 Credits is roughly equivalent to 1 USD. As such, it is common (albeit incorrect) to refer to Credits using the dollar and cent symbols, ($, ¢) as the majority of Brinkhaven residents are from the United States.

    Housing: Rent an apartment, buy an apartment, or try Faction housing.

    Rent - Apartments rent for $1500-3000 a month. This includes utilities. Prices are subject to change on a case-by-case basis.

    Buy - Apartments are expensive. Go kill a few dragons if you want to buy an apartment. (more than a few actually. Go catch a golden pig)

    Faction Housing - If the Faction leader has determined your ability and skill set is of worth to them, they will provide housing and food for free. (They will almost never deny someone. Unless they have a horribly useless power or a horribly horrible personality) In exchange for the free stuff you get for joining, you have to partake in faction activities, which are usually along the lines of fighting ETG, monsters, Gifted, keeping the peace, and making the faction stronger. Repeated failure to participate will result in expulsion.

    Faction Classifications:

    Elemental (Having to do with elements, relating to all on the periodic table and ones that would be put on the periodic table were they to be explained scientifically; General alchemy, chemistry, stoichiometry and the like.)

    Dimensional (Having to do with the 3 dimensions of space, the dimension of time, all other unidentified dimensions of existence, and the laws of the universe which define them such as physics and gravity)

    Physical (Having to do with physical/bodily modification, augmentation or synthesis; material abilities functioning extraneously to elemental alignments)

    Mental (Having to do with the mind, mental processes, and the mind's physical effect on the world)

    Unaligned (A difficult category to define, these abilities simply do not fit in any other category. They often pertain to abilities themselves or behave on forces unidentifiable as any of the other categories.)

    To determine what faction your character's ability belongs to, ask yourself what forces is works off of. Often an ability could be many different categories depending on how it works. For example, say your ability is to set things on fire. If it is because your character possesses the ability to manipulate fire, then it is elemental. If it is because a substance can come out of your character's pores that reacts to oxygen and quickly combusts when exposed to air, then the ability is physical. If it is because your character can inexplicably raise the temperature of a specific area enough for a material to combust, then the ability is dimensional. If it is caused by increased temperatures from mental focus that induce combustion, (the wikipedia description of pyrokinesis is more like that of elemental, but yes, creating fire with your mind.) then your ability is mental. And finally, if it is because your ability influences the events that take place around you in such a way that induces fire, then your ability is unaligned.


    Owner: Mattie_

    Admin(s): Ryik

    Moderators: JulietFrenchGirl, Bobert778, Cenesramance, mas0n99

    1. Standard RP rules of conduct.

    2. Powers must be related. (All abilities on a character must be able to be explained as one ability. For example, the ability to manipulate the ocean and by extension its contents would abide by this rule, while the ability to control the minds of animals and manipulate water doesn't.)

    3. No overpowered powers. (such as world ending powers)

    4. Really bad RPers must improve or will have to leave.

    5. Cannot have the powers of someone if multiple of that power already exists and is active.

    6. Cannot have the same name as someone else unless permission is given by the current owner(s) of that name. Does not apply if the name is inactive.

    7. 6 character limit per user. (message me for permission for more)

    Changing or Adding on to Your Character's Ability

    You are allowed to change how your character functions, but that does not mean you are allowed to change your character's ability on a whim.

    As a general rule of thumb, if it's possible the new ability was their ability all along, with no conflicts in canon, then it is allowed to change their ability. (This mostly concerns people who've just created new characters and realize that one little detail would make them much better in their eyes)

    If the above does not apply (hiding your power is not an acceptable excuse to use) and you intend to change or add on to your character's ability, they need a canon reason for doing so. Whether the canon reason fits the gravity of the change is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind that this change must still fit rule #2, barring a canon explanation. Do not make a character with the notion that they can just be upgraded later. Even if your character goes through a lot, do not expect it to be an automatic ticket to better powers. You should design your character's full potential from the onset; if you want your character to undergo progression, describe the full ability in the app and detail that their abilities won't initially be fully accessible. Very few people actually change or add on to their abilities, and the reason they have for it is usually because it wouldn't make sense if it didn't change. It is done so infrequently in fact, that the only reason I bother mentioning it is because it is something that can be done, and how it is done had to be better outlined.

    In all cases of changing your ability, the new ability must be approved by an admin. (and, accordingly, follow rule #3)


    Please post your apps inside the OOC Thread.




    Gift (Power): (Supernatural ability or mutation. You can only have one Gift)

    Weaknesses and Limits: (Something that causes your powers to go haywire, and/or limitations on your powers.)

    Appearance: (Describe your character. An image is optional)

    Personality: (101.9% optional)

    History: (Required, but just basics, like where your character was born, their life before coming to Derika, how they got to Derika, their relation to the ETG if they have any, etc.)

    Equipment: Clothing, weapons, whatever you might have on you. (could be nothing but the clothes on your back)


    ETG: Ambitious government organization shrouded in secrecy. The ETG is mysterious and powerful, it hunts and researches Gifted. This organization "is" the law. It's influence is almost all-permeating and its resources near-infinite. It works to protect the world from the Gifted, but the methods used are often harsh and questionable. They will relentlessly hunt Gifted, capturing them with Antinite cuffs until a specialized cell is prepared. If such is not possible, more drastic containment procedures (coma, suspended animation, death, etc.) may be taken. It is highly improbable that a captured innocent Gifted will be released on the grounds of innocence.

    Gifted: A person that unlocks their Gifted abilities naturally.

    Synth: An ETG soldier who has had their power unlocked using a serum. The serum has been known to have flaws, and it is thus possible for a Synth to lose their ability entirely in time.

    L-Watch: Communication device used by the residents of the old City. It was created by the deceased technological Gifted genius Leo. The L-Watch can make calls, video chat, and send pictures, e-mails, or messages.

    Z-Watch: New communication device used by the Factions. The Z-Watch can make calls, video chat, send pictures, e-mails, or messages, has access the internet, and can run games. Based on the L-Watch.

    Antinite: A rare power-nullifying stone usually found deep beneath Derika. Only exhibits its effect when touching flesh. Can be made into an alloy. Can also prevent certain ability types from passing through. When active, Antinite slowly crumbles and falls apart, gradually eroding into a fine dust. For this reason, more permanent containment procedures than Antinite cuffs are used by ETG for long term imprisonment.

    Gift: Power, ability, mutation, or special skill that makes you a Gifted. One’s Gift is tied to your soul. Both a Gift and a soul is unique.

    Artifact: Anything imbued with a person's soul. An Artifact is used to manifest the Gift of whoever's Gift has been placed inside. Only the ETG or a supergenius with near-infinite resources can create Artifacts. ETG had created and used Artifacts as weapons against the Gifted. Artifacts tend to be much more fragile than the item they are made with and thus easily shattered.

    Organized Crime:

    Organized crime is generally divided into three groups, Bandits, Smugglers, and the Mob. (To keep things simple and easy to refer to.)

    These three groups of criminals deal in all the conventional illegal goods such as weapons and drugs, but they also deal a drug unique to Derika. Rapture.


    A plant that grows only on Derika. It does not grow very well in any other country, and the effects are lessened to the point of being useless if it isn't grown on Derika. Popular in drug trafficking and organized crime.

    The Rapture plant is large leafy plant with light purple leaves. It smells sweet and takes a considerable amount of water to grow, so it isn't found in the wild very often.

    Rapture can be made into light purple granules that gives off a distinctly sweet smell, almost sickly sweet. When added to liquid, it will dissolve, adding a light purple tinge and make the liquid give off a sweet smell and taste sweet. Harder to detect in darker, more pungent drinks.

    When processed, it becomes a fine purple powder than can be snorted, injected, drank, or eaten, depending on how it is used. Rapture causes the user to feel an extreme high, more than most other drugs, and feel very relaxed and chill. This high causes the user's eyes to take on a light purple tinge, and become bloodshot.The user will feel very warm and comforted, their heart rate will slow, and they will hallucinate pleasant images. However, in this state, the user is liable to be set off by the slightest of things and instantly become enraged and even violent. When this happens, the user's body will produce massive levels of adrenaline and become extremely aggressive. They will not feel pain nor be reasoned with until the high wears off. Furthermore, Rapture enhances whatever Gift the user may have. When coupled with an enraged Rapture user, this often results in devastation. Rapture is also extremely addictive, especially because of the Gift enhancing effects.


    A first time user only feels a strong urge to take it again. This urge grows with each successive use, until it becomes an addiction. The addiction accompanies sweating, shaking, and an even stronger urge to take Rapture. The longer and stronger the withdrawal grows, the weaker the user's Gift will get, until the user's GIft is completely useless. Their Gift will return to even greater strength if more Rapture is taken, or if the user "gets clean" of Rapture.


    Can be found on most shady street corners and in dim alleyways. Rapture is illegal in Brinkhaven, but that doesn't stop it from being used. This drug has rapidly become a problem, and the Factions are tasked with the arrest of Rapture possessors and the seizure of any amount of Rapture.


    Bandits operate all around Derika, raiding towns and living in encampments in remote areas of Derika. They farm Rapture, but usually force more remote villages to farm Rapture for them. Rapture is native to Derika, and is more resistant to Gifts than most plants, so manual labor is still necessary. Bandits sell their Rapture to Smugglers, or distribute it to outlying towns and villages.


    Control the ports and seas, trafficking illegals to and from Derika, as well as smuggling goods to and from Brinkhaven, which is closed off from the mainland by water. Smugglers ship Rapture off of Derika, and sneak it into Brinkhaven for the Mob to sell on the streets.

    The Mob

    Controls the crime in Brinkhaven and some of the larger towns on Derika. They deal Rapture all around Brinkhaven, and also refine the drug for resale and profit.

    For the characters that are less moral and wouldn't normally join a Faction, this is the alternative. A criminal organization provides all the things a Faction would provide, as well as illegal goods, such as experimental, high yield weapons, prostitutes, drugs, and more lucrative employment options. This comes at the expense of possibly being posted on Brinkhaven's bounty board if one becomes infamous. Also, entry to Brinkhaven will be barred if a criminal Gifted's identify is known.

    ETG is highly interested in Rapture's Gift-doping abilities, and are trying to get their hands on large amounts of Rapture for themselves. Bandit farms and Smuggler shipments are coming under attack by ETG raids as well as Faction raids.

    Characters in Brinkhaven will sometimes notice people high on Rapture, especially in the poorer parts of the city. Occasionally, a rampaging Gifted will start trouble.

    Church of Lesua

    Lesua is a player character who started a church to herself. While it has garnered a rather large following, a fair portion of the people within it are present (sometimes solely) for the fact that it functions as an assassination hub. When given no specified target, it is a hub for bounty hunting. When Lesua declares a target, she will reward an assassin who accomplishes her task generously. Due to the nature of the church itself, it is quite possible for anyone to walk in and take up a job, get help, or purchase supplies. Despite being an assassination hub, it is a rather cordial, church-like environment, as brutish behavior in her church tends to invoke the wrath of Lesua. young children, the elderly and murderous assassin alike all attend, and the resulting intermingling creates a family-friendly homicide headquarters.

    Of course, scaring the children is frowned upon and calling the church blasphemy is… ill advised.

    How Artifacts work:

    A Gift is an integral, important part of a person. It is synonymous with a person's soul, and to lose your Gift entirely is to lose your soul. Without your Gift, you become an empty husk of your former self.

    A piece of a Gifted's "soul" can be taken out, which will damage their "soul" and take away their powers for a period of time, until the harvested piece regenerates. The piece of the victim's "soul" is what is used to create artifacts. When a Gifted dies, their "soul" stays within their body for up to several months, depending on the state of the Gifted's body. After that, the Gift can no longer be taken from the body of the dead Gifted.

    Helpful Links:

    Warning that the wiki has been in a decrepit state of disrepair and is fairly outdated.

    Wiki Link:

    OOC Thread:

    The City of the Gifted:

    Derika, Land of the Gifted (Original):

    Steam Group:
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    This is the character compendium, for all your referential needs.



    Name: Maximilian

    Age: idk like 19

    Gender: Mail

    Gift (Power): Biokinesis (Helpful link: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Biological_Manipulation ) So basically he manipulates life on a cellular level.

    Weaknesses and Limits: He needs to be touching the thing he is manipulating. Manipulating causes pain most of the time. blah blah. He is limited by his knowledge.

    Appearance: Short neatly cut brown hair. Brown eyes. Caucasian. Tanned. Average height and weight. He wears his nanite suit most of the time, because it is very good. :nod:

    Personality: Lacking in the social department. He often says and does stupid things. He's passive. Observant. He doesn't like to see death unless he has a reason to hate the one dying.

    History: He discovered his powers by healing himself when he got shot or something like that. ETG at the time was being very observant and kidnapped him. He was imprisoned for the majority of his life. He learned somethings and had some fun. He was later broken out by some gifted and he followed them to Derika. While he was at Derika, he was kidnapped by the ETG and they implanted a neural processor in his head and gave him a super suit of nanites so he would become a Super Soldier, along with some other people. He later escaped with the processor, the suit, and a sword he took from this Gifted chick he beat up. She was working with the ETG so it was OK. He then returned to Brinkhaven to do absolutely nothing. He, currently, works in a hospital in Brinkhaven.

    Equipment: Super duper etg nanite suit thingy (similar to Vance's), ETG sword that he stole (I think it's just a really good sword)


    Name: Phobos

    Age: seeeeecret

    Gender: Male

    Gift (Power): None, though he does have an uncanny knack for all types of weaponry.

    Weaknesses and Limits: He is just a human. No powers. Just a guy. With guns. Lots of guns.

    Appearance: Short and neat jet black hair. Regular ETG uniform. Stuff.

    Personality: EVIL. HATES THE GIFTED PARASITE. EEEEEEEVIIIIL. I mean, he is the good guy. He tries to be cautious and doesn't usually rush into situations. He is generally a nice guy, unless you are a gifted. Then he has an automatic dislike of you. You could call him prejudiced, but it is understandable, because of his history and occupation. He isn't fond of taking orders, but he will follow them. He is serious at most times.

    History: He grew up in a big city and was always liked by normal society, because he was just... popular and well liked. He was always invited to stuffs. Then one day, when he was 13, he got involved in an incident with a few gifted. Many people died, including his father, mother and sibling. This incident crushed him, as he loved his family. The gifted were taken down by some mysterious men later (*COUGH* ETG *COUGH*). He was sent to live with his aunt and uncle. They were OK, but he was still crushed by the fact that his parents and sibling died. He became depressed and detached from society. Then blah blah blah. He met his love. Joined the military. Lover later died, because of a crazy kid with a gift. Blah blah depression. Aptitude with weaponry and past caused an ETG contact in the military to take notice and then later recruit him. Was recruited. Assigned to be a grunt and after service, became able to order grunts around. Stuff happened. He became top not gifted/synth agent.

    Equipment: EVERYTHING that a soldier could ask for and stuff. Like ETG uniform



    Name: Cabar Akcay

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Gift (Physical):


    Creates various types of threads from his hands/fingers

    Types: razor sharp, adhesive, super dense, elastic, normal, various combinations

    The types can be woven to compound their effects.

    Threads require energy/stamina to be generated.

    Freely levitate and manipulate the threads within a 3 foot radius around him at total limit of muscle output.

    Weaknesses and Limits:

    Threads are flammable, sometimes extremely so. Threads lose effectiveness if wet or not taut.

    "Coming Soon"


    Born on Derika, lived in a small hunting village in the mountains. Used his thread ability to trap animals and lay snares. Ventured into the city in search of more challenging prey. Collects victims in cocoons of thread. Was arrested by Brinkhaven Police after his extensive collection in Brinkhaven warehouses were found. Was broken out by Fabian. On the loose. :D


    Clothes, ETG knives, Ballpoint pens, notebook, sunglasses, handheld flashlight wrapped in bandages. Carried in grey backpack.


    Name: Vance Novick

    Age: 16-17

    Gender: Male

    Power(s): Biokinesis:

    Vance can control life on a cellular level, including but not limited to, genetic alterations and physical distortion and/or augmentations of biological functions. They can cause cells to augment to induce advanced or declined biological healing, induce diseases like cancer, induce appearance alteration, manipulate pheromones, and even increase physiological maturity.

    Weakness: User must be touching said target for ability to function. Manipulation is limited by available nutrients. Body manipulation can be extremely painful. Overuse of power can cause erratic and uncontrollable mutations.

    Appearance: Appearance is completely average in every aspect. (Likely due to powers)

    Personality: Quiet, shy, and introverted. Content to sit in the back. However, much more social now, and capable of taking lead due to ETG experiences and processor helping influence decisions.

    History: Lived in a small, out of the way city. Caught the common cold as a young child, and unknowingly mutated it and passed on the disease, which had become extremely infectious and lethal. Within the week, the entire city had become infected.

    ETG, interested in possible Gifted involvement, quarantined the city. By the end of the second week, the city’s population had been reduced to one. Vance, being the sole survivor, was quickly captured by an ETG patrol and experimented on. 8 years later, Vance masters his powers in testing.

    City of the Gifted Events: Nothing happened.

    Derika events:

    Captured by ETG and was implanted with a neural processor to be controlled as a soldier for ETG. More events occurred and several others who were implanted along with him against their will managed to rewrite their processors and escape.

    Vance had taken over a unused lab in the physical faction lower levels as his home and workspace. He modified the processor so that it would function with Brinkhaven's networks and could access the Z-watch systems.

    His main line of work in the lab involved altering Derikan creatures on request to customers to form them to a more suitable role, such as removing the acid part from the acid hawk in order to bring it into a more family friendly environment.

    He wore his ETG suit all the time now, covered by normal clothing when venturing out into the public in order to decrease attention toward himself. The suit would change its color to match his skin tone and form.

    ETG suit composed of organic nanites, controllable with both Gift and processor. It can also cloak, but only for an average duration. Cloaking can be sustained up to running speed.

    Chocolate Cake


    Name: Vilks.
    Age: 21.
    Gender: Male.

    Vilks has the power to turn into a wolf. This may seem underpowered compared to all the shapeshifters out there, but its not just a normal wolf. No, Vilks has bulletproof fur and claws that can tear out your intestines without effort. And, on occasion these come in handy. Vilks can turn into this on will, usually taking about five to ten seconds to transform. He can run faster, smell and hear better in this state, and obtains powers of quick regeneration of wounds.

    Whenever he sees the full moon, be it real or a picture/video, Vilks will turn into a much different kind of wolf. All intelligent parts of his brain will be put on standby, and the parts for killing and surviving are on hyperdrive. All his senses are heightened, and he hits harder, runs faster, and kills even easier than ever before. All in all, he is the perfect killing machine. Except he has no way of telling who is friend and who is foe; so you may want to look out.

    Weaknesses: See above paragraph.

    Appearance: Vilks' pretty tall, standing at nearly two metres, so he out-heights most people. He has tangled blonde hair, that seems to be turning towards brown, slightly longer than a buzz cut. Green eyes, and sometimes sunglasses. He tends to wear black clothes, and sports shoes. As a wolf, he is about two and a half metres long, with silver fur. His eyes remain the same. Really bad description, sorry.

    Personality: Doesn't talk a lot. Bluh, I'm even worse at personalities than I am at appearances.

    Before Everything-
    Vilks was born as an only child, living in a small village near the border of Canada. His father was a part-time teacher and his mother was a washerwoman. His mother died in childbirth, and his father spent most of the first few years of Vilks life grieving. Luckily, he snapped out of it when Vilks was three, getting a permanent job to pay for Vilk's food and care.

    Vilks survived until he was five, when his father sent him to school at the local classes. He was an exceptional student, often scoring high grades, but maybe that was just because the other classmates were really dumb. Little Dermains didn't exactly have a reputation for turning out rocket scientists.

    When he was ten, Vilks made his first change, surprising his father. Luckily, as it was his first change he had no idea what he was doing, and only killed two chickens before his father restrained him. His father revealed a secret to Vilks- the Gifted gene ran in the family. He himself was a skilled Shadow Manipulator, and his grandfather had been a Teleporter.

    His father tried to help him control it, but five months later Vilks made his first full-strength change. He went on a murderous rampage around the village. More than twenty villagers succumbed to his claws before the rising sun changed him back. As you might have guessed, the villagers weren't too happy about that. They killed Vilks father, trapping him in their house and burning it down, before chasing Vilks out of the villahge with the stereotypical pitchforks and torches.

    Vilks escaped their garden implements and settled down in a small clearing of a forest, where he would hunt daily for fish and small mammals in his wolf form. It was there where he swore he would 'Do no more harm.' He managed by himself for six years, eventually learning to control his non-moon changes properly.

    When he was sixteen, he decided that he couldn't spend his whole life in a forest, living as a hermit. He said goodbye to his clearing and left it forever. After roaming a small town for a year, he was discovered by an undercover ETG officer, who reported it to superiors.

    They came for him in the night, a squad of ten elites. They couldn't be too careful with such a powerful Gifted. Under the light of the full moon, they sneaked into an abandoned apartment where he was said to have stayed. There was nothing there. They headed back, after a swift investigation of the room, but found there path blocked by Vilks, rabid and definately not happy to find intruders in his home.

    In his bloodthirsty state, Vilks showed no mercy and there were soon ten bodies lying dead on the floor. This only seemed to attract the ETG to him more, probably hoping to create a race of super soldiers or something. They eventually captured him with the help of a helicopter and sedative, and he was taken back to the base for examination.

    He was imprisoned by them for over three years, until he decided that he would have to go against his oath and break out. Snapping his cuffs and transforming, Vilks annihilated over half the base and escaped, freeing more than ten other imprisoned Gifted on the way.

    He eventually found his way to the City, where he settled.

    Stuff happened. Now he's in Derika.



    Name: Lavonda Masiello


    Gender: Female

    Gift (Power): Bloodbending
    She can levitate and control the movement of blood, as well as its temperature and state of matter. She often creates ribbons out of her blood that protrude from her forearms, wrists, hands, or her back. Because she is able to manipulate its form, she can use these extensions as a grapple or sharpen them to be used as a sword or other weapons.

    Weaknesses and Limits: She is able to control blood, but not create it. Because of this, she suffers from anemia after using her gift too often. If she uses too much of her blood at once, she will die from blood loss.
    Also, to control any blood that is not hers, she must be in contact with it, so she is not able to levitate any blood that is not hers unless she is touching it.

    Appearance: Brown hair and cherry red eyes. Originally had dark brown eyes, but they changed color after the discovery of her Gift. Usually wears simple chic clothing.
    She has small cuts on her hands, wrist, and forearm, wrapped in loose dressing, so that she can easily access her blood. (I forgot to draw this in her picture. >.>)


    Personality: Cool, calm, collected. Still goofs off from time to time. Cold to those she hates.

    History: Born in the state of Washington, Lavonda was an only child raised by two completely normal parents. She was always a quiet one in front of others, but she wasn’t shy or unhappy. She simply enjoyed being alone, although she had one or two acquaintances she talked to at school. This made her an easy target for bullies at school. She avoided them as often as possible, but they would continue following and verbally harassing her wherever she went, though this did not bother her too much since she didn’t care.

    When she entered freshman year, new bullies arose from the new school. The seniors who preyed on her were much more aggressive than the ones she had previously dealt with. They would gang up and physically abuse her after school for no apparent reason.

    One afternoon, a large group of these delinquents backed her up into a corner and wounded her until she was lying on the floor from pain. As she was about to fall unconscious, the group turned their back to make their exit from the scene. Watching them as they left, she felt enraged by their actions. Her mind was suddenly filled with hatred, and her blood boiled with rage in the last moment of consciousness she had before blacking out. When she finally came to her senses, she was awoken by a gruesome sight.

    The gang of students who had just attacked her lay scattered across the floor in front of her. Blood pooled out of their open wounds and severed limbs. Around her, blood eerily floated and shimmered in the air almost like dust in the sunlight. A long, shining crimson blade protruded from each of her forearms. Horror and terror flooded her as she realized the situation.

    Feeling weak but filled with adrenaline, she clumsily sprinted back home. Of course, pedestrians and other passersby took notice of the screaming, blood-drenched female running through town, and the police were immediately called. The scene of the crime was soon discovered, and Lavonda was marked as the prime suspect by eyewitnesses. ETG would also be notified about the circumstances of the situation and initiate their own search for this gifted child.

    Lavonda grabbed whatever she could from home and ran away from the city without a word to her parents or anyone else. She continued running and hiding from police for the next few weeks, living in the dark alleys of whatever town she was in currently. During her travels, she would remember learning about an island called Derika, where the people living there had strange, superhuman abilities. Figuring she could seek shelter and answers to her gift there, she began planning her journey to her destination.

    Along the way, she met other Gifted who were also escaping the eyes of society or the grasp of ETG. Together, they were able to obtain a boat and sail to Derika. They all fortunately made it across through pure luck and some use of their powers, while going undetected by the police and ETG. Upon arriving, still trying to avoid being discovered, they cautiously searched for shelter or any people who were willing to help them. The refugees learned about factions and faction housing, and Lavonda and a few others who were willing to participate in the activities decided to apply.

    Since then, Lavonda has learned to control and effectively use her gift under the teaching of her fellow faction mates. She has matured greatly and has overcome her fear of killing.

    Equipment: Clothing, Z-Watch, a small pouch of her blood for emergencies, and money



    Name: Gwendolyn D’arco

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Power: she can “trade” powers back and forth. If she has a fragment of material that came from a living creature, she can put a power in it, or take one out. So if she has a fragment of bone from another Gifted, she can steal their power and replace it with her own. She can also take a “null” power from things whose owners don’t have a power, such as a square of leather. She can trade her own power for a “null” power, essentially making her a normal human, and then she can exchange that “null” for a power from another source. She can also trade powers with a gifted that is willing, or an unwilling one if they can’t stop her(i.e. Are unconscious, dying, dead, or paralyzed). She gains whatever power exactly how it is; weaknesses and strengths.

    Her Gift of trading powers stands aloof from it’s trading.

    Limits/Weaknesses: she has to touch whatever holds the power to exchange it, and she can only have one power at a time. The “null” power counts as a power, and it’s dangerous for her to be using it. And she usually has to kill someone to steal their power. Whatever weakness the power has that she gets, she has as well. When switching powers, it is somewhat disorienting, distracting, and it makes her tired.

    [​IMG]this, but she has green eyes, short black hair and pale skin. could easily be discribed as "emo" or "punk". has three bone-and-silver bracelets on her right wrist.

    Personality: Highly pessimistic and often grumpy. She has a near hair trigger on her temper and is not a fan of people in general. Basically the only people she’s nice to are those she considers her family- and not family by blood, but by the relationship. She has strong opinions on blood family versus “real” family, and also believes that one’s biological family can’t be their real family. Basically the only person she considers her family at all is Silvira. She may or may not extend that to Liam and crew

    History: Gwen was always a trouble child. She never really fit in with anyone, mostly because she pushed everyone away before they could get to know her. Besides, the other kids always found her creepy.

    Gwen was born to a woman who would become a fairly high-ranked ETG officer. This woman, whose name was Gretchen, didn’t want a child. She abandoned Gwen when she was six, leaving her on the cliché doorstep of an orphanage. The orphanage took Gwen in; what else were they going to do? Gwen lived there for several years, eventually being adopted by a couple who were kind but strange. She was ten at the time. They lived in a little town in the middle of nowhere, a nice place all in all, but there weren’t very many kids. Most of the people there were strange, too. Gwen didn’t know it, but they were Gifted. Just like she was. Just like her adopted parents were.

    Like her mother was.

    But, Gwen seemed fairly normal. She had no visible power, nothing flashy. She hadn’t figured out how to use her power yet. She was mostly ignored by the other kids, and as she got older, she got used to being on the edge and in the shadows. But she wasn't completely ignored. There was someone who saw her, hiding in the shadows, on the edge of the crowd.

    His name was Miguel.

    They became friends quickly, Gwen admiring his power, his amazing control of fire. When his sister was turning ten, Gwen wanted to go to her party. She ended up being late however, and came to find their house in ruins, Miguel’s and Valeria’s and Garret’s bodies laying dead in the rubble. The ETG had killed them. Gwen was distraught, holding Miguel’s dead body and crying. Then a voice came from the silent darkness around her. “do you want to avenge him?” Gwen looked up, to find a woman materializing from the shadows. “you do have a power, Gwendolyn D’arco. It just hasn’t become obvious yet. Come with me, and we can train your power. You can keep this-” the woman motioned at the rubble- “from happening to those you love.” the woman’s smile seemed sincere, her voice inviting and fierce, saying this shouldn't have happened, and it wont happen again. “all right, what do you want from me.” Gwen growled. “just come with me. I won’t hurt you, and I’ll see to it no-one does. I’m sorry I had to leave you at the orphanage, Gwen. But it’s worth it.” Gwen tried to conceal her shock. This woman was her mother? “you’re.. My mom?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. “yes, Gwen. I am.” that settled it for Gwen. She went with Gretchen, and on her orders, the dead bodies of the Segura family were put into containment at the nearby ETG base, where they were going. Gwen wasn’t tortured like most of the kids at that base were, instead being trained. Gwen made it clear from the start, though, that she didn’t want to become an officer. It turned her stomach to watch the scientists in their white lab coats torment kids, some very young. Having found what her power was, Gretchen gave Gwen a bracelet, the first of several. A simple one, with silver and bone beads on a thin wire, with a small clasp. Having found how to do it, she started using the bones on the bracelet as storage for powers. Three already were imbued with powers: fire, ice, and electricity. Gwen was never told where the beads came from. But they were each from a different person. The three already powered, were from the Seguras, and the other beads were made from animal bone. Over eight years of being trained by her mother, she became more and more resentful of how the ETG treated kids. The last straw came one fateful day, when they brought two new subjects in for testing. They were both unconscious, and Silvira had grown a lot, but Gwen still recognized them. She hated Malack. He was so arrogant, flaunting these figures from her past in her face. That night, she sneaked out of the base and ran, taking every power storage she had with her. A lot of walking, a few days running from police, some stolen cash and a boat later, she found herself on Derika. She wandered around a while, using the powers she had stored up to protect and feed herself. She eventually came across Brinkhaven, and entered the city over the wall. She decided to stay. There were many Gifted there. She could accumulate great power here.

    Equipment: her three bone-and-silver power storing bracelets, black jeans, black shirt, backpack containing a small pistol, a couple of pocketknives, some assorted foods, a change of clothes, an iPod, and earbuds.


    Name: Silvira Segura

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Power(s): she can shapeshift, into anything she has seen in real life or her mind, she can also blend characteristics of varying creatures to create a form with a lot of power.

    Weaknesses and Limits: it takes time for her to shift to a form, varying from a few moments for forms she uses often to an hour for a completely new form. She can also become disoriented from the change in senses, and in body shape. She also has to have felt the type of skin she uses in the form(such as having to feel a snake’s scales before being able to use them in her form), otherwise it will be some kind of bodily covering she had felt before. She also is limited by size in what she can change into, she cannot become smaller than a rat or larger than a rhinoceros. She requires energy in the form of food to shapeshift, and must be able to concentrate without interruption to shift, otherwise the form will backfire on her, causing her to get a migraine and possibly even to change her form to something far from what she intended.

    Personality: Silvira tends to be a little mistrusting, having lost most of her family to the ETG, then being captured by them herself, she is always afraid of them. However, once she gets to know a Gifted to ascertain they aren’t a member of the ETG, she warms up to them quickly.

    History: Silvira was raised far from society, in an attempt by her father to keep her safe from the dreaded ETG. For her mother and brothers had suffered a terrible fate at the hands of the ETG...

    When Silvira was a kid, their family- her father, Steven, her mother, Valeria, and her older twin brothers, Miguel and Garen- lived in a small town. On the night of her tenth birthday, they were having a small celebration for her as a family. As they sang happy birthday to her, the door burst open to reveal unwanted guests: ETG soldiers. Synths. Her father grabbed Silvira up in his arms, running from the house as her mother and brothers stood to cover their escape. The last view she had of her brothers and mother was the three of them, her mother standing with her brothers on either side, her mother glowing with electricity and her brothers, one on fire and the other encased in a shimmering armor of ice. Her father carried her far and fast, never resting for more than a few moments. The minutes since they left stretched to hours, and to days. Then to weeks. She knew they would never go back.

    ~~~eight years later~~~

    Silvira and her father lived together, in a shack far away from any town or city. Silvira had been taught all her father knew about weapons, and she could shoot a gun with fairly good precision. Her father had also taught her how to best use her power, and they ate quite well from Silvira’s hunting. She learned the weaknesses of her power, and the strong points, creating herself templates for quick shifting. Her human form was always the easiest to change to, but she had two others she used often enough to change to with ease: a large cat with otter’s fur and gills, and a falcon. So they lived, quite happily. Until the day the ETG showed back up. It was near the same situation as it had been, eight years before: the ETG breaking down the door with synth soldiers, floodlights filling the house with harsh light, shouting. But this time, there were tranquilizers. She had no time to change, no time to even think about escape. They were caught and tranquilized within seconds. Silvira woke up to find herself in a new hell, of labs and tests and the smell of antiseptic. She hoped, every day after they were finished with testing for the day, that there would be some change, some way to escape. A few tortured months later, they dragged her out of the cage where they were keeping her. Expecting more tests, she struggled enough that they were forced to tranquilize her. When she awoke, it was not to lab equipment but to a change of scenery. They had moved her to a different facility. One that appeared only partially built. She was glad, hopeful that there might be some chance of escape, especially since they didn’t seem inclined to do any tests on her here. So she waited, looking for any chance to escape.



    Name: Lenard Minc

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Gift (Mental) : Mind Control. He is very convincing and can cause people to make choices they wouldn't necessarily make normally. When at its full effect he can also read minds, although this is generally difficult to do.

    Weaknesses and Limits: Resistance is determined by a combination of the target's mental and physical strength. At its weakest it is like a suggestion from a close friend, at its strongest it is full out mind control, every breath is at his whim. He can use it by accident but wierdly cannot use it subconsciously, meaning that when he stops focusing on it , it stops working. Some kind of contact is also necessary, speech works (even recorded messages) but is less effective than eye contact(which can be silent). A combination of all these limits makes it a lot weaker on Gifted, especially extra powerful ones.
    (As a final note, while it does work on large crowds, it's much less effective, which makes it hard to fight off groups)
    To make things fair Resistance is decided through a dice system Ryik came up with (thanks) which I am far too lazy to rewrite and will shamelessly copy-paste

    "Every person is granted a theoretical number based on their physical and mental prowess.
    5 is average.
    Roll 3 six-sided dice to determine what you can control or not. If physical+mental prowess is equal to the number rolled, they aren't controlled. If it's lower, then they are. If it's higher, then they aren't. Depending on how close you were, you can do lesser things; like suggestions. This allows for less gray areas in player interactions; If you win the dice roll, you control them, period. (Assuming they don't have a reason that that isn't power-playing) If you lose it, then it's up to the other person to decide how to handle your "suggestions". "

    Appearance: He wears a black jacket and a blank blue t-shirt underneath as well as jeans. He has messy hair that looks like he hasn't combed in 8 years and wears cheap headphones wirelessly linked to his Z-Watch.

    Personality: He has a very outgoing personality, although most of what he says is lies, (including sometimes his name). He has a chirpy, annoying voice and usually a grin on his face, which is also quite annoying. Despite this, his Gift helps him appear very charismatic and friendly. He is also quite immoral, not things like killing, but he does break the laws here and there, doing things like shoplifting. In the face of real danger it is quite easy to see he is a coward and will panic and run whenever possible. Oddly enough he sounds like he is always sarcastic and lying to you but his Gift makes up for it.
    That's all I got right now but I will develop his personality through the RP.

    History: Born in New York as an only child, his early years were fairly normal and uninteresting. Scoring average grades, having a normal social life, (albeit accidentally using his Gift here and there). He discovered his Gift at the age of 17 when a cop caught him speeding. He managed to talk the policeman into handcuffing himself onto a pole and giving him his badge, which would be in the trash can a few hours later. After discovering his ability he began to use it for personal purposes, raising his grades and getting a part time job as a telemarketer (with largely fantastic results for the company). He was arrested for trying to convince a man to give him his Z-Watch, which he did succeed in doing, and was sentenced to 2 years in jail (This may be inaccurate but I am not a criminal and don't know the actual sentence for something like this). Terrified of going to prison, he fled to Derika, and got a job as a TV spokesperson in Brinkhaven although he spends much time in outskirt villages buying things at lower prices. Since his arrest he has been actively hunted by the ETG.

    Equipment: He carries a knife which he rarely uses, hidden in his jacket, but it is made of an alloy with enough odd materials to not be noticed in metal detectors. Other then that he has his stolen, now reset, Z-Watch, his clothes, and some money.

    The wide majority of criticism thrown at me was on my Gift's weakness so if anything else needs to be changed, please, tell me.
    I , like all other humans, am prone to making mistakes, point them out, it's not rude.



    Name: SDK-079 or Special Designation 'K-079'

    Age: 13

    Gender: Female

    Gift: Her cells can produce nanites. Nanites are by default, semi-biological, but can be manipulated into any shape and composition granted that body contains the necessary elements. As such, she consumes metal and other useful materials (which are digested with the help of nanites). Nanites can perform small-scale chemical reactions, be stored in specific cells, and work alongside her cells to increase physical capabilities and regeneration. Nanites are normally fueled by glucose, but can be powered by other means. She can also manually shut down/hibernate nanites to conserve energy. Nanites naturally move within her body through her circulatory system. If her nanites are separated from the main body, they can still function and be controlled within eyesight radius through a mental link. For now, only 10 groups of nanites can be controlled outside of her body and can accelerate up to 400 ft/s over the duration of 3 seconds. If nanites are lost permanently, her body increases production of nanites to balance out the decreased concentration. When her Gift first developed, only few cells were able to produce nanites, but her Gift is gradually spreading to other cells. Since nanites are housed within her cells, her body mass is higher than usual.

    Weaknesses/Limits: She requires a lot of energy to maintain nanites, and therefore needs copious amounts of calories. The maximum size limit she can create with her nanites is approximately her body size.

    Appearance: 4' 11” Due to a genetic disorder, her hair is pure white. Her eyes are an ice-blue shade. Typically wears her long hair down.

    Personality: Cold and calculating. She is without morals due to the training at the hands of ETG. She follows and obeys instructions from the ETG not because she is loyal, but because it is the only thing she has ever known.

    History: Born in a small superstitious village. When her parents and the rest of the village saw that she was born with white hair, she was immediately labelled as a monster and a bad omen. Parents only kept her because they didn't have the will to kill her. Was sold out by her parents to the ETG when she was four after they found out about her Gift (she had not shown any outward signs of her Gift until then). She was never given a proper name by her parents as they loathed her. When the ETG took her in, her identification became SDK-079 to signal that she was to be treated and trained as a living weapon. While being transported in the Pacific, the ship was destroyed by a faction raid and in the commotion, she got a concussion and lost the ability to retrieve most of her past memories (for now). She lost all of her episodic memory aside from her 'name', but still retains memories related to instincts and skills. She was taken in by the factions for questioning. Currently in the Mental Faction for interrogation.

    Equipment: Standard ETG uniform.



    Name: Nia Fleck

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Gift (Power): Nia can open two interconnected portals, then jump through one to come out the other. They close immediately afterwards, and she is the only one who can jump through them. There is no in-between the portals, or if there is, it’s so small it’s almost nonexistent. If she sticks an arm through one, it’ll appear out of the other. Though other people cannot pass through, inanimate objects can, so Nia could theoretically hand someone something through a portal by sticking her arm through whilst holding an object.

    Weaknesses and Limits: It takes a good bit of energy to open the portals, so they can’t be opened all the time. If she opens too many portals and drains her energy, she’ll effectively pass out. As well, unlike in the game, Nia doesn’t have anything, at least to start, to prevent fall damage, so she can’t jump through portals at some heights. She can’t open portals on surfaces like water, or surfaces that are moving. The surfaces she spawns a portal on must be solid and unmoving.

    Appearance: Black hair, long to enough to be put into a ponytail or braid, which it often is. Looks as if to have a bit of Chinese in her, though not a huge amount. Is about 5”2, with a thin and athletic physique. Commonly wears a gray beanie and plain black shirt and jeans/jean shorts, depending on the time of year.

    Personality: Is kind at heart, but will do and has done regrettable things to survive. Is introverted, not one to get close to people, and has been a lone wolf for her whole life.

    History: Nia was an orphan since birth, as her birth parents gave her up, and was adopted at the age of 6 by horrid foster parents in New York City with an obnoxious, snotty son. She ran away from her foster home at the age of 10, living on the streets since then, stealing from food carts to survive, sleeping on a backpack she had packed before she left in alleys. New York was a dangerous city, and she had to learn self defense to keep herself alive. She had learned about her gift in those years, perfecting it and using it to snatch food easier, as well as to escape from psychos on the streets. She learnt about Derika from a seemingly crazy man, the place where the people with powers reside. Nia shrugged the story off for a while, but her curiousity grew with each passing day. Finally, she decided she would go check it out, as she had heard more rumors about the island by eavesdropping on people gossiping. When she had finally obtained a boat, she sailed to where she had gathered Derika was, and went to the city as soon as she arrived. Passing all the checkpoints, she entered the city and now resides on the streets there, performing as she did in New York.

    Equipment: Her backpack, which has some nightclothes, a jacket, a Swiss army knife she had taken from her foster father when she ran away, and about $16.50, and of course the clothes she was wearing at the time.

    King Toad


    Name: Cassandra Elith

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: (Describe your character. An image is optional)
    Cassie is about five foot eight inches tall, with shoulder length blonde hair and an iron hairband keeping it back. She has a tendency to wear simple short-sleeve shirts and pants.

    Personality: (101.9% optional)
    Cassie is straightforward and prefers not to waste time trying to dance around an issue whenever she tries to gain information. She views herself as Isaac's voice of seriousness, but has an intense hatred for the ETG, at which point Isaac becomes her voice of reason.

    Gift (Power): (Supernatural ability or mutation. You can only have one Gift)
    Her ability allows her to touch any animal or living creature and gain its prominent physical abilities, which can range from simple increases in speed or strength to having regeneration or harder skin. An example of this would be if she touched a rabbit, she'd gain increased speed and the ability to jump higher then normal without risking any damage from doing so. These increases have no time limit associated with them, so if she touched a rabbit she'd have those abilities until she touched another non-human with the desire to absorb its abilities.

    Weaknesses and Limits: (Something that causes your powers to go haywire, and/or limitations on your powers.) Touching a human does not grant her their abilities and she is limited to a certain number of increases at any given time, which can increase. While her ability is active, she consumes more energy than normal, requiring her to eat more often the more active she is.

    History: (Required, but just basics, like where your character was born, their life before coming to Derika, how they got to Derika, their relation to the ETG if they have any, etc.)
    Cassie was born to a pair of doctors who ran a decent sized medical clinic in a small town in Nebraska, where they were known as being quite willing to treat people for food and other products rather than money when they were unable to pay. On some occasion they even delayed requesting for payment a few times when there had been a recent death in the patient's family, so they were mostly well-liked by the other inhabitants. They had no clue that Cassie had any abilities, since she had no clue her ability activated and her parents thought she was just being cute when she said that she loved having races with their pet rabbits. One day, they were approached by a representative for a project to "prevent unnecessary mutations in humans," which they quickly agreed to since they thought it would benefit humanity. Unbeknownst to her parents, while they were away she sneaked into their room and read a research notebook filled with horrifying stories of people being dissected just because they were different. Beyond this the notebook kept referencing a group called the 'ETG,' but nothing was really said about them besides that they were the reason for the whole thing and her parents fear that if they stopped working all of them would be arrested for what they did, leaving her all alone. Stowing this notebook back where it was, she returned to her room every night until she couldn't bear the thought that her parents were in such a detestable position, so she confronted them. In this confrontation, she told her parents that she wanted them to quit the job and return to being the doctors they once were, and they agreed after realizing that knowing she knew made her capable of being used as leverage to keep them around. They agreed to quit the following day and thy never returned that night, nor the following night, and she waited until a week had passed with no sign that her parents would ever return.

    By this point in time she was already fifteen, so she walked towards where she knew her parents went for work, meeting someone who was lost along the way and being given a ride in exchange for her help. With the help of this stranger, she managed to get past the small ETG outpost's defenses and into an underground room where her parents were strapped to tables, dead from an experiment that she never managed to learn the details of. This horrible image remained vibrant in her head and over the next few years she stayed with the stranger, finding out all she could about ETG. Over these years the stranger took her to his house on Derika, which slowly grew over time as they worked together on it to give them more room. At first the house was a fairly basic wooden house, but over time it slowly became a fairly strong fortress with the help of the stranger's ability. Once the house was finished the stranger finally introduced himself as Isaac Bari and told her that she would always be welcome for as long as she was alive. Since then she has helped defend the house from the wild creatures that live in the surrounding area and followed him whenever possible, believing that if she followed him she would one day be able to pay back the ETG for what they had done.

    A book with samples of various animal furs, a first aid kit, clothes, a large duffel bag that she usually leaves behind, and a hunting knife.



    (“Ann, Anna, Anne, Bell, Belle, Phones, call me whatever you like. Doesn’t really matter anyway, so long as I know it’s me”)

    -Name: Annabelle Silvers

    -Age: 19

    -Gender: F

    -Gift: [Daydreamer ~ Ephemeral Reality]
    This is a Gift that enables its user to open a link to the world of dreams, the world of imagination and resting sleep - or, more specifically, a world of dreams. It connects to a part of the user's own internal world, a world shaped entirely by the user's dreams and wishes, a world normally accessed only by dreaming, lucid or otherwise. The Gift merely acts as a 'gate' for the user to reach and 'bring in' a part of the world of dreams, thus allowing for the 'creation' of objects (such as screwdrivers or wrenches) or potentially even concepts (such as 'I can run as fast as a deer') into the real world.
    This ability is only and severely limited by the user's imagination and mental focus; creation of an object first requires the user to consciously imagine and define what the desired creation will be, the user's subconscious mind defining the rest of what the conscious mind could not, or did not, define. This act, while purely mental, is often helped - significantly - by the presence of a physical 'anchor', an object that sets the user's mind in the right track. Obviously, more complicated devices such as machinery are significantly harder to create, as the user needs at least a passing knowledge of the machine's internal mechanisms to create something that works. Digital devices that rely on microchips and the like, consequently, are nigh-impossible to create. Intangible objects and concepts, lacking physical form, are also difficult to imagine - and in the case of the latter, the user's own disbelief, conscious or otherwise, may hamper the process even further.

    This Gift does not come without limitations, however; its users have to 'pay' for every use of their ability in a rather peculiar manner, the effects being as if the user was deprived of sleep for a period of time. The severity of this 'payment' is directly proportional to the complexity of the creation, how 'reality-breaking' the creation is, and the amount of effort the user's subconscious has to do; the more aspects of the object the user consciously defines - shape, size, weight, materials, structure, anything - the less strain the process takes on the user.
    And of course, the real world does not take kindly to the addition of this new part of reality; it constantly rejects the contradictions this Gift brings, and thus all energy and mass directly created by this Gift are ephemeral, transient, eventually dissipating into the nothing they once were (the effects brought by the energy and mass won't revert, though). This constant rejection forces the user to 'pay' a constant 'upkeep' to keep the object in this world in the same manner as written above, a moment's total loss of focus being all that it takes to remove the additions to reality. The 'upkeep cost' is, as a rule of thumb, notably less than the 'cost' to bring in the object into the real world in the first place, but the stronger the contradiction with reality, the stronger the rejection.
    Additionally, this rejection also restricts the application of concepts onto the 'self' or the objects brought from the dreamworld, and makes creating living beings an impossibility. Inanimate parts of living beings, such as wood or bone, are fair game.
    Finally, this Gift has two limitations of range, extending as an imaginary sphere with a set radius around the user. Beyond the first limit, objects cannot be 'brought in' from the dream world, and objects greater in size than the first limit cannot be 'brought in' entirely. Beyond the second limit, all influence from the user disappears, and their creations instantly vanish. These limits can be extended, but not by too much. Annabelle's limits, currently, are 3 and 30 feet in radius respectively, and is likely to have the potential to expand to at least twice that.

    -Appearance: Annabelle is an averagely-built young woman, standing at maybe 5’11’’, with slender body proportions that really can’t be much, if any, more than 150-odd pounds in weight (she’s rather finicky about exposing her body weight, you see). Her skin is fair, her eyes are blue, and her shoulder-length, wavy hair, usually set free unless otherwise too inconvenient, is naturally a shade of light brown. She may have multiple clothes for multiple occasions, but they generally consist of a sleeveless or short-sleeved shirt-under-jacket ensemble alongside shorts/trousers, gloves and sneakers.

    What she pretty much always keeps on her person, however, are her set of dark green headphones.

    -Personality: Annabelle is… Well, she can’t exactly be classified as a ‘normal’ young girl, but she’s not exactly very ‘abnormal’, either. Though she's almost borderline narcoleptic at times, though she may seem rather detached and apathetic to the things that happen around her, though she may lack femininity, though she may be predisposed towards snark, though she might spend too much time on the internet, though she might have too much of the internet in her head, she’s really not a bad person at heart… But let’s see how it goes.

    -History: Annabelle was, in most senses of the word, a normal person born to a normal family. Not exactly rich, but definitely not poor. Not exactly spoiled, and not exactly neglected. Still, her parents were busy, busy enough that she didn’t exactly get very much of what is called ‘family time’, and busy enough that they had to move around from state to state every so often.

    Because of that, she had to transfer from school to school multiple times, her friends in real life generally changing as she did, never leaving very much time for bonding. Not surprisingly, she was easily immersed in the internet – one of the communities that won’t change no matter where she is. Moving around much also meant that she was more exposed to the world’s darker sides; self-defense and martial arts lessons were amongst the things she had to take (fortunately enough, she liked them), and she had to see and experience things children shouldn’t see nor experience.

    Still, despite that, she managed to live her life normally – as normally as she could, anyway. Almost.
    It was really supposed to be an ordinary day when she found herself running from a bad crowd, desperately rummaging in her bag for that little bottle of pepper-spray she believed she had in there all the time, before she finally found it in her hands and managed to escape to the safety of home, tired and sleepy.
    She had actually forgotten to bring the bottle that day. That day, when her Gift first manifested.

    Of course, she didn’t immediately notice. Months passed by, and the only real difference she felt – and likely ignored – was that she would occasionally feel sleepy all of a sudden. Until, in an utterly whimsical spur of the moment, she tried to imitate a certain anime character… And poured just enough focus on her desire. To say that she was surprised by an actual metal sword suddenly appearing in her hands was an understatement. She had heard about the Gifted, she had heard about the ETG, and to think she was one of the Gifted…

    Her parents were, quite fortunately, as kind and understanding as they had ever been, and she managed to live as she did for a time, the occasional practice of her Gift notwithstanding. Still, secrets can’t stay secret forever, and she eventually found herself en route to the island of the gifted – Derika.

    -Her ‘almost-too-big-for-me’ backpack, containing the necessities, a couple changes of clothes, minimal camping gear and first-aid kit, two cans of food and 800ml of water.
    -Survival Knife
    -The clothes she’s wearing right now
    -Her sturdy, dark green headphones, containing well over 512MB worth of music


    -Name: Clarisse Lorelei

    -Age: 16

    -Gender: F

    -Gift: [Azure Eye ~ Eye of the Otherworld]
    This is a Gift that, at its raw definition, allows the user's sense of sight to see far, far more things than the section of the physical plane a normal eye is capable of seeing, turning the user's eye an unnaturally deep shade of azure blue upon use. Aside from other portions of the physical plane, such as electromagnetic waves outside the spectrum of visible light, the Gift can perceive various metaphysical, astral and imaginary planes and dimensions of existence, its contents including, but not limited to, 'ghosts', peoples' thoughts and emotions, and lingering manifestations of peoples' memories, feelings and desires. At its absolute maximum theoretical capacity, the user of this Gift is capable of seeing as many truths as there are truths in the universe. Of course, this is a clear impossibility for the likes of humankind.
    Everything that is perceived by this Gift are received by the user's brain, where their mind will attempt to find the closest possible interpretation of what is perceived by the Gift - 'attempt' being the definitive word. Many of the things that are perceived by the Eye of the Otherworld are simply not meant to be comprehended by sight alone, and thus inflict much physical strain upon the user's eye as well as their brain as the user's mind attempts to construct a fitting image; if overused, the user's brain can temporarily disable the Gift or even 'shut down' the corresponding eye(s)' ocular system as a safety precaution.
    Additionally, the many myriad overlapping images processed by the user's mind, the large majority of them likely being outlandish and monstrous, can very well drive a person mad. To prevent this, the user's brain 'filters out' most of the incoming images, leaving an average user with the vision of a barren, monochromatic white land, if not disabling the Gift's power altogether. However, during times where the user's conscious mind is distraught, this 'filter' begins to fail, potentially creating a feedback loop where the failing 'filter' causes the user's conscious to become even more distressed, causing the 'filter' to break down even further.
    And even past these dangers, there is still the problem of comprehending what the images appear as in the mind - just because one's subconscious mind interprets something as something does not mean that the conscious mind is instantly capable of understanding it. The Gift also has the same limitations of the normal eye - it is impossible to see without light, or through solid objects. Peculiarly, mirrors and other reflective surfaces are perceived 'as-is', unchanged in any condition whatsoever.

    Still, with practice and familiarity comes skill and mastery, and this Gift is no exception. The user's brain's 'perception filter' can eventually be selectively altered to either perceive more entities or tune out everything altogether, with 'stronger' and more recent thoughts, feelings and entities being easier and clearer to perceive without 'going in too deep'. Familiarity can help the user in the case of a 'filter failure', and a greater understanding of the world can make the images shown by the Gift easier to comprehend. Being able to 'turn off' and 'turn on' the Gift at will, in either eye, is a definite possibility.

    In practicality, this Gift allows the user to render such things as 'stealth' or even movements through alternate dimensions visible, obtain insight on exceptionally strong thoughts, feelings and desires, and perceive particularly strong memories to obtain limited retrocognition/postcognition.
    Additionally, this Gift reacts strongly to Gifts, including itself. Gifts, be it natural, synthetic or contained in an Artifact, will be perceived so strongly as to be 'visible' with the user's 'perception filter' at its normal capacity, generally perceived in such a way as to give insights to the function of the Gift itself. Those with the 'potential' are also perceived strongly, but as an amorphous, yet-to-be-defined entity.

    At this point, Clarisse Lorelei has had enough practice with her Gift to control it to some extent, allowing her to focus on singular entities and alter her 'perception filter' somewhat, as well as enough experience to remain in control past disturbing sights and visions while still be able to comprehend them somewhat. Her Gift is still permanently 'on' in her left eye and permanently 'off in her right, however.

    -Appearance: Clarisse generally looks like the usual 16-year-old, besides a rather petite figure that barely breaks five feet in height. She has light skin and waist-length black hair kept tidy with a simple hairband. Her eyes are a natural green hue in normal circumstances, but when her power activates (as of now, it’s permanently active on her left eye) they turn an unnaturally deep azure blue. As far as fashion goes, she has a fondness for one-piece dresses, and prefers to not have gaudy decorations like gold and/or jewelry. Some frills and ribbons are fine though. She also usually keeps her problematic left eye covered with an eyepatch.

    -Personality: Clarisse is normally quite polite and soft-spoken, overall a kind and relatively ladylike ‘nice girl’, though her occasional casual use of slang might be rather off-putting at times. She hates animal-based milk, though, and may respond in an uncharacteristically violent way to a mention of the stuff. She also dislikes people poking fun at her height, and doubly so if they dare to make the connection between ‘short’ and ‘lack of milk’.

    -History: Clarisse had a quite a pleasant childhood. She was the first child born to a relatively wealthy family, and a relatively harmonious one at that. Fortunately for her, her parents were neither too strict, nor were they too lenient, and she lived a relatively normal life. She had friends, she had decent grades (aside from P.E.), and all in all, she was looking at a brighter future than most.

    Her gift first made itself known at a certain winter break, when she accidentally closed her right eye during a small sporting event. She almostcompletely lost it at the bizarre sight she was suddenly subject to, but as her right eye opened the image went away just as fast. When she went home and went to take a bath, however, she was surprised at how her left eye suddenly turn an unnatural azure blue, and accidentally looked through only that left eye for a moment – a moment long enough to ‘see’ her own reflection, the shock and eventual realization of her oddity practically giving her a mental breakdown, and said mental breakdown causing her powers to go completely haywire as she inevitably sees (almost) everything as a Lovecraftian nightmare with seemingly no way to make it stop.

    She was never as grateful she had such gentle and kind-hearted parents as she was that day.

    Days passed by, and she eventually managed to cope with her new-found ability. She learned how her mental state influences the world she sees through her new blue eye, she learned how her mind can alter how she sees through her new blue eye, she learned a bit behind the things she could see through her new blue eye, she learned how to calm herself down… And she honestly didn’t need too much effort to keep her Gift hidden, too. Sure, she was bombarded with questions when she came back from winter break with an eyepatch, but human as they are, they eventually got used to it and didn’t bother anymore. She did take a newfound liking to the cyberworld during this time, though, as she didn’t need to bother about anyone asking about said eyepatch over the web.

    She eventually learned about Derika, and after a bit of talking and a longer period of preparation, decided to take a trip to the mysterious continent, if only to learn more about her power.

    -A suitcase, containing several changes of clothes, the necessities, a small sleeping bag and bivy sack.
    -A bag packed with some food, some water, and writing implements as well as blank notebooks.
    -A standard first aid kit, plus general medicine, sunblock and mosquito repellent
    -A flashlight
    -A waterproof lighter
    -A smartphone, portable battery and charging implements
    -A taser (she still has near-to-no idea how to use it)



    Name: Izuna

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Gift (Power): Blood Destruction - (Thank you Ryik for helping me on this!) This grants Izuna the ability to destroy her own blood and thus becomes more feral while also granting her to get faster and more stronger until something snaps her out of it or she runs to a dangerous point of blood loss, Izuna would also gain sharper stronger teeth and her features(Like eyes) would gain more of a cat like appearance.

    Weaknesses and Limits: Blood Destruction will steadily destroy Izuna's blood and depending on the amount of blood she has will allow her to do her gift for a longer time, Of course Izuna cannot...break concrete but she could possibly crack it if it were to be punched enough(Depending on how thick it is) but of course this all depends on her health, Due to her also becoming Feral she will loss the ability to think rationally or normally also.

    Normal Appearance : http://imgur.com/ykl5qTN
    Blood Destruction Usage : http://imgur.com/NB6VQxY (Close enough just without that Aura, Sorry Ryik :rofl:)

    Personality: Find out :D

    History: Izuna would have grown up outside of Brink Haven and lived off the wild life there never really having a real reason to go to the city before her father got angry at her and ordered her to leave their living area and never come back. So she listened depressed as she headed to Brink Haven to try to live in the strange city only having a little bit of contact with the residents, She hasnt really needed to use her ability as she is still young (im not good at History's...).

    Equipment: Look at the clothes in the pic, Father bought those, She also has a L-watch that her father spent lots of money to get...basically it besides some money.



    Name: Jake Barker
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Power(s): Kinetic Teleportation-Kinetic energy can be absorbed, stored, and used to teleport the user and anything the user touches.
    Weakness: When too much kinetic energy is stored, the user is prone to sudden and uncontrollable teleportation of them self and anything they touch. Gradually increasing pressure cannot be absorbed.
    Appearance: Longish-not-really brown hair, light blue eyes. Jake wears a blank and expressionless face to accompany his standard issue (but custom fit) ETG officer uniform, with the logo removed. (However it’s fairly obvious that the ETG logo used to be there.) Jake will occasionally smile, usually when he is with his brother.
    Personality: Jake never shows his emotions. No one knows if he even has emotions. Jake's manner is cool and decisive, whether he is giving orders to soldiers or executing dissenters. He has warmed up a bit ever since leaving the ETG. Rarely, he even shows his childish, playful side.
    History: (read Liam's history first)
    Jake survived the grenade explosion with his Gift, absorbing the energy of the heat and shrapnel and rendering it harmless. Jake was still unconscious and covered in scorch marks from the explosion, so Liam didn't notice he was still alive.

    An ETG cleanup personell found Jake unharmed and turned the young child in to ETG. After briefly considering torturing the child to death, Krodin decided instead on raising the child as a soldier to spite Jake's father. Jake was fed lie after lie, conditioned to follow ETG with absolute loyalty.

    Krodin oversaw Jake's training personally, partly to satisfy his own anger, and partly to ensure a valuable such as Jake's didn't go to waste. Jake was trained to be an excellent marksman with all firearms, an expert at hand-to-hand combat, and have perfect control over his ability. He gained skill particularly quickly since his Gift allowed him to manage the kickback of even the strongest guns and take the hardest of hits without difficulty.

    During the attack on the City, Krodin recognized the resemblance between Jake and Liam and sent Jake to unknowingly kill the last remaining family he had. Jake was told the resemblance was part of Liam's unknown Gift to ensure Jake had no doubts abor his mission.
    (The rest is as told in Liam's history)


    Name: Liam Barker

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Power(s): Void Pocket- Ability to absorb/expel/hold anything touched inside of a pocket dimension, with a capacity equal to Liam’s body mass. Anything can be stored except for living material. (Ex. a live rat). Liquids, solids, and gases can all be absorbed. Once the object has entered the pocket, its state is indefinitely preserved. It retains the same velocity, temperature, and doesn't age. (Time doesn't pass within the pocket.) Material can exit the pocket from anywhere on the body.
    -Everything in the Pocket is automatically known, even if it isn't visible from the outside. However, this information must still be processed and comprehended by the brain. (So absorbed books can't be instantly read.)
    -Can also be used to pass through solid material, as the solid is absorbed and expelled at the same rate at the same time. The user can only pass through enough material as the capacity allows. The density of the material matters greatly. (For example, drywall takes up less space than a steel wall, so more of the users body can pass through than drywall than a steel wall.)

    Weakness and Limits: When the capacity of the Pocket is forcibly reached, Liam is able to absorb slightly more than his capacity, but it causes intense pain and fatigue, dizziness, nausea, loss of energy, and unconsciousness. When past capacity, the user can lose control and any material could be expelled, in an attempt make more room.
    -The Pocket cannot cut solids, so Liam cannot carve apart solids while absorbing them.

    Appearance: Liam is 5’11, 170 pounds. (capacity of 170 pounds). He has longish brown hair and sharp blue eyes. Tall and well built, Liam has maximized his capacity by packing on as much muscle as possible. Liam’s clothing greatly varies, as his ability makes clothing a nuisance.

    Personality: Liam is a kleptomaniac, which means he cannot help but steal whatever catches his eye. He is easygoing and good-natured, but gets serious quickly. (especially when ETG is involved.) Liam’s sole purpose is to avenge his family. After his torture (at Krodin’s hands), it has expanded to include killing Krodin, which would still be avenging his family.

    History: At age 7, Liam was orphaned by ETG. Following a tip given by one of the Barker's neighbors, soldiers led by then-Agent Krodin [REDACTED] raided Liam's small suburban housing complex with a small force of four other soldiers. Liam's father, Mr. Barker, defended his family valiantly, using his Gift of enhanced agility and venomous claws to kill all four soldiers sent into the house first. Krodin meant for his men to die, as it would mean greater credit for him when he returned successful, the only survivor. Tired and wounded, Mr. Barker tried his best against Krodin, but to no avail. Krodin's armor proved impervious, and Mr. Barker managed to score only a single slash on Krodin's face before dying.

    Feeling incredible pain and anger as the venom set in, Krodin abandoned his mission and shot Liam and then Mrs. Barker. As he left he dropped a grenade next to the unconscious Jake Barker, Liam's younger brother.

    Liam survived the bullet, as it had passed harmlessly into his Pocket. The shock of the first use of his Gift caused him to fall unconscious, leaving him convincingly dead. When he awakened, he found his mother dead and his brother a blackened corpse.

    His identify erased by ETG, Liam lived in an orphanage practicing his Gift until he was 12. Confident he make the trip, Liam ran away and took a bus up to NYC to search for traces for the elusive ETG, and take revenge on the man that took his family.

    While in ETG, Liam joined a street gang led by a fellow Gifted, Lionel. The two were fast friends and together led the gang to stunning victories in the streets. When Liam was 17, his family was yet again destroyed by ETG, as an impossibly large mob of soldiers slaughtered their entire neighborhood, capturing and killing indiscrimately. ETG had been drawn to the area by the high crime rate and extreme poverty levels.

    Bereaved of his home for a second time, Liam had no choice but to seek haven in the City, a safe haven rumored to be full of Gifted. Liam arrived safely and lived in the city for several months. It was there that he met his brother for the first time in 10 years.

    When ETG attacked the City, Elite Agent and field commander Jake Barker, tasked with killing Liam Barker, nearly succeeded in doing so, but was defeated in the end. Liam managed to get Jake to join his side, and the two defended the city and broke free a large quantity of Gifted, then fled the city wih the refugees in tow. The group eventually ended up in Derika. Liam joined the Dimensional faction along with his brother.

    A few months later, Liam and a large group of Gifted attacked an ETG compound, which turned out to be a trap. Liam was ultimately captured and brutally tortured personally at Krodin's hands. His stay was mercifully brief and Liam left the hands of ETG when another captive Gifted broke free and murdered every personell in the facility.

    Physically and mentally broken, Liam was eventually brought back to Brinkhaven where he slowly recovered. It was during this period that he met his old friend Lionel and a few surviving member is his old gang. They had survived the ETG attack and left for Derika seperately, and arrived much more recently. Now 18 years old and fully recovered, Liam is back to normal, his hatred of ETG having only grown. Liam still dreams of returning Krodin's bullet and killing him at night. At least, when he isn't reliving his torture.



    Gift:(Physical)He has a reptile form consisting of a 1 meter long whip-like tail and scales all over his body (he still has his hair). His scales make him somewhat tougher. He can withstand high temperatures, even in his normal form, but his scales are resistant to fire. He can run at the speed of a car in his reptile form.
    Weaknesses and limits: He can't withstand cold temperatures (both forms), and is hurt an slowed if its cold. The faster he moves the harder it is for him to not run in to things. He has not yet learned to make his tail disapear, and is not yet used to his tail, making him sometimes accidentaly hit things with it. Because he is not used to his tail he doesen't protect it very well and its possible to grab it.
    Appearance:Slim. Short brown hair. Green eyes. Light green scales.
    History:Before anyone knew about his gift, he had a normal life. Two weeks ago he had another normal lesson. He was thinking about last night's snake documentary on TV, and his teacher started staring at him. He couldn't see anything wrong with him, until other people on the class started pointing at something behind him. He saw that there was a tail. He jumped on his feet in suprice. He heard his teacher talking on a phone about taking him. He ran out of the class and saw armed men coming up the stairs. He went up the stairs all the way on the roof. He jumped from rooftop to rooftop, he didn't notice that the reason he was able to jump so far was because he was running faster than before. With luck he was able to find a ship full of other gifted heading for Brinkhaven.



    Name: Amisa Kilrain

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Power: Tentative Molecular Reconstruction- anything that the user touches can be broke down to its molecular components and reshaped into something new of equal size or smaller size. The change is only temporary. Once her limit is reached and/ or she lets go of the object, the object will revert back to its original form. Objects, however, when transformed will retain characteristics of their new form. (Ex. A stick that is changed into a sword will be able to slice and stab other objects/opponents)

    • if she lets go of the object, then the object will revert back to its original form
    • if the image of the the imagined/desired construct is distorted, unclear, or if she loses focus while trying to change something, then the object will not change
    • cannot be used on live animals. It is impossible to reconstruct an object that is constantly moving/struggling to get away. Plus, DNA scrambling is a high risk.
    • objects of considerably greater size (height) than her own cannot be subject to molecular reconstruction
    • the amount of time that an object’s transformation can be upheld depends on the detail and size of the transformation
    • transformation does wear away at her psychological stamina and therefore, her ability to concentrate on transforming objects
    *Note: Change/transformation is not instantaneous and can approximately 30 seconds-5 minutes to reconstruct an object depending on size

    Appearance: a 5’ 4” girl with long, golden brown hair that reaches just below her rib cage and chocolate brown eyes. She always wears her black-rimmed glasses, a black headband, and a long white bandage wrapped around her right hand. She prefers wearing her favorite gray sweater vest with a long, white sleeve collared shirt, and black pants. She usually looks down at the floor and has her hands shoved in her pockets.

    Spiteful and pessimistic, she finds it hard to trust people, and therefore, she prefers to stay secluded. She prefers to suppress her emotions, especially in public, and prefers to express herself through her more artistic side by drawing and writing.


    Amisa had a cheerful childhood that would make most people envious. Spending almost everyday just playing with her parents and little brother, they laughed through their carefree days until that one fateful day. Amisa had just turned 8 a couple of months back, and being the “grown-up” little girl that she had proclaimed herself to be, she was allowed to walk the short path back to her house from her bus stop all by herself. Along the way, she started to hear the faint cries of a cat. Looking around, she noticed that one of her neighbor’s cats had gotten itself stuck in a tree. Unsure of what to do exactly, she attempted to do what a hero would and scaled the tree herself. As she heaved tiny body onto the same short, flimsy branch as the kitty, a sort of cracking noise ensued. Feeling the tree shake a bit, the branch snapped off the tree, sending both her and the cat plummeting towards the unforgiving ground. Amisa grasped the branch as if her life depended on it, and wished more than anything for it to be a nice, huge, fluffy pillow. Moments before hitting the ground, the branch changed into a large, fluffy pillow that was about the same size as the branch, and it managed to do a sufficient job in catching the kitty; however, for Amisa, not so much. Retracting her arms from the pillow in pain and fear, the pillow returned to its original form of a stick. The neighbors that were alerted by the sound of a snapping tree branch, rushed outside in time to see the weird display of a power. Surprised and mortified, they grabbed their cat and ran back inside in hopes to shield themselves from the monstrosity moaning in pain on their front lawn.

    Under the watchful eye of the ever-present ETG, Amisa was swiftly and discreetly detained. Taken to one of the ETG’s many labs, she was experimented on and forced to exert her power to the point of exhaustion. When Amisa was 14, she was finally rescued from the ETG facility by a Gifted raid group. After they gathered the information that they were sent to retrieve, she escaped with them. The group was called the Lost Boys, in reference to the gallivanting, childish vigilantes of Peter Pan’s crew. They were fighting against the ETG for the freedom and acceptance of Gifted, especially Gifted children. Since she had nowhere to go, they invited her to join them and she accepted. She quickly became part of the family and worked with them for 4 years.

    Everything was going smoothly. Amisa had found a new family, new friends, and a new home. Plus, so far, she had proven to be a beneficial asset to their raid team, as she had assisted in several successful raids. After 4+ years of success, the group was starting to grow a little egotistical, almost to the point where they thought they could take down the whole ETG all together. With this new air of overconfidence, they let their guard down, and double agents invaded their ranks, leading to their last and final raid. Spirits and team morale were sky high as the raid group raced off towards their new target. Along the way, the ETG spies weeded out some of the raid team’s members while those that escaped pressed on into a trap. At the designated coordinates of the supposed ETG base, chaos reigned free as the ETG forces ambushed the remaining Gifted.

    Terrified of being captured again, Amisa abandoned her comrades and fled the brutal scene, barely escaping with her life. Regretting her cowardly decision, she was tempted to return to the battle scene, her better judgment told her it would not do anyone any good if she went back. Amisa could only move forward, as always, so she did. She found and joined other small groups of Gifted, eventually tagging along with a group that was headed to a supposed safe haven for people with powers.

    The safe haven turned out to be Derika, and upon landing on its shores late at night, Amisa and the group fended off the vicious wildlife that attacked them as they ran for the fortified city looming on the horizon. After the long background check conducted by the security guarding the gates into Brinkhaven, Amisa parted ways with the group.

    Equipment: black rimmed glasses, gray sweater vest, white collared shirt, black pants, sneakers, a 50 cm long stick, and a backpack containing a blanket, a first-aid kit, snacks, water bottles, money, phone, and a book.


    Name: Kasey Chen

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Gift (Power): Misconceived Judgment – ability to receive insight/advice and slivers of power from the 7 personifications of negative emotion (daemons). Lacking the ability to possess the user, a mental link is the sole establishment connecting the user with the entities. Some of the stronger, more erratic daemons are able to lend a tiny piece of their power.

    7 personifications of negative emotion:
    Thanatos: knowledgeable in topics related to death
    Geras: knowledgeable in topics relating to the past and formulating strategies
    Oizys: knowledgeable in topics relating to the pain
    Moros: knowledgeable in topics related to doom and fate
    Apate: knowledgeable in topics related to deceit (a useful lie detector; however, information taken from Apate must be regarded warily, since she is quite deceitful herself)
    Momus: knowledgeable in topics related to mockery and satire
    Eris: knowledgeable in topics related to chaos, discord, and strife
    Nemesis: knowledgeable in topics related to retribution/revenge

    Lent power:
    Eris: a single tendril formed from the user’s shadow that can extend to about a 1 ft radius (uncontrolled)

    Weaknesses: The presence of other divine beings and holy places act as wards that dissipate the mental connection

    Limits: The user is constantly tired and requires a minimum of 15 hours of sleep a day, since the connection with the 7 daemons is consistently maintained.



    Kasey stands at an average height of 5'6" and with a lean, skinny build. She is constantly stressed out by the voices in her head, so it has lead to a slight eating problem. Kasey has black brown hair to the point that it almost looks black, and striking, dark blue-gray eyes. She often has a tired, distracted look. She prefers wearing light, loose clothing, as form fitting/tight clothing is too constricting.

    Personality: Typically, if one was plagued by their own mind, they would eventually drive themselves insane, yet somehow Kasey has managed to lead a somewhat “normal” lifestyle (whatever that is)… Slightly pessimistic but mostly self-centered, indecisive, apathetic, and ignorant towards events that don't concern her, she is quite the oddity. Yet, as contradictory as it may seem, she abides by an altruistic type of lifestyle; occasionally passing off her selfish thoughts as an act to better society or the people around her.

    Just as most young children go through the phase of fabricating an imaginary friend, Kasey was granted something that could be considered of equal or lesser value. Kasey grew up in a small, listless town in Georgia. Interested more in books and novels on mythology over social interaction with her peers, Kasey unknowingly isolated herself from everyone, including her immediate family. She didn’t mind though, she had her own “special” friends, and needlessly to say, they were a handful bunch on their own. They had resided within her head ever since she could remember. Most of the time those voices simply ignored her and continued bickering endlessly amongst themselves in the back of her mind, but every now and again, they would critique her or make unnecessary comments about/on what she was doing or thinking. They were quite annoying to say in the least. Those voices never gave her a piece of mind, especially when she tried to fall asleep or study.

    In the beginning, Kasey assumed that everyone could hear those same voices and made the mistake of speaking to them aloud. Sadly, a couple of these conversations occurred in a public setting, which unnerved many of her elementary school peers and teachers. Finding such outbursts and behaviors queer and abnormal, Kasey and her parents were called down to the principal’s office and to parent-teacher conferences frequently. After much debate, Kasey’s parents and teachers warily consented that Kasey was still sane, but suffered from an overactive imagination. Kasey tried to protest, but her parents insisted that she at least try to focus on reality and take a break from her books, which were presumed to be the root of her problem.

    Over time, Kasey learned to keep the fact that the voices remained in her head a secret. She slipped through the rest of her middle school and high school years keeping a low profile. After graduating from college, majoring in anthropology and mythology, Kasey recalled watching a program featuring Derika. From the bits of the program that she had caught, she found herself thoroughly intrigued with the fact that it seemed to home to the very people that she once believed could only exist in her storybooks. Pondering whether or not someone there could potentially help rid her of the voices that plagued her thoughts, she purchased a boat ticket to take her to Derika.

    Equipment: Suitcase full of clothing and personal care items, Floppy hat, blue and white horizontally striped shirt, tan Bermuda shorts, sandals, tinted sunglasses, and a backpack containing a laptop, other electronic devices, snacks, and money.


    Name: Revi Teigu

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Power: March of the Dead - the user can enslave/control up to 8 people that they kill with their blade.

    Those that are enslaved:
    • cannot be released unless destroyed. To be destroyed, they must have all limbs severed off or the body must be rendered unusable
    • have no will of their own and are unintelligible, but retain their old habits, emotions, and powers ingrained in their bodies. They are completely obedient to their master. (by emotions, and old habits I mean emotions and habits connected to their memories that did not disappear or are so emotionally deep/strong, that they cannot be forgotten by the body. Ex. Johnny saw his beloved mother die before his eyes. As a corpse puppet, if he sees a picture or an impersonation of his mother, it may cause him to break out into tears, but with a generically blank expression, or he may move to protect the mother impostor out of instinct/habit.)
    • are stored within the blade. The blade can only store up to 8 bodies of any size
    And only in the dire event of the user owning no more usable corpses can he summon any one dead creature within a 10 m radius to be given only one command and only one target. The order cannot be "protect me" as there is an infinite amount of potential targets in which it must protect you from, "kill everyone" as once again, too many targets, or "get me away from here" as the goal is unclear. The user must be very specific. Ex. "Protect me from _____", "Kill ______", or "Bring me to ______." Once the corpse puppet completes its task it will crumble back into a corpse and be unusable for further commands.

    Also the user can summon their sword out of the ground whenever they want, but it takes about 10 seconds, which is plenty of time to land a deadly blow. And it can only come out of the ground, so if it’s like an inch away above ground and he wills it to come to him, it will still come from underground to him. (…don’t ask it just happens)Limits:
    • can only control up to 8 corpses
    • if the master is killed, then the corpses will be freed, but don't underestimate him. He did kill all of those corpses, so he is very skilled with a blade (see bio).
    • horrible dealing with long ranged attacks. He has a hard time sensing them and therefore dodging them. Better at close combat.
    • he needs to eat a lot of meat. It’s not proven, but some believe that his corpses are only able to serve him because they steal his energy.
    • if he loses his sword, then he cannot summon his corpses and therefore they will return to the sword
    • Antinite does not release the corpses, but forces them to return to the blade and disables the user’s ability to summon them and any person or animal killed while the user’s ability is being suppressed will not become an enslaved corpse puppet.

    [​IMG]Revi has short, light green hair and golden, amber eyes. He stands at an average-ish height of 5'7" with a fit build; however, due to his power, he often looks a bit underweight. He prefers wearing black clothing as it harder to see different kinds of stains that occasionally appear. It is easy to tell which personality that currently possesses his state of mind, as his meeker and milder self acts more timid while his cold-hearted side carries an air of self-proclaimed superiority.

    Quiet and gentle, but when threatened or attacked he completely changes personalities to his darker side where he is cruel, cold, and ruthless.

    He grew up in a strange village in Antarctica consisting of about 1500 adults, and 200 children of each age group up to the age of 12. There, children were taught to wield a weapon before they learned how to walk. At age 12, every child must compete in The Tournament. The Tournament began at the beginning of each year and the number of children was divided into 20 different sections consisting of about 10 children each. Of the 10 children, they would fight in a series of matches to the death to determine the winner. There would be a total of 20 winners. The purpose of The Tournament was to make the children gain powers because in the village there is no greater honor than having a power. If you do not have a power, you are usually shunned by most. The village elders believed that the only way to make a child develop powers is by making them experience extreme pain, stress, and pressure whilst they are on the brinks of their sanity as they fight to survive. As a result, about 96% of the children who come out victorious have developed powers and are mentally unstable thanks to intense training and the rush of having to kill so many innocent lives.

    Revi was brutally trained by his parents to become a skilled assassin with the sword. He never liked the thought of fighting and despised the thought of killing even more, but every time he refused he was severely beaten so that his parents could break him down and rebuild him as a perfect killer. Though, it only worked half way. They created the dark ruthless and cold side of him when he fights, but could not destroy his original personality outside of battle.

    A few months before The Tournament, he and Lina had snuck away from the village grounds to explore the ice caves about .6 miles North. In the midst of a hide and seek game, the ice cracked under Revi’s feet and he fell into a smaller branch of an ice cave. He felt a compelling sensation to continue deeper into the ice cave as if something was willing him to come to it. At the end of the long tunnel of ice, there was a carved out ice room. In the middle of the floor there was a sword that was frozen over with ice. At first he wondered how he would ever get it out, but the ice began to crumble once more and broke the ice enough so that he could reach the hilt. He grabbed the hilt and pulled the sword out. He decided to use the sword in the tournament because he thought it was a gift from God.

    In the first round of his section, he was set to fight his best and only childhood friend, Lina. They were like two peas in a pod and had done almost everything together. They had practiced sword fighting together, and comforted each other after being put through their parents’ brutal training methods. Lina was using her family’s sword which had the hidden ability to extend and retract, though the arena was too small and the ability was rendered a hindrance instead of an advantage. Nonetheless, the battle was still close, but Revi had slipped away to his darker side, while Lina refused to kill him. In the end, Revi killed her mercilessly with his blade Yatsufusa. After the battle, he returned to his senses and could not believe what he just did. He rushed over to her side and at the time he only wished to bring her back.

    In the next battle, Revi was about to be eliminated by a crossbow expert when he pleaded in his mind that he did not want to die yet. Moments later Lina came bursting over the ice wall taking the opponent by surprise and killed him. At first the audience and Revi were stunned to see her standing there because they were pretty sure that she died, but then they saw her get absorbed into his sword and they knew that they had successfully created a new power.

    Revi emerged victorious and lived peacefully for 10 years in the village before the ETG went to Antarctica to set up a covert base. As the ETG explored the tundra, they happened to spot the village and after building their base, they obliterated the village and captured a handful of the gifted which Revi was one of. After 3 years of containment and torture, the ETG offered Revi a spot in their ranks in which he complied obediently.

    He trained and worked as a grunt for 4 years before he was finally promoted enough to be allowed to join a raid of a Gifted town somewhere in North America. As he joined the battle, he saw ETG soldiers killing innocent Gifted which reminded him of The Tournament and something snapped within him. He took his anger out on his fellow ETG soldiers and some of the Gifted. The ETG ordered to dispose of him and hunted him down until they killed him. Luckily he managed to switch places with a shape shifter synth from his collection and was able to escape. From there he was constantly on the move until he made it to Derika.

    After jumping ship in order to escape his alternate personality, he swam to shore on the back of his Horned Tiger. Upon reaching shore, he passed out and unknowingly relented control to his crueler personality. The darker side of Revi exhibited his ruthlessness by slaughtering a nearby village in order to satisfy his bloodthirsty needs. However, by doing so, he wasted too much energy and relinquished control. Revi returned to his usual calm, timid demeanor the next morning and ventured due South with no destination in mind. He wandered all day until he noticed the towering outer walls of Brinkhaven. With no where else to go, he decided to enter the city and joined those arriving from the docks.

    Claiming no particular form of shelter within the city, he could be found napping on any of the many benches that resided within the inner parts of the city. Despite being an awkward way to live, to Revi’s good fortune, he ended up meeting Amisa, a girl who had taken pity on him, thinking he was a hobo or something of the latter. Taking the random act of kindness too seriously, he began to follow the girl until he got himself wrapped in a skirmish with a boy that wore a strangely captivating hat.

    Equipment: Yatsufusa (blade), Z-Watch, black hoodie, casual purple t-shirt, dusty black pants, sneakers, and menial amount of money

    Current Puppets:
    1. Lina- childhood friend. Skilled at assassination with her Trick Sword.
      • Weapon: Trick Sword (extendable sword)
    2. Western Sharpshooter (Jane)- killed as another example of his power to the ETG
      • Power: Hawkeye- Her shot almost never misses. It’s almost like she can read your movements
      • Weapon: Pistol that shoots magic bullets and never has to be reloaded. Green bullet: makes vines grow. Purple: makes the target poison gas. Blue: makes the target lethargic. Red: bomb. Yellow: disorients target/temporary blindness. Created by the ETG.
    3. William- killed as first mission from the ETG.
      • Power: N/A (cannot be used)
    4. Danger Species: Horned Tiger- killed while on the move. Someone smuggled it out Derika, it broke out of its cage, and while Revi was traveling, it attacked him on instinct and he killed it. He tends to ride it around in unpopulated areas.



    Name: Jonathan Franklin

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Gift (Power): (Supernatural ability or mutation. You can only have one Gift) Dimensional constructs. Can use Dimensional energy to create constructs and replicas of objects a good understanding of the object in question is needed the more complex the object the more you need to know. Using the knowledge of the object its picture/created/drafted in the mind than constructed into reality using dimensional energy and held in reality with the same energy but they will decay after some time depending on the object

    Weaknesses and Limits: (Something that causes your powers to go haywire, and/or limitations on your powers.) Have the enough knowledge of how it works. To create a gun they need to know how each part of the gun works and how they all work together But for a simple rock they do not need as much knowledge.Objects that are created Cant stay in normal reality for to long and will decay if they are held in too long how many Objects they can create and hold in the world depends on their complexity and size. They cant mimic Powerful items or objects such as antinite, artifacts and any thing that is 'living' such as plants, food/drink and people/golems.

    He is social awkward rarely seeing any one his age let alone interacting with them. Spending most of his working he has grown used to it never really experiencing any thing other than that disliking when he is not working and hating when he is doing nothing (Unless it is waiting he can handle that). Also he doesn't truly understand technology, large cities and people in general being cut off from most tech, cities and people just due to where he grew up.

    Appearance: (Describe your character. An image is optional)
    He stands around 1.7m tall he has semi black hair no longer than the top of neck with sea blue eyes and scares over his back if you where ever to see it. He normally wears long denim pants with a shirt. Having a knife hidden at his side (( ill try get an image tomorrow ))

    Personality: Discover it :p

    History: (Required, but just basics, like where your character was born, their life before coming to Derika, how they got to Derika, their relation to the ETG if they have any, etc.)
    He grew up in Australia coming from a rural background he life has mostly been working on his family station (cattle ranch basically) and the many tasks and duties that came with it. Being so remote his powers where unnoticed by him until all but a few weeks ago but when he did discover his power he packed up and was gone the next day scared of the rumors about the ETG still being alive he did not want to bring it down onto his family. He took what money he had leaving his home and heading to Derika to try at a new life hopefully safe from his fears.

    Equipment: Clothing, weapons, whatever you might have on you. (could be nothing but the clothes on your back)
    The clothes that he normal wears, A knife that is normally at his side hidden under his shirt as well as a backpack and camping gear and the small amount of money he has left over after arriving on the island

    Snorky the Snivy


    Name: Alan Fleck

    Age: 16

    Gender: Something that is not a girl

    Gift (Power): THA POWA OVER ALL TEH DARKNESSEZ Power over darkness
    While Alan is in complete darkness, (IE, he cannot be seen), he can do several things. He can teleport to other areas in total darkness instantly, and can create simple objects out of the darkness. (Example: Say he was having a conversation with another person in the darkness, he could create chairs for them to sit on out of the darkness). He also has the ability to tell where areas in total darkness are, and is able to sense where things are inside of that darkness, since he can't see. (Example: He's walking through a busy street in the daytime, but he realizes he's almost late for whatever he's going to, so he can sense where an area in total darkness is so he could use that to teleport to wherever he's going)

    Weaknesses and Limits: He can only teleport at a maximum of about 150 miles. If someone shines a light on where he is when he is in darkness, everything that he created will dissappear and he will effectively be powerless if said person continues to shine the light on him. That said, it is impossible for him to bring out objects he created from darkness. He is also limited to small inanimate objects only when creating things. He would not be able to create, say, a queen sized bed, but he would be able to create some chairs, a table, and a chess set.

    Appearance: about 5'6", black hair that is usually neatly combed and a fair complexion. He has sea green eyes and is kind of thin. He usually wears a black hoodie over a grey shirt, as well as having black jeans, all of this to help him blend in.

    Personality: To be RPed, as I haven't worked out all the kinks yet >.>

    History: He was born in the city of New York to two horrible parents. They didn't really care about his wellbeing, only that he was successful in life and brought pride to the family name. That being said, Alan often resented his parents for pushing him much too hard and punishing him severely should he get anything less than an A in anything. He was also forced to learn the piano. He usually took out his aggression on the students at his prestigious charter school, until one day when his parents adopted Nia. He then had an outlet for all of his frustration, and he constantly annoyed and bullied her. When she ran away, it was back to the normal life for him. However, he was slowly starting to develop his powers, and one night, during a horrid rainstorm that knocked out the power, he slipped away into the night, never to be seen by his parents again. He enjoyed his newfound freedom... for a time. Then he learned that life was cruel, unforgiving, and nobody in the world cared for him. All this time he spent developing his powers, learning to run from, and eventually, kill, anyone who tried to do anything. During this time, he caught snippets of conversation about Derika while slinking around trying to be unnoticed. The prospect of an entire land filled with people like him made him hope that he could maybe, possibly, fit in there, and maybe even find a friend. He eventually managed to slip onto a boat heading to derika by using his teleportation powers, and he absconded to Derika.

    Equipment: Just his clothes and a shiv he keeps in his pocket

    Stu and Improved


    Name: Glasnost 'Glass' Gorsky

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Gift (Power): Glasnost can 'select' a target and use their most undesirable traits (as seen by the target) and the target's wrongdoings (as determined by the targets actions and how they conflict with the target's morals), and make them manifest in a "physical" form. This form will aggrieve their target until the target has either conceded to their "sins" or overcome them through sheer force of will. Since the power of the 'personal demon' is determined by the weight of your 'sins', it's more or less impossible for someone to overcome it by force unless it was insignificant, such as stealing a cookie from someone when you were a child. On the other hand, if you, for instance, killed or doomed one or several people, the demon would be more powerful exponentially. The demon's primary objective is to heckle, hassle, taunt and demolish emotionally and physically their target, but they will protect Glasnost if he is attacked, whether by the target or someone else.

    Weaknesses and Limits: If the demon is beaten, Glasnost is about as durable as a cold plate of custard. He's no good in a fistfight, and isn't fond of fighting in general. After summoning a demon, he has to wait for six hours before being able to summon another, and will be extremely fatigued (read: will not be able to properly stand) for one hour of that.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Glasnost is socially awkward, quiet to the point of being near-indecipherable, and a self-professed pacifist. He will almost always try to solve a problem with non-violence first, but since he has the speaking skills of Jaws, that usually fails. He believes that all bad people have the ability to become good people, and he sees himself as the person to show them the light in his own special way.

    History: Glasnost was born in Omsk, Siberia, to a radioman and a seamstress. He displayed above-average intelligence in school, and decided to devote his time to researching the Gifted in Russia. He graduated three years early and went to college, where he met Zelenyy Spasky. They were friends for a while, but one night before a party, Zelenyy gave Glasnost a capsule and the instructions to pour it into the drink of Tanya Harvey, a girl in the year below them who hated Zelenyy with a passion. Not knowing what was going on, Glasnost did it. An hour later, he was driving through the woods with Zelenyy in the front seat and an unconscious Tanya in the back. He sat and waited while Zelenyy carried the limp body into the woods. He didn't think about the noises he heard, and he didn't think about the sleeping bag with a body in it that Zelenyy brought back. He'd had nothing to do with it. That's what he told himself at the funeral. That's what he said when the college declared a day off to 'remember'. That's what he told himself when Zelenyy pretended to be grief-stricken.

    This event probably should have hit Glasnost harder than he let on. He didn't beat himself up about it, although he generally withdrew into himself even more than usual. After all, he'd had nothing to do with it. Instead, he threw himself into his research, which may have been the thing that finally persuaded his Gift to manifest. Unfortunately, his suppressed conscience decided that the first demon he'd have to summon would be his own.

    Glasnost barely survived. The demon had taken his form, but with Tanya's face. It had beat him near to death, as many wake-up calls tend to, but he'd come to a conclusion. He couldn't live this lie forever, and he wasn't the only one who had to admit to his wrongdoings. When he got out of the hospital, the first person he sought out was Zelenyy. When Glasnost brought it up, Zelenyy insisted that it had never happened. When Glasnost persisted, he told him that if he told anyone, he'd bring him right down along with him.

    Zelenyy denied his sins to his last breath.

    Glasnost took no pleasure in watching Zelenyy die, but he knew that ultimately, he had done the right thing. With a heavy heart, he left the college, deciding that travelling the world would be a better way to spend his time. He could have become a hero, had he decided to try, but the same social ineptitude that had kept him from speaking up before made him loathe to put himself in the public eye. Instead, he joined a small, clandestine organization devoted to ridding the world of evil, Gifted or not. On the third day after his nineteenth birthday, Derika came into the world's knowledge. The day after that, Glasnost turned in his official resignation and set off for the island.

    Equipment: His clothes, an extra pair of glasses, a roll of Scotch tape, and an iPod with an old-fashioned military headset.



    Name: Nikolai "Nuke" Boreale

    Age: 34

    Gender: Male

    Gift (Power): Nikolai has the extremely unique ability of being capable of using any sort of external item, object, or thing that could possibly be used as a weapon, to a limit, at least. Any sort of firearm, explosive device, a streetlight, a house door, all of those fall in the realm of his capability, and he can use them extremely well, to an extent of training usually only seen in masters of the particular weapon.

    Weaknesses and Limits: However, the limits are that he is incapable of using any sort of melee or throwable weapon (guns and explosives not included) that exceed more than two and a half times his weight.



    Nikolai is a somewhat genericly Russian sort of person, who stands at the height of six feet and one inch, in all his bald and bearded glory. He's quite muscled and buff, but unnaturally so, and has a body dominated by his legs, which are what make up a lot of his body size. He's got blue eyes, and black hair, which can really only be seen in his beard, and the small trim of hair he allows to grow on his head.

    Personality: Simply put, he is a chaotic bastard of a man who holds no allegiances whatsoever. He's brash as all hell, supposedly incredibly cool as a person, or so he thinks, with an addiction to rock and eighties rap music with an attitude he should have dropped at the age of twenty. He's also rather style-based, prefering something stylish over a more pragmatic option at most times, but he knows when to do that, and when not to. And at heart, he's a soldier, and a mercenary, and the only thing that motivates him is money, which has evidently been proven by the fact that he's accepted contracts from both the ETG, and the Brinkhaven government, and done them at the same time.

    History: Nikolai Boreale was born to a couple of Russian doctors deployed in Afghanistan during the Soviet intervention, which was technically an illegal birth, due to the military laws during that time, and therefore was denied extraction back to the mainland. He was raised there, by the Russians who defected to help the mujahideen in Afghanistan, and was raised as a soldier. However, his parents were (ironically) loyalists who'd just been kept there as there was no where else for them to go. Over time, they began to lose faith in their own country, and began instructing their child on what he'd have to do to survive. He would have to be independent any country, no one cared for the individual. He would have to live for himself, away from the terrible problems any kind of citizenship would cause. And they explicitly made it clear that this in-dependency was not going to be him joining the mujahideen. Or they threatened, jokingly, to haunt him until he died.

    Of course, it was during this time when he learnt of his powers, during one of the many raids by the Russians, nearing the end of the war, when he somehow became capable of operating a tank's main cannon in a story he loves to tell, and then proceeding to throw a machine gun one and a half times his weight at the time, at a chopper flying extremely low. (like, 10 feet off the ground)

    This story spread rapidly around the place, eventually getting into the earshot of a CIA deployed agent who was organizing the weapons drops to assist the muahideen at the time, who then passed it on to his superiors. Gifted were known to exist at the time, and so he was suspected to be one, and therefore a potential asset at the time. Using their many skills and contacts that had been made available to the CIA during the Cold War in the "the world is a battlefield" phase, they extracted him, and brainwashed him to serve as a Russian sleeper agent in mainland Moscow.

    However, this came at a bit of a late phase, as the Soviet Union had already shown previous signs of breaking down, and now, the CIA had released a man who was slowly breaking down, due to the combined weight of the brainwashing system, and the sleeper commands that had been implanted in him (which were specifically to storm the nuclear control center and Dead Hand systems in case of any confirmed reports of a First Strike against America), into Moscow as a young rebellious adult.

    Things only went downhill from there, as he became a sort of mercenary platform for destruction as he went along, selling his services to just about any warlord or agency that could afford his low prices. In fact, his prefered method of HALO-ing into the combat zone, and using intense amounts of overkill earned him the nickname of "Nuke", because employing him was like "dropping a nuke on a shack", as his employers would joke.

    Equipment: A .500 Smith & Wesson, a TAC .50 sniper rifle, US Army Combat uniform, an Armored Advance Battle Dress Uniform with several overcoatings of kevlar and titanium, which does reduce some of the damage dealt by weapons, but not even close to entirely. He also owns a boombox from god knows when, filled with enough rock and eighties rap to make a man cry.

    Oh, and to make it clear, I would not be starting off in Brinkhaven. I'd like to collaborate with the DM's, maybe as a sometimes Anti-hero, sometimes villain guy like Deadpool, if thats alright.

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  3. mas0n99

    mas0n99 Starship Captain


    Izuna would be sitting boredly inside the Cafe of Brink haven her ears twitching boredly as she looks outside of the cafe windows at the cars passing by, She looks around the cafe at the variety of people snacking and drinking on their own foods and drinks. "So bored" She mutters before she sighs shifting around due to her short height she would dangle her legs over the edge of the seat waving over a waitress which takes her order "Uh, One water...Please" She blinks up at the waitress as she stares at Izuna for a while longer before rushing off quickly to get her the water, after five minutes Izuna would be sipping quietly on her water her ears twitching at the loud noises outside the Cafe and her tail resting beside us "Really loud in Brink Haven..." she mumbles weakly.
  4. samsan99

    samsan99 Space Spelunker

    Jonathan finally arrives in Brink haven gather up the few belongings he has finally setting food in the city as he looks around in awe at the city the huge walls, the people, the buildings and noise of the city. He ends up wasting his few hours walking around the city getting lost pretty fast but not letting it bothering him as he explores learning about its layout and sites. After awhile he finally decides to stop and have a break coming across a cafe walking inside sitting down at a table near Izuna Blinking at her appearance a few times at her before he looks around taking his order just sitting quietly as he eats. still trying to take it all in.

    ((If the colour hurts your eyes or is hard to read just tell me and ill change it ^,^))
  5. mas0n99

    mas0n99 Starship Captain


    Izuna would look at the new person inside the Cafe after she finishes her drink before noticing him examining her causing her to grumble and crosses her arms slowly looking back at him tilting her head slowly "What?" she simply says curiously her ears pivoting at him in curiousity before her fluffy tail swishes a bit before relaxing, She would dig in her pockets and makes a face to the amount of money she has before looking back to him waiting for an answer.
  6. samsan99

    samsan99 Space Spelunker

    Jonathan Looks back to her "Just.." Kinda motion to her ears and tail "Never seen any one like that before".. "Sorry" adding it on at the end as he bites his lip nervously before going back to eating his food glancing back up quickly to her as he shifts around in his chair looking at her ears and tail somewhat interested and a spark of awe showing in his eyes
  7. mas0n99

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    Izuna makes a =I face her ears twitching as she watches him reaching up to fix her hair which causes her ears to twitch again at him she rests her chin on the table her stomach grumbling and she makes a >.> face frowning a bit before she lays her face on the table still dangling her legs a bit before she pulls them up and sits on them sighing boredly looking up at him after a while "So...Whats your name...?" she mumbles at him.
  8. samsan99

    samsan99 Space Spelunker

    "Jonathan" giving her a smile brushing the hair form his eyes before holding his hand out to her "What is yours?" biting his lip nervously again. Talking with a rather clear Australian accent (( not like the movies our actually accent if you have ever heard one of us Aussies talk )) Tilting his head to the side a little as he waits
  9. Chocolate Cake

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    ~ Vilks ~

    Vilks managed to get a job at Bobert's Bread not too long ago, as a baker, and he is there now. He is baking bread, something he has recently become very good at due to the fact that he does it a lot recently. The loaves are crisp and golden-brown, exactly as they should be. Vilks smiles; a perfect batch. The doors burst open, and a wave of cool air rushes into the bakery, along with the owner of the place, Sofia. She is wearing a light blue apron, tied in place with a hasty knot. 'Vilks, we're going to need that bread, quick. Some guy's just ordered two dozen loaves,' she says breathlessly. 'Sure,' he says, slipping some gloves on and seizing the tray of bread. She grabbed it off of him, needing no gloves, as her Gift was fire resistance and manipulation. She took hold of it and rushed back out the doors. Vilks got back to baking some blueberry muffins.
  10. mas0n99

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    Izuna sniffs blinking as she smells the fresh baked bread and licks her lips her stomach grumbling quietly "Uh, Izuna, Do you smell that?" she says slightly to herself looking at the freshly baked bread coming from the back, she digs in her pockets and then tries to call Sofia over to her "Mi-miss will this be enough to buy a fresh baked bread?" She questions looking at the small amount of money, currently not know how much they really cost(>.>).
  11. samsan99

    samsan99 Space Spelunker

    Jonathan nods smelling the bread as well "Yea.. It smells good" Giving a small smile as he follows her gaze watching the bread come from out the back glancing down to his pocket with a small sigh "I don't have that much money left.." watching Sofia come out with the bread biting his lip as he looks at the fresh breed "How much is it?" Asking her quietly.
  12. Ryik

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    Wiping the snow off his face, he sits up to find nothing.


    In the middle of a snowy forest, nothing stretches out before him. All around him, just trees and the nothingness of the white path that stretches endlessly onward. Not even the evergreens could pierce the white sheen of the world layered in snow. Looking around, he finds nothing but nothing. He's at the dead end to a path. With no choice but to move forward he takes the first step down the path only for the cold to hit him all at once. He instinctively wills it away and it gets bought down to a more manageable cool temperature.

    ...Something about that seems wrong...

    Trudging down the white path with nothing but the quiet whistle of the wind as his companion, he soon sees a red line in the distance. He picks up his pace, only to slow down when he sees he was headed for. Nailed to a dead tree with a large metal stake through the chest hangs a bare teenage male about his age. Thick lines of blood trailed down from the wound and mouth to the ground below into a large frozen puddle. His blue eyes are open, unblinking and staring into the distance. His hair is white and his expression emotionless, as if he accepted whatever grisly fate befell him.


    Taking a left down the forked path, he simply walked.
    Once more he saw red blots in the distance. He starting running towards it. Gore didn't make sense out here in the snow and if the blood stains were still visible, then they were killed recently. It didn't make sense for him to be here, and he doesn't even know how he got here.

    Come to think of it, he doesn't know where he was before either. This just made him run faster.

    When he finally came upon the source of the color, he realized it wasn't one, but two sources.
    To the right was a large pile of assorted limbs and body parts, miscellaneous organs and severed heads. Every last one of them was covered in blood and was exactly the same as the cadaver nailed to the tree back at the intersection; white hair, blue eyes. Most of the heads even had the same emotionless expression, and the few that didn't were of sheer unbridled terror.

    Not far from the pile was a large red pool; the other source of the same scarlet color. Undoubtedly it was blood; the same hue, but much more brilliant as it hadn't completely frozen yet. Staring into its surface, he could only see his own reflection.

    Same white hair.
    Same blue eyes.
    Same expression of sheer unbridled terror.

    While he was wearing clothes unlike the rest, (blue hoodie, T-shirt and Jeans) he was suddenly a lot more fearful of his situation. He could believe random killing. Frankly, he didn't find it all that shocking to find a recently killed dead body, but a god damn pile of them, a pool of blood, and all of them exactly like him?

    Fuck this shit.

    Creating a ripple on the surface of the blood pool without touching it by sheer accident, he got intrigued. He willed the blood pool to rise and rise it did, a pillar of blood spiraling upwards from the center.

    Okay cool.

    Directing it to the left, he ran it into a tree, expecting to chop it down. Predictably, it just splattered all over the surface. He'd have to work on that. He's pretty sure water can be sharp.

    Once again, he feels a cosmic force telling him something about this image isn't right, but he ignores it. It probably has something to do with something he isn't remembering. Does that mean he has amnesia? He doesn't think so, but he can't exactly be sure. He can remember fragments crystal clear, but the bigger picture is overall hazy.

    For example, why the fuck is he in the middle of his own personal corpse party.

    Returning down whence he came, passing the nailed corpse and going down the other path, the snow eventually starts to fade. It wasn't exactly thick before, but it's rather sudden, he thinks. Eh, weather. Not like he'll ever find out or do anything about it anyway. As far as he's concerned, there is no need for him to return to corpse park. Ever. He's fine staying out of "Zombies in the snow", thank you very much. Everyone dies in that movie.

    When the snow is long gone he finally comes upon yet another fork in the path. he's unsure of which way to go until he notices buildings sticking out over the treetops in one direction. He decides to follow it.


    He's getting hungry.
  13. Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate Cake Space Spelunker

    ~ Sofia ~

    She looks shrewdly at their small amount of money, than shakes her head. 'You don't need to pay,' she says, and places a gently steaming loaf on the table. She smiles, than leaves.
  14. mas0n99

    mas0n99 Starship Captain


    Izuna would blink smiling brightly as she grabs her own piece of bread(Lets just say there's two?) and starts to nomnom on it seeming to let out a long purr as she closes her eyes licking her lips as she makes a dent in the big piece of a bread "Thish uz guud" She says with a mouthful sighing softly as she continues eating her piece of bread smiling happily her tail raising in the air a bit and her ears twitching slightly.
  15. samsan99

    samsan99 Space Spelunker


    Jonathan gives Sofia a small smile as she places the loaf down "thank you" Taking one starting to eat it Closing his eyes as he smiles taking in its flavor "Hmm it is good..." giving a small sigh as he sinks into the chair seeming more relaxed now. He only eats about half before he warps it up putting it into his bag looking back at Izuna "Izuna.. Do you know your way around the city well?"
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  16. mas0n99

    mas0n99 Starship Captain


    Izuna blinks looking at him as he wraps the rest of his bread up and blinks before doing the same and rubs her stomach smiling quietly as she stretches blinking when she's asked if she knows her way around the city
    "Uh...well I know where the Faction Housings are...And..uh...The shops are around here..." She shrugs weakly before she pulls out a map of Brink Haven and places it on the top of the table looking over it before pointing out where they are now "That is us...and that.." She pokes the map again showing the Faction housing area "Is where I should go soon to get a house, I heard they give you free food and a bed and stuff" She says giving a small smile "Oh and around us is the shopping area!" She shifts around while sitting on her knees.
  17. samsan99

    samsan99 Space Spelunker


    He looks down at the map watching as she points out the places around the city nodding "Well.. do you need any thing to get into the faction housing?" frowning slightly as he looks where it is than to where they are "Hmm.. a bed.. food and for free it does sound nice.. what about work around here?" glancing at her than back at the map as he quickly studies it "Need some thing to earn money.. keep busy.. and so I can visit the shops" Standing up as he pulls his bag on "Well.. I might go to the faction housing.. Would you like to come Izuna"
  18. mas0n99

    mas0n99 Starship Captain


    Izuna blinks rolling up the map and places it in her bag looking around
    "I think you need to show them your gift to get in..." she crawls out of the booth standing next to Jon and would probably be up to his gut of waist line/hips causing her to grumble "Ill come with you so you don't get lost..." She thinks "I think I saw a notice board with job offers near the entrance to the city too..Maybe the Faction housing has job offer too...?" She question before pulling the map out again and starts to walk out of the Cafe looking around then at the map before walking in a direction that seems the best route to the Faction housings.
  19. samsan99

    samsan99 Space Spelunker


    "Show them..? Ehh" Frowning as he follows her out of cafe "Thanks for help.. Only just got here today" Biting his lip as he thinks of the home he left "Ill have to check them out after this.." Looking around in awe again as they walk though the city "Never.. been some where so big.. how long have you been here?" glancing back to see he fall behind when he was looking around jogging to catch back up to her
  20. mas0n99

    mas0n99 Starship Captain


    Izuna glances behind her at him then looks back to her map biting her lip as she comes across a intersection which she looks for on the map and nods walking across it when she can
    "Uh..Maybe..for...Three days?" She says to answer his question before she stops looking up at the huge faction buildings that come into view with their own symbols showing and signs indicating their housings "Hm...I think I need to go to the Physical housing..." She looks up at him twitching faint at how short she is, her ears twitching up at him before her tail swishes behind her keeping it up and off the ground as it does "What housing are you?" She questions curiously.

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