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  1. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    (Warning: this RP will feature dark subjects, violence, and sometimes things that are barely safe for work... Please be advised before continuing...)

    Well, it looks like the story of untold has been told at last. Going out with a sputtering, bloodied cough and a struggling sigh.
    But that's in the past. The timeline has been rewritten. Terror arose to godhood, only for he and his siblings to be totally consumed by the great being of azathoth.
    With them but a shadow out of time, time itself has been repaired. The blaze cult being little more than crazed religious lunatics on a crusade for their sacred texts, and the new blaze being those to stop them.
    Events play out, and all turn out with the cult eventually being defeated. Those so integral to the timeline survive, and all is well... Happy ending...
    The only loose end being where in the multiverses varmint and his crew ended up...

    But enough about that! Let's take a stab in the dark. The deepest darkest pits from the blackest reaches of my sick and twisted mind...

    Welcome to the strange and eldritch world of _____________... I hope you can enjoy your stay...

    If you feel a bit intimidated by the scale, that's okay! That's why I and other GM(s) are here! To help everyone get set with their character and organize the RP and make sure it's fun (Or maddeningly frightening) for everybody!

    You are a member of the first non-native expedition crew to the rumored sacred underground city buried in the South Pole of the planet Treiach. What you will encounter is unknown, only that it will have never been seen by anyone. Few (if any) of you will have any clue as to the gravity of this, with many probable only present for the sake of self interest in the form of ancient technologies to sell and a supposed treasure of information to plunder.
    So... Who's up for a little archaeology?

    Strange things have been happening on the Sallokian and Salzarian homeworld of Treiach. Technologies of an ancient and weïrd kind being found in the frozen ruins of civilizations past. Rumors of encounters with gods and daemons of strange (and sometimes familiar) description. Sightings of creatures too hideous and utterly wrong to describe. And the mysterious disappearances of many south bound polar pilgrimages. Their disease stricken bodies, brains stored in canisters, and crews of minds touched by madness being found on the other side of the planet. There have been reports of Sallok and Salzars alike being driven mad from vivid nightmares of shocking similarities, describing places and beings to awful to comprehend. And race wide tales of a whispering from an unheard voice in their minds, commanding them and driving them to commit unspeakable horrors against the human race...

    How very peculiar...

    With their recent contact with the other galactic nations, this would of course garner attention. The Protectorate see this peculiarity as a most strange occurrence worth studying for science, and a threat worth addressing. Others see this as an opportunity to raid their sacred frozen grounds for the wealth of knowledge they hold.

    You are a member of the first non-native expedition to these southern lands. Armed with superior technology, a wealth of information, and a few native guides, you will uncover its secrets. What they are and what you will find, nobody knows. Only one thing can be certain about this...
    You all have a horrible feeling about this...

    1. GM'S WORD IS LAW (If you have an issue, take it up with me either in a personal message/conversation, or here in the OOC thread)

    2. DO NOT GODMOD (This includes butt conjuring, metagaming, not giving me a chance to dictate success or failure, and taking control of the RP and deciding what is going on)

    3. DO NOT STRAY DRASTICALLY FROM THE STORY (Stick with the plot... Other than that, freedom for the most part... You can make inferences based on locations, but if you're unsure about something just ask me and I will let you know. The worst that could happen for attempting to go somewhere that doesn't exist is that you look a bit foolish.)

    4. KEEP IN CHARACTER IN RP (This also means keep your character as that character. Don't go changing personalities without letting me know and accept it first...)

    5. LIMIT OF TWO ACTIVE PLAYER CHARACTERS PER PERSON (Your other characters will remain at base camp, where you can interact with others and try and keep them alive. Other characters can be submitted to me as an NPC. Try and find a way to work them into the plot and you'll probably get them integrated)

    6. DONT NEEDLESSLY KILL IMPORTANT NPCS (if you kill or attempt to kill a key plot character, there will be serious consequences...)

    7. DON'T TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY (Shit happens in the RP that you won't like... When this happens, don't hate the GM's or other players for fucking with you. If you really don't like what happens, take it up with the GM's in a non-aggressive way.)

    8. DON'T BE A DICK (Don't... Just... Don't...)

    9. DON'T OCC IN THE RP (If it's something small, just put it in (()). Otherwise, post it in the OOC thread.)

    10. NO METTAGAMING (Yeah, I put it in godmodding, but I have to reiterate and explain it. Essentially, don't take advantage of dramatic irony. If you know something that your character doesn't (Which you will if you pay attention to the rest of the RP), then don't automatically assume your character knows. THIS INCLUDES HALLUCINATIONS AND ILLUSORY EXPERIENCES UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED IN THE PROMPT.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep no secrets from GM's... If you have any big plans or big chunks of information that I need to know to work into the plot that you don't want spoiling to anyone else, IM it. Please not to keep it secret until I don't know what to do with it. Telling me is so much easier than trying to force me to improvise...

    What you need to make an app is the following:

    Name: self explanatory... This can sometimes have an effect...

    Relationships: relationships with other characters, both your own and others. NPCs included...

    Race: anything from Starbound... Modded, suggested, whatever. As long as it is built around the lore of starbound or science fiction... But if it is a mod or suggestion, please provide an image and a link to the mod/suggestion for racial reference... Certain races will provide certain intrinsic traits based on their lore and play style. (Such as avali being sonic resistant, novakids being living plasma, and ᎦᏥᎾᏀᏧᎭ being [REDACTED]. There will be new races that will be encountered. When that happens, you can make a new character as one of them.
    Also keep in mind that race may or may not be permanent... :sneaky:

    Age: also self explanatory... Age extremes are considered a given trait. (They don't count as one, but they are a factor.)

    Physical appearance: either provide a picture, or describe in detail how your character looks, how much they weigh, how tall they are what kind of muscle/far build they have, their facial and head hair, what kind of clothes they normally wear, what their posture is, etc. as much detail as you can... This can sometimes contribute to traits.

    Personality: This will define your character's personality... Be it brutish, impulsive, and righteous; or possibly cunning, calculated, and cold... Be mindful with how your use your adjectives, as it will decide what you do that can keep you sane, and what you do will sap you mad with a guilt ridden consciousness... It can sometimes contribute to traits.


    Traits are what defines your character as a character... All players will be decently competent with everything by default, but these determine what they are and are not good at in great detail and at great length... There are some requirements for traits of course... You must have at least one positive trait, and two negative traits, plus an (additional negative trait for Deepest Fear to be submitted to me personally). They should balance out for there to be four negative traits for every three positive traits you have, or three to every two positive traits you have. Keep in mind that your traits have to stick to your character's personality and build for the most part... If you go against the main traits (neutral is fine to forget) There will be consequences... Either in you forgetting you have an advantage, or ignoring when I use a negative trait against you... Otherwise, you are free to use them as you will.
    Traits in bold are conditions inflicted by the GM, and are sometimes possible to be changed through certain actions.

    Positive traits: These define what your character is good at or general good qualities. They can include being good at a skill (Thief, marksman, hunter, athlete, driver, pilot, leader) with a craft (Blacksmith, gun nut, chemist, grease monkey), being knowledgeable (Ark researcher, linguist, Professor), having good connections (good debt, good side of law enforcement, well known merchant, black market connections), having good training (Meditation, Marines, Navy, Martial arts), Balancing out negatives(Self-Control, Dense muscle, Attractive, refined other senses), or other such traits. You may have a reasonable amount of positive traits, but they must be balanced with each other as well as with your negative traits.

    Neutral Traits: These are additional details about your character that simply flesh them out a bit more. They can have a positive or negative effect, but not by much. Some can even be used as a means to increase sanity level. They can include things like hobbies (reading, gaming, browsing, knitting, whittling), minor facts (Knowing Latin, being a Shakespearean actor, good tastes in wine, a passion for music), or any other defining traits (Likes the color blue, like shiny things, bartender, homosexual, pharmaceutical researcher, pole dancer, etc.) You may have any number of these, just try and keep them simple, and don't go overboard. If you have a question whether something should be neutral or the others, just ask.

    Negative traits: These are what truly define a character. What is it about them that makes their tick just a bit more unique. What makes your character an imperfect mortal. These are what make a character not good... There are so many negative traits, you just have to find the ones that fit for your character... They can be anything from addiction (Alcohol, stims, pills, smokes), to bad connections (Debt, wanted criminal, bounty, escapee), to mental disorders (Psychopathy, Dyslexia, Depression, Bipolar, Kleptomania, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, OCD), to disease (Cancers, Leprosy, Carrier for Moontant virus, Moontant, AIDS, Avian flu), to chinks in your armor (Cybernetics highly sensitive to electronics, muscle weak, smokers lung, blind, lazy eye,), to just bad traits that cause trouble (Clumsiness, thief, control freak, attention whore, short tempered, lazy, perfectionist, workaholic, completionist, hemophobic, glutton). You can always have as many negative traits as you like, but there must always be a deepest fear trait. You should share it with me in IM to keep it secret... If you want... Keep in mind that some of these disadvantages can have their advantages (Psychopath being immune to guilt, always hyped on stims can boost athletic skill, masochist increases pain tolerance and can bolster morale in difficult situations, sadists have no sanity loss from committing atrocities on people, etc. Best keep these advantages to yourself though.)

    Also, be aware that giving your character a lot of good disadvantages makes the GM smile...

    And a happy GM is a generous one...

    Equipment and inventory: this is what you are wearing. It includes armor (Helm, mask, neck, shoulder, forearm, glove, knuckle, breast, items "On belt" (three items that you can use quickly such as stimpacks, syringes, and nanowrap patches), Tools kept in close reach (lockpicking kit, medkit, etc.), and weapons of all kinds. Though you do need two hands to do a lot of things, so best keep your weapons sheathed and holstered when you don't need them... Keep in mind that all items have weight and size and will impede you in combat and in travelling.

    History: This is how your character ended up as they are now. You should probably discuss present plot points with me. But beyond the now, be at least a bit creative, stick to your character, make it interesting, and make sense. That's all.

    Other notes: Just other things about your character that should be known. Nothing too major...

    • Crafting requires materials, but sometimes things can be improvised. Either as a source of the material, or as a replacement for it.
    • All puzzles have solutions that can be solved without assistance. Though additional help and chances is always nice...
    • Conditions for being dead include lethal headshots, organ damage, asphyxiation, and almost any other possible condition in which you are most certainly dead.
    • The way sanity works is that there is a chance for your perception of reality to be distorted. Sometimes slightly, sometimes severely... They can range from hearing things being said that you didn't actually hear, to reality being completely distorted and incomprehensible as real...
    • Everyone is a piece on the board...
    • If you need help or have any questions, ask!


    Name: Miraa " Sindrakk"

    Relationships: Elsie, 'Sleira

    Race: Human-Abberation

    Age: Unknown. Young possibly.

    Physical appearance: 3'7, 200 pounds [​IMG]

    Personality: Kind, cheery. Giggly and happy, although introverted when away from her parents

    Positive traits: Incredibly strong and fast. No need for food, but requires electric energy for "consumption" Childish and "adorable". Amazing sense of smell

    Neutral Traits: Likes flowers and oranges

    Negative traits: Nearly blind and deaf. Tiny and fragile. Easily scared. Nightmares. Attached to Elsie and 'Sleira incredibly

    Equipment and inventory: Dress with a diamond pattern on the chest, slippers, hairbow, bracelet which reads " Daggeres"

    History: Kept prisoner by Mayor Cowler so long, she forgot when she was captured. Managed to somehow escape with the aid of Ausleira, who took her in as her child. Miraa clung to 'Sleira's side, literally and figuratively. Miraa hadn't known what it was liked to be cared about for...days? Months? Years? She has become 'Sleira's adopted child and she rarely ever leaves her side. Well why would she? After all 'Sleira is her mommy.

    " I have a mommy! I'm so happy! "

    Name: Lescalius Aor Yiur
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Physical appearance: Tall and thin, and slightly pale. Hazel eyes set against a gaunt yet boyish face complemented by a head of medium length shaggy black hair. He wears goggles along with silk gloves, a doctors coat, blue jeans and a black shirt. He carries a knapsack with him

    Personality: Quiet, introverted. Random bursts of excitement and happiness. Easily scared and timid. Confident when in a situation he can help in. Very reserved and somber

    Positive traits:

    Medical knowledge: Skilled doctor, some would call him a miracle worker when it comes to medicine and surgery.

    How are you? : He is an absolute charmer. He can manage to talk anything out of nearly anyone

    Oh...nice watch.: He has some of the lightest fingers you'll ever see. He could easily steal ones watch off their wrist while having a conversation with them

    Neutral Traits:

    Did you hear? : He loves hearing about peoples secrets.

    Poet: He writes stories or poetry whenever the mood hits him

    Negative traits:

    Addict: He takes many drugs. Especially sleeping pills to help quell his nightmares. Anything thats addictive, he's probably tried once

    Another nightmare...: Whenever he sleeps he has horrid nightmares. Only his sleeping pills makes him forget upon waking

    Noodle arms: He isnt strong. At all. He is a weakling. A pathetic weakling at that

    Mad doctor: His expirements and research isnt.... "legal" to say the least... Wanted by several groups for violating basic rights of sentients

    Sickly: Although he is drugged most of the time, that doesnt help his naturally weak immune system

    Equipment: Strange glass goggles, strange glass syringe, doctors jacket, jeans, belt, socks, sneakers, silk gloves, knapsack

    Inventory: A bottle of sleeping pills, two scalpels, a small bottle of morphine, tiny bottle of cyanide, box of cigarretes and a lighter, handkercheif. small locket with a jade on it


    A rather sad soul, wouldnt you agree? Abandoned at birth, forced to somehow survive and fend for himself. He developed light fingers and a silver tongue in the process, he needed them to survive. Somehow he managed to make it to adulthood and become a doctor. He then spiraled into drug abuse. He had one person who was a light in his life... I dont remeber her name. She died of sickness. He tried to scrounge up enough money to get her DNA into the protectorate regeneration program, but alas, he didnt. He searches for a way to bring back a long dead love.

    Name: Luciette.

    Relationships: A elder being....A illithid, some other freaks.

    Race: Human as far as we would know, But he seems to be something....older?

    Age: 27

    Physical appearance: Slightly hunched over, wears thick clothes, long, thick jeans, heavy tuxedo jacket, and a blank porcelain mask. Just. Pure. White. His brown hair falls about his face and ears, covering his elf like ears most of the time. Wears thick leather gloves, his claws ripping out through the tips. 6 feet even, 5'11 when hunched over

    Personality: Cold, yet friendly. Heartless, yet heartfelt. Like two beings are clashing, stuck in the same wretched body. Calculative, wants to help, but winds up only helping himself


    Positive traits:
    " Strong, not necessarily. Smart, very. ": Very cunning and calculative. He can use a sword, spear, gun and other things, but he likes to outthink his opponents
    " Oh the blood, it sings to me. Enough to make a man sick. ": Whenever he does fight, he loves to use his claws. He loves the lurid pleasure of ripping his enemies to shreds, bathing in their blood
    " Ow....hehe....sharp.": His claws are sharp...sharper than should be possible..it can cut diamond....shatter titan-brass.... Make gashes in the hull of a ship....a worthy foe indeed...

    Neutral: His sisters favorite song was Moonlight Sonata, and Lacrimosa....and they're his too.

    Negative traits:

    " Bloodlust....you monster...It's consumed you....": Whenever he draws blood, he wants more...more....more....it takes a firm blow to the head to stem the lust...

    " AGH! OW! FIRE! FIRE!" : Hates fire and high heat. and has a horrid weakness to it, makes his skin turn to ash. That's why he wears a good bit of clothes...

    " Oh....So, you're him? ": Would be killed by some certain people, for certain reasons..

    " I cant see....well....Uh...really I cant....": His only form of sight is soulvison...and echolocation....so if you scream too loud, he wont be able to " see"

    " I want to help. I want to protect. I want to be righteous...I want to be a good man...": He wants to be good, he wants to help people, even at the expense of his own life. "

    Will of the mad: His clashing personalities make it incredibly difficult to stay manageably sane. He has half the stress threshold as a normal person.

    Equipment and inventory: His clothes, his precious, precious mask. A necklace which belonged to his big sister.

    Name: Alistair Kaiden

    Relationships: Sleira, Elsie, Artyom, Miskahn, Rin, Jareix...others I'm probably forgetting

    Race: Human

    Age: 25

    Physical appearance: Normal sized human, amber colored eyes that are filled with a childlike wonder, wears and aviators jacket and some specially made avali-tech shades for a human ( efficiently google glasses ). Red and White streaked hair that stands almost straight up. Kinda pale, several chipped teeth. A strange red glyph is tattooed on his left shoulder. Muscled build. He carries a holstered kinetic gauntlet on his left hip, and a nano reconstructer on his right. Ambery orange colored eyes.

    Personality: Kind and caring, possibly overzealous in protecting his friends. His past guilt-trips him every now and again. Extremely smart when it comes to physics and theoretical physics.....he also gets into a sort of drill sergeant-y mode when he gets ticked.

    Positive traits:
    Kind: He truly cares about everyone and how their day is going. He wants to help everyone every way he can
    Reality is just a philosophy, one I do not believe: He is simply brilliant when it comes to extra-planar and extra-dimensional things, this also has led him into the field physics and theoretical physics
    Haha....hahaha.....Yeah. No. Definitely no. : He's pretty darn strong, enough to One hit KO a good buncha people.
    C'mon guys! We can do this!: Chipper all the time, slightly boosting morale whenever he's around...no matter the situation

    Neutral Traits:
    Physicist, Theoretical physicist, Extra-Planar specialist: Self explanatory
    Rockin jams: He loves music, he even plays the drums

    Negative traits:
    No...that...that isn't me...: He cant stand it when anyone brings up his BLAZE past....he denies he ever did those things...
    H ow d o I ev en exi st. P lea se so meon e...h elp me...: He has horrid nightmares, ones that break him to his core... Although he may seem happy and chipper, he is a large ball of bundled depression, regret, self loathing and fear. He keeps it bottled up, so one day it's bound to be uncorked.
    Geez...ugh....asthma....: Has asthma.....not really helpful...he cant run that well
    I miss them....I miss my friends..: Whenever he lets someone die.... He becomes extremely depressed.... He blames himself for almost everything that happens to his friends that are bad.

    Equipment and inventory: Kinetic gauntlet, basically a heavy grade force push generator. A nano reconstructer gauntlet, which is basically a controlled beam of particles that rejuvenates whoever it's pointed at, a healing device. On his belt he carries a switchblade, some nanowrap bandages and two strange necklaces. His inhaler, in case of asthma attacks.


    Name: Roland Stone

    Age: 28

    Race: Human

    Description: 6’2 232 lbs. A relatively lean built body, slightly more muscular in the shoulder and arms, the start of a beard that adds a shadow to his face. Short dark brown hair with a cowlick towards the right of his head. Wears dark green cargo pants and a midnight blue button up shirt, black, open, knee length duster, multiple blade sheaths on him. Thick coat built for arctic temperatures. Black combat boots. Thick leather gloves. Stands leaned forward slightly, hands always at sides if not in his pockets. Calm voice and speaks rather quietly.

    Personality: Scrutinizing of new people from past experiences, but overtly kind anyways, prefers just a bit of distance when near new people. Willing to go out of his way to help, even if he doesn't know them well. Hates when someone is singled out, often striving to even the balance. Hates bias and is a bit of a hopeless romantic.

    Backstory: A literal black sheep to any Stone you'd meet, he never truly cared for guns, preferring blades and swords to a point that he'd literally try to take a sword to a gunfight. He grew up rather normally, a basically uneventful youth and a quiet departure to make his own way, he would have taken every step with nothing but blades if his brothers haven't convinced him to at least carry a handgun, not like he ever uses it…

    He has taken a liking to uncommon blades, ones that would rarely be seen, either awed over or attempted to be stolen, either way, he simply didn't care until someone tried to snatch one, giving him good practice on watching for sticky fingers and pickpockets, then he had an excuse to use them..but that isn't his aim, his aim is to break the monotony and find some action, literally joining in because it sounded good, he sets little stock by money, seeking action more than anything.


    Positive- Doesn't need much food, kind, skilled with a blade, great perception, fast, stealthy.

    Neutral- Kind of sappy, hopeless romantic.

    Negative- Untrusting to new faces, not extremely powerful, hates anyone being singled out, packs a bit less than recommended, holds grudges. Quiet voice, could potentially not be heard in loud situations. Travels lightly,If there's an expedition from a main base, he'll carry little other than his blades and gun. Unaccustomed to cold weather, he knows little about safely traversing arctic terrain.

    A 4” bladed karambit knife in a small sheath above his waistband, under his duster.
    A 21” Falchion “utility blade” on a hip sheath.
    34” Khopesh blade in a sheath on his back.
    .38 M9 pistol with two 12 round magazines.

    5 days food and water in a large pack.

    Name: Richard Wells
    Race: Human
    Physical Appearance: Average height, 5'9, relatively lean, often wearing relatively durable armor on his legs and left shoulder and arm, carrying heavy winter gear integrated with armor in the same pattern,

    Personality: Crude, one track mind. Set on his objective, hates leaving a job undone, understanding and soft hearted.



    Shock Trooper: Trained in rushing and overwhelming enemies in situations, much similar to 'Breach and Clear' tactics.

    Burden Tolerant: Heavy loads are nothing new for him and handled easily.


    Unsociable: Zero people skills past taking orders and saying 'Hi' and 'Bye'.

    Twitchy: On edge and always raring to go, especially to get it over with.

    Minimal Survival skills: He's had training as a soldier and how to fare in bad situations, but nothing on how to survive arctic environments.

    Equipment/Gear:A week of rations, simple survival gear, military like combat knife kept in his boot. Moderate body armor over left shoulder, arm and legs, integrated into moderately heavy winter attire, carrying a compact KSG bullpup shotgun, 21 buckshot shells, 7 slug shells.


    Name: Conall Brìgh, (Pronounced Con-ul, Bree)
    Nickname: Sona and/or Mathan (Happy Bear)

    Relationships: His entire family, cousins, uncles, siblings, nephews, anyone you could think of. Maybe more later.

    Race: Hooman bean

    Age: 35

    Height: 6'8''
    Weight: 295 lbs.
    Physical appearance: A 'grizzly' looking, broad mountain of a man, sports a large beard that is usually unkempt and long hair that almost always hangs, braided, down between his shoulder-blades, both a stark red color. He doesn't have the body of a bodybuilder, but he certainly has the bulk of one. Wears a tight t-shirt, shorts, and hide boots. He has tattoos accompanied by scars tightly packed on both of his arms, his chest and back have the same tight spacing of tattoos and scars, though his legs are relatively free of markings. These tattoos all look to bear a resemblance to Norse figures, snakes, shields, ship prows, and so on.

    Personality: Brash, boastful, loud, intimidating, kindhearted, brave, straightforward, upbeat/happy, zealous, and proud.


    Stonewall: Knocking this tower off balance isn't an easy thing, let alone knocking it down.
    Strong: Very much so.
    Brawler: This man can turn anything into a weapon and thrives in the fray.
    Vigorous: A tough and enduring man, doesn't seek rest or safety, only the next task, a new challenge.
    Woodsman: Knows how to work with wood, both construction and destruction.

    Fixated On Fame and Fate: Conall believes his time is already chosen, he seeks to do all he can before that time comes.
    Musically Enlightened: Conall enjoys all sorts of music, but drums and pipes get him going like nothing else can.
    Very Respecting of Elders: Conall knows well that age is both a status sign and a show of experience

    Overly-Brave: Will rush into things that are very clearly too dangerous, despite his better judgement.
    Slow: Not the quickest of the bunch, scooting around him wouldn't be too difficult, especially for something or someone agile.
    Clumsy: Can be a bit of a klutz at times, not very graceful.
    Raw: Isn't shy about colorful displays of strength, brutality, and the like. Will go overboard without realizing it.
    Comrade: Losing a close friend or family member is particularly hard for this man.
    Rage: Doesn't get angered easily. But, when he is angered it's a storm few can weather.
    Bounty: Conall's past work has attracted the attention of some unsavory people, some DEARLY wanting him to do their dirtywork, some seeking to put him down.
    Workaholic: Enjoys his free time just like anyone else, but isn't a very big fan of staying idle for too long.

    Equipment and Inventory: Conall carries his trust Danish Longaxe, Morsii, as well as a flask that he likes to keep filled with the strongest alcohol available (On Belt). He wears a pauldron that looks extremely old and worn, it's entirely covered in carvings, most of them faded, but it looks like it's sustained no damage. Matching his pauldron is a similarly-ancient helmet of his, it doesn't look nearly as decorated as the pauldron, but it's clearly just as old if not older. When not wearing the helmet he'll attach it to his belt, if there's space.

    This, but very worn. [​IMG]

    History: A warrior at heart Conall was born into an accomplished family, he was the second oldest of four siblings. All of them were rough, but Conall was always the roughest, even as they grew into adults Conall came out as the biggest and strongest of them all, even larger, but not tougher, than his oldest brother, Brecc. This got him used to being accomplished, he loved the feeling and knew that the best way he could get it was to succeed in increasingly challenging situations. Conall eventually left home in search of more glory, but he always kept in touch with his family and he would do anything for any one of them. He went off on this expedition after a history of great triumphs, he has many stories to tell and he hopes to have many more before his time comes.

    Name: Demina Eir Luco (Deh-mee-nah Air Loo-koe)

    Relationships: Has heard a fair few names and pays close attention to them, but doesn't explicitly know anyone aside from her Eir pack members and parents.
    Is happy to speak with others but doesn't open herself up right away.

    Race: Avali

    Age: 28

    Appearance: White feathers that seem to be more reflective than they should be, with a yellow outline. A decorated plumage and tail, including purple highlights, and two identical, metallic, orange trinkets hanging from both the tail and head. The trinkets resemble a stylized Avali, one that looks bigger than even a large Avali. Sports a thin frame with oddly broad shoulders.
    Has quite a high pitched voice, but not a squeaky one.
    Height: 3'8''
    Weight: 72 lbs.

    Personality: Mild-mannered, jumpy -almost skittish-, apprehensive, somewhat squeamish, careful, analytical, astute, keen, meticulous, up-standing, feisty, kind, caring, and crafty.
    Generally kind and caring, rarely mean, and always tries to be as precise as possible.

    Positive Traits:
    Quick of Wit and Frame: Quite agile and a fast thinker
    Scientist: Studious, knows a wide array of things about biology, chemistry, and the like, not too bad at doctoring to boot.
    Crafty: Creative with the application of resources and time, can twist a small advantage into something more in some cases.
    Pleasant: Nice to be around and enjoys being around others.
    Extremely Attentive: Only the sneakiest of sneaks and the smallest of details manage to make it past this living radar.

    Neutral Traits:
    Lover of Music: Greatly enjoys music, no matter the kind. Will encourage those who can play or sing to play or sing whatever they can.
    Clean: Always seems to be clean, even in dirty situations. Will try to clean things off, even if it's intrusive to do so.
    Reasonable: Very level-headed and open to discussions of all kinds.
    Performer: Enjoys putting on shows of talent, whether it be a speech, dance, or song.

    Negative Traits:
    Weak: Not very physically endowed with her small frame.
    Fragile: fairly dainty, can't sustain large blows or trudge on a march for very long.
    Touchy: Remembers things well and tends to not forget about any sort of wrongdoing, no matter how small, despite her mild-manners.
    Self Righteous: Rarely sees herself in the wrong, even if she is wrong, but doesn't openly express it in most cases.
    Attached: Does NOT handle loss well, especially the loss of a close friend, has a particularly hard time accomplishing tasks when mourning.
    Somewhat Cowardly: Will avoid intimidating situations if she can, insisting others go ahead of her, but will face tough situations if need-be.
    Wild Underneath: If pushed over the edge will snap and lash out before calming down and shutting herself away.

    Always carries around a data-slate for taking notes on interesting things. Also tends to have a few vials of odd substances with her. (Go nuts with these if you want ;) ) Carries an Avali-sized blue-metal knife, -more of a karambit to human-sized races- and a few similarly sized throwing knives. Finally she likes having enough bandages with her to take care of herself and a couple others.
    She wears somewhat decorative clothing most of the time, leaving a plain set and a plain cloak in her room.
    She keeps a pack that functions as a portable chemistry set, complete with a few small surgical tools, in her room. Its quite heavy for her, not fun to carry around.
    Demina sports an augmented tail, she can control it beyond just the occasional flick and bend. It's able to support her weight and can function like a little whip, maybe even as a rudimentary arm if needed to carry things.

    History: Demina was born into the Luco tribe and was placed into the Eir pack with four others. Ken, the leader, Kara, the hunter, Deno, the engineer, and Larya, the brawler. Every member of her pack was very capable of holding their own in a fight, except for her. She got along with her pack and was a particularly big fan of Deno, who shared her more studious mindset. They experimented together with all sorts of gadgets; new rifles, new drones, new engines, you name it and they had made it together. Demina didn't just spend time with Deno though, Kara had helped her hone her throwing arm, Larya trained her footwork and agility, and Ken drilled her in shooting and leadership. Demina was never an expert in any of those areas, but thanks to her pack she was at least proficient in them. She had taught her pack mates the intricacies of the more common chemicals and turned all of them into apprentice nurses in the process. They all shared their talents with each other and they all grew because of it, becoming a true unit faster than most. Their pack had been assigned to more militaristic assignments than anything else and they were good at them, this earned them the nickname "Eir of Certainty."
    After years of smooth sailing with the occasional bump Eir had come across this expedition. Ken had forbid anyone go on this expedition, seeing just how dangerous it was. Both Demina and Kara urged Ken to allow them on the journey, but Ken wouldn't budge. Demina wouldn't be held back from such important research, knowing she brought the least to any of the pack's military missions. So she announced that she would be leaving for the expedition, none of her pack mates were happy about the news, Deno insisted she stayed behind, that it was too dangerous, Kara urged Demina to not go alone, Larya was too overwhelmed by it all and locked herself away for the moment, and Ken refused to let the pack be broken apart. After much arguing Demina had gone, leaving her pack behind in order to pursue the important research, she feels bad about having left, but she knows that they'll do just fine without her and she intends to return as soon as she can. Demina never forgets to send her pack regular reports on her progress and condition and she looks forward to anything she receives or hears about from her pack.

    Name: Ron 'Bullet' Reems
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27

    Relationships: Is a USCM dropout, no particular names.

    Appearance: Relatively average size, 5'10'' a bit bigger in the chest than most his size. Has a rigid face, a pair of thin mutton chops that lead into a goatee. Short black hair, hazel eyes, and rough looking skin. Is never seen outside of his armor, not even when he sleeps, some might say he was born in it.
    Personality: Callous and hotheaded, focused and fast, Efficient, quiet when not in the thick of it, boastful when in a fight.

    Positive Traits:
    Fearless: Being bold is this man's #1 goal, lead every charge and face every foe.

    Muscle: Running and gunning has hardened his arm, and his gut.

    "Blitz!" : Very skilled at the art of a Blitz, strike hard, strike fast, don't get caught behind.

    Neutral Traits:
    Complimentary: Likes it when others show capability to keep up with him, respects big, destructive weapons even more.

    Negative Traits:
    Rushed: Doesn't care to think of plans beforehand, only to make things up as a situation unfolds.

    Wild: Will make decisions that are crazy just for the thrill of it.

    Vulgar: Not the calmest or nicest of fellows, doesn't care to show mercy either.

    Bullheaded: Figuratively and literally, a stubborn man.

    "Brakes? You must mean more gas!" : The concept of 'wait' doesn't apply to this man, always moving all the time. Can't stop, won't stop.

    Equipment: About 5 days worth of rations, Body armor that fits like a glove, the thickest of it being around his chest, head, and shoulders, the armor on his legs is relatively thin. Wields a 12 gauge Benelli M4 shotgun painted a bright red, loaded with slug rounds, carries buckshot rounds in a speedloader on his hip. Keeps a USCM combat knife in a holster across the back of his belt. Has a winter coat that he'll sometimes wear over his armor.

    History: Ron has always been an 'act first think later' type of guy. He's the spearhead more often than anything else. Quite reckless and rash but capable enough to have made it this far. He earned the nickname 'Bullet' after dropping through enemy fortifications and hammering the rest of the way through the facility.


    Name: Kahlia
    Relationships: Mother - Bree, Greenfinger - Janus, Father (estranged) - Hu-man Davvvid
    Race: Floran/Human
    Age: Human age - 22
    Physical appearance: Floran and Human DNA has come together to make an odd creature. She stands at around 5'ft evenly, with a thin yet lean build (athletic). Large, Raspberry colored eyes that lack whites. Her skin is almost human looking, if said human had been raised in a windowless basement and fed only pea pods ( That is, pale white with the vaguest hints of light chlorophyll green). Dark green freckles spot her cheeks and shoulders. No leaves. Her hair too is almost human-ish, though it's texture is more akin to corn silk (pale green), and small clover-esque petals sprout here and there (giving great body and volume!). She wears the thick mess of hair wrangled into a long braid, though stubborn strands fly about. A small spotted pelt wrapped around her torso and bound with leather straps makes for an adequate enough top, and her "pants" are leather shorts, with the same spotted pelt wrapping her legs for good measure. Also, a human leather bomber. (Since she's a hybrid, I figure her attractiveness would be subjective to taste.) P.s. human mouth... I.E. lips, pointy floran teeth.

    Personality: "Smarty-Floran! Weak-Floran!" are what sum up kahlia's upbringing, if florans are cruel, their children are crueler. Kahlia is by no means weak, but that doesn't stop her from trying to prove so whenever she gets the chance. The first to volunteer for any mission. Extremely curious of the worlds and beings outside her own, though can be quick to judge. A tiny hint of floran aggression hides behind her eyes, but outwardly she seems to keep it in check. Takes orders and works well with others, for the most part. Slow to open up to others, but once you get to know her, you'll find a great (mildly dark) sense of humor.

    Positive traits: Behind her mothers savage floran ways are her father brilliance and ingenuity. It may take some refining but could prove quite useful.. or the doom of us all. Quick to learn. A great hunter and all around survivalist, even in strange environments (like most florans). Loyal through her morals, she has a code of sorts and takes it seriously. Fast, limber and lethal. Stealthy. Strong senses ( Sight, smell, all that hubub).

    Neutral Traits: Will eat literally almost anything, but hu-man noodlesss best. Strong for a human, weak for a floran. Rarely willing to give up. Loves sleep when she can get it. Amazed by technology.

    Negative traits:Criminally self-conscious and unsure of her identity. A self loathing feeling of never fitting in results, and will frequently isolate herself. It can also bring about a brash false pride. Always right. When desperate, scary savage floran.Not quick to anger, but can be cold blooded when to that point. Curious to a fault, even when terrified.Can get carried away with her senses and waaaay overindulge. Pitifully dumb to anything outside her world right off the bat. Mild daddy issues.

    Equipment and inventory: A large rolled up hide, full of odd shaped bones used for various tasks, tiny pouches and wicker jars of various browns and greens, most with a foul smell. Dried meat, nuts and seeds. Hard bread. Twined rope. Trusty wood/ iron spear for hunt. Knife for gutting strapped to leg. Crappy laser gun she's no good at.

    History: Kahlia's father was a hu-man her mother only seems to remember as Davvvid. From the books and small journal he left, she learned that he was something called a botanist. He found their small jungle planet some twenty odd years ago while on a scientific expedition to catalog the galaxies plant life. Needless to say, once he came across the floran village, and the lovely Bree Blackbarb, his mission was slightly derailed. However, floran conception was odd to say the least, and Davvid failed to realize the cues that Bree herself went out of her way to hide. She had had a child. The fear of her villages, as well as Davvvids reaction kept her from revealing Kahlias existence until long after Davvid had continued his journey. The village, at first taken aback by the hybrids odd appearance, was skeptical to say the least and recommended she be killed. Her mothers quick thinking however spared her life. Unlike the other floran villages, theirs had something the others did not. A hu-man floran. Smart floran. An advantage. She would think different. Better than strong floran. Though most of the village was wary of this line of thinking, Greenfinger Janus understood. She was wise beyond her years and floran ways. And soon grew to care for Kahlia as much as her mother, and took her under her wing. Which was good, because the rest of the village, especially the other children, shunned her. As kahlia grew into adolescence, she trained harder than any other floran in her village for the hunts, but was never permitted despite her skill. " Too dangerous Kahl, one day your hunt will come."
    And then one day it did. In a manner of speaking. Greenfinger Janus Had come with terrible news. Redleaf village had got a hold of technology not of any known race. And the rumor was, it was more than just ssscary. We needed something better. And only smart floran could find what they need, on another planet. Somewhere far away. Kahlia must leave home to save the village from ssscary annihilation.

    After all, she was the only one in the village who could read.

    Other notes: I dunno, I'm sure she will develop more as she experiences life outside her jungle bubble lol Hope this isn't too complex, especially for a mostly floran...

    Name: Prof. Iris No-Name (( Apparently))
    Relationships: Yuri Boskov ( Former academic partner ), Auntie Avvis, Several mongrel pets ( mandrake, rattus, bandaged raven, 2 weasels)

    Race: Human

    Age: 24 yrs of age

    Physical appearance: A small wiry lass standing barely 5 ft, 112 lbs. Thick, tightly spiraled curls of dark red hair kept pinned loosely under a worn top hat. Large green eyes behind small rounded spectacles, a Romanesque nose painted with freckles. A small but full pout, a resting face of scrutiny and analysis. Cloths (minus the fancy hat, add finger-less black gloves) :

    Personality: A highly complicated woman hidden behind a full hardy smile and blazing eyes. Friendly, for the most part, but definitely not one to be crossed. She seems to draw strength from somewhere other than her body, for she's a brute of a woman despite her size and scholarly disposition. She is not a stranger to conflict, but does try to avoid it when able. Her weakness will always lie in attaining knowledge, especially that which is deliberately hidden. A first impression for most is that she is brilliant, but wholly over confident in herself.

    Positive traits: A professor of physics at an early age, she is incredibly learned (in almost all scientific fields). Knows many earth languages fluently (and even some of unknown origin). Robust and overly strong for her size and stature, and her knowledge of pressure points help. Can be a sneaky little shit when she needs to be. Her oddness can sometimes be seen as charming, in a quirky way.

    Neutral Traits: Motherly towards children and the weak. Strong sense of justice and standing up for the under dog. Loves to acquire things around her, for comfort (slight pack rat).

    Negative traits: Very stubborn. Doesn't like hearing no for an answer. Can't let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak. Loves the pleasures in life and can easily be seduced by them (especially brandy, wine and cigars) assuming they aren't in the way of a scholarly endeavor. Has a high intolerance to anything or one who step outside her moral code ( which itself is spotty) a hypocrite. Judgmental. Scrutinizing. Bit of an ego. Can't say no to knowledge, and will go at almost any lengths for it. Very over confident in her abilities. Often acts before thinking surprisingly.

    Equipment and inventory: She brought everything she possibly could inside a large and seemingly infinite steamer trunk. Books, loose papers, trinkets and statuettes, candles, bottles of various colored liquids (assumingly alcoholic) a fine oaken box half full of cigars, magnifying glasses of various strengths, an umbrella, a solid metal lock box full of collected fancies, burlap sack of pastries, and tons of various other nonsense. Walks with a fine lacquered cane one can assume is used for thwomping foes, but also keeps a fine blade hidden in her waistcoat.

    History: Iris (lets call her that) grew up in a military family, her father a high ranking general in her majesties royal air service, and her mother an american nurse turned spy. She grew up on the east coast of america in the late 18th century, and from an early age was pushed into an academic lifestyle by her worrisome parents. She excelled in school and soon was a professor herself, working alongside her trusted colleague Yuri Boskov. Until he betrayed her. They had tracked down a "thin spot" in space/time, beneath a burnt down pagan alter sight deep within the woods. As she read aloud the words on the stones surface, he had worked behind her back in setting something up. When she spoke the last word and turned to him, he held a strange idol to the air and spoke her name, her true name. An inky black mass spilled suddenly from the alters many cracks, and tendrils like smoke pulled her into it, only the echoes of her screams remained... in that place and time.

    Other notes: Does not reveal her birth name.



    Artyom Vitalyk


    Mercenary/Hired Gun to Group Leader





    Physical appearance:

    Light green color, “hair” is a slightly darker green and messily spiked up. Dark blue eyes, resting mouth is downturned. He is wearing a slightly boosted set of armor (see equipment), carrying a waterproof black military duffle, and has a rifle magnetically attached to the armor on his back.


    Normally, very focused on his objective, he likes to keep work and play separate. A “let’s get this done so we can get home” attitude. Very blunt, and straightforward. When inebriated, he is more relaxed, but being sober puts him on edge, and makes him less successful in most everything.


    Positive traits

    Marksman - Exceptional with various weaponry, though specialized with ranged warfare, favoring his rifle above other weaponry

    Intuitive - He can figure out the best way to act in most situations, being able to quickly pick up on most clues, as well as improvise if need be.

    “You call this strong?” - Due to his, habit, he has a high resistance to many toxins. Good luck with any poisoning attempt.

    Veteran - He has seen some shit. Actually, make that a lot of shit, multiple planet’s worth of shit. Most visceral elements of the campaign won’t affect his sanity, he has probably seen worse before.

    Neutral Traits

    Aficionado of Alcohol - He knows his alcohol, having been close friends his it most of his life. He finds pleasure in relaxing with a nice glass of anything alcoholic.

    Negative Traits

    Alcoholic - Everyone has their crutch, and his is alcohol. When he is sober, he has a crippling hangover, and most everything is more difficult to do successfully.

    Sellsword - He’ll do anything, for the right price,even if it means betraying his friends.

    Water-shy - He never learned how to swim, and that, along with his increased weight, he’ll sink like a rock (heh).

    Blunt - He is very straightforward, which can make some interactions between him and others awkward.

    “Goddamn Cultists” - He is sick of cultists, and all of their mumbo jumbo about tentacled behemoths, coming to destroy the universe. Because of this, he will very quickly write any off as mad, or mark them as dangerous, depending on how “devout” they are.

    Childhood? - He never really had one. Because of this, he will resent those who grew up a normal life, who have families. He’ll never feel the love of a mother, or anyone for that matter. In situations requiring tenderness, he is lost.

    Equipment and Inventory:

    Instead of a helmet, it is a simple white hood, made of the same material. The armor provides flexibility, sacrificing some protection. Blocks lower caliber kinetic weapons, as well as stabs. It slightly augments his strength and speed, but not by much. It also has a magnetic clip on the back, as well as the hip, allowing him to easily switch his weapons. The downside is that it can be EMP’ed very easily, slowing him down and deactivating the clips.

    On Belt - One small incendiary grenade, a flask, and a regen stim for inorganics (he has resupplies in his bag)

    Equipment - Waterproof, black military duffel, three/fourths of which is dedicated to ammo, the other fourth is for more miscellaneous items. These are five more stims, a small repair kit for his gear, and several bottles of booze. Highly specialized rifle, highly accurate and nearly silent. Simple plasma pistol, disposable and uses plasma charges.


    He grew up in an orphanage on a backwater planet. When a firm came around recruiting, he signed up, seeing as he had nowhere else to go except for the iron mines and die an early death. He was 13. Now he is 36, and tired. He has done plenty of killing, almost too much some would say. The days blur by, one job after the next, each one quickly lost in the bottom of a bottle. The last one, well, it was almost too much. But here he is, at it again. Another job, this time escorting some group heading to the recently discovered ruins. Shouldn’t be too hard.

    Other Notes:

    He prefers long range over close up, his favorite brand of alcohol is made by Phobes, it’s very sweet with a bitter aftertaste. He prefers his coffee black and spiked with brandy, and takes hard alcohol over beer or wine.


    Name: Linette Adrian Pyre

    Relationships: Katrina - partner in crime

    Race: Human

    Age: 27

    Physical appearance: Linette is a strong, brunette, slender female with deep blue eyes and a pale complexion. She stands at 175 centimeters tall, and her left arm is a stainless steel prosthetic.

    Personality: Linette is a rough, heavily trained military pilot, and acts the part. She has an air of authority, but won't question orders from anyone of greater authority.

    "If we're alive after this, I'm buying you a beer."

    Linette is athletic, able to run for long distances without tiring herself out.
    Due to her military training, she is able to hold her own in close to mid range combat.
    Linette is also adept at piloting aircrafts.

    Neutral: Her robotic arm can greatly increase her left arm strength, but if disabled or out of power can become a liability.

    Is used to having others by her side, and relies on having others co-ordinate plans for her.
    Due to being exposed to bright screens and lights, she struggles to see in dark areas without aid.
    Linette is impulsive when there's no one to keep her in check.
    And is eager to have teammates, and often misplaces her trust.

    Equipment & inventory:
    Standard issue 9mm pistol, khaki cap, backpack, 1.5 L water bottle, flash drive, dog tags, prosthetic arm, food rations

    When Linette was a child, she always had a fascination for flying things, and that dream of hers became a reality at the age of 22, where Linette Adrian Pyre was a pilot in training aboard the MANTIS space station, part of the Protectorate funded SERAPHIM program, designed to send skilled pilots out into the outer reaches of space to remove terrorist organizations before they strike. One day, when her team were on their way to scout an asteroid field, they came across a transport ship leaving the field. They hailed the ship, and received static in return, so they sent Linette and Kyle, another member of the team, to board the ship. Upon boarding, they were about to enter the main deck when bullets sprayed the door frame, forcing them to take cover. A small firefight ensued, resulting in Kyle being injured, two criminals being killed, a hostage being rescued and the pilot shooting himself. They took the hostage on board and towed the ship back to the station, where the hostage was taken for questioning. Linette was just about to drift off to sleep when something struck the station knocking her out of bed. The ship went silent, spare a few whispers here and there. Linette almost fell back asleep, until the whole station erupted with gunfire and shouting. She exited her sleeping quarters hurriedly, grabbing her essentials, only to be greeted by a Miniknog troop wreaking havoc in the space station, and a large Apex beating one of her friends to the ground. She sprung into action, slamming her arm into the back of his head, but to no avail, as the helmet blocked her blow. The lumbering Apex turned to her, and knocked her back against the door, and pointed his gun at her. She closed her eyes, a loud noise, and a spray of warm liquid against her chest, "This is it" she thought, only to have a pistol thrown into her lap and a hand tugging at hers. She opened her eyes, surprised to be alive, to see the hostage she rescued wielding a 15 Cal sniper rifle and a dead look in her eyes, pulling her in the direction the hangar as gunfire and explosions continued around her. She wasted no time sprinting towards the hangar, questions flowing through her head like a landslide, and bullets whizzing past left and right. She finally reached the hangar with the strange little girl trailing behind and ran into the nearest ship, an interceptor-class fighter ship. She jumps into the cockpit and the strange girl follows suit into the co-pilot, and boot up in record time, snapping cables and ropes as they fly out the hangar. Linette came to know the girl as Katrina, and that she was in search for some sort of treasure on Treiach that could help her redeem her criminal past, so Linette agreed to help her on her quest, after all, she did save her life.

    Name: Katrina Mori

    Relationships: Linette - partner in crime

    Race: Human

    Age: 24

    Physical appearance: Katrina is a young female Asian, and has black short hair. She is 155 cm tall, and wears a black hoodie and

    Personality: Katrina is reclusive and shy, and can hardly look anyone in the eye, but can get completely emotionless if the moment dictates it.

    "Uh, ok..."

    Very good at acting, and can trick most people into believing something.
    highly proficient with a sniper rifle
    Due to her choice of clothing and small stature she can hide very well.

    Bad circulation, causing her hands and feet to be below body temperature.
    Extremely quiet, meaning she won't attract attention, although it also means she can't scream for help.

    Bad social skils, meaning that if she isn't acting, she can hardly form a sentence.
    She's illiterate, as her poor upbringing led her to a bad education.
    Not good at close quarters combat, she's more flight than fight.
    Poor stamina, meaning she can run, but only short distances

    Equipment & inventory: 15 caliber sniper rifle, black scarf,

    History: Katrina Mori was a small time hitman in the criminal underworld, slowly gaining a reputation for her efficiency, camping out in a criminal colony in an asteroid base far from regular civilization, a place where if you don't watch your belongings, they might as well have never existed. Kat had heard a rumor of some sort of expedition for treasure on the planet Treiach, decided to hitch a ride in the cargo bay of a stolen transport ship hopefully headed to somewhere where she could transit through to Treiach. She made it out of the asteroid field without detection, but as soon as she heard the airlock alarm go off, she knew they were being boarded, so she tied her scarf tightly around her mouth to act as a weak gag, and made a knot with a rope she found and wrapped it around her hands, tightening it with her feet, by the time the fighting was over and the invaders were checking the compartments, Katrina had made herself look like a kidnapped civilian, and the invaders took the bait. She was taken to a military space station, and rested in the cafeteria before going to questioning. To the rest of the crew, she was a shy girl who was in shock, but in reality, she was examining her surroundings, taking in every detail, and by the time she got to the interrogation room, she knew everything she needed to know. She was about to begin questioning when a loud noise resonated throughout the station. Everyone went quiet, Katrina and the others stepped out to see what was happening, when suddenly an explosion rips through a doorway and Miniknog soldiers rush in, firing in all directions. She began to run to the armory, in need of a weapon and a pilot to get out of here alive. She breezes past the armory, picking up whatever she could find, and found what she'd been looking for: the pilot that took her here, under attack from a Miniknog soldier. She takes aim, just as the Apex lifts his arm, and fires, turning the Apex's advanced knowledge into a fine red mist. She throws the fallen Apex's pistol into the pilots lap and tugs at her hand, sincerely hoping she's in good enough condition to fly her out, and they make a mad dash to the hangar. She follows the pilot into a spaceship and quickly buckles in as she heats up the engine and blasts out of the warzone. She relaxes, and engages her typical awkward conversation with the pilot, telling her about the bounty to be found on Treiach, and how it can help. Soon after, Kat and Linette are well acquainted friends with a mission in mind, and as much as Katrina knows she should dispose of the evidence of her past, she couldn't bring herself to. After all, she did save her life.

    Name: Cain Lyle

    Relationships: All alone.

    Race: Avian

    Age: 36

    Physical appearance: Average sized, if a little short. He has completely white plumage, blue eyes and a hooked beak. He wears a blue windbreaker jacket over his white shirt, grey casual pants, black and white shoes and occasionally a waterproof black cape and hood if it's cold or wet.

    High Mobility: Cain runs very quickly, very easily, for very long periods of time.
    Martial arts: He has trained himself to disarm and subdue enemies, purely non-lethal.
    Respite: If tired, Cain will often meditate to be alert and rested at the same time.
    Paranoia: Years of being hunted has led to Cain fearing that anyone around him could be an enemy.
    Claustrophobia: He highly dislikes confined spaces, and will avoid them however way he can.
    Insomnia: No matter how hard he tries, he cannot sleep for more than 7 hours, and often sleeps less than that.

    Nightstick x1
    Flashlight x1
    Food rations x5

    History: Cain's been running his entire life, he ran from bullies in school, he ran from his parents at the age of 12, he ran from the authorities, and most of all, he ran from his mistakes. Cain has turned to a life of crime, using his talent the only was he knows how. Even after he's gotten what he needed to fit in with society, he was a known criminal and would be hunted down regardless of his pleas, so he continued to run, but now with a purpose to help the people he runs from, turning himself into a vigilante in an attempt to win the hearts of the community. He tried hard to show himself in a good light, but his past still haunts him. One night, he hears a rumor of a treasure on a far off planet named Trearch, untold riches that could fix anything. Cain understood that if he could get the treasure, he could pay off his debt to the government, and finally settle down. Now Cain runs one last time, in search for redemption and forgiveness on the frozen wasteland of a planet named Trearch.


    Name: Mook

    Relationships: Zero - Packmate, Blaze - Packmate, Cobalt - Packmate, Euridine - Packmate

    Age: 16 standard years

    Height: 3ft, 4in

    Weight: 250lbs

    Species: Avali

    Description: Pretty satandard Avali, Mook has dyed her feathers a garish shade of violet with metallic grey accents. While she is a SuperCommando, she prefers to wear the hand-crafted armor Zero made for her. It is extremely noticible that Mook is not a normal Avali, she has bionic legs that, while they allow her to jump higher, kick harder, and run faster, add 4 inches to her height and 100 pounds to her weight. Recently, Mook had an experimental surgery which gave her a pair of wings that allow her to fly in all but the strongest gravitational fields, while adding another 80 pounds of weight.

    Personality: Mook is hot-headed and a bit of a daredevil, with a tendency to go in guns blazing rather than think things through first. Mook suffers from PTSD, and will, at times go biserk for no reason at all. While she may seem all happy and cheery, Mook has seen too much of the world to be considered naieve. For some reason, Mook has a deep-set and irrational hatred of Avians.

    Positive Traits:
    Upbeat: Other charecters gain a mood and sanity boost when she is around.
    ARC SuperCommando: trained in shock tactics and hand-to-hand combat.
    Bionic Wings: can fly
    Bionic Legs: Can run faster, jump higher and farther, kick harder, and fall from higher up.
    Heavy Weapons Specialist: Level 8 starting proficency with Gauss and other heavy weapons.

    Neutral Traits:
    Jokester: Knows several facepalm-worthy jokes.
    Light Sleeper: Self-Explanatory
    Daredevil: Does some things simply for the adrenniline rush.
    The Enemy: Goes out of her way to destroy melons and pumpkins
    Cook: can cook food

    Negative Traits:
    PTSD : Has a tendency to go biserk over little things
    Avian Hatred: Loathes Avians, no aparent reason why
    Hothead: Gets angry really easily
    Mechanical Failure: basically crippled if her bionics go down
    Suppressed Anger: You never know what will set her off.
    Paranoia: Believes a ninja could be hiding behind every potted plant.
    Night Terrors: 30% chance of increasing party member's stress at night
    Potato Aim: -20% Accuracy with ranged weapons
    Not Blake: She can't even Stealth, bro.
    Cold Lover: Weak to Fire and heat-based attacks

    Pocket Dimension: a mystery of science we'll never understand, a wallet that is truely bigger on the inside.
    Gauss LMG: Mook's sidearm
    Gauss Minigun: Mook's primary
    Gauss Magnums: Mook's preferred weapon for close range fighting
    Aerosteel Shrapnel Grenades: Sends searingly hot, radioactive shrapnel everywhere.
    Personal cloaking device
    ARC ration packs
    Chef Kit
    Portable Stove

    (Extremely abbreviated)
    Mook was a member of a pack in the SpecOps devision of the ARC, serving as the squad's tank/cook. About three years ago, her entire pack was killed by an android calling itself the Warden Eternal, since then, she has bounced from place to place, eventually stumbling upon this expidition.

    Autopsy report:
    Corpse was found buried in snow, hidden in the valley between multiple mountains in the poles. Evidence suggests mummification from extreme cold. Carbon dating suggest they have been dead for over a year now... Possibly to be associated with the southern expedition to the frozen ruins... There is sufficient damage to the wings in the forms of rending claw marks along the engine. More claw marks are apparent on multiple places on the victim's body, with the killing blow being through disembowelment. Arm was found torn off and discarded about a quarter of a mile away from site of death, possibly suggesting a mid-air struggle. There is a clean cut along the circumference of the skull, surgically precise in its cut. The brain has been removed with extreme precision, along with other sensory organs such as one of the ears, an eye, and the tongue. Legs have also been removed, while evidence suggests said limbs were cybernetic in the first place. Most likely suspect for making the attack is [REDACTED]. Further investigation required...

    Name: Calico
    Relationships: Zero- twin sister; Josh- mentor
    Race: Avali
    Age: 24 standard years
    Physical Appearance: Calico is a young Avali who, true to her name, looks like a calico cat. She is short, about 2ft 7in, and has large, very obvious scars on her neck and upper torso, right over where her vocal chords would be. While there are no obvious cybernetics on her body, she has implants in several places that can cause a large metal spikes from various places on her body, but not without a good deal of pain to herself. Her right eye is blue, while her left eye is brown. As she prefers close combat to guns, she always wears an aerosteel projector on each wrist to form a shield if necessary. Calico never goes anywhere without her ever-present swords strapped to her back.
    Personality: As she grew up alone in the wilderness, Calico is solitary and untrusting by nature. A bad experience with a miniknog scouting party left her vocal chords shredded, preventing her from speaking or making any vocalizations other than growling anamalistically. Calico is pragmatic, if that is even possible for a mute, and her accusing stare makes anyone feel uncomfortable. Having survived for 10 years using only her wits, she puts full faith in her instincts. While she can identify anyone she has met even only once before and is an expert at spotting impersonators, she has in the past attacked individuals before simply because she didn’t like them.
    - Cybernetics: can project a blade from any joint on her body
    - Swordsman: + 30 proficiency with swords or other bladed weapons
    - Identification: never forgets a face or a silhouette, or anything relating to a person.
    - Rewired nervous system: can speed up or slow down her perception of time
    - Linguist
    - Mute: can’t speak
    - Feral: excellent survival and hunting skills, however, this leads her to being awkward in social situations, sometimes ending in someone's throat getting torn out.
    - Communication impaired: can only communicate through sign language
    - Territorial: Will attack anyone she sees as a threat
    - Unnerving: tends to creep people out
    - Single-minded: will often focus on only one target at a time, which puts her at a disadvantage if outnumbered
    - Cybernetics: blades injure her upon extending
    - Bloodlust: goes crazy upon drawing blood or getting cut, this can be both a good and a bad thing
    - Easily Offended: will proceed to attack anyone who offends her, with little to no warning.
    -. Socially inept: doesn't really get some of the general rules of being a person, like, for example: " you don't kill and eat someone in front of their friend" she never understood that one.
    -. ADHD : can't sit still for very long
    -. Apex hatred: understandable, as one did tear out her vocal chords.
    - Magpie
    - Childish

    History: When she was just 1 year old, she was unintentionally left behind by the ARC when they evacuated Zero’s village, and was presumed dead. However, she managed to survive for the next 10 years on her own, during witch her vocal chords were severely damaged. She was eventually found by Josh, a great warrior. Josh immediately took to Calico, gave her a name, and took her under his wing. In recent years, she has traveled with Mook, but they parted ways a few months ago. She is on the expedition for reasons entirely her own.

    Name: Firethorn
    Race: Floran subspecies
    Gender: Male
    Relationships: none that would affect the story
    Age: 39
    Physical Appearance:
    And he wears the garb of an Araluen Ranger, which looks like this:
    Personality: Generally calm and serene, but is a little hot-headed. He doesn’t get angry easily, but when he does, he takes a while to cool off. In battle, he is able to calm himself to the point where nothing can distract him. Most other aspects of his personality is pretty similar to Gilan, from the Ranger's Apprentice and Brotherband series.
    • Fireblossom: extremely resistant to fire, lava, and extreme heat, as well as being able to light himself on fire, and cast light.
    • Ranger: really stealthy, near inhuman accuracy with a bow and arrow or a throwing knife, can shoot 3 arrows in 2 seconds and have a fourth one nocked, moderate skill with a sword.
    • Medic: can heal.
    • Likes to drink gasoline
    • Ambidextrous
    • Glows: kind of a giveaway when you are trying to be stealthy.
    • Anger Build-up
    • Fire hazard
    • Afraid of some of his medicines.
    • Unsure of himself
    • Fireproof Ranger cloak
    • Reinforced Ironwood longbow
    • Cobalt-Solarium Saxe
    • Cobalt-Solarium Throwing Knife
    • Quiver
    • Arrows
    • basic medkit
    Firethorn was a member of the Ranger Corps, and was one of their best marksmen. After the Corps's dissolution, the expedition was really the first thing that captured Firethorn's interest.

    Name: Logan Punchwood
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Relationships: Pablo Punchwood- Father
    Physical Appearance: Tall and lankey, (can't spell) Logan has blonde hair and brown eyes. His normal outfit is a black pinstripe suit and a matching hat.
    Personality: stereotypical gangster, but a bit more aggressive and confrontational.
    • Mob henchman: relatively good with automatic and semiautomatic weapons as well as being adept in unarmed hand-to-hand combat
    • Aggressive/Confrontational
    • Not the most original thinker
    • Tommy gun
    • Brass knuckles
    • Violin case
    • Extra ammo
    History: As the son of a powerful mob boss, Logan has a lot resting on his shoulders. While he has taken to the family business like a fish to water, he is less enthusiastic about his father's decision to bring their gang on this "fool's errand"

    Name: Malcolm Jow
    Race: Human
    Age: 28
    Relationships: nobody important
    Physical Appearance: Tall, black hair, brown eyes, dark complexion, usually wears SWAT gear.
    Personality: Light-hearted, a bit sarcastic. Often cracks jokes to relieve his own stress.
    • Ex-Military
    • Light-hearted/Sanguine
    • Suspicious
    • Panicky
    • Arachnophobia
    • Assault rifle
    • 2 frag grenades
    • NVG's
    • Bullet-proof vest.
    History: Malcolm doesn’t want to be here. He just wanted to retire and live a peaceful life. Unfortunately for him, his brother got on somebody’s bad side, and now he is here, trying to pay off his brother’s debts.

    @Roland Weiss

    Name: Mia ‘Rook’ Sullivan

    Race: Human Cyborg

    Age: 25

    Physical appearance: In a word, blue. Of average build, standing at around 5’9”; Mia has dark hair, cut in a ‘bob’ with a slightly longer tail running about shoulder length. Her prosthetic arms are finished with a dark blue colour, and the irises of her eyes sharing a similar shade of blue. She wears a jacket and trousers leaving only her head uncovered, as she also wears protective gloves and heavy boots.

    Personality: Mildly eccentric; after all, she is passionate about technology, taking things a step further than most would be willing to.


    -Cybernetic Enhancements: Both of her arms and her eyes have been replaced with cybernetic prosthetics. As a result, her arms are physically stronger than flesh and blood ones, and her eyes provide improved low light vision and a retinal display for augmented reality. Finally she has a computer implant and direct neural interface (DNI) jack.
    -Technician: Living most of her life with cybernetics and onboard ships has led to her learning a few things about machinery. She can handle maintenance and repairs; assuming the technology is familiar, of course.

    -Prosthophile: She is a bit of a transhumanist, and firmly believes she’s ‘improving’ herself with cybernetics.

    -Big Eater: Her prosthetics are powered biochemically, requiring her to have a higher caloric intake.
    -Insomnia: She couldn’t tell you the last time she had a decent night’s sleep. This might lead to her being fairly accident prone.
    -Vulnerable Cybernetics: Her prosthetics are poorly shielded, leaving her susceptible to EMP weapons, electrical surges, etc. Also, should they be damaged, she cannot simply ‘heal’ those wounds, and must seek repairs.

    Equipment and inventory:
    Jacket and Trousers- With plenty of pockets for ‘stuff’. mainly snacks.
    Insulated gloves- for electrician and welding use.
    Welding googles
    Steel toed boots
    Compact plasma torch- Used for both cutting and welding.
    Multi-tool- for rudimentary maintenance and repairs; she’ll need a dedicated tool-kit for anything fancy.
    2 Power cells- for the plasma torch
    Semi-automatic Pistol
    Spare pistol magazine
    As much food as she can reasonably carry

    Mia was a fairly normal individual, but an accident when she was young destroyed both her arms. Thankfully, she could receive cybernetic prosthetics to replace them, allowing her to resume some semblance of a normal life. Before long, she learned to appreciate the improved capabilities such ‘enhancements’ provided her, and became more than willing to install more prosthetics should she suffer any other severe injuries.

    During her adult life, she signed up to work onboard a transport ship, specifically as a technician. Hardly a glamorous line of work, tightening bolts and checking airtight doors, among other things. However, after a few years of dedicated service, she suffered another major injury that blinded her.

    She resigned from that job, using the money she had earned to buy herself a new set of eyes. After she had finished recovering, she needed new work, seeing this little archaeological expedition as just another job.

    Name: Schäfer

    Relationships: Mia ‘Rook’ Sullivan (Master)

    Race: Uplifted Canine or ‘Cyberdog’

    Age: 7

    Physical appearance: A large German Shepard/Husky mix with a black and white coat, and ice blue eyes. His front paws are ‘hand like’ and his teeth are clearly artificial.
    Image for reference

    Personality: Loyal to his master, as one would expect of a dog. He is also overprotective of those few he trusts, and he is slow to trust anyone new.

    -Cybernetics: He is equipped with not only neural grafts to bring his intellect to what would be considered sapient, his front paws have been modified to serve as usable, if clumsy, hands. His hide has been toughened with dermal armour, and his teeth are metallic, giving him a more severe bite. Finally, a modified voicebox allows him to speak.
    -Guard Dog: Trained to protect, he is a fierce close range combatant.
    -Sharp Senses: As expected of a dog, his sense of smell and hearing are sharper than a human’s.

    -Loyal to a Fault: He will never abandon his master, under any circumstances.

    -Cybernetic limits: Besides the poor shielding that leaves him vulnerable to EMP weapons, electrical surges and the like, his ‘hands’ are somewhat clumsy, making them ill suited for fine work, his intelligence is ‘improved’, but still limited, and his voice has a ‘canine’ or ‘growly’ accent, making it somewhat difficult to understand.
    -Overprotective: Distrustful of new faces, especially when his master is involved.
    -Quadrupedal: Although his front paws serve as ‘hands’, he cannot move effectively without walking on all fours.
    -Stress Atavism: In situations of high stress, he tends to ‘regress’ temporarily, causing him to act on impulse and instinct.

    Equipment and inventory:
    Dog Jacket
    ‘Saddlebag’ style Rucksack
    A few days worth of Pemmican

    History: Once an ordinary family dog, Schäfer was uplifted with cybernetics by an overprotective father to protect a free spirited daughter. Mia had to agree to Schäfer’s company if she wanted to leave home to do as she pleased.

    After Mia suffered the accident that took her eyes, Schäfer panicked, worried about the punishment that he would receive for failing his duty, and after Mia recovered, she gave him the slip; he has been tracking her down ever since.


    Name: Kevin

    Relationships: Usually very friendly, but if someone decides to become his enemy... It isn't pretty. Also really likes Humans for some reason.

    Race: Avali

    Age: 45

    Appearance (This section got deleted):
    (The one where he "redid a thing")
    White feathers, orange trim, brown plumage. 5'2", Casual posture

    Personality: Friendly, exuberant/happy, serious, casual, helpful, proud, honest, brave, adventurous.



    Engineer: knows how things work. Allows him to modify stuff, take it apart, put it together, and, his favorite, blow it up.

    Sharpshooter: You want something shot? This guy is the one for you.

    Survivalist: knows how to survive and has an instinct that's much stronger than most others.


    Random: CAN YE PREDICT THIS? *sits there and does nothing*

    Dancer: Great at dancing.


    Slow: weighed down a bit by the mobile base camp he's carrying on his back.

    Distracted: What am I talking about? Seriously, I have no clue. Happens more often with music in his ears.

    Complicated: sometimes very confusing.

    BOOM: Don't give him explosives... please... don't do it...

    Equipment and inventory:
    Wears an Avali exosuit with a little booster pack and built-in backpack with one week's rations and water. Booster pack prevents him from breaking his legs in a fall and gives him up to a foot jump boost (at the cost of not being able to use it for a while and something like 35+ pounds. It is an exosuit, but in this case it shouldn't support all of the weight). Also has light scout armor (from this mod: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/avali-specop-armor.3742/), and also orange and white google glasses for Avali.

    Has three healing stimpacks, a flashlight, and a modified to Starbound-era standards pocketknife. Keeps a grappling hook and a satchel (man purse) full of bandages. Has a semi-automatic rifle with 3 clips of 40. (Tell me if I need to lower this number.) Also has a SMG with 3 clips of 60 shots. Also comes with a nice little knife on it. His emergency equipment consists of two packs of industrial grade matches (I don't know if that's a thing, just think really high powered matches), an emergency communicator with backup batteries, a flashlight, 10 flares, some 20 nanowrap bandages, a small sword, a grappling hook (because why not?), blankets, and a small tent (puts this stuff in his back pack).

    Kevin grew up on a new colony that specialized in trade. There were two companies on the planet, and they had hquite a rivalry. One year a miner found some very ancient and valuable technology. The tensions were incredibly high at this time, and this was the last straw. There was war for six years, and Kevin fought in it. He realized that you can't fight an enemy with today's technology with his company's little rocket launchers and machine guns. Kevin helped develop and test new weapons. This allowed them to defeat their rivals and bring some peace to the colony. Now, looking for another adventure, he has joined this crew to go to the fill in the blank planet.

    Other notes: Has some headphones and a space-age iPod.

    Has a really small pineapple that he keeps with him. He doesn't even know why.

    Name: Hercules Mulligan

    Race: Human

    Relationships: None, but he is willing to help out anyone who wants freedom.

    Age: 41

    Hercules is quite muscular and is 6 foot 3. Usually wears that without the musket.

    Personality: Brave, impulsive, cunning, intelligent, loud, and doesn't give up easily.

    Spy: Really good at extracting information, stealing it, or just sneaking in general.
    Gunner: Amazing with guns, especially with his special one.
    Strong: He can lift a fully grown man fairly easily.

    I NEED NO INTRODUCTION: When you knock him down he gets back up again.

    Social: Very social, and is really easy to spot in a social situation.
    Stubborn: He is stubborn.
    Talkative: Fools who run their mouth oft wind up dead.
    FOR FREEDOM!: He will do almost anything to help someone get freedom (not like escaping jail though).

    Equipment: Wears a form of a bulletproof vest that is a part of his normal clothes. Like normal clothes, but the vest won't last long in a shootout. Also carries a rifle that he has customized to look like a musket. Also has some bandages and a pistol that looks like a flintlock. He has a backpack that has food, a bit of water, knife, blankets, matches, compass, ammo, and a flag. I'll let you guess which one.

    History: Fought on his home world for freedom from an unfair king. He was one of the spies on the inside that really gave them an advantage. He had stolen about 35 pounds of information if it was all on paper. Now that they had won, he had come here to avoid all the political stuff and perhaps spy and save a few lives.

    Theme song(s):
    Battle of Yorktown
    Aaron Burr, Sir
    (Both are from Hamilton.)


    Name: Delta

    Race: Novakid


    Physical Description: Delta is a male, tesla-blue Novakid. He stands at 5'8, weighs in at 190 pounds, and is quite skinny. As for his head, he has slanted spiky hair, with an "X" for his brand. For his clothes, he wears the classic bandito get up. This consists of a black cloth jacket with brown sleeves, mostly covered up by a brown poncho. He also wears blue patched jeans, with tan leather boots. On his back, he has a tied burlap sack containing his inventory.

    Personality: Delta was always a cunning and charismatic Novakid, however Delta has always been a coward. Delta prefers flee from a fight, instead of fighting his way out. When it comes to meeting new people, Delta tries to show a good impression of himself, because he fears of being outcasted once more... Another thing about Delta is that he's a big chatterbox, which could be repetitive. Obviously Delta is quite the friendly man, eager to help his amigos along the journey.

    Positive Traits:
    Swiftness: Being a bandito meant he was always on the run, giving Delta an advantage in agility.
    Charming: Due to his charismatic nature, he can easily persuade his way through problems.
    Thievery: Of course, Delta has an expertise in the crime of thievery.

    Neutral Traits: He has a habit of saying "amigo" whenever he's talking to someone. I mean, maybe this could be annoying? I dunno.

    Negative Traits:
    Wimpy: Delta doesn't eat or drink much, which has made him weak in strength and prone to sicknesses.
    Hesitation: Though he may be a bandito, he fears of taking another man's life. Therefore he hesitates of pulling the trigger.
    Criminal: He may be a changed man, but that doesn't mean that people still hold his past against him.
    Procrastinator : Delta has been a slacker when it comes to doing productive activities.
    Foolish: It's in his Novakid nature that he would be a foolish man, and so he is.

    Equipment: A 44. Navy Revolver with 12 rounds and a crudely made machete.

    Inventory: 3 cans of vegetable soup and a small water flask.

    Born in a life of crime, Delta never really got the chance to know his parents or relatives. He spent most of his childhood as a mere thief. Delta didn't eat much, causing his body to be very slim and somewhat wimpy. By the time he became 15, he decided change from being a thief to a full on bandito. This caused him to be more aggressive, and violent with his victims. However, he always refrained from taking another man's life. He just never found it necessary, but honestly his conscience wouldn't let him. As time passed, Delta became aware of his actions and felt the guilt as well. He knew that his bandito ways were over. He wanted to seek redemption from his past deeds. He wanted change or to be more specific, a new life. If he wanted a new life, he needed a new name. He chose "Delta" because it the name symbolized a change in a certain quantity. Now that he was a new man, he sold most of his "belongings" and bought his way out of the old planet he lived on. He felt more satisfied with himself, but there was still actions needed to be done. He strived to be more selfless and aid others in need. However, it didn't feel enough... There was way more work to be done. He still felt the sins of his past, but couldn't find anything to quell the guilt. That is, until he ran across an application for an expedition on Treiach. As he read closer, he found that there was some sort of curse plaguing reptilian-like beings. It told him that this threatened human life, and thought this was it. If he could end the violent curse and possibly save thousands of lives...That could be his key to salvation, his true redemption... He signed up, and began preparing for the soon-to-be loathsome journey...


    Name: Snab Cleavewood
    Relationships: No close relatives to speak of. Connections with several agencies. Knows some lawless types. He was very briefly a member of the Protectorate.
    Race: Floran
    Age: 18
    Physical appearance:
    Skinny 185cm tall floran with blue skin, shaggy long red leafs as hair and yellow eyes. Wears a yellow T-shirt (No Protectorate logo), black and white jeans and a dark blue jacket (not in the picture).
    Personality: Snab is usually calm, quiet, thoughtful and good hearted. He's also a perfectionist. Under his usual calm exterior is a very emotional person. He can sometimes have outburts where he speaks too much, attacks his enemies in anger or tries to accomplish something futile. Although he may not admit it to anyone, there is a spark of animalistic savageness in him.
    Strategic: Snab tries to plan for everything. In combat he will try to read his opponents and counter accordingly.
    Intimidating: Snab has stared into the eyes his prey before. The prey is usually the one to look away.
    Acrobatic: An excellent runner and good at dodging attacks.
    Pointy things: He prefers to dual wield his scimitars, but is equally skilled with daggers and knives, even the throwing kind.
    Sneaky: He knows how to move silently, hide and pick locks.
    Killer: Snab is a bit of a sociopath. He is completely okay with killing people he knows to be evil.

    Outbursts: He can sometimes get very emotional over things that are important to him. He breafly becomes more confident and talkative, but with the cost of some irrational behavior. (He pretty much loses both the Overanalyzer and Strategic traits.)
    Overanalyzer: Snab tends to use more time on planning and not so much on acting. Great if he is deciding the fate of all races, not so much if people are bleeding to death.
    Easily overpowered: Snab has never been very strong and and will almost always lose anything that is purely about strenght
    Prideful: Snab is used to being the deadliest around. If Snab gets intimidated it hits him extra hard.
    Anti-gun nut: He knows very little about guns and is unable to fire them.
    Under pressure: Snab feels stressed out if he is in a conversation or is unable to come up with any good plans for the current situation.
    Loner: He has trouble working with others. He prefers to do things all by himself or let others do them.
    The fine art of making enemies: There are many people that Snab has pissed off, people he has stolen from, friends of some of his targets, people whose not so legal domains he has passed through and so on.
    Kleptomania: Snab can be mesmerized by expensive or 'really cool' objects and get an irresistible urge to steal it. Objects that count as 'really cool' are usually really high-tech, really deadly, really fast vehicles and/or just shiny.
    Equipment and inventory: His clothes (jacket and jeans count as leather armor), two scimitars and their sheaths, a set of throwing knives (12), bandages (7), lockpicks (10) and a steak pouch (one semi-fresh and one about to go bad)

    History: Like most other florans, Snab was interested in hunting. He was too scrawny for that and had to compensate by going on a more metaphorical hunt. He set out to educate himself on Earth. Today Snab is a thinker that likes to touch on philosofical subjects. He has traveled the universe doing good deeds that, like the floran that he is, are mainly centered around killing, like dealing with bandits.
    Other notes: N/A


    Name: Ulton Yensa

    Relationships: His sister, Iltan.

    Race: Viera

    Age: 22

    Physical appearance:

    Personality: Ulton, unlike his sister, is a kind person. Despite his slightly quiet demeanor, he's warm of heart, and enjoys interactions with all life forms...no matter how deadly. Sometimes, he can be too kind for his own good, allowing others to "walk all over him," seeing as he's a bit of a people pleaser.

    +Lucky Feet: Being a Viera, Ulton has rabbit esque feet. This allows him to be more speedy, and allows him to drop from longer distances.
    +Researcher: Ulton is an archaeologist in training, and is very fascinated with the ruins of ancient civilizations.
    +Double Trouble: In any situation, Ulton does better with his sister.

    =Book worm: Ulton, when not out on the field, enjoys reading. His favourite books are fantasy adventures.
    =Conservative of dress: Ulton prefers to not wear any flowing trench coats. Most of his clothes are close to form fitting, with his only exception being his favourite scarf.

    -Prey, not Predator: Being a researcher, Ulton lacks combat experience with weapons. He's more likely to flee from combat then try and go hand to hand.
    -Scaredy...bunny?: Ulton relies on his sister quite a bit. If he's in a pickle and she's not there, he freezes up.
    -Nerd: Ulton's glasses have, on more than one occasion, come flying off his face because of how fast he retreats.
    -Somnus: Ulton is a bit on the lazy side, and if he sits for too long, can fall asleep very easily.

    Equipment and inventory: A pair of glasses, simple cloth clothing, a long scarf, and boots. He carries a laptop bag of sorts that holds a medkit, a notebook, and a few pens. On his belt, there are nanowrap bandages and a dagger. Only notable heavy thing is the pauldron on his left shoulder, attached with leather bindings.

    History: Ulton and Iltan were born upon a quiet, forest dense planet. Ulton only met his sister once when they were young, due to the relations of Female Viera and Male Viera being strenuous. Ulton, being a runt, was not often sent out to hunt. He didn't learn much of the "Warrior's Life", and instead took intellectual pursuits. When he had grown to the age of 18, he was allowed to see his sister once more. The two practically became attached at the hip. While they were conversing one day, visitors from another system had arrived at their planet. They offered the siblings an offer they couldn't refuse: the chance to explore the stars.
    The two caught wind of the expedition going to take place on Treiach, and quickly signed up- especially because of the prospect of riches.

    Other notes: Nothing really. He's just a nerd.

    Name: Iltan Yensa

    Relationships: Her brother, Ulton.
    Race: Viera

    Age: 19

    Physical appearance:

    Personality: Iltan is the more rude of the two. She is often wary of other people, and often will question their intentions- mostly to keep her brother safe. If she learns to trust you, she eases up immensely, even willing to joke more casually. But if you break her trust- you don't get a second chance.

    +Lucky Feet: Being a Viera, Iltan has rabbit esque feet. This allows her to be more speedy, and allows her to drop from longer distances.
    +Chivalrous: Iltan is the stronger of the two siblings, being hired often as a mercenary. She's proficient in many weapon types.
    +Double Trouble: In any situation, Iltan does better with her brother.

    =Weapon Testing: When not out on a job, Iltan likes to learn new weapon styles and types.
    =Light Armor: Being a Viera, Iltan wants maximum mobility. She wears light armor to ensure this.

    -Anger Me Not: Because of her past, Iltan is easier to anger.
    -Rabbit got your tongue?: When angered, Iltan is typically hard to communicate with.
    -Keepsake: One of Iltan's biggest weaknesses is her brother. If he's in trouble, she'll typically drop everything to help him.
    -Insomnia: From her past experiences, Iltan has a hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep.

    Equipment and inventory: Simple cloth clothes. She wears bracers, and a pauldron on her right shoulder, also donning boots A dagger is strapped to her thigh. On her belt, she has nanobandages, and a throwing knife. She carries an over shoulder bag with a water canteen in it. Upon her back is an iron bow, and a quiver.

    History: Ulton and Iltan were born upon a quiet, forest dense planet. Iltan had only met her brother once, and it was at her birth. Iltan, being a female Viera, learned how to hunt and trained well. She became well versed with bows and ranged weapons. At the age of 15, Iltan was permitted to see her brother once more. The two practically became attached at the hip. While they were conversing one day, visitors from another system had arrived at their planet. They offered the siblings an offer they couldn't refuse: the chance to explore the stars.
    The two caught wind of the expedition going to take place on Treiach, and quickly signed up- especially because of the prospect of riches.

    Other notes: She has a sweet tooth.


    Name: Reinhardt Wilhelm Von Wieghof

    Relationships: None

    Race: Human

    Age: 34

    Physical appearance: A giant man in a giant suit of armor, standing above most others he is a very intimidating figure.
    His hair is a bright red in color and his face is has a few scars on it, but is usually covered by his helmet.
    His crusader style armor is absoluteky oversized and way too bulky with vents on the back to prevent overheating.
    The armor is more like power armor than anything, running on extremely long lasting energy cells, it also allows him to lug all his stuff around
    Personality: He fights for honor, and acts just like you would expect a person like him would.


    Positive traits:
    Hard to get rid off!: Very hard to kill due to his armor.
    I vill protect you!: Has a giant ass shield that is basically indestructable.

    Neutral Traits:
    I live for zhis!: Will not stop fighting untill either he or the enemy dies.
    For glory and honor!: He values honor above all else, which might cause him to spare an enemy.

    Negative traits:
    Stay away from zhat!: If anyone takes one of the golden coins he carries on him he will go into a blind rage, obliterating everything in his path.
    Overheating: If the vent on his armor is blocked it will start overheating.
    Stubborn: speaks for itself.

    Equipment and inventory: Giant armor.
    He always has a toolbox with him to repair his armor.
    On belt items: Flask of water, flashlight and a pair of binoculars.
    He has an oversized greatsword along with sheath.
    He also has a small satchel filled witj golden coins.
    History: He used to be part of a group of bounty hunters calling themselves "The Knights", one of their enemies hired a group of mercenaries to get rid of them, he was the only survivor, the coins he has with him are a reminder of those days, after it all happened he set off to do other things and eventually ended up here.

    Other notes: He often speaks with a thick german accent, but im too lazy to type it like that so just imagine he has the accent.

    Name: Goridior

    Relationships: None

    Race: He claims to have once been a Novakid.
    Now more of a living black hole than anything.

    Age: 214

    Physical appearance:tall, and by that i mean really tall. His "skin" is pitch black. No facial features except for two, usually closed, eyes. He wears a robe with insane scribbles all over it.

    Personality: A rather friendly individual, unlike what you would suspect.
    He does act like an edgy fuck to people he doesnt like.

    Positive traits:
    Boo!: People are often spooked when they see him.
    You cant see me!: He is rather good at sneaking.
    I got a license for basically everything: He is rather good at driving basically anything.

    Neutral Traits:
    Flashlight eyes: His eyes emit an extemely bright light, which is why he usually keeps them closed.
    I remember: Various things may trigger the return of forgotten memories.
    Wall breaker: Strange madness allows him to see beyond what the plain of reality. He's also super buff a- Wait, no! Goridior, get out of the app! You aren't allowed to edit it!

    Negative traits:
    Dont try me.: He will not hesitate to shoot if he thinks its needed.
    Well? What are you waiting for?: He is very impatient.
    Get away from me!: For an unknown reason he hates Novakids.
    The black cat: He is rather unlucky, and this also affects individuals who have recently interacted with him.
    I honestly dont remember: After so many years his memory has started to fail him.

    Equipment and inventory:
    His weapons are two .44 Taurus Raging Bull's.
    On belt items: Extra bullets, a small radio and a frag grenade.
    History: A travelling mercenary whose past is completely unknown, he came to join the expedition as it had grabbed his attention.

    @The Alonne

    Name: Rin Flame

    Race: Avali

    Age: 25

    Alliance: Blaze (Former); Exploration Team currently

    Physical appearance:
    He has a modified avali cloak instead of the generic Blaze Commander cloak - it reminds him of his friend Hylan.

    Personality: Serious, yet kind and filled with hopefulness for the future.

    Positive traits: Former Blaze Lieutenant Colonel (Good leader) | Tactician | Trained rifle specialist | Has access to the Nexus | Battle-hardened | Exosuit augments strength, speed and dexterity

    Neutral traits: Enjoys chatting with his comrades, making battle plans in his head, is an art lover like most Avali.

    Negative traits: Implant in his head can be disabled by an EMP, temporarily putting him out of action. | Doesn't trust those he believes to be inferior. | Isn't very skilled in melee combat, will try and pull his pistol instead of fist-fighting if possible (even if it's a bad idea). | Doesn't have many social skills. | Feels bad about killing his friend. | Has an anger issue. |

    Equipment: Modified Avali light helmet | Cloak with a red ribbon | Modified Avali exosuit | Nanowrap bandages/medkit | Fragmentation grenades | Pistol | Blaze-painted Avali energy rifle with underslung grenade launcher | Small duffel bag with extra survival gear and ammunition |

    Inventory: Backup pistol | Avali nanodagger (strapped to his side) | Spare change of civilian clothing (to blend in) | Spare black cloak |

    History: From birth, Rin was separated from his pack. He was captured by the Blaze, alongside his friend Hylan, while his pack and tribe were executed... ( He was a hatchling then... ) Hylan and Rin were trained to be leaders - tacticians with the ability to lead entire platoons and/or installations. First, they were tested for combat prowess... They were tasked with killing one of their own. When they finally happened upon the target in a cave, Hylan was fatally shot. Rin took down the target, and rushed over to Hylan. "Go on;" Hylan said. "End me. I don't want to have a slow death..." Rin, terrified and urged on by his friend, pulled the trigger... They were 18. The saddened trainee took his friend's cloak as a reminder, and always wears it, alongside his helmet. Five assignments and three promotions later, Rin is 25 and a Lieutenant Colonel. He's called out to replace Ferris on Bauriss. On his way to the planet, however, he decides to read up on his past. He's shocked by what they did to his tribe, and swears revenge...
    After the events of Untold/Retold, Rin joins up with the exploration team on Treiach, bored with his every-day life and thirsting for more adventure. It's unknown if he made the right call...

    Name: Riley Yobanashi

    Relationships: Rin Flame: Formerly an intelligence agent for the Blaze under Rin's command.

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Physical appearance: Rare photo of him alongside fellow operative, Lee.

    Personality: Cheerful and proud, with a silk tongue that can charm an angry Floran out of eating him, Riley is quite the agent. His true personality is caring and kind, but with a sharp wit that can sometimes throw others off. Though, it'd be hard to get him to use his actual personality outside of a casual conversation, due to him using other personalities to cover for himself.

    Good Traits: Dexterous - He's nimble and quick, and can pickpocket quite well. Freerunner - He has been trained in the art of parkour, and that coupled with his cybernetically enhanced legs makes him extremely hard to catch. Intelligence agent - He's well versed in the art of Cloak and Dagger tactics. If you need an unseen infiltrator, he's your man. Specialist - He's very effective against melee-oriented enemies, whether it be using his dagger against a sword or his bare fists against a spear. He's also very proficient in small arms, such as one-handed SMGs and pistols. Silver Tongue - He can convince anyone to trust him in a manner of minutes, with the longest known time on record for him to not gain a target's trust being a single day.

    Neutral Traits: Sense of Humor - He is known to crack a joke or two in the midst of anything, whether it be battle or mid-meal.

    Bad Traits: EMP-sensitive - His legs can give out if they suffer enough of an electric shock to stun/shut down the cybernetics N̗͎͙̗̭ͨ̍ͭ̐ͬ̇͐́͊̐̈́̈́͊͝͡ͅ implanted in him. Physically weak -Į̻͉̦̣̭̽ͥ͑ͣ͆ͩ͞ Though his legs and arms may be strong, N̶̩̻̯̪͚̹̮̬̞̮̥̪̘͎̥̺̩͛̄̅ͫ̐ͨ̓̓ͣ̿̄͊͢͡ his physical resistance is low, due to not being hit in fights. Cocky - Thinks he can win any fight, and when he steps up to a challenge will most likely not back down. Untrained rifleman - Prone to having "stormtrooper aim", as it's called, with anything larger than an SMG. No Holding Back -Ȩ̧̱̰̗̝͓̺͎̪̪̪̤͇̞̘̟̲͚͎̮̃̈́ͩ̉͌͌ͣ̂ͯ̕͘͞ Has no mercy for a foe, and will finish what he started every time, unless there is a very good reason for him not to. Overly loyal - Still loyal to his old commander to a fault, to the point of shadowing him everywhere. Former Blaze - May have compassion for some of his former Blaze comrades, Ǵ̸̶̯͈̟̺̫̭͎͎̮͎͒̌̂͐͑́ͯ̀̔̔̓̓͆̌̇̀ͧ͟ perhaps to the point of mercy... Too smart for his own good - A very big smart aleck, who is also arrogant and stubborn to a fault. Horrors of War - Still has nightmares of the atrocities he committed during his time with the Blaze.

    Ȩ̧̱̰̗̝͓̺͎̪̪̪̤͇̞̘̟̲͚͎̮̃̈́ͩ̉͌͌ͣ̂ͯ̕͘͞quipment and inventory: Black cloak with dark grey interior, hiding pockets for his dagger, silenced pistol, three spare clips, and razor wire. Also has cybernetic legs and a neural implant in his brain, N̨͎̙̠̺͉̼͈̤̖̎ͭ̔̍̎́ͯ͊̏̒̏̋͛ͯͮ̐̾̋͢͡ͅwhich links it to the Avali Nexus and grants him a HUD of sorts to use occasionally. Round glasses, with an extra pair. Set of spare clothing in his trunk. Picture of his former partner Lee.

    History: Rin and Riley have had a long history together. Riley served under him for the duration of most of his life as an intelligence operative, performing cloak and dagger operations that not even the rest of the Blaze would admit to doing. Not much else is known about him, as most of his time was spent behind enemy territory unrecorded. Left the Blaze around the same time as Rin, continuing to watch from the shadows. He signed up for the Excavation Crew, and is currently shadowing Rin Flame, former Blaze commander, heading towards one of the poles of the planet.

    Other notes: May or may not be important later on, for reasons unknown to even me. ;3
    "This will be interesting... Let's see how the Young Commander does on his own now."


    Name: Daianun

    Relationships: None.

    Race: Agaran

    Age: 21

    Physical appearance: Daianun is an Agaran male, he has grey skin, black eyes and a red mushroom cap. Daianun is 182cm tall and slender.

    Personality: Daianun loves to outsmart and trick people into getting him what he wants, he is intelligent and highly charismatic. Daianun is a very selfish person who holds little moral value, almost all of his actions are in the name of self gain whether short or long term.

    Conman: Due to Daianun career as a conman he is skilled at lying, extortion and manipulation, he also has connections in the criminal underworld. He is also skilled at slipping int new identities.
    Self preservation: Daianun has a knack for avoiding danger.
    Ultra-alert: Because of the risk of an annoyed client come to beat the shit out of him, Daianun has grown very alert of danger.

    Waste not want not: Daianun has no problem with taking things that aren't going to be used.
    Questionable morals: Although Daianun would never commit any hardcore crimes (like murder) he has no problem committing crimes that don't directly affect people (like grave robbing).
    Fanatic liar: Daianun loves to tell a good lie even when its completely unnecessary.
    Selfish: Almost every thing Daianun does is in some way liked to self gain.

    Coward: In the event of a fight, Daianun is far more likely to run and hide than do anything to help his allies, this tends to piss people off.
    Criminal record: Daianun has earned himself quite a record, it includes numerous cases of fraud and drug dealing as well as grave robbing and various other crimes.
    Con-addiction Always wants to try and pull off major scams event when already swimming in cash. Daianun often gives away most of the money he steals simply because he doesn't need nearly as much as he takes and to spite those he stole from.
    Weak: Due to his lack of fighting or other physical exertion Daianun is extremely weak.
    Friendless: As a result of never staying in enplane for long periods of time, Daianun has never had the chance to make friends.

    Equipment & inventory:
    Backpack, 1.5L canteen, food rations, 20g of hallucinogenics, 30g of sleeping pills, a assortment of bottles filled with a blue liquid and a ornate dagger Daianun claims has magical properties.

    Daianun was only a few months old when his tribe was burned to the ground by vengeful florans, soon after that Daianun was rescued and sent into an orphanage. It wasn't long before Daianun was adopted into a rich family, however tragedy struck again for Daianun when at the age of 12 his adopted parents where shot in a mugging, leaving him homeless.
    It was because of these events that Daianun turned to a life of crime, he started by coning one idiot, then another, then a dozen more and soon Daianun found himself traveling from planet to planet, dealing drugs and scamming the rich.
    Now Daianun finds himself in the guise of an archaeologist, with plans to manipulate his way to the top of this operation and make his millions, before disappearing to another planet with a new identity.

    Name: Eric Voltich

    Relationships: Seeks to torture kill Daianun, also generally doesn't like anyone.

    Race: Human

    Age: 42

    Phyical appearance: Eric is a tall lean well muscled man. He has long dark brown hair and steely grey eyes, the pale skin on his face is covered in rough, poorly shaven stubble. His face generally displays a sort of half glare, and his body language is usually slightly aggressive.
    Eric wares a white lab coat, surgical gloves and rubber boots.

    Personality: Eric is rouge, highly aggressive, he views himself as superior to others and is unlikely to follow orders.

    Strong: Eric is stronger than most other humans.
    Subterfuge: Eric is good at lying to achieve his goals.
    Expert killer: Eric is skilled at killing people, weather through poison, throat cutting or simply beating a skull in with a rock.
    Intimidating: Eric is a rather scary person to talk to, that can be an advantage when trying to make someone back off, but a disadvantage when in other social situations.
    Obsessive: Eric is obsessed with achieving his goal and will do.
    New look: Eric has received a full cosmetic change ignorer to hide his appearance.
    Ex criminal overlord: Due to Eric's past crimes as the leader of a large criminal organisation, Eric is wanted on several planes and has a huge bounty over his head.
    Sociopath: Eric is unable to feel empathy for other people.
    Controlling: Eric loves to be in power and will often try to take it from others.
    Sadist: Eric enjoys the pain of others.

    Equipment: Surgical gloves, scalpel, rations, several bottles of poison, a plastic sheet, a diary and a water skin.

    History: Eric was was born into a bad family. It was at the age of seven that he witnessed his father beat his mother to death, as a result Eric ran from his home favouring a life of homelessness to a life with his father.
    It was at the age of twelve, five years after running away, that he was taken in by another homeless, a human drug dealer by the name Sam Voltich. It was Sam who introduce Eric to drug dealing and the criminal underworld, from there Eric built up his own criminal empire.
    It was twenty-four years later that Eric met Daianun, going by the name of Chinba at the time. Daianun promised Eric an almost guaranteed way too untold riches and domination of entire planes, Daianun sounded so convincing and sure that the device worked, that when Eric found out that the cost for the supposed "Doomsday Device", was more than three quarters of his empires entire money, he did not hesitate to buy it.
    By the time Eric discovered that the device was a fraud, it was too late, Daianun had already left the planet and Eric's empire was collapsing around him due to lack of funds.
    It grew into an obsession for Eric, after his empire collapsed, to torture and kill Daianun, so when he found out that Daianun was planing his next big scam on Trench, Eric quickly got himself cosmetic surgery, killed and took the identity of a medical researcher heading to study the anomalies Trench.

    Name: Trakith

    Relationships: None.

    Race: Hylotl

    Age: 21

    Physical appearance: Trakith is a hylotl with three fins on his head one on each side and the third running down the middle. His skin is a sickly faded color closer to grey than its natural blue. He is incredibly skinny and appears as though he has barely eaten any time recently. His eyes are blood shot and have a slightly distant look to them.

    He wares nothing other than a pair of threadbare linen pants

    Personality: Trakith has an obsessive and fanatical personality. He doesn’t care about much other than his gods and their will, as such he does only the bare minimum for survival nor any form of pain.

    Backstory: Trakith used to be a pretty much ordinary hylotl if a little mentally unstable. It was only in resent years, at the age of 19 that Trakith started to have vivid hallucinations and began to show signs of insanity and all but stopped eating or caring for himself in any other way.

    Trakith now believes that the ‘Old Ones’ speak through him and that he is their profit, he now comes on this expedition with the belief that it was they who have called him here to do their will.


    +Pain tolerance – when it comes to doing things for his “gods”, Trakith will endure any amount of pain and suffering, both mentally and physically.

    +Endurance – Trakith is literally able to work until he drops… at least when it comes to pleasing or fulfilling the will of his supposed gods. He is also able to push himself to ridicules extremes like running down a car, however he will almost certainly injure himself in the process.

    -Fanatical – Trakith’s constant preaching can get on people’s nerves and some of the things he says can be quite unnerving, making him bad in social situations.

    -Schizophrenic – Trakith is a schizophrenic and is will often convince himself of things that are simply wrong as well as herring the voices of the Old One’s.

    -Suicidal – In order to please the Old One’s Trakith will go to extents that are flat out suicidal.

    Name: Taktar

    Relationships: A government agency thats tracked him to this point and is trying to capture him.

    Race: Novakid

    Age: 9

    Physical appearance: Taktar has a vaguely humanoid form made from a chaotic reddish yellow plasma, seemingly barely contained and ready to explode.

    Personality: Taktar is slow to trust people, but those he considers his friends he trusts immensely. He is generally quite timid and quiet, however when he feels that his friends and loved ones a threatened he goes into a unparalleled rage.

    Backstory: A couple of years back when Taktar was only seven he participated as a test subject for a experiment to do with energy infusion and manipulation on novakids. The experiment was a catastrophic failure and Taktar went critical, releasing an energy surge not unlike a solar flare which instantly killed all of the scientists present.

    After that the researchers shut down the experiment and filed away all the data, that didn’t stop the government of the planet, that the now unstable both mentally and physiologically, Taktar from taking a notice.

    The government took Taktar away and spent the next year and a half studying the boy, until he escaped.

    Since his escape Taktar has been traveling from ship to ship across whole galaxies, in an attempt to permanently loose the government that still hunts him to this day. Now Taktar finds himself stowed away in the bowls of a air ship above Treiach.


    +Warm – due to the incredible amounts of energy stored in Taktar’s body he is impervious to all but the most extreme colds and provides heat for those around him.

    +Powerful – because of the experimentation Taktar is incredibly strong for his age.

    +Energetic – Taktar is energetic in every sense of the word, being both youthful and supercharged with energy allows him to tirelessly run, clime, swing and other playful activities. Taktar also has trouble focusing.

    *Chaotic appearance – The plasma that makes up Taktar’s skin is more chaotic and fiery than any normal novakids, some people may find this trait beautiful while others horrifyingly frightening.

    -Curse of burning flesh – the surface of Taktar’s skin burns at incredibly high temperatures, meaning that he is unable to touch other people or highly flammable/delicate objects without damaging them.

    -Paranoid – Due to spending one and a half years being studied by a evil government and another half a year running away from said government, Taktar finds it difficult to trust other people and is contently looking over his shoulder. That said the people who Taktar learns to trust he holds as very close friends and will protect at all costs.

    -Rage – when some one threatens the people that Taktar cares about he goes into a deep and psychopathic rage, in this state he will let nothing and no one stand in the way of protecting his friends, even at the cost of others lives.

    -Living supernova – Taktar is an unstable ball of energy barely contained by its own plasma. When he goes into a rage Taktar’s skin becomes even more fiery and chaotic, even tow the point of releasing miniature solar flares.

    In this stat he will continue to get hotter and hotter, burning anyone that nears him, until he violently explodes in a supernova. As a general rule Taktar usually passes out long before going supernova.

    -Short lived star – Due to all the excess energy in his body Trakith is burning through his vital gasses at an incredible rate, although he is yet to no it he at most has a couple of years left to live.


    Name: Sonpahien

    Relationships: None

    Race: Novakid

    Age: 29

    Physical appearance: Sonpahien is a novakid with an orange-yellow complexion. She has a short bob for hair (or at least the novakid equivalent).Sonpahien wears a black waist coat on top of a long sleeved red shirt, she also wears loose red pants and a pair of black dress shoes. A loosely fastened belt holds a gun holster on either side of her belt.

    Personality: Sonpahien is an explored by nature, despite her love for thrill and adventure she is actually quite a peaceful person who will go to incredible lengths to make sure that no living things get hurt if she can prevent it. She has an amazing ability so remain calm and as such she rarely gets angry or cries, except in the face of cruelty or suffering. In general, she acts on impulse and does not take the time to think through her actions, this can sometimes lead to situations where she gets her or her friends into danger.

    Backstory: At a very young age Sonpahien was adopted and raised by a human a gay human couple. She was happy with her parents and her life until the age of 9 when both of her adopted parents died in an explosion of a malfunctioning ship. Sonpahien was taken to an adoption center in the far reaches of space and was soon taken in. Her new home was deep within a great and expansive city. Life here was nothing like it had been in the past for Sonpahien for her new parents where cruel and abusive people. Several years later, a 16-year-old Sonpahien ran from her abusive parents and escaped to wilds of the planet of which she now lived. It was in those wilds that she was instantly enthralled by the great flora and fauna, nothing like shed ever seen before. She learnt to scavenge for food in the dense jungles and found a calmness within nature. At first it was only a little thing but as time progressed Sonpahien need to explore and discover new things and experiences grew and one day a 20 year old Sonpahien left her jungle home in search of adventure. Now 9 years later Sonpahien finds herself hidden within the bowels of the airship, that houses an expedition crew of criminals and hero’s, far above the planet Treiach.


    +Learner: When it comes to learning about anything to do with the adventure before her, Sonpahien is an incredibly fast learner. One thing she’s taught herself is the very basics of the Treiach language.

    +Gun Slinger: with her two pistols Sonpahien can have an incredibly accurate flurry of shots.

    +Calm: Years of hardship taught Sonpahien to be almost immune to sorrow and anger.

    *Self-taught adventurer: Everything that Sonpahien knows is self-taught, this means that she is incredibly good at certain tasks and performs them in unique ways, but she is also incredibly bad at other tasks and performs them in flawed ways.

    -Impulsive Adventurer: Sonpahien will run off to adventure without a second thought about the risk.

    -Pacifist: Sonpahien can’t bring herself to kill any form of animals weather sentient or not, the only times she can manage to do it is if it directly threatens to hurt her or the people around it on its own free will.

    -That’s not right at all: Sonpahien will argue stupid points across and will stand firmly with them no matter how much evidence is presented to prove her wrong.

    -Not so survivalist: Sonpahien fancies herself as a hard-core survivalist, as such she will do stupid things like go days on end without food or attempt several kilometre hikes in arctic landscapes.


    -X1 large satchel

    -x1 survival knife

    -x2 energy pistols modified to stun opponents rather than maim or kill

    -Several meters of rope

    -x1 water skin

    -A book filled with hand drawn sketches and notes, such as a map.

    -Fire starter and tinder box

    @nomad ninga *BANNED
    Name: billy the space kid

    Relationships: his gun, his horse, and his wits.

    Race: novakid

    Age: 34

    Physical appearance: orange, pagan star brand, typical cowboy clothes

    Personality: shoots first... just like han(a joke), bit of an a-hole, breaks the rules when he wants to

    +gun master: in a blink of an eye his gun is in his hand, bullets in your chest, and smoke in the air.
    +horse master: dam he is fast
    +living fire: he is a hot burning novakid he burns every thing he touches... lightly... Sometimes...
    =lone ranger: fights alone, will some time works with others if it helps him
    =light source: dam that man is on fire (no for real)
    -Bad reputation: being the man he is, he's made a lot of enemies...
    -1+2=6?: not the brightest (pun so intended)
    -poker player: he just cant follow the rules, and he plays poker(not a good combo)
    -hothead: when angered, his body can heat to temperature of up to Fahrenheit 451 500°

    two revolvers (uses energy)
    a horse
    a hat
    those cow boy boots with the spikes
    the other cow boy clothing

    when he was just 8 he shoot his parents making him an orphan. later in live he got a fire fly class ship and a horse and started roaming the galaxy looking for the inner working of the universe. he join a crew doing some space stuff after his ship is destroyed hoping this might help him find answers.

    @Jareix Cryvix -Head GM
    @critsarecool -Co-GM


    *unless you are intentionally being a dick... In which case, shove off...
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    Alright, I just need to get a character ready; shouldn't take too long.
  3. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    Name: Miraa " Sindrakk"

    Relationships: Elsie, 'Sleira

    Race: Human-Abberation

    Age: Unknown. Young possibly.

    Physical appearance: 3'7, 200 pounds Miraa.png

    Personality: Kind, cheery. Giggly and happy, although introverted when away from her parents

    Positive traits: Incredibly strong and fast. No need for food, but requires electric energy for "consumption" Childish and "adorable". Amazing sense of smell

    Neutral Traits: Likes flowers and oranges

    Negative traits: Nearly blind and deaf. Tiny and fragile. Easily scared. Nightmares. Attached to Elsie and 'Sleira incredibly

    Equipment and inventory: Dress with a diamond pattern on the chest, slippers, hairbow, bracelet which reads " Daggeres"

    History: Kept prisoner by Mayor Cowler so long, she forgot when she was captured. Managed to somehow escape with the aid of Ausleira, who took her in as her child. Miraa clung to 'Sleira's side, literally and figuratively. Miraa hadn't known what it was liked to be cared about for...days? Months? Years? She has become 'Sleira's adopted child and she rarely ever leaves her side. Well why would she? After all 'Sleira is her mommy.

    " I have a mommy! I'm so happy! "

    Name: Lescalius Aor Yiur
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Physical appearance: Tall and thin, and slightly pale. Hazel eyes set against a gaunt yet boyish face complemented by a head of medium length shaggy black hair. He wears goggles along with silk gloves, a doctors coat, blue jeans and a black shirt. He carries a knapsack with him

    Personality: Quiet, introverted. Random bursts of excitement and happiness. Easily scared and timid. Confident when in a situation he can help in. Very reserved and somber

    Positive traits:

    Medical knowledge: Skilled doctor, some would call him a miracle worker when it comes to medicine and surgery.

    How are you? : He is an absolute charmer. He can manage to talk anything out of nearly anyone

    Oh...nice watch.: He has some of the lightest fingers you'll ever see. He could easily steal ones watch off their wrist while having a conversation with them

    Neutral Traits:

    Did you hear? : He loves hearing about peoples secrets.

    Poet: He writes stories or poetry whenever the mood hits him

    Negative traits:

    Addict: He takes many drugs. Especially sleeping pills to help quell his nightmares. Anything thats addictive, he's probably tried once

    Another nightmare...: Whenever he sleeps he has horrid nightmares. Only his sleeping pills makes him forget upon waking

    Noodle arms: He isnt strong. At all. He is a weakling. A pathetic weakling at that

    Mad doctor: His expirements and research isnt.... "legal" to say the least... Wanted by several groups for violating basic rights of sentients

    Sickly: Although he is drugged most of the time, that doesnt help his naturally weak immune system

    Equipment: Strange glass goggles, doctors jacket, jeans, belt, socks, sneakers, silk gloves, knapsack

    Inventory: A bottle of sleeping pills, two scalpels, a small bottle of morphine, tiny bottle of cyanide, box of cigarretes and a lighter, handkercheif. small locket with a jade on it. Strange glass syringe


    A rather sad soul, wouldnt you agree? Abandoned at birth, forced to somehow survive and fend for himself. He developed light fingers and a silver tongue in the process, he needed them to survive. Somehow he managed to make it to adulthood and become a doctor. He then spiraled into drug abuse. He had one person who was a light in his life... I dont remeber her name. She died of sickness. He tried to scrounge up enough money to get her DNA into the protectorate regeneration program, but alas, he didnt. He searches for a way to bring back a long dead love.
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    This is cool. How connected is this to Untold? If I chose to apply would I be confused by some things that Untold players would know?
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    No need to know anything about untold whatsoever. It's just there to give some context to the players who were involved in it.
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    Hey, could I be a native of the 'hidden valley' as I'm going to call it. Or at least a defensive construct/AI unit. You know, I like that idea better.
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    Yes. Send me an IM and I'll give you the rundown. You won't come in until later, but you can have multiple character if you so choose.
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  8. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    I'm building the sheet as I speak....
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  9. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    May I ask what concept you're running with?
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  10. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    Adventurer with no idea what he's getting into and in it just for some action, actually gonna be a tad different from my usual sheets.
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  11. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    This is going to be very...
  12. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    No you can't practice medicine on me!
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  13. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Eh, did you actually read the contract you signed? Especially the part that mentions 'in case of injury'?
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  14. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    Yes....I just ignored it..
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  15. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Well, then you can't complain if the good doctor has his way with you; after all, you 'consented'.
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  16. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    Not exactly...I cut that chunk out..
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  17. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    *Slaps down a stack of papers* Oh, we made copies. And forg- uh, 'copied' your signature over!
  18. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    .......does this have anything to do with that free t shirt I was given earlier?
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  19. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Oh, that was just a freebie from the gift shop; I'd be more concerned about that sandwich you're eating.
  20. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    *Drops sandwich*....

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