Tutorial Dependencies and Conflicts - small overview

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    Having multiple mods often have a much higher chance for causing conflicts.
    Especially when one of those mods causes drastic changes to the game.
    Also when the mod shoots no errors - you are even in a much more confused state.

    What is happening is the game has no specific "Load" order as of yet. Hence one mod could be overwriting files which is essential for another. Hence causing a Basic conflict. To put it into examples lets say I have 2 mods. ModA and ModB and the player.config blueprint list.

    • ModA - Overwrites Tier1
    • ModB - Adds item to bottom of Tier 1

    What will happen is ModB will add the item to the bottom of Vanillia list and ModA will overwrite the list hence removing ModB.

    Now it is important to note - if modA makes a drastic change which completely removes the reference dependencies won't be possible. It would require a fundamental code change to make it work properly. In this case we are having a simple case of load order conflict. We want modB to load after Mod A.

    The Solution?

    I am sure many of you mod makers [and non modmakers] have noticed dependencies in the modinfo file. This can be used to create a pseudo load order. The mod which is "Dependent on the other, loads after the other"

    Hence in the modinfo file of modB we will add the line
      "dependencies" : [ "moda" ],
    Now keep in mind - this name needs to match the name inside the modinfo file of modA.

    If there is no other issue - the item should load perfectly. With this in mind - you should be able to create a chained mod-order.

    [ If you wish to write how to make your mod compatible with others post it in this thread - I will Update OP linking to that specific post - please just follow the format to make it easier for everyone. ]
    Click on a link to find out how to make a compatibility for that mod.

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  3. The | Suit

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    STAR BOUND NEW ORIGINS [ for furious koala ]
    ALL MODS [PART #1]
    In order to prevent major conflicts make any mods Make sure you load them "after" STARBOUND : NEW ORIGINS.
    1. So go to any mod you want to add - open the mod.info file
    2. change the value "dependencies" : [ ] or add it if not there to
    "dependencies" : [ "sbneworigins" ]
    You can add it as the last line before the closing quotes. For example
      "name" : "exampleMod",
      "version" : "Beta v. Furious Koala",
      "path" : ".",
      "modauthor": "example",
      "modversion": "0.1",
      "moddescription": "Example Description",
      "dependencies" : [ "sbneworigins" ]
    3. Any mods which change vanilla environments - dependency should be enough.

    1. If the item mod you wish to add, adds only items to Tier 1. Then PART #1 is enough.
    2. If the item mod you wish to add, adds items to other non vanilla tiers besides tier 1. Part #1 should be enough.
    3. If the item mod you wish to add, adds items to vanilla tiers besides tier 1. Then you will have to open the folder, if its pack file - then you will need to unpack it..
    4. Go to the player.config file of the mod you wish to add, look for tier2, tier3, tier 4. and make the merge file put everything under tier 1. Or one of my custom tiers.
    Guide to merging - http://community.playstarbound.com/...iding-and-merging-config-files-in-mods.53775/
    5. Keep in mind if you use any other tier besides tier 1. You will have to RE-unlock that tier again in order to gain access to the items. If you already unlocked that tier with your character.

    RACE MODS [Part #3]
    If any items are added with the race mod - make sure you complete step 2 before coming to step 3.
    1. To make the race playable - you will need to go to your default.treasurepool file or race starter file and add 4 items for your race

              [ "tent1", 1],
              [ "datachip12375", 5],
              [ "unlockercomputer12375", 1],
              [ "unlockercraft12375", 1]
    2. If you are using a custom quest associated - you get a total of 6 data chips at the start of the game.
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  4. lordlimp

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    i have a small question of the race you want to add is pat of a modpack would you have to make all the races in the modpak work with these lines? because i have the ponymodpak
  5. The | Suit

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    No - if the modders did everything properly they would have done an add merge. So race's should be perfectly compatible with each other.
    Say you wanted to created a mod which uses Frackin Flora plants. Instead of copying his plants, all you need to do is make a depdency of it. then you get full access to his plants.
    You can also edit any custom files he has in his mod.

    Essentially depdencies are only when it deals with modifying another mods custom files, or if 2 mods are editing the same file and one is using overwrite
  6. lordlimp

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    hmm odd beacuse i tried the mod with the the modded race and it didnt work, when i added the lines in i only recieved a perfectly generic material which usually means somethings wrong wierd.
  7. The | Suit

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    Really matters what the mod is for - if its causing a PGI - you should make the item again and post the starbound.log
  8. lordlimp

    lordlimp Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    All the mod is is to add 4 new races to the game with 3 of them sharing 3 tiers of custom armor, and 1 of them merging with the vanilla starbound and adding like i think just tier 1 weapons. but yea ill try adding the item again and get that log because i dont even think this should be happening unless im just retarded and doing something blatantly wrong :rofl:
  9. The | Suit

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    None of those should be an issue.
    Almost all race mods are compatible with each other

    You don't need to do anything to put race mods together. No dependencies required at all, as they all should be using custom files and merging prooperly

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