RELEASED Demetrius White Skin

Discussion in 'Characters' started by Beret, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Beret

    Beret Subatomic Cosmonaut

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  2. The | Suit

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    Guys please stop bringing politics into the mods - If you want to discuss the politics of white washing \ the oscars \ gaming etc - please make a new thread in the off topic discussion area, or have a private conversation with one another. You are free to discuss it - as long as it is in the appropriate area. The mod thread it self is dedicated solely for the mods.

    Cleaned all posts not related to the mod - please keep the topic to the mod it self.
    If you have any opinions on the political correctness of the mod - please discuss it in a manner as mentioned above.
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    • ateos

      ateos Aquatic Astronaut

      I really really like this mod.
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      • Anaxagoras

        Anaxagoras Void-Bound Voyager

        Objectively speaking, the mod needs work. His facial features are still predominantly Negroid (scientific terminology for the bone structure and other morphological traits predominant in the sub-Saharan population; as opposed to Caucasoid or Mongoloid). This results in an Eumelanin-deficient black man, rather than a white man. For instance, the nose bridge needs to be slimmer. So do the lips. His hair is also clearly Afro-textured, so it would be best to switch it over to either a softly curled or regular straight hair.

        Looking forward to the polished version.
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        • stringstorm

          stringstorm Astral Cartographer

          Relax. This is made to poke fun at people who go into some sort of internet protest about mods that they're not even required to look into, download, or use just because they don't like it or something.
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          • Jonesy

            Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

            Read The | Suit's post.
            • zerlkung

              zerlkung Void-Bound Voyager

              Use alternative skin feel good.
              • Beret

                Beret Subatomic Cosmonaut

                Introducing Doctor Demetrius, the Mad Scientist:




                Now fully armed with a glorious white mustache, white hair and a fashionable white jacket!



                Next up on Demetrius White Skin:

                Vanilla Dew


                The whitest rapper in town!
                Coming soon

                i also made a white maru since the last one went down hope you like it :)
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                • strevel

                  strevel Intergalactic Tourist

                  Damn, that's looking really good.
                  Sprite could do some work, though.
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                  • Beret

                    Beret Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    hmm... yeah it could be a bit better. I'm not too happy with how the right side of the hair turned out either, might chance that a bit too.
                    • TheFool

                      TheFool Astral Cartographer

                      oh god.
                      you've gone and turned our neighborhood scientist into dr wily, of all people.
                      RIP pelican town.
                      • Colton

                        Colton Phantasmal Quasar

                        The Mad Scientist Demetrius portrait is really great!

                        *Edit* Also this white Maru is the only Maru.
                        • stringstorm

                          stringstorm Astral Cartographer

                          Indeed. White Maru is the only Maru. Any other Maru pales in comparison to the one true white maru.
                          • asdasdgfrw

                            asdasdgfrw Title Not Found

                            Damn son, this mad scientist is amazing.
                            • Juneaux

                              Juneaux Yeah, You!

                              Ah I really like this white Maru 10/10
                              • Beret

                                Beret Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                Changed the look of the sprite and the portrait slightly, maybe they're a bit better now. (probably not)


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                                • Jokerine

                                  Jokerine Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  Wow, the mad scientist looks amazing!
                                  • hjzz

                                    hjzz Space Spelunker

                                    Ummm i get error when i click on mad Scientist link :/
                                    • Beret

                                      Beret Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      That's odd. I added an alternative download link, maybe it'll work.
                                      • Radams

                                        Radams Space Hobo

                                        Hey everyone, I just want to chime in and say that, as a black woman, I support this mod. I know the moderator or whoever said they wanted to move posts like this to another thread, but please hear me out so people can see it.

                                        Very often in media I feel like there's a concentrated effort to force black male/white female couples, and as a black woman myself, that doesn't make me feel 'strong and independent' like we're shown; instead I feel lonely and abandoned. Yeah I like not needing to rely on others but that doesn't mean I don't want to be loved, especially by our own men whom the media seem eager to pair off with anyone but us. I appreciate the sentiment (whatever it is) but it does more harm than good.

                                        Either making Robin black or Demetrius white with an adopted black daughter/son is much preferred for me, but I won't cause a scene either way. It's nice to have the option though, so I support you guys.

                                        - Racheal

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