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RELEASED Delusive Dimensions v0.1

Exploring the folds of the multiverse, one dimension at a time...

  1. Kyrbiultra

    Kyrbiultra Void-Bound Voyager

    I like the mod, but i didnt found yet the dg. Any help? (Ihad searched in many moons and i tired)
  2. OctavioAGS

    OctavioAGS Void-Bound Voyager

    I cant seen to find any Dimensional Doors, help?
  3. olsenitis

    olsenitis Void-Bound Voyager

    is there a spawn id for the portal
  4. olsenitis

    olsenitis Void-Bound Voyager

    cant find the portal
  5. Heartfinder Chipepe

    Heartfinder Chipepe Void-Bound Voyager

    Heh, one of the rooms should just be your character spawning in mid-air and falling like, 500 blocks, then vanishing at the bottom and moving on to another room
  6. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

  7. chrono12777

    chrono12777 Void-Bound Voyager

    I never thought that I would see this active mod again, I play it from minecraft and you revived it for the starbound:), thanks, it's a great job.

    But good we go to what happens to us, I have some ideas and I can not pass up the opportunity to try to contribute to this mod.

    List of ideas

    -The first is that the doors can appear around the world (like the original mod) and transport you to different parts of it, you want to points of interest in that world as some microdugueon or some structure generated by this mod (more interesting)

    -That the doors can take you to a world full of sand, where the atmospheric conditions are difficult and you must reach a temple in the world to survive before the anchor or good night creatures take care of you (these worlds may be inhabited by creatures such as, living cacti, creatures of the limbo (who are vainly adventurous who strayed from the platforms and transformed themselves into these terrible creatures)

    -A special weapon that is able to break the temporal space tissues in this world and generate cracks by which they can take you to other random places within the mod if you enter or transport enemies if they are trapped by it, it can also have an effect of paralysis in time

    -I do not know if they have already implemented the limbo that had fallen into the immense darkness in the original mod (I still do not try this at all) and I'm afraid to fall and die (; -;) but if they have not done it would be a perfect idea, a place full of total darkness that is vasically your last chance of survival before falling and finally dying.

    -some mini boss, that give difficulty to the game, for example a creature of darkness of average size (a little bigger than common enemies) that blocks a bridge or something like that, can have poleras to open temporary space cracks and bring more enemies
    -and old adventurers you can interact with (they have been trapped for months, years, they do not even know how much time has passed since they have been there) some can pretend to be passive but as soon as they see you they will try to kill you, others will be able to steal your inventory. as doors and to get it, make them escape in them and others can be passive and need help, as many others can be more experienced adventurers than you and give you indications or advice on how to proceed in the worlds.

    My language is Spanish, sorry for the bad English, I hope and some of my ideas will inspire you to continue improving this great mod, if you need more ideas, I have thousands of mechanics and even better. ;)
  8. Legogod

    Legogod Cosmic Narwhal

    Not the dev, but I can answer some of the questions.
    1. This is basically asking for more entrance locations. The more surface dungeon-adding mods you have, the rarer they will be, hence why moons are the best shot at them.
    2. That would fall under the category of custom dungeons. If you know how to use Tiled...
    3. Not sure how the Rift Blade from the MC mod would be implemented aside from an item to open a persistent player-modifiable pocket world. The way SB handles those, ALL players will be able to modify the contents; no player-locking possible.
    4. Limbo is already in. Hope you bought an escape teleporter...
    5. 'Boss Rooms' would fall under the category of custom dungeons for now.
    6. .player files can not be directly modified in that way. No invo stealing possible.

    In other news, the MC mod has been ported to 1.12. Still not stable yet.
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  9. chrono12777

    chrono12777 Void-Bound Voyager

    oh I see, basically all the ideas I suggested are difficult to implement or are already in the mod
    similarly I think they are possible, at least the portal of the sword and the effect of temporary paralysis are, the portal could only disappear monsters and if the player touches it to some place, easy and functional, and well there is already a sword that makes the effect in the game, I think it's called temporary sword or something, I hope the creator takes into account at least 1 of my ideas :lod:
  10. Sock_Bunny

    Sock_Bunny Existential Complex

    The armor is uncraftable because it in is the crafting group "armour", which doesn't exist. It should be in "armours" instead
  11. InsanityPie

    InsanityPie Phantasmal Quasar

    Im guessing this mods either dead, on hiatus, or the developer is busy
  12. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

    Thanks for spotting that! The armor should generally be uncraftable as there's no legitimate way to obtain it as far as I'm concerned. :p
    I'll tweak that soon enough.

    Not quite dead, but not quite alive either. I've ceased development of all of my mods for now until I can sort some issues I'm having on my end. Life can be a pain in the ass. Plans for updates ARE there though!
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