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RELEASED Delusive Dimensions v0.1

Exploring the folds of the multiverse, one dimension at a time...

  1. Presios Saiyan

    Presios Saiyan Giant Laser Beams

    Nice concept and mod! You know for music wise, this makes me think: What-If this mod has Falconer Productions music in it?
    Well, that will make the Deep Dimentions even more fitting since the song is eerie, and the dimention is eerie. So, yeah it may fit.

    Dear G.Xyon, add in this music into the Deep Dimentions because, why the hell not? It will fit for sure, both the Mod and the track is eerie and mysterious. So, what's not to like? Answer: Putting Limbo Soundtrack into the mod? No. Just, no. But only it plays in Limbo. (Get the joke?)

    Also, will there be exotic universes to enter and splore? Because i want to enter Beerus' Planet after risking my whole life after about 55 doors down into the Darkness filled with creepy ass eyes in there. (And getting killed by the God of Destruction afterwards.)
  2. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    I wonder about replacing the dimensional doors destination with this. And then implementing the(slightly modified destination teleporters at end) dimensional rooms integrated within your dimensions? I think that could be a decent alternative/addition to finding only one specific microdungeon.

    I say that not having really looked at how the dimensional doors work(I assume teleporters to instance worlds) nor your mod assets yet.
  3. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

    The suggestion is quite nice, thank you! But adding something like such doesn't feel too right with the mod. However, I can attempt to change up to the music on Limbo, perhaps compose something to similar extent. We'll see!

    Yes, yes there will. The first set of treasure rooms are still in the works, but afterwards, I'll be taking suggestions and implementing them if they sound good.

    Erk... I fail to follow. I'm a little confused as what you want to implement. Mayhaps you could explain a bit!

    As for how it works, the teleporters use scripts; the scripts then have a randomizing selection, and select one warp config out of the bunch. The warp config is linked to one "dimension" instanced world, which at the end is one dungeon with multiple anchors. So far, there's a total of about 22 different "dimensions" (10 Normal, 10 Broken, Hub, Limbo) that the normal teleporters can choose from. The Treasure instances are handled by another door with a separate script, and the Pocket Portal is handled by itself with another door.
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  4. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    I mean to say this looks like a more ambitious version of the challenge rooms, so you might as well hijack them. Well look at /objects/ancient/challengedoor/challengedoor.object. I'm sure you've seen these things while playing. In the same folder challengedoor.lua

    Now having just looked at them, they do work pretty well like I imagined. My suggestion was to change the script for these objects such that they lead you to the hub instead of
    You could add portals within your dimensions that do lead to these challenge rooms yet with random parameters like threat level. And the "return doors" within the challenges can just lead further down the dimensional rabbit hole rather than returning you.

    Doing this enhances the vanilla challenge doors(making the whole thing more interesting), leads to more chances to find your dimensions, and enhances the variety present in your dimensions... all with a few easy edits. I think it would work very well. But you may or may not agree and this is your mod.
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  5. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

    Oooooh, I hadn't considered that! That actually sounds like an excellent idea! I'll see what I can do; while I don't want to take from the vanilla experience, it does makes perfect sense given that challenge doors are of similar concept.
  6. SJLgamers

    SJLgamers Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I can't get a portal to spawn. I only get weird abandoned labs on the moon. Tips?
  7. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

    Going to need a list of all the mods you're currently using that modify biomes that don't normally host dungeons. As well, crossreference to my earlier posts,
  8. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    The list of mods could be pulled from a log. As well as any errors. So I'd recommend to go to such a location, and provide the log from that session.
  9. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    I don't know how viable this would be, but since the character would be going from different dimensions, why the player gets a enemy that's a extra-dimensional version of them, basically shadow link....
  10. Rienfall

    Rienfall Void-Bound Voyager

    ok so I've been messing around in this mod I got to say I love your work so far however some things bother me about the mod. First off I feel like the limbo chance is way to frequent I often find getting kicked to limbo the first or second door. Second of all the absence of monsters makes the void seem way to empty and frankly slightly boring im not saying add tonz of monsters im saying add some really creepy rare ones like scratchy shadow monsters and grotesque faceless twisted monsters. Finally what the original did very well was tonz of misleading traps I feel that if a ton of trolly traps where added it could flush out allot of the void's emptiness mix the creepy rare monsters bam master piece also adding a boss with a few secrets would significantly make this mod way more entertaining. all and all though so far amazing mod keep it up

    also the background with the closed eyes makes me feel uneasy and the whole time im there waiting for them to open, it would be interesting if sometimes they would open and kick you to limbo maybe like when triggering a trap or what not

    I thought of another idea have some of the dimensions be fleshy blocks with eye blocks mixed in obviously make this a shocking rare occurrence aswell, where I mostly feel that this mod flourishes is with shock value and creep value you could even have "ghosts"(shadows) of previous heros that lost them selves to the void like random Npc that say really creepy shit even have notes hidden about several different heros and how they got consumed by the void this whole mod has so much potential :D

    oh I just had another good one, so you could do that this where you have the distorted void metal then leading into a Victorian styled house where you have a normal front door you have to open a static TV then a lil girl in bloodstained cloths in a room with blood all over the walls then when you talk to her she says "do you think im pretty they though I was pretty" then turning into a monster that tries to attack you P.S. sorry about spamming the discussion I just really like the possibilities for this mod

    Iris Blanche:
    I merged your posts. Please use the edit function in the future.
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  11. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    Dude.....there's and edit button....you don't have to spam post...
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  12. Rienfall

    Rienfall Void-Bound Voyager

    oops sorry
  13. ze_robot

    ze_robot Aquatic Astronaut

    It would be interesting if there was a settlement in these dimensions. Maybe evidence of prior expeditions as well. These settlements could act as a hub or checkpoint if it could contain a teleporter.
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  14. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

    That'll be quite difficult, honestly! Not too sure how to even begin there, but I'll see what I can do.

    #1: Thank you! I'll continue to provide quality content as best as I can~. I have been thinking quite a bit on reducing the limbo chance at least by half; I know how you feel, it's quite annoying to test things and end up in Limbo all of the sudden. The lack of monsters has been purposefully thought out: these manifolds are meant to be almost entirely an environmental hazard as, lore would have it, these dungeons are more of a "behind the scenes" sort of deal, where there's really no life there and the only danger is yourself and the floor you step on. Some traps and puzzles are planned, but more are to be made as well!

    #2: While not entirely possible, we have ideas on how to work around this.

    #3 & #4: Great ideas! I'll ponder on these and see what I can do.

    Oooh, sounds fancy! I could certainly get creative with this one. I'll see what I can do!
  15. Rienfall

    Rienfall Void-Bound Voyager

    the idea for the monsters was to make them very rare and more of like "ghosts" of the former people who got consumed by the void I can't help but loose allot of the "fear" of the unknown in the void when I know im not in any real danger and more or less more annoyed then creeped out when I get bumped to the limbo dimension and I love the who semi consent effect of the void and could have really good potential to tell a creepy story about someone who got lost there hundreds of years ago and find their notes scattered between the void
  16. voiditect

    voiditect Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    is this on the workshop?

    Anyways, in your last post, #4 miight creep me out too much

    As for loot ideas, here's some. To fit the between dimensions theme, there are a few references.

    The dimensional render: alt-fire creates a rift that instakills any non-boss foes. however, those foes may turn up in the pocket dimensions later.
    heaven's gate: A reference to epic battle fantasy 4. alt-fire shoots a glowing white copy of the sword forward.
    Terra blade: swings fire a blade projectile. spin for secondary. Also a reference to Terraria.
    forlorn rifle: a rusted version of the old plasma rifle.
    forlorn globe gun: same as forlorn rifle, but with the globe launcher.

    lost explorers can be found occasionally, and are unique types of crew. They just want to get out, really.
    a few explorer types are:
    shadow infected: a claw-using explorer that slides into the shadows to confuse and dodge.
    creature master: uses 3 random unique monsters to battle.
    winged ones: avians that use holy and kluex-themed weapons, as well as flight.
    demolitionist: uses rocket launchers, and non-destructive bombs.
    rogue: uses various uncommon throwing weapons. (cutter leaves, gnomes, etc.)
    and, of course, rainbow rogues: fast, weak swordsmen, with throws.
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  17. baconsama25

    baconsama25 Cosmic Narwhal

    I could create custom dungeons, as long you can help (or link me to an topic) about creating dungeons for mods. For instance say a timed dungeon that uses liquid physics, intricate wiring for mechanisms or even dungeons that use your gravitrons mod ( although if it was the case it'd be great to include the microchip mod, because it's inner components can be much more effective than vanilla, which otherwise would require a ton of extra wiring, components and space).

    EDIT: Although I don't know Lua or Js, I know the basics of programming ( currently learning Java), so maybe in due time I could help with coding as well.
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  18. ze_robot

    ze_robot Aquatic Astronaut

    I know some coding. I could also look into dungeons.
  19. The Observer

    The Observer Phantasmal Quasar

    Best of luck to you. I know very well how hard coming up with interesting obstacles and puzzles can be.

    It was getting tiring being the only current modder dungeon-wise, and it's nice to have someone else take up the slack.

    I was doing something vaguely similar to this with the underground radar challenge rooms in Extra Dungeons, but there's plenty of differentiation in the content between our mods that I think the small overlap is negligible.
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  20. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

    The starter dungeons will be kept as vanilla as possible; however I will be planning to create a thread on dungeon-making specifically for Delusive Dimensions once the mod is out of the Alpha/Beta stages. As in, how to have the game recognize your dungeon, what to patch, what to look out for, etc etc.

    I know how you feel. I've been getting increasingly irked as the Dungeons mod category has been slowly left abandoned, after all, exploration is a key component in Starbound! I'd be happy to help you as well, and hell, perhaps when both our mods take off we could even do some cross-support.:p

    I'm eager to see what you come up with, and thank you for the words!

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