Dehydrated Farms v2.1 (discontinued)

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    Dehydrated Farms Mod:
    Do you just want ALL that pesky water out of your way? Then you want the Dehydrated Farms! These farms have been stripped of every original water source - no ponds, lakes, rivers, or otherwise.

    "But AngryCat, how will I ever water my crops in the early game before I have a well?"​
    I'm glad you asked, hypothetical farmer! You're going to have to share water with your pet, straight from the pet bowl. I do recommend hurrying for that well, so you don't impose on the little guy for too long.

    Bonus: Courtesy of the pointers, I did indeed manage to make the muddy former river diggable!

    Download the mod: Dehydrated Farms v2

    If you have any issues downloading the files, remind me these are on Server Aos.

    To install go to: ...\steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Maps
    Backup the original files in some way (I have a folder called "backups" that I moved them to)
    Download the xnb file(s) of the farm(s) you want. [If they say "unzip", you need to unzip them to get the xnb file]
    Replace the existing xnb files with the new map files

    Want to request a different version of one of the maps from here or my other map mods?
    Drop me a description of what you'd like (pictures help!) over at the request thread: AngryCat's Farm Edits

    Also, feel free to use/change my maps any way you like - though I do appreciate a nod/notification if you do

    If you want to thanks by donating

    Follow the silly little kitties!​
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      Argh, I'll fix the pictures shortly, I'm so sorry
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        Pictures now fixed >.<
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          At this point, I'm so overwhelmed with life, that it's unlikely I'm going to be able to return anytime soon, if at all.
          I give an open invitation that anyone who would like to use, edit, or otherwise utilize my mods is welcome to do so - consider them open source.
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            Thank you very much for this, @AngryCat! This is exactly what I needed. No more ponds in my way! :)
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