Deep Sea Research and Mining Base

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  1. Frost Spectre

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    Now gotta design proper water feeding system that floods the pressure chamber...

    Done, pressure chamber that floods the chamber with one switch and drains with another.
    Upper door opens only when chamber is filled with water.
    Both chamber-operation switches will stop each other, should both be set on.
    Chamber exit door will not open if chamber is flooded or chamber-operation switches are on.

    Took some inspiration from your awesome underwater base...

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  2. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    We are now approaching the center of the city, a much more crowded area. So, before more citizens come, we needed to build a bigger farm. And we also made another park with a nice waterfall, after all, the Hylotl might feel comfortable underwater, but the aliens could use some "open" areas:

    The waterfall was made just like the fountain in the post before: when I filled the ocean with blocks to dry it I ignored a few places.

    2015-02-12_00009.jpg 2015-02-12_00010.jpg 2015-02-12_00011.jpg 2015-02-12_00012.jpg

    @JNFischer30 You can find very useful information about admin mode here:

    But just entering it and using "c" to craft is enough to do most things. "/spawnitem" will require the name of the items, which you can find here:

    @Bustow is right, it's great for decoration. You'll even find some furniture that isn't available in the normal game yet. ;)
  3. Zanzibar

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    That farm gave me an idea. I really like it.
  4. TheFloranChef

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    It was inspired by the spiral staircases :)

    That's a good idea, I don't think I have used it so far.

    These are my favorite airlocks right now: Airlock.png AirlockH.png

    They have the same safety mechanisms you mentioned (outer door won't open without water inside, inner door won't open if there is water inside) and they use water sources to flood the room instead of taking the water from the ocean.

    The horizontal one is fully automatic, I just press a button and wait for the water going in/out. The vertical one is still being improved (I have to switch off the flooding/draining mechanism after use).

    Edit: the problem with the vertical airlock is that I have to use levers to flood the room (or drain it). If I used buttons, the doors (drains) wouldn't stay open long enough. There are many ways to fix this. I'll build another vertical airlock for my next post and I'll make it like the one above, but with two more water sources and as many drains as possible. It should work with buttons.
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  5. The Squid

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    Currently building a mini-outpost using some stores I spawned and some furniture from the outpost microdungeons. I might add a subway system inspired by this...
  6. EarlGrey

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    That farm looks so awesome. It's a great idea!
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  7. TheFloranChef

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    The previous section was expanded with another "open space" area. Beneath we have a museum and the Hylotl school, where their young can have an unbiased view of all the different cultures in the universe. Or at least that is what they say. Maybe that explains why some Hylotl are so full of themselves. Anyway, the human citizens complained about the unfair display (specially in their case, since so much was lost when Earth was taken by the tentacles) and decided to make the "Human Art and Photography" exposition in the museum. :)

    2015-02-16_00001.jpg 2015-02-16_00002.jpg 2015-02-16_00003.jpg 2015-02-16_00004.jpg
  8. JNFischer30

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    How did you get the "Venus De Milo" and the other paintings?
  9. The Squid

    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    Admin mode, probably. I think that's the only way.
  10. JNFischer30

    JNFischer30 Big Damn Hero

    Aw man. I'm learning a program for my 3d printer. I dunno if I've got time for another mind expansion right now. although i need to learn admin. I used to kill at little big planet. having resources at my fingertips would make building soooooooooooooo much easier.
  11. TheFloranChef

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    The statue is from admin mode. The paintings are a combination of custom signs done with the "Starbound Sign Converter" (Created by @Skhmt ). You can find it in the Nexus mods.

    If you wanna make something similar to that museum, you should know that all those signs lag the game terribly in that area...

    Edit: And its "Venus de Pixel" :)
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  12. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    Inspired by @JNFischer30 's retractable bridge, I built a big airlock door for a submarine bay:

    2015-02-18_00001.jpg 2015-02-18_00002.jpg 2015-02-19_00001.jpg

    It works just fine although the water level behaves strangely (it settles slowly) when the water is drained.

    Now we just need a submarine tech!
  13. JNFischer30

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    I've been having issues with water behavior when I make large bodies of water. Large non-ocean bodies of water behave like gelatin when the level is adjusted. Also, if you place a regular door under water, the water has a graphical glitch with the door as well as sometimes causing a leak in a sealed structure. Keep an eye on that.

    Also, since you made the airlock with a vertical door, then the "glitch hidden door" may work better than the glitch trap door. It's 6 of one and half a dozen of the other, but if you check it out you'll see what I mean.
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  14. Markelius

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    Been stalking this thread for a while, really cool stuff! I won't lie when I say you've given me lots of ideas for my own builds.

    Funny you mention that, I'm working on a mod which adds one. Hopefully if all goes well I should have it ready within the week.
  15. Frost Spectre

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    Now we need wire functions that allow drains to drain the liquid and spawns it back through a "tap", all that it needs is optical wire, allowing a constant water fall constructs and etc...

    Unless that is already in the game, but not available at the moment...
  16. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    @JNFischer30 I haven't seen any leaks, but I'm prepared for that. I have lots of doors because sometimes I rebuild parts of the buildings and the water comes in so I need to isolate the previous areas. I'll check the other door later. Thanks.

    That sounds really interesting. I'll check it when it's available.

    You can create a tap by leaving part of the ocean intact (don't ever place any blocks there), just look at my waterfalls and those water sources above the submarine bay. But I bet the devs are already planning to add something like you said.
  17. Fleder

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    Well, there seems to be a working mod, that does this.
    Haven't tried it yet, though.
  18. Sirrobert

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    That is just the kind of picture I was looking for, perfect
  19. Ray87

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    I just wish there was some way to hide all the wiring stuff. I COULD wire it all to a small dummy area elsewhere to hide everything but the water sensor would still be there.[/QUOTE]

    There is a way there are 2 mods that can help with this - this one gives smaller, less obnoxious gate options :

    AND this one hides the wiring all together - but be warned you will want to screenie so you can check which is where OR do ALL your wiring before installing this mod as once you add mod you will only se where the nodes are when you hold your tool (the gate image and there fore the type are still invisible) :

    Hope that helps :D
  20. alibabaggypants

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    Wow, this base is amazing! I'm working an underwater city actually and this is super inspiring! Can I post pictures of mine on here? This seems like a great place for it...
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