Deep Sea Research and Mining Base

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  1. TheFloranChef

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    It seems worlds are been wiped by the new update. So I'll wait for the stable to rebuild this part and go on with the civilian areas. I had finished another part:


    Yes, that is what happened. I decided to not use the proximity scanners. They make things too complex in the other design (from my previous post).

    You are right about the sewer valve and your idea for the and switch would work really well.

    The civilian area will be different from what you see above. I'll try to make something that looks japanese but with high tech blocks.
  2. Feera

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    That is so neat, lol, no aliens getting you in there :boo:
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  3. TheFloranChef

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    The universe wipe didn't change my home system. I still have my three ocean moons orbiting the same gas giant:


    It's the perfect location for a Hylotl settlement. There is no sign of intelligent life in the system and ocean planets offer better conditions for concealment.

    A group of Hylotl explorers is constructing a base in the fourth moon. This is the entrance to the Command District. As the base expands, soldiers and technicians will come and once the long range scanners are operational, allowing them to detect alien spaceships, the construction of the civilian area will begin.

  4. Kidou

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    I was going to make my own topic for this, but I saw one here already.


    This is my Airlock system. The door to the right is always closed when it detects water ensuring that no water leaks into the facility.


    Pulling the switch closes the door and begins the draining process.


    When it fully drains the right door opens!


    To leave pull the switch back up and let the water fill.

    I just wish there was some way to hide all the wiring stuff. I COULD wire it all to a small dummy area elsewhere to hide everything but the water sensor would still be there.
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  5. TheFloranChef

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    That is a nice system @Kidou. The water sensor is essential to prevent flooding. It would be cool if they added invasions and the enemy came with bombs. I wouldn't mind adding liquid sensors all over my base to protect each room from the consequences of the attacks.

    You could create a wiring room with most of the switchs, but you would have to walk a lot to wire everything...
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    The base is ready to house 21 people. It has a wharehouse, a cafeteria, a meeting room, a small control center (a bigger one will be built in the underground) and the commander's office. We even accepted some aliens that we know for a long time and can trust. No Florans, of course. :)

    The next step is to prepare the access to the civilian area, with a glass bridge above the farm, like I was doing before the wipe.
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  7. Zanzibar

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    I love it. So much inspiration from theses. Keep it up!
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  8. TheFloranChef

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    Thanks @Zanzibar , it's interesting to see how many different underwater cities the players are making. I'm inspired by you guys too.

    The Command District is almost ready. We now have an infirmary, an armoury, VIP guest rooms and the entrance access to the civilian area:


    NewArea1.jpg NewArea2.jpg NewArea3.jpg

    I like to flood my airlocks without opening the outside door, to simulate matching the water pressure outside. It doesn't work very well because the door opens before the room is totally flooded, but I'll eventually work it out. For now I'm satisfied with an infinite source of water inside the base (it isn't connected to the ocean):
    These are simply areas that were never filled with blocks, so even with a background wall they are always producing water.

    By the way, I've noticed that if you fill an area with blocks and then remove them the water pressure won't work properly there. I think it was not like this in the unstable:
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  9. TheFloranChef

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    Immigration has begun. The base is now connected to the first civilian area, with a small park, the first subway/skyrail station and a wharehouse for the mine that will be constructed to the left:

    2015-02-06_00009.jpg 2015-02-06_00010.jpg 2015-02-06_00013.jpg 2015-02-06_00014.jpg
  10. TheFloranChef

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    The first merchants arrived and set up the first market of the city. The subway system is expanding as well:


    2015-02-07_00007.jpg 2015-02-07_00008.jpg

    This is "the Bridge", the place the Hylotls will use to monitor the city and, once the planetarium in the middle is ready, the ships moving in nearby sectors. No more Floran surprise attacks against them!

  11. EarlGrey

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    If you continue your great work, the base will go around the whole planet!
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  12. TheFloranChef

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  13. SivCorp

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    Well, dam. You done took my mining system up to the full production scale! I will be doing the same, and will probably look quite similar too, once my fledgling outpost gets some more people... and higher tech. I'll be making an updated post shortly...

    But dang! I like it. I like it a lot. :up:
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  14. TheFloranChef

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    It seems one of our citizens has visited your outpost recently. :)
  15. TheFloranChef

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    As the population increases the city feels more crowded and so we decided to build a large dome with a park:

    And also a new residential area, one that can be expanded if necessary:

  16. Breakout

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    I like that each residence has unique furnishings and decorations. Most residence buildings that are posted show all of the apartments looking exactly the same.
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  17. JNFischer30

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    Very cool idea. I really like the variety of textures you used. And thanks for the diagram on making round object.[DOUBLEPOST=1423670218][/DOUBLEPOST]When you warp down to this planet, do you warp all the way down to the Sealab, or do you warp in at the surface?
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  18. TheFloranChef

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    I've used the admin command "/setspawnpoint" to change it so that I beam down closer to my next construction site. Sometimes I had to make multiple trips to my ship to get furniture or blocks and it'd take some time to walk all the way there. But I'm now using admin mode much more frequently, so it doesn't makes much difference anymore. Traveling once through it all is quite nice, to get an idea of how much has been built. :)

    Edit: corrected the set spawn command
  19. JNFischer30

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    I've got to get into using the admin mode. I'm building a huge castle right now and just being able to get materials at east would make things sooooo much easier.
  20. The Squid

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    I use admin mode to decorate all the time. Just finished an arcade on my ship. It's a good way to find cool stuff.

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