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Outdated Dead Squirrel's Firefly 1.0 Enraged Koala

Firefly/Serenity playership - "You paid money for this, sir? On purpose?"

  1. Asatrix

    Asatrix Guest

    great review. Second one however to miss feature the engine room. its the one with the cot in it from when Kaylee was injured, and had to tell Jayne how to override the engine to pull a manual full burn. Can't tell i've watched the show repeatedly. X3 I may just have to feature it on my channel just to point out WHY the engine room is indeed the engine room.
  2. VIcariousViking

    VIcariousViking Void-Bound Voyager

    Ain't a fraction as beautiful as that shiny ship you made Squirrel, but thanks!
    You've done me a kindness by featuring that there little video a mine :)

    Ohhh oops haha i'm not as up to snuff on my Firefly as some others. Only say the series once a few years back. Marathoned it in under a week though. One of my favorite shows, I just tend not to overwatch things. I'm trying to convince my bro to watch it with his gf, and when he does, i'll probably join em xD

    So what's the room I said was the engine room, then? ;D
  3. Dead Squirrel

    Dead Squirrel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    By "tail thing" you mean the yellow room to the bottom left, yah? I'll try it out. I'll also try out placing invisible lights a little farther from the ship to give the bottom a light glow. To many lights slow my game, sadly.
    And oh god damn! I fixed those floating pixels, now they're back. Thanks!

    Nice! I was worried no one would recognize the hammock. I'll have to get a image with descriptions of which room is which eventually.

    In other news:
    Background problem is solved! (Thanks to 4HAUS's super awkward Equestrian ship)

    The update should be done by tomorrow night (EST). You'll be able to place things on the sprited backgrounds through invisible walls, or remove the walls to customize them. Plus, customizing the galley and slanted hallway looks pretty damn cool. I love Chucklefish's easy-to-modmod design!
  4. Myrdden42

    Myrdden42 Master Chief

    No, I'm talking about the big bulbous engine that I don't have any technical name for that glows. It's currently just black, but with color and lights it would be really cool.
  5. Wydraz

    Wydraz Void-Bound Voyager

    I have to just say this is a marvelous piece of work, and much appreciated!

    Myrdden42: do you mean the "firefly" exterior/posterior green glow that occurs when the engine revs full burn? That would be very cool.
  6. Myrdden42

    Myrdden42 Master Chief

    Well, I mean, it's orange, but yes, that thing.
  7. Dead Squirrel

    Dead Squirrel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Ok, now I follow. Yeah, I had worked on a custom thruster sprite but it fell to the wayside for now. I won't finish with the ship until she has an engine glow, at least during FTL.
  8. Myrdden42

    Myrdden42 Master Chief

    Hell, that's way better then what I had initially proposed. I mean, giving it light would be shiny enough as it is, but it's own sprite would be fantastic.
  9. Psychicgammarays

    Psychicgammarays Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yes! I realized this after I had actually installed/tested the mod. Very very well done. Thanks so much for your hard work!
  10. dragonRune

    dragonRune Void-Bound Voyager

    Awesome!!! Looking forward to it.

    There's a simple reason I'd love to customize it - I'm playing Floran Race only and if I could get a little bit of that flowery stuff arranged in the Background, that'd be so awesome.
    Like I captured that ship from a human and made it mine.... :D gogo update <3
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  11. Wydraz

    Wydraz Void-Bound Voyager

    It's green. And maybe a little orange too.
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  12. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    I set this up and spent a solid 20 mins just running in circles around the empty ship. Great mod.
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  13. Dead Squirrel

    Dead Squirrel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Almost done. Most of the hard stuff's finished, but the invisible lights need reworking. I'd rather not release and then have to re-release.

    ^^ This is what I'd really like to have. Rainbow glows and all. But I'm a slow spriter, so getting the engines to shine during jumps will take a while. One thing at a time ...

    Pre-relase of update v0.8 (Not finished, needs some tweaking):
    Walls, floors, and background are all customizable. Windows now have transparency. More invisible lights, so the ship is less dark.

    I need to go deal with real life for a few hours, so I'm uploading a test version of v0.8. If anyone feels restless, would you load it up and see how it runs for you? Tell me what needs fixing, and see if there are any performance drops. The Invisible lights aren't all in place, and I think there are too many lights which may slow down some systems.

    As usual, you must make a new ship to see the changes. Remember to make BACKUPS!


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  14. kittentamer

    kittentamer Existential Complex

    Okay, I did a quick run around. The invisible walls are awesome, and I LOVE that we can now break the interior walls. I can fix the 2-block crew quarter entrances for myself!

    The ship is definitely better lit, I just have one small request. Could you either place the light in the background (not sure if that is possible) or have them higher up? I like placing furniture and you can't with the lights on the ground. The corridors I understand, with the curing ceiling. The one major place I'd move the light would be under the stairs in the cargo hold, which I'm assuming is the smugglers hole. First thing I did was try and place a chest there and I had to remove the light to do so! lol.

    I didn't notice any slowdown on my system, either.

    I can't say enough, thanks for the awesome mod and continuing awesome updates! ^^ My boyfriend is teasing me for squee-ing out loud so much. =P
  15. Wydraz

    Wydraz Void-Bound Voyager

    In the spirit of customization, I am sorry to put forward the notion that maybe some particulars that make this ship 'Serenity' are not such a good idea. This is a Firefly ship, and it should be made available to all races as such. Serenity has some details that make it Serenity. Such as Kaylee's hammock, and Wash's dinosaurs. I put forward that these details should be part of the "Box of Loot" mod, and not part of the ship mod. Thusly, as a pure Firefly, it can be made to meet the needs of each captain as a Firefly, and those that want Serenity can use the other mod to make it so.
  16. kittentamer

    kittentamer Existential Complex

    I do like the idea of those things being items you can remove and move, but I don't think they should be taken out of the ship mod. If you could remove them from the ship, then all you'd have to do would be trash them if you didn't want them, but having to install both mods just to have Wash's dinosaurs... =P

    Oh, I wonder if you could set up the hammock as a bed. Maybe I'll research how that would work. =B
  17. Dead Squirrel

    Dead Squirrel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Sweet! I thought this would be a safe solution to the small entrances. The light by the Cargo bay's doors can definitely be moved, that makes sense.

    I think I'm with Kitten's solution to this: I'll move the items to objects so they can be removed at will. The ship is supposed a Firefly class, and not specifically Serenity. But the mod is also a tribute to an amazing show, so I'd rather they be there when you first load up the ship. Think of it as buying a house from someone else who happened to have left some toys behind. Does that work?
  18. Wydraz

    Wydraz Void-Bound Voyager

    Of course! Not that I plan on removing anything myself, I was just thinking of having a fleet of fireflies, including Serenity. :D
  19. Myrdden42

    Myrdden42 Master Chief

    No, that's definitely orange... It does appear to take on a bit of a green tint as it fades out, but at the engine it's orange.

    I was also wondering to my self out of pure curiosity if it were possible to make the ship vanilla compatible. I don't see how, though.
  20. Dead Squirrel

    Dead Squirrel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I could make a vanilla-friendly version, but it would lose a lot of the effect. (No foreground, generic-block background/unchangeable background) You have decide what your making at some point, and focus on that niche.

    If you want a multiplayer-friendly version, check Ifrix's new Firefly! Since it already has standard walls, other players should be able to navigate it even without the correct shipship.png.

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