Modding Help Day of Month+Heartlvl in Dialogue doesn't work?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Thathat, Aug 6, 2017.

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    Okay, I've searching and searching, but I can't find an answer anywhere, so I'll have to ask here.

    You know how when you're modding the dialogue files for the villagers, and there are prerequisites that decide when they give their dialogue? Like Tue4 = means the villager will say that thing on Tuesdays with a heart level of 4.
    Tue4: "Hello, what's up blah blah" #!String

    Well right now I'm working on adding quite a few dialogues for one of my favorite characters but now I've run into this weird problem and I don't know if it's me or a limitation of how it's coded but for a prerequisite like:
    it works just fine, it activates during Spring, on Tuesday, with a heart level of 10, on the second year.
    But, when I try to swap out the "Tuesday" for a day of the month, such as the 2nd, it won't work.
    I've been reading the dialogue modding Stardew wikipage and it says the date can be either a day of the month or a day of the week:
    "[date] can be day of the month (like _28_), or weekday (like _Mon_)"

    So why doesn't "2" work the way "Tue" does?
    Is there no way to have a prerequisite that checks both the day of the month AND the heart level?
    This is killing me, I'm on a roll with writing this character's dialogue and would like to have unique dialogue for every day of the season, not just every day of the week...

    Sorry to bother, but I'd really like a way to have way to check both the day of the season AND the heart level.
    Thanks for reading!
    • Thathat

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      But not really. Okay, so I reached out to someone that's done more than a few dialogue mods, and according to them, there's no way to have season AND the heart level at the same time in the prerequisites, it's just a limitation of how stardew valley is coded. Shame, that!
      Oh well, so I guess this request can now be closed.
      Do I do that? Or is that a mod-only thing?

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