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Discussion in 'Mods' started by brittpinkie, Oct 24, 2016.

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    Sorry if this has already been requested (I did a search but didn't find anything), but I'd love a mod that allowed us to have dates with our spouses. I'm not sure how hard or easy it is to change the pathing of NPCs, but I know adding in speech can be done, so I wonder if it'd be possible to have dates with our spouses. It could be a pre-scheduled event (like, if you're married to Elliott, your date always happens on a Friday night at the beach at 5pm, or whatever). And it'd be nice if you could talk to them a bit about said date while they're there. But I'd also even settle for having the ability to just summon them somewhere (I'm thinking of something along the lines of the mod which allows you to call your horse to you), and them just keeping us company in the caves, or the saloon, etc.

    I'm not experienced with modding SDV but I'd be interested in helping out with such a mod, if someone else would be able to do it. Or take over the idea and make it yourself, either way...I'd just love to see such a thing and I don't know if CA would patch this in (and if he would, it'd probably be a long way away) :)

    Thanks in advance!
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      This is a really cool idea. What if instead of an event, you trigger something like talking to your spouse on a Friday night and she/he asks to go out.
      You can say yes to go on a date or no to, obviously, not go on a date.

      If you say yes, your spouse then follows behind you (or beside you) until you reach a "date place".
      If you speak to them while they are following you and you're outside on the farm or nowhere significant they say something like "I'm excited to see where you're taking me!" (a cue to tell the player they need to go somewhere significant).
      When you reach a spot for a date "The tavern, or somewhere in the secret forest, or maybe the lake by the mines" they then have special dialogue tailored to the place you took them.

      This could get as interactive as the amount of work you would want to put in.
      I personally could achieve all of this currently, short of the NPC pathing. I've not quite figured out how all the NPC pathing works within the game, but it is on the TO-DO list!
      Once finished this is defiantly a possible idea.

      Time consuming however and requires quite a few artistic ideas (story telling).
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      • brittpinkie

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        I'd love something like that! I just kept it simple because I don't know what's possible for modding and didn't want to make some outlandish request, haha. Maybe someone else here will know about NPC pathing and could help? I'd think it's possible to modify based on the romance mods for Marnie, order to make them move and become a spouse, the modder would've had to modify their pathing, so I'm assuming it could work within the scope of this idea :)

        I'm so glad you like the idea and could do the interactive text! :D

        BTW, I'd be happy to help with the creative side; writing text for different locations for the characters, etc. I just don't know how to go about the technical side and not sure I want to teach myself how to mod/take on a full project for SDV (I'm already an active modder for The Sims 4, haha).
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          Its all possible! I'll keep you updated on my progress working on NPC's
          Currently working to make sure my first released mod gets where I need it to be.
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          • brittpinkie

            brittpinkie Void-Bound Voyager

            No worries, I can be patient!

            And congratulations on your first mod! It looks brilliant :D
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