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    I wanted to make retextures of some clothes and hats. Maybe Accessory replacements, too.

    But I can't really say I'm anywhere near complete, since these things are on a whim and I wanted to add more retextures in the future.

    Banchou/Gakuran Pack -
    It's basically a recolor, with a few tweaks here and there. Become the hot-blooded and rebellious youth you dream to be.

    Replaces the Official's Hat (obtained from the Hat Rat after unlocking the 'Ol Mariner achievement) and Clothing Slot 19 (originally a brown leather jacket with a dirty-white undershirt). There's also a brown leather jacket with a black undershirt clothing slot, if you are concerned about what the mod overwrites.



    Planned Updates-
    Warcraft 3 Human Peasant Clothes
    Face Scar Accessory Replacement
    Coattails (to compliment the Bancho Set)
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      Nice job, i think you're one of the first to retexture some clothes :)
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        Awesome! If you could recolor the bathing suit/underwear to something other than brown, that would be awesome too!!

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