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WIP DangerPeanut's Modder's Mod Manager

Discussion in 'Other' started by dangerpeanut, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. dangerpeanut

    dangerpeanut Astral Cartographer

    I know what you are thinking.
    This isn't one of those mod managers. This will be a mod manager for modders.

    Are you a modder? Do you spend more time modding a game then playing it? You may want this.

    Important Details

    • This is being built for not-windows. If you run windows, go do your pointy-clicky thing somewheres else. If you really do want this, then you can probably run it in Cygwin, or by doing some manual work setting up activeperl or strawberry perl.
    • Text-based. There is no GTK or QT graphical libraries worry about. You'll need perl, some perl modules, and the curses terminal control library.

    Features? It has features right? It can do stuff? And maybe things?

    Stuff I plan for it to do for you

    • Make new mods! Not too exciting, but it will come bundled with an empty directory tree of the starbound assets. New mods will have this tree dumped in so that you can plop your modified files into the right places.
    • Import base files and modify them. This is, of course, given that it has access to your vanilla starbound assets folder. This will be useful for changing vanilla assets or basing your new items on existing ones.
    • Mod packing for distribution. It will zip up your mod for distributing to all four of your friends.
    • Information Formatting. Mods need Jasons now. Some stupid guy to remember information. But you can't just tell it to him. He needs brackets, or commas, and other fancy stuff. This mod will tell that Jason guy to get it right. Or else you'll call his big brother Yammel. Or little brother. I don't remember. The point is, this program will yell at him until he works.
    • Mod Manager compatible. As long as your didn't muck anything up yourself with your grubby mitts, this program should pack everything up into a zip that mod managers can use. And then not-crash Starbound. It crashes enough. It doesn't need your help.
    • Asset merging. You know that Jason guy? He's not so dumb. He's able to merge things. Like if you have a new tier7 recipe, he can slip that into the tier7 recipes without conflicts. But it requires a special kind of yelling that this program does. That Jason guy will get yelled at a lot. Do you know how to yell at that Jason guy? It's hard. Let this program do it for you. It loves yelling at that Jason guy.
    • Generate Readmes. It can populate a readme file for your mod based on information you provide it. Yay! I hate making those things.
    • Other stuff that I can't think of right now or maybe you can so reply to this thing.

    Those are some great features. Where can I get it?

    It is in development. The menus work, and some other things are going smooth, but it is feature-lacking right now. The best I can do is tease you. With screenshots.




    This is what I have been working on instead of playing Starbound. I don't know why I do this. I have a problem. Someone put together an intervention, Help me.

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