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RELEASED Dandion's Shops v.1.5

All shops in one mod

  1. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Dandion submitted a new mod:

    Dandion's Shops - All shops in one mod

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  2. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

  3. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

  4. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

  5. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Dandion updated Dandion's Shops with a new update entry:


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  6. peteOlantern graveyards

    peteOlantern graveyards Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  7. jax1594

    jax1594 Void-Bound Voyager

    what is the crafting thing in the inventors table called it doesnt seem to be there
  8. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

    it's called "Civilizator Beacon" and it is deffinetly there, I just double checked.
  9. stardusk9

    stardusk9 Big Damn Hero

    can you make compatibility patch with frackin universe?
  10. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

    is it incompatible with my mod? Have you tried to launch them together?
  11. stardusk9

    stardusk9 Big Damn Hero

    yes, but it seems "chocodonut" is the only item that conflict with same id.
  12. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Okay, it just needs renaming. I'll do it.
  13. McDoomington

    McDoomington Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I have lots of small ideas for Starbound mods, but I'll keep this relevant to item shops.

    How about some different themes for the shops? Like a "back alley doctor" version of MADic Labs. Or an Avali or rich man's version of Guns GUNS!, selling (presumably) higher quality weapons to richer and slimier criminals (or just better blend in somewhere fancy), or a vandalized version of the Cop Shop for the most wretched hives of scum and villainy. Or different restaurant/bar counters with separate servers (which act as shops) and props (stuff like relevant products on display behind and on the counter). They wouldn't need to sell anything new, just be different versions of the same shops that fit the environment and by keeping the parts modular props to be put together as the player sees fit, you can have a lot more versatility.
  14. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I like the idea about the restaraunts. But MADic supposed to be a "back alley" shop from the start. And about Guns GUNS! - soon I will add a shop like this, the dude who, basicly, owns the corporation. He would be sitting in the midle of the oille of guns and money, lol. As for just weapons for higher tier bad dudes, I doubt that they will buy from Guns GUNS!, there are better options in the market, like Velucan Corp or whatever. Anyways, I made a bunch of new weapons, soon I'll add them.
  15. ThatFluff

    ThatFluff Void-Bound Voyager

    hi! this mod looks FANTASTIC for the urban environment I'm building! however, it seems to crash instantly while attempting to boot up. here's the sb log for you to take a quick look at, as, from what I can tell, this is an error in loading an item(?) of protectorate nature. Not sure.

    [Error] Could not apply patch from file /objects/protectorate/objects/protectoratelobbybin/protectoratelobbybin.object.patch in source: D:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\211820\1157929915\contents.pak. Caused by: (JsonPatchException) Could not apply patch to base. (JsonPatchException) Could not apply operation to base. (TraversalException) Index 1 out of range in pathApply("/orientations/1/spaceScan")
    [05:37:50.675] [Info] Root: Loaded ObjectDatabase in 0.621519 seconds
    [05:37:50.784] [Error] Duplicate projectile asset typeName pushzone. configfile /items/active/weapons/ranged/abilities/protection_sphere/protection_sphere.projectile
    [05:37:50.907] [Info] Root: Loaded ProjectileDatabase in 0.789038 seconds
    [05:37:50.934] [Info] Root: Loaded MonsterDatabase in 0.258347 seconds
    [05:37:50.936] [Info] Root: Loaded StagehandDatabase in 0.00140922 seconds
    [05:37:50.985] [Info] Root: Loaded NpcDatabase in 0.0793927 seconds
    [05:37:50.988] [Info] Root: Loaded VehicleDatabase in 0.0532802 seconds
    [05:37:51.273] [Info] Root: Loaded PlayerFactory in 0.287741 seconds
    [05:37:51.275] [Info] Root: Loaded VersioningDatabase in 0.00150723 seconds
    [05:37:51.275] [Info] Root: Loaded EntityFactory in 0.286553 seconds
    [05:37:51.324] [Info] Root: Loaded ParticleDatabase in 0.0493278 seconds
    [05:37:51.571] [Info] Root: Loaded TerrainDatabase in 0.00779825 seconds
    [05:37:51.818] [Info] Root: Loaded MaterialDatabase in 0.54307 seconds
    [05:37:51.930] [Error] Application: exception thrown, shutting down: (ItemException) Duplicate item name 'chocodonut' found
    [0] 7ff64ebb78c3 Star::captureStack
    [1] 7ff64ebb664e Star::StarException::StarException
    [2] 7ff64ed4a872 Star::ItemDatabase::addItemSet
    [3] 7ff64ed5259e Star::ItemDatabase::scanItems
    [4] 7ff64ed455f7 Star::ItemDatabase::ItemDatabase
    [5] 7ff64ef65955 std::make_shared<Star::ItemDatabase>
    [6] 7ff64ef6b0b9 <lambda_c979fe2661440bde921b022a5da87f15>::eek:perator()
    [7] 7ff64ef5c5ef std::_Invoker_functor::_Call<<lambda_c979fe2661440bde921b022a5da87f15> & __ptr64>
    [8] 7ff64ef603c6 std::invoke<<lambda_c979fe2661440bde921b022a5da87f15> & __ptr64>
    [9] 7ff64ef5dc89 std::_Invoke_ret<std::shared_ptr<Star::ItemDatabase>,<lambda_c979fe2661440bde921b022a5da87f15> & __ptr64>
    [10] 7ff64ef6cfb6 std::_Func_impl<<lambda_c979fe2661440bde921b022a5da87f15>,std::allocator<int>,std::shared_ptr<Star::ItemDatabase> >::_Do_call
    [11] 7ff64ef6b5b7 std::_Func_class<std::shared_ptr<Star::DungeonDefinitions> >::eek:perator()
    [12] 7ff64ef62553 Star::Root::loadMemberFunction<Star::ItemDatabase>
    [13] 7ff64ef60999 Star::Root::loadMember<Star::ItemDatabase>
    [14] 7ff64ef715d2 Star::Root::itemDatabase
    [15] 7ff64ef5c740 std::_Invoker_pmf_pointer::_Call<std::shared_ptr<Star::VersioningDatabase const > (__cdecl Star::Root::*)(void) __ptr64,Star::Root * __ptr64 & __ptr64>
    [16] 7ff64ef5ff79 std::invoke<std::shared_ptr<Star::StatisticsDatabase const > (__cdecl Star::Root::*& __ptr64)(void) __ptr64,Star::Root * __ptr64 & __ptr64>
    [17] 7ff64ef5d98c std::_Invoke_ret<std::shared_ptr<Star::TerrainDatabase const > (__cdecl Star::Root::*& __ptr64)(void) __ptr64,Star::Root * __ptr64 & __ptr64>
    [18] 7ff64ef5c7ce std::_Call_binder<std::_Unforced,0,std::shared_ptr<Star::TechDatabase const > (__cdecl Star::Root::*)(void) __ptr64,std::tuple<Star::Root * __ptr64>,std::tuple<> >
    [19] 7ff64ef5bf2e std::_Binder<std::_Unforced,std::shared_ptr<Star::Configuration> (__cdecl Star::Root::*)(void) __ptr64,Star::Root * __ptr64 const>::eek:perator()<>
    [20] 7ff64ef6c902 std::_Func_impl<Star::SwallowReturn<std::_Binder<std::_Unforced,std::shared_ptr<Star::MonsterDatabase const > (__cdecl Star::Root::*)(void) __ptr64,Star::Root * __ptr64 const> >,std::allocator<int>,void>::_Do_call
    [21] 7ff64ebae3db <lambda_7b083dc4bdd496712d99e51bb49515b5>::eek:perator()
    [22] 7ff64ebaf202 Star::WorkerPool::WorkerThread::run
    [23] 7ff64ebb440e Star::ThreadImpl::runThread
    [24] 7ffe7f3f4034 BaseThreadInitThunk
    [25] 7ffe7fcf3691 RtlUserThreadStart
    [05:37:51.930] [Info] Application: shutdown...
    [05:37:52.027] [Info] Root: Shutting down Root
    [05:37:52.345] [Error] OpenGL errors during shutdown: GL_INVALID_VALUE
    [05:37:52.345] [Info] Application: Destroying SDL Window
    [05:37:52.359] [Info] Application: stopped gracefully

    [Error] Could not apply patch from file /species/fenerox.species.patch in source: D:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\211820\1301992771\contents.pak. Caused by: (JsonPatchException) Could not apply patch to base. (JsonPatchException) Could not apply operation to base. (TraversalException) Could not find "effectDirectives" to remove
    [05:30:57.674] [Info] Root: Loaded SpeciesDatabase in 0.288002 seconds
    [05:30:57.776] [Info] Root: Loaded QuestTemplateDatabase in 0.102121 seconds
    [05:30:57.853] [Info] Root: Loaded AiDatabase in 0.0773089 seconds
    [05:30:57.922] [Info] Root: Loaded TechDatabase in 0.0688972 seconds
    [05:30:58.014] [Info] Root: Loaded CodexDatabase in 0.0920645 seconds
    [05:30:58.454] [Info] Root: Loaded BehaviorDatabase in 0.439359 seconds
    [05:30:58.464] [Info] Root: Loaded DanceDatabase in 0.0105699 seconds
    [05:30:58.495] [Info] Root: Loaded SpawnTypeDatabase in 0.0308941 seconds
    [05:30:58.589] [Info] Root: Loaded RadioMessageDatabase in 0.0933096 seconds
    [05:31:00.119] [Warn] Missing inventoryIcon for nyablosowo, using default
    [05:31:11.358] [Info] Root: Loaded ItemDatabase in 19.1518 seconds
    [05:31:12.362] [Info] Root: Loaded CollectionDatabase in 13.7735 seconds
    [05:31:23.601] [Info] detected supported OpenGL texture size 16384, using atlasNumCells 256
    [05:31:25.961] [Info] Application: quit requested
    [05:31:25.961] [Info] Application: quitting...
    [05:31:25.961] [Info] Application: shutdown...
    [05:31:26.087] [Info] Root: Shutting down Root
    [05:31:26.604] [Info] Application: Destroying SDL Window
    [05:31:26.611] [Info] Application: stopped gracefully
  16. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

    it's probably caused by the choco donut, id conflicts with some other mod, I'll soon fix it. You can download my shops separatelly and attembt to launch them all without Orbitalea, if it works, then I'm right about the donut thing. I'm pretty sure that only this id among all my hand written lines can conflict with any other modder.
  17. KuyaBatman

    KuyaBatman Void-Bound Voyager

    hello, dont mean to be mean or rude or anything, but some of the items sprites kinda sucked, so i changed them, if you would like to see or use my changed ones just ask me :)
  18. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

    How can they suck, when it is a game with like literal 16 pixels for a full pistol, mah dude? xd But you can show me, I would like to see your stuff.
  19. KuyaBatman

    KuyaBatman Void-Bound Voyager

    yeah not really bad, just not vanilla friendly, unlike your stores which are actually pretty cool, heres the art
    i didnt change a lot, only the drinks and the weapons, in the file i only left the images since thats what you want to see anyway

    Attached Files:

  20. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I like your stuff, but can't say it is in any way better then mine xd Just other design, dats it. And from my view, mine is fairly vanilla too. Anyways, good sprites, I thought that your coffee redesign was especially nice. And the Moltenhetten too.

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