RELEASED Dae's Character Redesigns (Jodi, Vincent, Kent, Jas, Marnie)

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    Are you sick of characters' portraits and sprites being totally inconsistent? Do you long for portraits with hair that looks like hair and hands that look like hands? Do you prefer an art style that still plays nice with vanilla Stardew Valley portraits? Then you're in luck, because my answer to all of those was "yes," and so I've tumbled headfirst into pixel art hell.

    Currently, I've completed mods of Jodi, Vincent, Kent, and Jas. I have plans for more portrait/sprite mods, but since I'm not sure when or in what order I'll finish them, for now I'm not going to make any promises. Downloads are at the bottom of the post.

    Newest Update: Marnie (grey-haired and brown-haired options)

    Read on for more details and preview images! Descriptions will be sorted by family units.

    Jodi, Vincent, and Kent


    Jodi's portraits change her hair to a dark brown bob and incorporate the blue scarf she wears in her sprite. Subtle wrinkles, smaller eyes, and softer shading give her a slightly more mature look.

    Vincent's portraits are a recolored composite of Leen's Vincent portraits with tiffy961's "Older Vincent" haircut, meant only to match him with Jodi.

    Kent's portraits give him a tighter haircut. Eyebags and grey hair at his temples make him look a little more mature, in keeping with my Jodi. He comes in stubble and stubble-free versions - I imagine Kent would keep clean-shaven, but given that I usually talk to him in the evening, I like the idea that his 5 o'clock shadow's come in by then. I did not change Kent's sprite.

    I use thalabee's Sam edit and have no plans to make my own, so this is it for Sam's family! I may tweak Jodi, Vincent, and Kent in the future (I learned a lot between making Jodi and making Kent, and I think it shows), but I'd like to complete other characters before I do that.



    Jas and Marnie


    portraits utilize a rounded face meant to be cohesive with my Vincent portraits (so once again taking my cues from Leen's Vincent, although this is not a straight recolor). The focus of her redesign was making her features more proportionate and marginally more realistic, but still friendly to the vanilla Stardew style.

    All credit for her absolutely beautiful hair belongs to peachitto.

    Marnie is the first character I've given a complete redesign. She's now ranch-ready in a plaid shirt and jeans, and comes in grey-haired and brown-haired options. If you'd like to learn more about how and why I designed Marnie this way, I wrote about it here!

    I have not yet tested her jump rope sprites, her startled sprite, or the luau sprites, so I can’t speak to how those look in-game at this time. Hopefully they turned out okay!


    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    1. Locate your Stardew Valley\Content folder. Find the Characters and Portraits folders within.
    2. Back up the appropriate .xnb files in each folder (either by copying them somewhere else or renaming them).
    3. Unzip the archive. Paste the new versions of each .xnb file in their corresponding folders.

    If you are installing Kent, his edit is portraits-only. Pick which version you want, paste it into the Portraits folder, and rename the new file to Kent.xnb if necessary.

    Likewise, when installing Marnie, pick which version you want, paste the files into their corresponding folders, and rename the new files to Marnie.xnb if necessary.

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    • eemie

      eemie Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

      I like them a lot ^^
      • peachitto

        peachitto Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        ooh, jas looks so cute!! her embarrassed expression is especially adorable~ and i really like the change to the overworld sprite - i'll have to use that one!

        also your jodi looks really nice! that haircut suits her well and she looks all trendy now~
        • daeranilen

          daeranilen Tentacle Wrangler

          Thank you so much! I really admire your mods, so that means a lot to me.

          I'm so proud of her blushing expressions - I'd never done a blush before and I think it turned out awesome. I'm glad you like the sprite! Thanks again for letting me use your gorgeous hairstyle.

          Fun fact: Jodi's file used to be named "SuburbanMomHairJodi" because she ended up looking like the women I'd see at Girl Scout events growing up. At least in my area, Girl Scouts really attracts the trendy suburban moms. ;P
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          • pinkjellybeans

            pinkjellybeans Void-Bound Voyager

            Love these! And I just saw your Marnie redesign on tumblr and I can't believe how good she looks! Can't wait for a download. :)
            • Alvadea

              Alvadea Pangalactic Porcupine

              I have to say - I had to get used to your Marnie Redesign. In the first place, I didn't install her, because she looks that different. But after watching her a few moments more, I can see, what you're talking about in your tumblr post. This is the much more realistic Marnie. Especially when you think about here secret relationship to Lewis, it's a lot less weird, now she looks like a elder women by herself. I also like your Jodi and Vincent Redesign, but after thinking about Marnies Story and comparing the portraits again - she's probably your best work. :D
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              • daeranilen

                daeranilen Tentacle Wrangler

                Thank you both so much!!! I can't express how happy I am that other people are enjoying her redesign. I totally get how such drastic changes could seem weird or awkward, especially for long-time players - heck, I had to go through an adjustment period, and I made the mod! But I'm so, so proud of how things turned out - not just because her portraits are easily my best pixel art to date, but because I made choices that, to me, felt right for Marnie as a character. I'm thrilled and relieved that other people think so, too. :up:

                By the way, if anyone has a save file close to Marnie and Lewis's 6-heart event, I would super appreciate some screenshots so I could check how my portraits and sprites look in it. All my saves are either relatively new games or well into year 3, so it'll take me awhile to test them myself.

                Oh! And I realized last night that I totally forgot about Marnie's dancing sprites in the cursor.xnb. So I'll probably get those done sometime this weekend.
                • sheetcakeghost

                  sheetcakeghost Weight of the Sky

                  I was just about to ask about the dancing sprite! If you could, please provide just the png of the sprite too. That way us xnb savvy folks can plop it right in. I just adore your Marnie. She looks much more realistic and mature. (I actually use all your redesigns in the game along with the diverse ports.)

                  If I could make a light request? Pierre has, like, no redesigns anywhere and I honestly think he's the one that could use one the most!
                  • daeranilen

                    daeranilen Tentacle Wrangler

                    Will do with the png. Also, Pierre is on my list! (Literally. I have a list over here.) I'm not quite sure what direction I want to take his design yet, though.

                    And thank you! I've been trying to make my portraits compatible with the style of Diverse Stardew Valley, so it's good to hear that they're fitting well.
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                    • Alvadea

                      Alvadea Pangalactic Porcupine

                    • daeranilen

                      daeranilen Tentacle Wrangler

                      I didn't even know this mod existed! I love the concept, but at least for now, I want to prioritize finishing the basic redesigns. I also don't want to promise anything I can't follow through on because I've had some real-life issues take precedence (which is why I still haven't gotten to those Marnie sprites I promised to fix...), and I'm not exactly sure how much real-life junk I'll have to continue dealing with after the holidays.

                      That was probably more information than anyone needed. Anyway! Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for introducing me to a new mod! I'll definitely keep it in mind if/when I finish the basic stuff. :)
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                      • Stardews

                        Stardews Void-Bound Voyager

                        Marnie and Jodi feel so realistic in this mod and I love it. I feel like I've seen Marnie down the street or something lol X3 Great job.
                        • 0boko

                          0boko Phantasmal Quasar

                          These are all incredible looking sprites and portraits. I haveta use 'em. I'd love to see what magic you could work on the other characters.
                          • buddy4life

                            buddy4life Void-Bound Voyager

                            I had to log in just to say this is my favorite Marnie by FAR. This is incredible. Marnie always bothered me for the same reasons. She looks like a round faced lady in her 20s to me, so her relationship with Lewis always felt strange. Your Marnie and Lewis make a much better pair IMO. :) And I can 100% see her working on a ranch. I think I know a few people that look like her!

                            I also like your Jodie and Kent. I think there is an overabundance of side braids in town haha. And thank you for making mods that fit with the vanilla game! There are so many beautiful mods out there, but I am one of those that like to stick with the style intended for whatever reason. Great work!

                            ETA: I can't wait for the dancing sprite! :)
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                            • Mwuuh

                              Mwuuh Void-Bound Voyager

                              These are absolutely beautiful! Marnie looks amazing and Jas looks super cute! I never thought I'd wanted a replacement sprite for Jodi and Vincent before, but after seeing these I most certainly have changed my mind. And they all look like they'd fit right in with the regular sprites, too, like they could have been made by ConcernedApe himself! Magnificent! I'm definitely going to use these!
                              • Jokerine

                                Jokerine Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                These are GLORIOUS STUFF! Marnie looks fantastic, and Jodi as well! I always felt she looked way too young. Thank you! <3
                                • Minakie

                                  Minakie Cosmic Narwhal

                                  We randomly came across this mod on the SV Discord while looking up for Jas mods.

                                  I am so in love with your Marnie. I absolutely fell in love as soon as I laid my eyes on her. (Jodi and Vincent's hair color took a while longer for me to adjust lol) I love realistic characters, it reminds me of the (now sadly on hiatus) Diverse Stardew Valley mod, which was the very first character modification mod I installed.

                                  I am so sharing this mod on Tumblr so that more people get to know about it.
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                                  • hopefulfox

                                    hopefulfox Void-Bound Voyager

                                    So I've been a lurker for ages and I adore this Marnie edit, so a while back I actually made a cursor sprite for my own personal use. If y'all want - and if you don't mind, daeranilen - I can upload a .rar for you guys. Here's a pic of what I came up with. Her leg bothers me a little but I gave up after about 5 hours haha..

                                    • Bold Heart

                                      Bold Heart Void-Bound Voyager

                                      @daeranilen I just found this and I'm in love!

                                      @hopefulfox Always coming through with those updates <3 I'd love a .rar of that sprite.
                                      • hopefulfox

                                        hopefulfox Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Aww, I live to please! :love: I'm at work atm, but I'll upload one as soon as I get home c:

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