RELEASED Cute Monster/Animals Girls!

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    Or you don't have to choose and can go shopping for all the pets mods on the internetz:

    I currently have both normal and shiny Eevee, Umbreon, Flareon, Mew, Skitty, Meowth, and a sh*tload more Pokemon as pets. :]
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    • Valkeir

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      You tell me this after I made a choice ¬_¬

      • axin107

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        Which VN is that exactly?
        • axin107

          axin107 Void-Bound Voyager

          Any chance that this will release?
          • tyuijhgf

            tyuijhgf Space Hobo

            any chance on a horse monster girl replacer?
            • Grand_Fisher

              Grand_Fisher Orbital Explorer

              Were the blue chickens and dinosaur skipped?
              • Dosenbier

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                I love this, but the sounds are still very animal, it does not quite fit, so I've decided to replace them with Humans imitating these sounds.

                However, I require the community to help, since I can't find any fitting sounds, i am sure that there is plenty of source material from VNs and Anime/hentai, but I don't really consume these media.

                I have alread located the soundfiles (following this guide: ) in the Wavebank, these are the following:

                000000e7.wav (Duck short quack)
                000000e8.wav (Sheep)
                0000001f.wav (Chicken short)
                0000004e.wav (Goat short)
                0000004f.wav (other goat short)
                0000014a.wav (Dog Panting once)
                0000014b.wav (Dog barking once)
                0000014c.wav (Cat Meowing once)
                0000014d.wav (Cat Mowing slight echo)
                000000020.wav (other Chicken short)
                000000021.wav (Chicken, small echoy repeat, 1 sec.)
                000000050.wav (Cow Moo short)
                000000051.wav (Cow Moo longer)
                000000052.wav (other Cow Moo short)
                000000082.wav (Pig snort higher)
                000000083.wav (Pig snort lower)

                All of them are like 1 second long, most even shorter, can anyone deliver me sources to replace the sounds, maybe even snippets?

                You can download the isolated sounds here:

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                • Dosenbier

                  Dosenbier Void-Bound Voyager

                  Oh and I made some changes to the Animal Sprites:

                  -Added the blue chicken and the Dinosaur
                  -BIG TIDDIES COWS AND GOAT!!!
                  -Made them all naked because why not
                  -Sheeps now get shaven everywhere, because we don't waste wool, or something.

                  Oh and did I mention big cow tiddies?

                  Still requires the regular animal pack for the young sprites etc.

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                  • Sameow

                    Sameow Void-Bound Voyager

                    Not sure if you're still needing help with these or even working on them still, but I could help you with some of the sounds if you'd like!
                    I've been told I sound kind of like an anime girl anyway, so maybe I'd be a good fit :rofl:
                    • Zosa

                      Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                      any chance of a monsterboi variant?
                      • Goliathguy1

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                        actually is there a place where I can learn to code events in Stardew? I could make this mod here a lot better if so.
                        • VonLoewe

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                          Any chance we can get an Ostrich girl?

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