RELEASED Cute Monster/Animals Girls!

Discussion in 'Characters' started by AnoNJG, Mar 13, 2016.

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    Awesome, kudos for the full set.
    • wraith_magus

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      As someone who really likes humanization of "monsters" as a concept, (think Undertale or Centaur no Nayami), I like the slimes and mummies, but still can't get behind the "livestock girls", which is a bit too slavery for my comfort. (Especially milking the cow girls is just...)

      Here's to hoping there can be some sort of method of adding whole characters into the game, so that there could be "real" monstergirls as NPCs without just plain sprite replacing a human someday...
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      • Hexerin

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        Not a follower of the monstergirl fandom much, are you? It isn't slavery, they do it of their own will for any of a myriad of reasons. Employment, volunteering, etc. It'd be like saying someone who cashiers for McDonalds or helps out their local soup kitchen is a slave.
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        • wraith_magus

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          If McDonalds bought and sold their employees at their own whims, stored them in a barn, and used their bodies for food production without recompense or even asking consent... yes, that would be slavery.

          I am a fan of the type of monstergirl stories I stated. Centaur no Nayami is a world where such things would explicitly be labeled as slavery, as well. Perhaps you need to broaden your horizons past just MGE?
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          • wraith_magus

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            What if I told you my having an opinion different from yours or yours from mine invalidates neither?

            (Or if I told you that meme is really old at this point?)

            It's more than slightly hypocritical to try to dismiss someone else's reactions on the basis of it being a game when, after all, you wouldn't feel the need to defend against what I said if you didn't think the game was worthwhile.
            • Ravn

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              All what i am saying is that its a game. Its your opinion, thats ok. But ich think your opinion goes a little too far. Because its just a game (Fiction).
              Thank you for telling us your opinion. And about the meme, sry when its too old for you. I like it, thats my opinion.
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              • Declension

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                At the end of the day, use the mod, or don't. It's not about ethics.
                If you wanna use it, cool. If you don't, also cool.
                If you want to use some parts, go ahead. You don't have to use the entirety of the mod.
                Too many a thread have been closed off because fights and arguments flare up about things like this.

                I'd like this thread not to be locked, that's for certain.
                • Hexerin

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                  Are you seriously incapable of basic logic? This mod is just a sprite swap, changing base mechanics is outside the scope. However, you're modding the game with an intention, and that intention would include changes to the base game mechanics if there was a mod that did so.

                  You know what they say about assumptions...
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                    This is not the place for a slavery debate. No more arguing about it pls. If you want to discuss that you can open a new thread in the off topic section. Also don't be jerks.
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                      I love this mod and sincerely hope it eventually both encompasses all critters in the game and inspires similar concept mods like Monster Girls/Guys as NPCs,Main Char edits and even new Characters and mini-storylines within Stardew. It's the closest thing to a new Fantasy Harvest Moon game we'll probably ever get without being a clone and being it's own entity entirely. Thank you for this mod <3
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                        Dino plz
                        • Lord Nanfoodle

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                          While I prefer monmsky's Monster Girl Livestock mod myself for my livestock, their mod lacks baby models, and all of yours look pretty cute, so I've been using a combination of the two - yours for the baby animals, and monmsky's for the adults (Though it is funny to watch your bipedal baby sheep models become centaur adults due to the disparity in mods).

                          However, I am head over heels for your catgirl and doggirl pet mods, as well as the slime and mummy skins.

                          Mod Edit: Removed NSFW link
                          • Dunto

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                            Hey there,

                            Just a reminder that links to NSFW material are not allowed. I can appreciate that you're simply trying to link to the mod you're talking about, but as the site it's hosted on has it marked as NSFW you aren't able to link it here per the Forum Rules. Please check before linking in the future.

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                              Huh. Was not aware that mod was even NSFW. I'll have to be more observant for now on. Thanks for reminding me though.
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                                Liking this, and very appreciative that you split it into three different packages. Makes it much easier to mix and match with other mods.

                                Having a feeling I know the mod in question and where it is, sounds like it's more either the mod author or the hosting site flagged it as 'adult'. Though yeah, I checked that one carefully because I wanted to use it for a live stream, and didn't find anything approaching nudity or over sexualization, similar to this mod. Guess just different tolerance levels for adult-ish content leading to a flag.

                                Probably for the best though that Chucklefish just blocks based on the tags from the hosting site, there's some um... hmm. Stuff that makes even me shake my head and wonder why someone felt the need to make it. Stuff that would make more sense in Skyrim or Fallout that actually released with a Mature rating to begin with
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                                  Please update this for v 1.1 T.T
                                  • Goliathguy1

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                                    May I suggest that someone finishes the plant-girls?
                                    • Valkeir

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                                      Blast.... I got attached to my Eevee as well. Now I have to decide between the two.

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