Customisable Outfits and more upgrades!

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    Customisable Outfits)
    1. Maybe you can have a journal quest ( not quite a quest ) Saying if you have max friendship points with either one of the villagers they give you a Outfit Ticket. We can use them when giving them to Lewis either in the rainy or sunny days.
    2. Each time you give it to Lewis you need to pay 100$. When each day passes the price increases until a new year.
    3. You can use this at Rasmodius’s Tower if you have four hearts with him. But the prices are lower.
    4. Hard work an Dedication is needed. You need to have 1,000+ $$$. If not you need to wait until next Wednesday or Sunday.
    5. You need to at-least need too have 2 or 3 hearts with Lewis until you get this message: “You really want some new clothes? Oh well. Here, have this Outfit Ticket. Use this at the tower near Marnie’s Ranch. In the basement, you need to find the golden statue and throw the ticket in.”
    6. There’s a chance in the Fall if you give it to Lewis he gives you a Stardrop.
    Mine outside the house)
    Outside your house is a little tunnel! Crawl in and you find a mining deposit. You can also have access to digging dirt!

    Kitchen Upgrades)
    1. If married. Wife can cook if you tell her what you want.
    2. Baby food will be added to Joja Mart.
    3. Free Campaigns for free fast-food.
    4. Fast-food restaurants added.
    5. Adds several new things in the Kitchen.

    Customisable Roofs at Robins Shop)
    We can change the colour or appearance of the rooftop at Robins Shop! Costs 1K.

    That’s it everybody! This might sound too much but anyways.
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      Borrowing from the original harvest moon. A can of paint for your house wouldnt be to bad. Just take the bucket to pierre or emily (dye pot) to get the paint colored and mixed

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