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    ~Psychic Alien Race Starbound Outline~

    Deep in space there lies a hierarchy of alien warriors. These aliens are vaguely catlike in appearance and can either float via psychic powers or walk. While homeworld Aliens tend to be dominant in nature, some choose a more peaceful route and split off in favor of freely exploring the galaxies and some even join The Protectorate.​


    As they have encountered several races throughout their existence (Some encounters more kind than others) their architecture and aesthetic tends to borrow from the other races while maintaining a distinct techno-futuristic flair. (An example would be a medieval Glitch Castle with things such as Chrome teleporters and “space-age” computer systems)

    ~Armour and Clothing~

    Armour is based off the Starmen from Earthbound/Mother 2. Each tier of Armour being based of a stronger Starman rank. Cosmetic Clothing is archaic britain themed. From Peasant clothing, to royal clothing.


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  2. The_Black_Dragon

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    cool the concept are kinda looks like mew from pkmon
  3. judewelos

    judewelos Void-Bound Voyager

    The inspiration was actually Giygas from Mother 1/Earthbound Begnings, who went on to be the inspiration for Mew and Mewtwo

  4. The_Black_Dragon

    The_Black_Dragon Void-Bound Voyager

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