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Custom Map Disable turn phase help

Discussion in 'Custom Content' started by hobomixmedia, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. hobomixmedia

    hobomixmedia Space Hobo

    So I'm creating a custom map with a variety of events happening throughout the battle that involves 2 players and 3 AI's that arrive on certain turns. To start off, Player 1 and player 2(Human players) will already be on the map at the start of the battle. Player 3,4, & 5(AI) will eventually appear on certain turns(25,45, 70 respectively) along with their troops at certain parts of the map designated. As the game cycles through the player turns, it will cycle through player 3, 4, and 5's turn prior to them appearing. is there a way to disable this? So that it only cycle's through the players that are actively on the map until they appear on their respective turn? It saves on time as well as makes it a surprise for when they do show up.

    TL; DR can you disable player phases so they don't appear during the turn selection until they actually show up on the map?
    • Hezablak

      Hezablak Poptop Tamer

      I would need more info to help you with this. Right now with the game's mechanics, I don't see doing much because spawning a non existent player just eliminates the units on spawn.

      Is it suppose to be a surprise element? Does it annoy you to have them pass each turn immediately?

      The only idea I'm tinkering with atm involves a third ai team spawned at the beginning, but it still is sketchy.
      • Hezablak

        Hezablak Poptop Tamer

        After a lot of testing, the only way to have a player not have a turn is to have that player be nonactive(Defeated). Once a player is defeated, they cannot spawn new units. New units will just die on spawn. Unless this is a campaign map I do not see how to get a new team to spawn with no turn.

        On the other hand, in campaign you can have player 3 control player 4. Then at some point in a future turn you can have player 4 become their own team. I haven't fully tested this, but I'm sure this is not what you are looking for in your current map.
        • Jim Witness

          Jim Witness Aquatic Astronaut

          Kind of off topic I know, but is there a way to do this in a regular one-off scenario? Or is it just for campaign maps?

          Post Script:
          Sorry for off-topic necroing. Perhaps I just should have started a new topic?

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