RELEASED Custom Animal Breeds Toolkit (V0.6.1.2: Now with Lite Mode)

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  1. gwynhefar

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    This is probably a stupid question, but I've been the one who missed something obvious before so I just want to check - you did actually load a save file, right?
    • Midnyght

      Midnyght Orbital Explorer

      Does this mod only let you change animals you already bought? There isn't a way to add them to the sell menu from Marnie like with all the custom crop seeds?
      • ADD_Booknerd

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        Can someone please help me? I'm having multiple problems
        • Stilesy

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          I always wanted MORE ANIMALS!!! and MORE BREEDS!!! and a while back it was impossible. So I was really happy to find this mod now. Sadly it is not compatible with the new beta version. Are you still working on it and planning to make it compatible to the beta?

          Also Midnyght's question is quite a good one. I am always bothered that you cannot influence this ingame. Like have the new breeds in the shop so you just buy another breed! :D But at least switch the looks from ingame via some menu?

          All the best! I hope you write back soon. :O
          • Jessicanity

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            Hi y'all, I got this working on the beta. Here's what I did (follow each step -- I redid this several times and this is the ONLY way that worked.)

            If you've already run the program, make sure you deleted its saved data program.

            Put the whole folder on your desktop. If it's nestled somewhere you might get a "file name too long" error when extracting or creating.

            Make sure your Stardew File is backed up, and install XNB node in there. You don't have to do any of the running options, just copy paste it in. It's steps one and two here.

            In your Stardew Folder, find Content -> Animals -> BabyWhite Chicken. Make a copy and rename it BabyDuck. This is because Stardew doesn't have a separate baby duck tilesheet, and uses the white chicken baby, which the tool doesn't seem to recognise.

            Now, run the tool as an administrator. Your Stardew folder is probably in program files so it may struggle to access it otherwise. I'm not 100% sure it's necessary, but don't risk it. It should now successfully generate a saved data folder.

            Then you can go to the FarmAnimals tab and Load FarmAnimals.

            Next up, grab the tilesheets you want to use and head to the New Breeds tab. (This will not be here if you haven't done XNB node, because you'll be using the lite version). Click import pictures and find the tilesheets for your mod. You can select adult and baby (and sheared, for sheep) at the same time.

            (Important: if the mod doesn't come with a baby, you either need to then use Stardew's default tilesheet for babies, or just make sure you don't save-edit a baby. If you change a baby chicken to a modded one that has no baby tilesheet, your game will crash. Better just to make sure there is a baby tilesheet, even if it doesn't really match. Also remember that sheep MUST have a sheared tilesheet. All sheep mods should have, if not, don't get them. Unless you're happy to use the default tilesheet again.)

            Once that's done, check the Auto Install box and Create Breed. As long as the files extracted correctly, that should work. If it doesn't, consider copy-pasting the entire content of your Stardew Valley -> Content -> Animals folder into Toolkit -> Data -> SavedData -> XNB -> Animals and trying again.

            Then you can load up a save file and edit one of your animals to the new animal, then hit save. I tried launching up my game after each and every animal edited, just to be safe. It was annoying, because Gunther was visiting me that morning. I must have received that sewer key ten times. :catrage:
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            • ADD_Booknerd

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              How does this work with multiplayer? Does everyone have to have it installed or it will crash or do the animals just not look different?
              • rinachan

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                THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS MOD!!!! I was so sad about all these adorable rabbit mods, but just couldn't decide on one (and the vanilla one is so cute as well!!!) I followed Jessicanity's instructions and it mostly worked like a charm! I get an error message during the auto install, but it all worked out in the end. The only thing that did not work was having the Vanilla Rabbit - it just disappeared from the game while the Toolkit still displayed it as a race. I worked around this simply by installing the vanilla rabbit through the toolkit as well, naming it Stardew Valley Rabbit, and voila, it works! I now have 6 custom rabbits available, plus the original one, and I'm THRILLED! Can't wait to buy more bunnies to make use of them all (and build a second coop for them)! (Bunnies displayed here by Zhuria ) Now excuse me while I browse the mods for more adorable animals...

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                • Sanjay24

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                  Hi, hoping someone could help me out with this. I downloaded this on my old computer and it worked perfectly, but for some reason can't get it to work on my laptop so just wondering what I've done wrong. When opening the toolkit, it has duplicated my animals, and when I try to change the textures, they revert back to the original ones. Thankyou in advance

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                  • Valerie Rainbow

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                    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This was my problem ♥

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