RELEASED Custom Animal Breeds Toolkit (V0.6.1.2: Now with Lite Mode)

Discussion in 'Modding Tools' started by Lavapulse, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. TheSage

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    Emma, that I may be able to help with. Are you referring to the two individual sprite sets not showing up in the toolkit, or in game?

    If in the toolkit, what happens when you try to add the second sprite sets for the babies?
    • EmmaLVV

      EmmaLVV Space Spelunker

      In the toolkit - if I try to add the second sprite sets for the babies, it overrides the adults instead. It works fine for the chickens and rabbits, so I'm a little puzzled as to why it doesn't work for the others.
      • TheSage

        TheSage Void-Bound Voyager

        Is it working with any of the other animals?

        Silly question, what are the filenames for each sprite set? Is the word baby written at the beginning of the each baby sprite set file?
        • EmmaLVV

          EmmaLVV Space Spelunker

          Yep, it works fine for all the other animals, except goats and pigs.

          Ah, that might be it! I was trying to add Zhuria's better pigs, and the baby filenames had the breed name in front (example, BerkshireBabyPig)! The goat one was the same! I've altered the filenames and they work now! Thank you! :D
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          • TheSage

            TheSage Void-Bound Voyager

            You're welcome, glad I could help :)
            • miryuo

              miryuo Zero Gravity Genie

              this is awesome thanks.. have to try it out soon!
              • l4ng4m

                l4ng4m Orbital Explorer

                Can you please make an instructions please because im new to this pls
                • forrpa

                  forrpa Void-Bound Voyager

                  Are you going to do a GOG version or just let us select where the game is installed? Great mod!
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                  • Kamichan

                    Kamichan Space Hobo

                    I m also new to this modding thing, I really don't know how to use this node thing. Could you explain how to launch the toolkit to add new breeds, as I have this option blocked as I m not using full version
                    • LisDraconis

                      LisDraconis Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      I want to know, too where do I have to install the node programm and what I have to do next?. I just have the light version since I extracted the files of both programms in extra folders.

                      Edit: I found out myself, that the node programm has to be installed were the exte of stardew valley is. After thet just start the Tollkit exe and voila! ;)

                      After some further trys I got the same Problem you talked about on the first side of this topic. The YAML files aren't found. How did you solved the problem?. I instaled the actual version of your programm

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                      • wraith_magus

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                      • taintedwheat

                        taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                        This can't happen w/o smapi, altering the save files, because it won't change the animal.pngs in the same file. It will read it all as just vanilla animal skins
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                        • CoverArtist

                          CoverArtist Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          THIS IS GOD AHHH.

                          I can finally install those custom creatures without having to over-download things like chickens and cows ;o;
                          • monstergirldog60

                            monstergirldog60 Orbital Explorer

                            I like the thought behind this mod , and yeah it works if there are files such as " SilkiChicken.xnb" instead of it being just being "BrownChicken.xnb". Now there are a bunch of files, if not all files that are coded just for the animal/file it's supposed to overwrite. If I want to change my Rabbits to a Black Dutch Rabbit ( Rabbit with Black Splotches ) I can't do that because all of those files are names specifically for the Rabbit.xnb files , so no specific breed for that at all! I really like the thought behind this mod , and I will use it for my chickens but that's about it.
                            • taintedwheat

                              taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                              this is convoluted and hard to understand. I had to read it over multiple times.

                              but you can have multiple rabbits, cows, goats and pigs of different breeds too. What you might need to do is just rename those other animal files, obviously like lava did. The reason why other modders didn't do this is because they didn't consider using the tool kit when they released their reskins, they just named it the vanilla xnb as a full xnb replacement where you drag and drop it into the animal file in content.

                              And actually, I didn't have to do that go and name every new animal xnb I wanted to use. When you upload the xnb you want you choose its descriptor, (e.g. if you're using the purple goat, type in purple goat on the tool kit upload section) and it will automatically rename the xnb in your override folder with all the animals you want to use.
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                              • cankersaur

                                cankersaur Pangalactic Porcupine

                                I'm also getting error messages.
                                When I navigate to the folder "TotallyTubularToolkitV0.6.2.1," it contains a "data" folder and the shortcut "TotallyTubularToolkit" but when I open it, I get an invalid shortcut error.
                                I'm -fairly- certain my game is installed in the default location.
                                • Djpuppyandfriends

                                  Djpuppyandfriends Void-Bound Voyager

                                  i'm lost on how to use this can you give me a little help with it?

                                  ok so first i have XNB_Node do i have to put it somewhere like in Stardew or is having it on my desktop fine

                                  another thing is when i open it up all i get is save editor and farm animals when i pick an animal nothing pops up i'm thinking i need
                                  a animal on my farm before i can really use this but i was just trying to test it out XP derp

                                  another thing is when i hit Detect installed textures nothing pops up only this pops up

                                  i'm just really lost right now this is prob super easy and i'm just making it hard :nurugasp:
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                                  • taintedwheat

                                    taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                                    Someone needs to make a video for people how to use this. For some reason I can only get this to work in my steam mods folder. Uhm... what else...using xnbnode is all well and good but it isnt necessary as the OP mentioned. If anything its making things kinda confusing for people to understand.

                                    This mod doesnt require you to change anything in your original animals folder. It has its own to source the animals from. I dont recall or not but you may need to upload your save data to the data folder in order for the toolkit to figure out what animals you have.

                                    The reason why that error keeps happening because you do need animals, the hell?
                                    • Djpuppyandfriends

                                      Djpuppyandfriends Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Ok I did a test and uploaded my save to the date in the toolkit date folder :p right? How so then I ran a test but again that error pops up! I have everything the mid needs to work I have the breeds and the animals but still nothing
                                      • fdg21

                                        fdg21 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                        tag to find later

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