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Closed CURRENT WORK-AROUNDS (Try these if you're having issues!)

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by mollygos, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. Chira

    Chira Subatomic Cosmonaut

    correct =3
    i have 4GB in my ddr3 ramslots =3
    but the OS can only use 3GB of ram, you´re right X3 , but its possible to expend the outsourcing file (gosh i hope spelled that correct xD) and its possible to use the 4GB RAM. my windows does that sometimes X3

    but still
    the game has trouble to load the star root process in win XP
    as i said, i have sometimes a clean log file with no warnings. but sometimes have i warnings like low assets or loop warnings in the log aswell.
    no idea why or if that causes later trouble ingame if it would load X3 maybe it has something to do with the resolution switch aswell since it warns sometimes cuz low assets etc. but i guess the main problem here is the moment when the game starts to load the star root (what ever that is ^^) cuz no win XP log file can show it up that the game successfully finished the star root loading process (as the devs said, they know and working 8checking it out) i hope after that popping not different problems up xD
  2. niekitty

    niekitty Aquatic Astronaut

    :) thats how i always spell it, but you shouuld see me trying to spell "hospital". ....dangit, i got it right that time, didnt i.
    ah well. i can wait for an xp compat patch. its late, i need sleep, and i want to set fire to an Orokin Derelict or 2 before bed.
  3. ANTVGM64

    ANTVGM64 Space Hobo

    A great fix for the Mac hang stuff is to use the 'corners' or alt tab-esque functionally to kind of 'reset' the window.
  4. Robin :)

    Robin :) Orbital Explorer

    Info: Preparing Star::Root...
    Warn: Slow asset 0.079 : /default_configuration.config
    Info: Creating default Star::Configuration
    Info: Done preparing Star::Root.
    Info: Client version 'Beta v. Perturbed Koala' '615' '418'
    Info: Starting from the title screen
    Info: Initialized SDL
    Info: Initialized SDL Video
    Info: Initialized SDL Joystick
    Info: Initialized SDL Sound
    Info: Opened default audio device with 44khz / 16 bit stereo audio, 2048 sample size buffer
    Warn: Slow asset 0.052 : /hobo.ttf
    Info: Initializing SDL Window
    Info: Created initial window 1920x1080
    Warn: Perf: ClientApplication::renderInit millis: 365
    Info: Initializing SDL Window
    Info: Re-created window 1280x968
    Warn: Perf: StarApplicationBase::run.innerLoop.SDL_PollEvent millis: 220
    Warn: Slow asset 0.061 : /cinematics/chucklelogofinal.png
    Warn: Slow asset 0.061 : /cinematics/chucklelogofinal.png
    Warn: Slow asset 0.08 : /sfx/cinematics/man_laugh.ogg
    Warn: Perf: Cinematic::render millis: 256
    Warn: Perf: ClientApplication::render millis: 282
    Warn: Perf: StarApplicationBase::run.innerLoop.render millis: 283
    Warn: Perf: StarApplicationBase::run.innerLoop millis: 580
    Info: Loading Star::Root...
    Logs ^
    Same problem, it seems with the people who wait, they either aren't running XP, or don't crash at that part, (but they probabaly have Vista/7/8)
  5. Eleim

    Eleim Yeah, You!

    i'm having a problem were it boots up to the launch starbound page and won't let me get the game going because when i press the button it trys to load and crashes
  6. Shadowbolt

    Shadowbolt Big Damn Hero

    im on a vista and when i turned on full screen and then later tried to play again it just stays on the title screen and i have to use the task manager to get out cause its in full screen

    EDIT: woops meant to post this on the crash report thread can someone move this there?

    EDIT 2: fixed not sure if it was either by disabling the steam community in game or if it was just cause i waited longer since i left the room while it was loading
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2013
  7. cloud063

    cloud063 Space Hobo

    I do not see "multicore opimization" in the Nvidia control panel
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  8. CorruptMessiah

    CorruptMessiah Space Hobo

    I have windows 7 and it crashes and stops responding as soon as the Steam thing pops up
  9. xxlegionxx

    xxlegionxx Aquatic Astronaut

    If happens when the steam overlay popup comes up on screen try disabling the screen overlay all together.
  10. Aetnaria

    Aetnaria Void-Bound Voyager

    As ANTVGM64 and Typherix mentioned, the screen resolution seems way off on initial load of the game for mac (at least for this 1440x900 resolution laptop running OS X 10.9).

    Chucklefish logo pops on briefly, but is way over to the right and down. Pops off, main page comes up... and it's the Starbound logo with stars and no menus or planet at all. Music plays in the background, but nothing to interact with.

    Forcing the window to reload will fix its resolution, putting the menu in place and accessible. Instead of fidgeting with the dock or entire system's resolution, you can grab the right or bottom edge of the window itself and pull back a bit to resize it a little. Any amount is enough to force a reload of the window in the proper resolution, allowing access to the menus (and thus the game itself).
  11. NekoiNemo

    NekoiNemo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    1) Around midnight (day change?) stars on the sky start to move backwards for around half second then again go in the right direction
    2) 2 or 3 time quadrupedal creature just ran up 40 block high wall. Is it intended or..?
    3) In main menu and in-game menus fps just drops with no apparent reason. No fps drops in game though.
    4) In crafting menu (happened in crafting table) required resources sometimes sows not required items along with required. It demands 0 of this items and allows to craft w/o using them. Can't be sure but i think it shows items from player inventory (demanded iron ore and silver ingots alongside with plank for door - exactly the items i had in my inventory atm)

    A1) No function to place 1 item in the slot instead of the entire stack (or at least it's not described in-game)
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2013
  12. Segas Wolf

    Segas Wolf Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I have a bug with steam.

    I close starbound, all windows but steam tell me "i can restart beacuse i need to close fist starbound"

    (i gonna paste this pic on spanish D:)


    Starbound still ther,e on my task manager :(
  13. cloud063

    cloud063 Space Hobo

    Low FPS on NVIDIA cards
    If you're having low fps on Nvidia cards, try setting "multicore optimization" to no/off in the Nvidia control panel.

    where is the multicore optimization in Nvidia control panel i don't see it
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  14. terferi

    terferi Intergalactic Tourist

    sup bros... win 8.1 got a crash error at start up put everything into windows compatbility mode xp sp 3 and it works
  15. Peridius

    Peridius Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm on a mac, and I've installed Starbound into Steam and as soon as I click "Play", it briefly opens and closes the game. It then says, "Starbound quit unexpectedly". Can anyone fix this?
  16. Merenn

    Merenn Star Wrangler

    Was playing it just fine earlier. But with the new patch that just rolled out. I'm now getting stuck at the chucklefish logo. left it for an hour. No change.
  17. bloodyrevy

    bloodyrevy Space Hobo

    Here is a work around for the crash on chucklefish logo

    Run steam as Administrator.

    The overlay was causing the crash and it has been known to do this in some other games aswell.

    I however had 0 problems but my little brother had this issue and this is what i did to rectify it.

    Hope this helps, made a forum account just to let ya all know to give it a try

    This is a fix suited for Windows 7 64Bit but it may work for others.
  18. hypothrmia

    hypothrmia Seal Broken

    The game hangs for me on the Chucklefish logo screen every time, but almost every time it eventually resumes and is fine. It seemed like the hanging started exactly when the steam popup came up, but even after I disabled Steam Community for Starbound it still hangs on the Chucklefish screen.

    Windows 7
    Intel Core2 Quad
    6GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 220
  19. Durkah

    Durkah Orbital Explorer

    Low FPS on NVIDIA cards
    If you're having low fps on Nvidia cards, try setting "multicore optimization" to no/off in the Nvidia control panel.

    Nope, didn't fix still getting terrible fps, i have to play in a small window for it to be playable, if i maximize i get 20-30fps and it feels bad, then around buildings or when alot of stuff is on screen i get around 10-15fps. i have a 560 Ti gfx cardwith an i7 2600k Cpu.

    Really annoying that i can't play this properly, please fix ASAP
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  20. EnderRydel

    EnderRydel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Ditto. I don't see this option anywhere. x.x
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