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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Crossfang, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Sgt.fox170

    Sgt.fox170 Phantasmal Quasar

    can i make a request for another drawing crossfang?
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  2. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    Yo Crossy! I see you've been up to excellent work as always.
  3. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank

    Yes you may, but I'll be starting yours after finishing all the request in my sdv thread, which could take some time.

    Ya bet I have! :rofl:
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  4. Sgt.fox170

    Sgt.fox170 Phantasmal Quasar

    Alright thanks (i kinda screwed up with the first message, sorry)
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  5. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank

    Screwed up? What do you mean?
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  6. Sgt.fox170

    Sgt.fox170 Phantasmal Quasar

    i quoted you but accidently delete the end [/qoute] by putting up alright thanks. it added into your qoute.
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  7. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank

    Oh, haha.
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  8. ShamanMcLamie

    ShamanMcLamie Big Damn Hero

    I guess I never received your reply cause I don't remember any further questions. Overall this piece looks phenomenal. I have to admit he's a lot bulkier than I envisioned, but I actually consider this an improvement since it fits his large and in charge position. Thank You so much for making this.:DD
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  9. NovaJ

    NovaJ Starship Captain

    Im not much of floran person but you make look good lol #Novakids
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  10. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank

    @Firepaw Da Cat finished at last. Enjoy ! :catwink:


    Neko Reads
    One more request! Whewwwww!:avalixD:
  11. Firepaw Da Cat

    Firepaw Da Cat Cosmos Killer

    It looks great!
    I love it :catsparkle:
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  12. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank

    And you're welcome! xD
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  13. NovaJ

    NovaJ Starship Captain

    Hey could you do a Novakid in that style please!!!
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  14. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank

    I could, but it'll take time before I'll be starting yours.Still got more requests on my ohter thread, and after that, Ill be back here again and do more.

    So, what say you? Also, your request detail is , let's say, a bit simplistic.. So i guess more room of freedom to work on from me.
  15. Lodish

    Lodish Black Hole Surfer

    It looks really good! And this frame on the wall is lovely @w@

    Also, Imma following this thread now! Why didn't I do this before?
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  16. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank

    Thanks! xD

    Ah yes, the photo behind..That simple thing is very meaningful to me. Those were my early years in this forum, it was very fun during those times..but now...., I have mellowed down since..

    Thanks for noticing that simple detail..I really appreciate it.
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  17. Lodish

    Lodish Black Hole Surfer

    You're welcome, friend.

    This 'simple detail' reminded me of a lot of your old art, and most importantly this picture you gave me as a reference, long ago:

    How time flies...
  18. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank

    Stop giving me nostalgia! xD

    *Manly tear intensifies*

    I really really love that piece, I feel so proud about it and it is reminding me those buckets of fun I had!
    Ah.....time flies indeed...
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  19. NovaJ

    NovaJ Starship Captain

    Hey fine with me let the artist take control...
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  20. Apathy Applied

    Apathy Applied Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hey, there's me! So smol.

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