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Bug/Issue Crops and livestock sometimes stop producing and growing

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bismuth, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Bismuth

    Bismuth Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm not sure what triggers this, but it may be related to multiplayer. This happens on planets in my own universe, in other universes, and on my ship. Usually breaking and replacing the crops solves the issue, but livestock never grow again and I have to kill them off.
  2. Geth270

    Geth270 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    As far as I know only stuff that's on your ship is simulated all the time and grows regardless of where you are. If you plant a crop or leave an animal on a planet than leave it to explore somewhere else I don't think it will grow. I may be wrong here since I never really played with crops too much in SB but this is how I think it works.
  3. CrazyCow92

    CrazyCow92 Void-Bound Voyager

    Same thing is happening to me. Replating the crops make them grow again. But the livestock never produces anything.
  4. Bismuth

    Bismuth Cosmic Narwhal

    I think I have thought this through and figured out what the problem is.
    Crops look at the "universe time" value to see the age of the universe when they are planted. Then, when they have seen that the universe time has advanced forward enough, the crops grow. This way you can even leave your crops in an unloaded planet and returning to them well grow them the same way as if you were standing there or not. This applies to livestock as well.
    The ship does not have its own time, it looks at the universe time. So, if you plant crops on your ship in single player, the crops see the age of the universe and expect time to move forward and will grow accordingly.
    However, if you were tp join another player in a universe younger than your own, the crops will continue to expect time to move forward to the next growth point, but instead see that the universe is now actually younger than it was when they were planted, and they freeze up (or wait around until the universe age matches what they were expecting to see).

    This makes sense in my head but I don't have any real code-dissecting abilities to see how it really works.

    It also doesn't explain why it might happen on regular planets where your universe time shouldn't be jumping around no matter what.

    tl;dr: crops and livestock stop producing on the ship when the player joins another whose universe is not the same age or is younger.
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  5. Bismuth

    Bismuth Cosmic Narwhal

    Are these crops on your ship and do you sometimes join other people on multiplayer?
  6. Geth270

    Geth270 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    @Bismuth That actually makes a lot of sense.
  7. CrazyCow92

    CrazyCow92 Void-Bound Voyager

    The crops and livestock were in my ship, yes. And sometimes I join my friends games. But the last time it happened after a friend joined me (or at least that's when I realized they weren't growing).
  8. jrob72685

    jrob72685 Intergalactic Tourist

    @Bismuth is right

    I encountered this issue when my I left my server running during a power outage. The main server file was corrupted and the universe time reset with the newly generated server file. I tried to restore it without any luck. You can fix this by using the steps below:

    Close Starbound and or Starbound Server.
    Find your starbound.config or starbound_server.config, depending on whether or not you're running a server or playing single player, in program files.
    Edit the config and change the value ["allowAdminCommandsFromAnyone" : false] to True.
    Relaunch Starbound and or Starbound Server.
    From your player screen hit enter and type /admin followed by enter again to gain admin rights in the universe.
    Issue the command /timewarp followed by the number of seconds that you would like to advance the server clock.
    Repeat this in increments that make sense to you until your livestock start generating resources again.
    Give it a few seconds for the command to complete in between each attempt to ensure the time of day changes to confirm the change.
    Close Starbound and or Starbound Server.
    Readjust the value [allowAdminCommandsFromAnyone"] to false in the appropriate config file if necessary.

    Hope this helps :D
  9. balegrim

    balegrim Big Damn Hero

    Chuckle-fish needs to patch this. : ( Maybe treat crops the same way they treat the food expiration timer. Only instead of going bad, they each hit a new growth cycle. Then silly issues like this wouldn't plague the game.

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