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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by SamBunzly, May 7, 2019.

  1. SamBunzly

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    I've worked out most of the kinks when adding in a new custom crop, however for some reason I can't get the treasurepool to work properly.
    I've created a Crop with it's corresponding seed and .consumable. I can spawn both the seed (testcornseed) and the consumable (testcorn) without issue and use both without issue.

    Planting the seed produces 0 errors until fully grown. When attempting to harvest the modded seed, my game crashes. Error report directs me back to my cropharvest.treasurepools.patch. I'm not sure where the problem is and it's about to drive me up the wall.

    [0, {
    {"weight" : 0.89, "item" : "testcorn"},
    {"weight" : 0.01, "item" : "testcornseed"},
    {"weight" : 0.1, "item" : "plantfibre"}
    "poolRounds" : [
    [0.6, 1],
    [0.4, 2]
    } ]

    This is the code, and I'm not sure what all I've done wrong. I'm 90% sure I've done the op : add properly, but I can't get the game to let me harvest the "testcorn." :c Please help.
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  3. SamBunzly

    SamBunzly Space Hobo

    While I'm sure this will help, I'm not sure how in the world to use it. But thank you regardless <3
  4. SamBunzly

    SamBunzly Space Hobo

    This is in no way easy... spending several minutes trying to make this work, it's not recognizing my original nor my current patch as a valid json and tells me theres an unexpected token where the token is CORRECTLY PLACED.
  5. SamBunzly

    SamBunzly Space Hobo

    Yeah ok I'm just retarded cuz its like 3 am. Just figured out how to use it, and THANK YOU! <3
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