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  1. MrsSteel

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    So I made a spreadsheet with all of the crops, prices and other information, and I thought I'd share it :)

    The number of harvests per season, growth time, and profit per season is dependant on planting the crop on day 1 of that season, and replanting the crop (if needed) on the same day it is harvested.

    Let me know if anything is incorrect or needs to be changed, or if there's something else that I should add.
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    • ShneekeyTheLost

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      While I can respect the time and effort into making such a thing, the information is presented in a much more comprehensive and legible manner on the official wiki.
      • MrsSteel

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        That is what I based it off of actually, for me personally it's easier to have it in a spreadsheet form so everything is on one page instead of scrolling through a really long page. Plus I added other information like the various profits per season so I can easily calculate how much money I would make in a season by just multiplying one number by how many crops I planted, rather than having to calculate out all of it for each type of crop I have.
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        • bobucles

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          Meh it's okay. There are lots of numbers but most of them aren't very useful. IMO the most useful numbers would look more like this:
          - Crop, cost.
          - Profit per day (this is important because watering early in the game takes effort and every energy counts)
          - Time to double investment (take crops, sell them, plant again. for example parsnips double very quickly despite having low overall returns)
          - Harvests per season.
          - Spare days per season. (For example pumpkins give you 2 harvests with one day to screw around)
          - Last day to plant. (optional) Some of the multiple harvest crops don't finish on the 28th so you can get a few spare days to plant them. Cranberries need to be planted Fall1 to get the final harvest.
          - quickest growth time (speed gro + agriculturalist can do wonders but this information is hard to find)

          The power of the coffee bean is completely misrepresented by this chart. Every coffee seed is a new plant, and you can multiply your crops HUNDREDS of times from spring to summer. It may even be possible to get a million gold before the end of the first summer by going balls to the walls insane on coffee.

          One piece of vital but missing information is the power of speed gro/agriculturalist to make crops grow faster. I can't find that info anywhere and it could dramatically change some crops by giving them an extra harvest for example.

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