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    Hi! Here I created a spreadsheet which includes the Gold per Day of every crop, including fertilizers!. To use it, just download it, and change the numbers in the "Custom Values" chart:

    Agriculturist: If you have the Agriculturist perk, type 1, else, type 0 (+10% growth speed)
    Farming Level: Type your farming level with a number from 0 to 13
    Tiller: If you have the Tiller perk, type 1, else, type 0 (+10% on crops)
    Number of Days: Type the number of day you will let your crops grow. For a whole season, type 28
    Tapper: If you have the Tapper perk, type 1, else, type 0 (For materials in Speed-Gro/Deluxe Speed-Gro)
    Bought Fertilizer: If you buy your fertilizer with Sandy or Pierre, type 1, else, type 0
    Old Fertilizer: If you are going to use already placed Fertilizer, type 1, else, type 0


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