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    So, you want to know how to design an interesting race? Look no further!
    (please note that you do not have to use this guide and that you're free to do whatever you want, however this may be rather helpful)
    (this is not for those who want to add races from other franchises)

    "Cute" races
    when designing something to be cute, maybe give it large eyes and a somewhat rounded shape. due to the game's 16-bit graphics they may not be fully round, but just go for it. Cute races typically are based on animals, and I'd recommend that approach for race design, however to go the extra mile, try and make it based off something completely different.

    "Scary/Alien" races
    reference off deep sea animals (I did that when designing my aradyan race), bugs, and other creepy-looking things. Scarier races tend to have edgier lore ( I'll go into lore later) and just look creepy in general.

    Adding Depth
    To give players an idea of the race's preferred habitat, give it features related to a specific enviroment, such as a desert race having minimal fur/ or being camoflagued to fit a desert enviroment, a race living in cold climates would have longer fur, blubber, or downy feathers, and a race living in an extremely hot, volcanic enviroment would have hard, fire resistant scales, or a tough, fireproof exoskeleton. if your race lives in an entirely different enviroment, just imagine the adaptations needed to survive there.

    Lore/Adding Depth 2: Electric Boogaloo
    When writing lore for a race, try to remember the enviromental conditions they live in, taking that into account will be somewhat interesting. As for writing lore, maybe you just want to keep it simple, or maybe you could think of something truly interesting.

    don't just base it off a real-world culture and call it a day. if you're doing that, take into account the conditions that shaped said culture. You can also make up a culture from the ground up, which may be more fun.

    OwOlf syndrome
    a common thing with modded races is just making an anthropomorphic animal and calling it a day. don't do that. It's really uncreative. you can just do it anyway, though. It's not like anyone's stopping you.

    anyways, goodbye!
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