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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by LuceoX30, Sep 22, 2023.

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    So, for some context, I'm trying to create a species who's unique ability is to cause enemies to be paralysed in fear by their creepy laughter. Unfortunately, I don't have the know-how to create a head tech that does this, so I'm reaching out to whomever is knowledgeable in this sort of thing.

    To be specific, I want the tech to do these things:
    • Requires the player to hold down F to keep using the ability.
    • Create a gradually growing sphere of influence that freezes enemies in place until the player lets go of F and leaves them frozen for a few seconds.
    • Play a looping laughing sound that lasts for the duration of the Tech use.
    • Create an animated face that fades in as time goes on.
    For better visual representation, go to 2:55 of this video:

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